Martial Law In Australia – Army To Police Sydney Lockdown

The Australian government has sent the army to Sydney to help enforce lockdown there. Australian Defence Force Soldiers will be trained this weekend before beginning unarmed patrols from Monday.

The government claims the measure is necessary as there have been 3,000 cases of the so-called Delta variant and 9 deaths in the past month. Sydney has a population of 5.3 million people.

9 people have died in a month and the government has deployed the army. Does anyone in Sydney still believe that this is really about a virus?

The current lockdown will remain in place until at least August 28th. People are banned from leaving their home except for essential exercise, shopping, caregiving and other reasons.

Sydney has been in lockdown for 5 weeks, proof if it was ever needed, that lockdowns do not prevent the spread of an airborne pathogen. This is tyranny writ large.

State Police Minister David Elliott said it was necessary to deploy the troops because a small minority of Sydneysiders think “the rules didn’t apply to them.”

Here’s a clue as to what is really going on. Australia’s rate of vaccination, 17% of the adult population, remains one of the lowest among OECD countries.

It’s all about the jabs. The Australian government is holding its citizens hostage. They can get out if they have the jab. But that’s not true either is it?

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Oh it’s making my mind slow, here comes the troops out on parole on cue rolling into ya hood real soon, with a silver tipped syringe of doom! BOOM! Here tha resistance go BOOM! As last line of defenses are broken, lives taken, no jokin, as tripped up crossed wires, are matching, my mis-mashed spells, yelling’s GLOOMs predictions, so token! AS words to heed before their bleed of where this is going, well foretold in predictions, to mix a match a conspiracies hats rapidly unfolded as 5G shielding! Oooh it’s to get real now, as the covid clowns, new goons, come roll into town! These are not ya friendliest fellas, operating brainless and pure following orders! Oooh here the gallows rope sown, as soon the guillotine, swoops drops the hammer blows of reason, against treason coup! Its’ such a head fuck, as the chop chop chop of towers block, blocks such plotters rot, when ya get off tha couch and un,join, the co-joined dots! Doubt that ya here me, yet hope you’ll unmask ya veiled arse and see the reality, as what’s coming clearly, is no Cypress Hill to rest upon, under Laurels long forgotten to lessons of History never questioned!  


They even had loudspeakers from helicopters terrorizing children in parks with their dogs out exercising—telling them that police were on their way and that they were breaching covid orders.

Anwen Appleby

that’s like a bad hollywood movie.


Coming soon to the UK. They’re in their winter at the moment.



Irish parents say:

“We do not consent”


It looks like more are waking up, finally. A lot of pubs and cafes are not bothering to open where I am or are just staying as take-aways rather than enforce these draconian rules. The problem is this may be what those behind this actually want and all the nice places will go and we will be left with just the big chains.


Quite possibly Jennie. But it’s great to see businesses showing the backbone to do this. I for one will seek out these businesses now and endorse them whenever I can.

Any business who doesn’t do this in my opinion is an enemy of humanity and should be boycotted accordingly.

And anyone who endorses this practice of apartheid should be treated likewise.

If enough people do it, it’s game over for the overlords who are designing and pushing this agenda in the background.

It’s that simple.


Unarmed? soon a soldier will get attacked and then they will be armed.

Hermione Granger

We now have to end this totalitarian fake clot$hot plandemic before we’re all dead and sterile

Hermione Granger

this latest totalitarian measure wont persuade anyone now, lines are drawn decisions made

Tom M

I sincerely hope that come the next general election, the good people of Australia will remember all of this at the ballot box and boot every man jack of these psychopaths and tyrants out of office.

Not that it would make much difference sadly, given that the powers that be in Aus are controlled by the exact same puppet masters who control the British, American and NZ governments.


The Dominion voting machines will eagerly vote Scott Morrison & Co back into office


Voting machines aren’t used in Australia.


I was making the point that one way or another the election will be rigged and Australian Fuhrer Scott Morrison will lead his sheeple into total globalist servitude.


As if the ALP wouldn’t do exactly the same thing. The big parties here are just two turds shat out of the same arsehole.


Exactly the same here. Would you care to swap Scott Morrison for Boris Johnson? Two cheeks of the same arse.


“because a small minority of Sydneysiders think “the rules didn’t apply to them.” I find that phrase rather insulting as many people do have responsibilities like for example if they had to care for a relative, or needed to work otherwise they did not get paid etc. We can’t all be like doris johnson and “isolate” in a summer home mansion.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrice

It’ll be really interesting to see just how the rank and file Aussie soldier reacts when asked to strike of fire upon his or her fellow countryman/ woman; I don’t think that we’re too far away from that. The only caveat would be the United States.


As an ex Aussie army veteran I’m disgusted in what the federal and state governments have done to the people of this country. This is not the country that I loved and swore to protect with my life. I don’t know anyone in Australia that has even tested positive for covid, let alone been sick or died from it, but I’ve known 4 suicides in the last year, 3 of those in the last week. Well done all those heroic Aussies that protested last weekend, thank you and keep fighting, we are at war.


Same here in Ireland, in 17 months never met a single person who has had this mythical virus but know or know of many who have lost their jobs, lost their businesses, have attempted or committed suicide, have mental health problems, have had adverse reactions to mask wearing or the jab or have died within a couple of days of taking the jab having had no previous health problems. Also many people, myself included, have not been able to visit friends and family who live in other countries. It’s not any virus that is the problem but the evil, draconian measures.

Australia used to be such a great country, so sad to see what has been done to it. All the best.


Melbourne had the army deployed last year during our ‘MEGA LOCDOWN’ they will be unarmed (as in Melbourne) and, if it was like last year wander around with the police looking like they hate each other’s guts. So this is not new, it’s not good none the less. Not all of Sydney is in total lockdown, large swathes of suburbs are, people are not allowed to leave these zones now if they don’t do ‘essential work’. Victoria has just slightly eased lockdown restrictions, but we had much more punitive measures than most of Sydney – they have just mandated masks outdoors there – we still have them here even though restrictions have ‘eased’ and there are no cases ‘In the community’ The big difference now is time, they have gone to hard to late in Sydney, which till now has had much lighter restrictions. But people have had allot of time to see what’s going on and have been hurt financially, emotionally etc Last weekend’s rally in Sydney had around 45-50k people. The authorities are shitting themselves – tomorrow there will be another rally in Sydney, the government and media are screaming‘ Armageddon!’ And crazy hyperbole- this will be very interesting tomorrow, if the police go hard (and they probably will) it will cause more outrage and fan dissent. Perhaps Sydney, tomorrow will be a turning point in this war.

Anwen Appleby

This breaks my soul and rips my heart into shreds. When first married we lived in Coogee, up the road from the beach. Sydney had the best lifestyle. After work, people relaxed on the beach, swam, and the best fish and chips in the world could be found in Coogee. Ten min bus ride from the city centre. No wonder people were so happy. I can’t fathom Sydney dwellers in this sort of state of terror. It’s not their “thing”.. Mind doing backflips here.


Half my friends have had their jabs and know it’s nonsense but hope it ends soon. The other half haven’t there jabs, know it’s nonsense and know it’s not going back to normal.
but there all drinking themselves to death!
I feel like screaming and running around with hatchet some days, but then I remember they want as many people going Tonto as possible.
we march on together!

Urban fox

Its interesting the low vaccination uptake in Australia. I’m wondering if they always suspected that was going to be the case.

Because the incredible thing is, that Australia has one of the lowest death rates from flue and respiratory illnesses of anywhere in the world. And the average figures that are practically nothing, have not changed at all. In other words no excess deaths. Which is of course the case all over the world, as I believe the statistics show they have just rebranded the flue.

And yet we have seen even more draconian measures in Australia than in many other country’s. Which has always seemed strange. How the hell, can people ,not just look at Australia and see as Richie said, that it has nothing to do with health, I find incredible..


Last March/April, a friend and I were discussing military deployment and martial law as an almost inevitable outcome to enforce lockdowns. Mind you, we were coming at it from different perspectives even then. He believed (and still does) the deadly virus narrative; I didn’t and still don’t.
So my only surprise here is that it hasn’t happened sooner.
That makes it no less disturbing. Disturbing that we are coming to this, and disturbing that far too many still believe the official story.

Urban fox

Absolutely ,And in my experience ,far from more people waking up. They seem to be becoming more entrenched in the official story.

I keep reading, in regards to masks etc. and possible vaccine passports, use your local privately owed shops. As if this is the answer to everything. But the fact is, a lot of people simply don’t have the money to pay the high prices of small shops. And more importantly. Why is there an assumption.. That small shops and private businesses are going to be less on board with the agenda. I have seen zero evidence of this. There are about a dozen small businesses on my road. And all of them are not only following government guidelines and laws still. But there going the extra mile. Only 2 allowed in this shop at a time. No mask no entry, no exceptions ,etc. etc. The Chinese takeaway on my road, closed for most of this scam. Even though by law they could have been open. And all the staff are cooking and serving in masks. I don’t want to go in there. And I would kill for some chicken balls and egg fried rice. Round where I live. These business are worse than the big chains. Absolutely brain washed believers.


Can I ask how many Chicken Balls are in a portion as they must be tiny in comparison to say bulls balls?
(sorry I could not resist that one)
Have not had any Chinese since before our imprisonment.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob
Urban fox

Hi ,that made me laugh. Cant remember how many. Yeh same here, i may have gone in there and said i was exempt. And seen what happened. But I’m genuinely concerned, about the filth that must be breeding in the masks, as they are handling food. Has no one thought of this. And iv worked in hot restaurants and kitchens. And i find it hard to believe ,that they are not touching there faces. There is no way, people should be serving food in those things, is there? Or am i missing something? I wonder how many have got food poisoning.? I think i have mentioned chicken balls on about 3 occasions now. I may make it a regular feature. Let me know if you want to join in.


Valid points on the Face Masks.
One of my mates owns a Chinese Takeaway not to far from me but as I said I have not ordered from there from before the scam.
I always order the Chicken Balls as they are part of a set menu for 1 which includes Eggfried Rice and Chinese Chicken Curry. The family wonder why I get that but I have been eating that Curry since I was a teenager so I would join you on that one thanks.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob
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