Lockdowns Have Scarred Young People In Ireland

A leading think tank has claimed that lockdowns have resulted in poorer mental health among young adults in Ireland.

A major report from the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) claims that the scale of mental health difficulties among young adults, particularly young women, is of significant concern.

According to RTÉ:

The findings show 55% of women and 40% of men aged 22 were classified as depressed.

These are higher figures when compared with two years previously when 22% of men and 31% of women were depressed.

Research carried out in December 2020 found that poorer mental health during the pandemic reflected the disruption to young adults’ employment, education and day to day activities.

The ESRI report said that the scale of mental health difficulties among young adults, particularly young women, is of significant concern.

“It is too early to say how long-lasting these effects will be but there appears to be a considerable risk of a longer-term scarring effect for some groups of young adults,” it says.

Just before the pandemic hit, most of these 22-year-olds (63%) were in full-time education or training and so shifted to remote learning.

The vast majority had the electronic devices they needed for remote learning and live online lectures or classes offered by their institutions.

However, around half did not have access to adequate broadband and a quiet place to study, and less than one third (30%) received regular feedback on their work.

Over half (57%) found it difficult to study while learning remotely, and this was linked to a greater risk of depression.

In contrast, those who had more interaction with their institution and the resources they needed to study fared better.

Over half (57%) of those working (either full-time or while studying) when the pandemic hit lost their job and 16% started working remotely or increased the hours that they worked from home…..

Young adults reported very significant changes to their social activities during the pandemic.

Over 80% had less face-to-face contact with their friends than before the pandemic, even though restrictions on such contact had begun to ease at the time of the survey.

Reduced contact with friends was linked to increased depression for young women.

Of those who were engaged in sports and cultural activities prior to the pandemic, the majority reported spending less time on these activities during the pandemic.

This was more common for those who lost their job or found it difficult to study remotely.


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Richie, please get David Yates on. He is a poet writer & truth teller. He has been publishing books over the last few years explaining everything going on. His books are on Amazon as it is the only place he could get them published. His books are a report on everything that has been taking place with research documents & provable evidence. I’m desperate to get him more exposure as I believe his books could awaken many as to the bigger picture.
He makes no money on these books which are sold at cost & very affordable. He is turning out books at the rate of about 1 per week. His latest book “The Plot Sickens” it includes coloured pictures of microscopy photos showing the structures that are being found in blood of those who have been vaccinated. Stunning & shocking stuff.!!
Thanks Richie, hope you can give him a voice.❤️


It’s absolutely criminal what they have done to the kids and now they are turning the screw on the adults courtesy of a summer packed with unfortunate and coincidental events such as food shortages, extraordinary fuel prices, rail strikes and the threat of a world war.

Now is the summer of our discontent, made intolerable winter by this scum of Westminster. 

Last edited 8 days ago by angelseal

I’ve known people who’ve cracked up and topped themselves because of this Covid bollocks. The people I knew were in some way convinced that their way of life has ended. Personally my mental strength has never been better, most of us who have woken up are learning new stuff every day. I’m studying things that normally would not interest me.
Remember the meme; the Chinese have the same name for Crisis and Opportunity


I know of quite a number of suicides, it’s very sad. The trouble with clinical depression (and I’ve suffered from it in the past) is that it is actually harder to go on than give up. But you’re absolutely right, those of us who know the truth are not going to let them defeat us.

Robert Klinck

“the Chinese” Stop talking in these misleading simplistic collectivist ways. Since the COVID oppression began, it’s been raining bodies from the bridges and highrises in China.


I remember years ago in pre-clown school, my lecturer was talking about the Apple sweatshops in China that had put up suicide nets around the factories as many workers had simply given up hope. This was a few years before the covid psy-op.



Do you not think that every time you use the word PANDEMIC you are reinforcing lies?
There has been no pandemic it was a plandemic and scamdemic but never a pandemic as it was never real.


Yes, agree. It’s a bit like when you overhear people chatting how “so and so has had covid twice now, even though they’re vaccinated”, and you join in their chat by pointing out that “you do know the jab doesn’t make you immune, don’t you?”… Even in trying to wake people up, the whole language around ‘covid’ still ends up with you subtly reinforcing many aspects of the whole charade 1. that the ‘virus’ does indeed exist (if you believe it does, of course) 2. that there was indeed a ‘pandemic’ 3. that there’s a ‘vaccine’ etc. So frustrating. David Icke has been meticulous in how he refers to/terms things, but it’s so draining!


Dear Ciro,

It is frustrating to try and bring people round to the many fallacies of the covid narrative, I have had a few heated debates with a good friend who has been multi jabbed and did state that I wasn’t a doctor and was quite angry that I would try to talk him out of taking the clot shot.

A family friend’s son has a friend that took the clot shot and suffered loss of vision and has not fully recovered their sight. This person is in their early twenties and had no pre-existing conditions.

It may be that those that were fortunate to receive furlough may have been milking as many sick days as possible by claiming contraction of a virus that looked a lot like the cold and flu that vanished in the last two years.

Of course mentioning to people that there are no viral isolates of the claimed virus may be too abstract a concept for them to grasp as well the use of Ivermectin (which is cheap safe and effective) as a preventative and as a treatment requires critical thinking. Especially when the media have been championing the dangerous jabs using methods of mass formation psychosis. (Remote brainwashing via media)

Regrettably the offhand chats and impromptu conversations that you (and I commend you for that) have tried your best to show people that the jabs were dangerous and the precautionary principle should have been adhered to amounts to exponentially more time than the mainstream media ever committed to any form of debate or challenge to the narrative in the past two and half years.

Please note that I am not a doctor nor a nurse but I do have the ability to read, research, remember, write down big words and look them up as well as do my own thinking.

I do still feel sorry for the masses that are still being psychologically bludgeoned or brow beaten by the latest “crises” in the legacy media. If they are not being tested upon by experimental jabs, they are being financially fleeced by extortionate energy and food prices.

nil desperandum.


Hey Nev,
You forgot, casedemic, testdemic and my favourite – convid as well as convid-19.

One might argue (sorry didn’t mean to sound like queen Elizardbeth) that the lockdowns were just a dry run for the China Social Credit Score system / Digital communist tyranny with the jabs, vax passports, test and trace as a means to gauge how far they could go with the mass formation psychosis rollout. cf Operation Cygnus (which showed how badly the NHS has been not fit for purpose in 2016 – I may be wrong on the date.)

Unfortunately for the powers that be, the gullible masses (cullable) seem to be getting tired of the constant crying wolf and browbeating people into the jabbattoirs from the Vichy media.

I wonder if there will be a public apology from the media in a few years time (as they did with the illegal war in Iraq). Sorry we conned you into taking the toxic clotshot but we were just following orders from the government approved scientists and big pharma (that were unavailable for any form of debate or scrutiny). We promise never to do it again until the next time the government tells us to do so.

What astonishes me is the fact that the media has been lying or willingly misleading the public into illegal wars and fake pandemics for a very long time (Gulf of Tonkin Incident that never happened), yet still a large proportion of the masses still believe them.

how closeScreenshot_2022-01-08_20-34-45.png

I bet the ESRI got paid a fortune to produce that report – yet anyone with half a brain and some simple understanding of human psychology would have been able to work out these obvious consequences.
Then again, it could be argued that many of the people who have suffered negative psychological effects clearly don’t have those basic understandings – else they wouldn’t have complied so much with ‘the rules’.


“I bet the ESRI got paid a fortune to produce that report” as well as billions to pay for a scamdemic that was planed to refinance the banking system as well as damage the population.

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