Masks & Social Distancing To Last YEARS – Government Advisor

The head of immunisation at Public Health England has said that we may need to wear masks and socially distance for years to come. Mary Ramsay said that the measures may be necessary until every country vaccinates its population.

She said that the public have gotten used to wearing masks and socially distancing. Speaking to the BBC, Ramsay said;

“People have got used to those lower-level restrictions now, and people can live with them, and the economy can still go on with those less severe restrictions in place”.

“So I think certainly for a few years, at least until other parts of the world are as well vaccinated as we are, and the numbers have come down everywhere, that is when we may be able to go very gradually back to a more normal situation.”

Earlier today, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warned that booking a Summer holiday would be “premature.” When asked by the BBC’s Andrew Marr whether the ban on foreign holidays could be extended, Wallace said: “I think we will play it by ear… I’m not going to rule anything in or anything out.

“I think the first thing is we are not going to do anything that puts at risk this national effort to control this pandemic. All the indications are in the right direction at the moment and let’s take it step by step.”

I have said it time and again on The Richie Allen Show. This was never about a virus. The people rush to vaccination centres in the belief that having the jab will return their lives to normal. What fools they are.

I don’t know whether to hate or pity them. If they opened their eyes, if they used their own discretion, they’d see through this hoax in a second. Where are the bodies? Where are the overflowing hospitals? Where is the flu? This is tyranny. It is the end game. I will not comply and will fight it with my dying breath.

I am an Irishman with rebel blood coursing through my veins. For centuries, my ancestors put tyrants to the sword against seemingly insurmountable odds. I’ll never surrender. But I’m feeling increasingly isolated.




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Kevin Duckworth

Hello Richie, you wrote in the above article “She said that the public have gotten used to wearing masks and socially distancing. Speaking to the BBC, Ramsay said;
and then you quoted her “People have got used to those lower-level restrictions now
She used the English past participle got, yet you used the American past participle gotten.
Explain yourself you big baldy bastard, do you speak English or Americanish?


I actually like have gotten and do use it myself, it’s kind of poetic.


My mom passed away some 23 years ago. Had she been alive throughout this, she would have wanted me to come over to visit, and so I would have. Your parents are your God given responsibility in older years just as you were theirs. Honor your parents is the first command from God that comes with a promise, that things will go well for you if you listen.


I understand how isolated you are feeling … that is The weapon which is now being used against humanity….as mammals we need connection …without connection we do not thrive, we go into survival mode which feels scary….this is real psychological warfare….very well thought out….it is ugly, destructive, punishing but very, very clever.
Through 2020 I struggled to find any real information …and then I found Dr Coleman who mentioned this Richie Allen fella …. what a relief…wow !!! so there are people out there who are not hypnotized and terrorized by the main stream media….. Ivor Cummins, Delores Cahill etc etc …..
I feel that people like you Richie and your followers are the ones with empathy and compassion and true love for humanity ( and other critters ) . You together with ‘us’ are The Light …not an easy cross to bear but such an important one…
Keep the faith.

Tony K

Thank you Doreen.
We’re honoured.

Wasted on that Bacardi swilling ranting pikey though

Last edited 1 year ago by Tony K

hehe ! Well he is on top form tonight !

Patricia Deakin

That’s the very worst part of it. The isolation. When the majority of your family and friends have a different opinion you are left out on a limb. Thankfully my family still talk to me but think I’m living on another planet with my opinions. I try to give them the facts but to no avail. They are just so used to been led by people they thought they could trust that it’s nigh impossible for them to change now. With so little going on in our lives at present covid is the only conversation in town and I’m not allowed voice my opinion or if I do I’m seen as someone who is trying to upset them. God love us all. When is the cavalry coming in to save us?


watch out people, your loved ones currently being vaccinated walking around with these masks on are going to be in some serious shite soon 😛 then their real pandemic will be here!

Last edited 1 year ago by Mick

For a fact.


My vaccinated family members have no problem wearing masks. I’m almost embarrassed for them.

Stephen Hardy

Just to let everyone know:

“On Monday 15 March the Government launched a public consultation as part of its review into whether COVID-status certification, sometimes described as ‘vaccine passports’, could play a role in reopening our economy, reducing restrictions on social contact and improving safety.”

This was in an email I was recently sent inviting people to make submissions “and find out more about this Review, and share your views on the potential implementation of COVID-status certification”, here:

I know submitting your views and taking part in these things is probably a futile gesture, but it enables you to vent your spleen, as it were, and it lets THEM know that you YOU know that the whole scamdemic is a complete and utter fraud. The deadline for submissions is 29th March. Not that anyone needs ideas from me! But I’ve copied and pasted the last three paragraphs of what I sent:

It is now approaching the first anniversary of Boris Johnson imposing a national shutdown of almost the entire economy – just for three weeks to “flatten the curve”. One year on, the “curve” lies battered, bruised and bloodied. But the country remains in lockdown, the economy destroyed, millions of jobs lost, and the pub and hospitality sectors obliterated; although rather ironically, alcohol consumption has gone through the roof as supermarkets continue to provide an “essential” service selling cheap booze! Sadly, a year later, there is also a generation of psychologically damaged children, who’ve had their childhood and their education stolen from them. A year in which parents and children have been forced to live in a constant state of irrational fear and anxiety, promoted by a relentless stream of propaganda, fear porn and misinformation on the BBC and other main stream media outlets.

Sadly, in the corridors of Westminster, there is no credible opposition to any of this insanity, only the imposition of ever more draconian, completely arbitrary rules and regulations. It is as though the government has studied every dystopian novel and film script in their collective effort to transform the United Kingdom into a fascist, totalitarian, police state. A bio-security state in fact, where people are encouraged to live in fear of everyone else because they might be carrying the dreaded “plague”. This is what the government, the Labour Party, and especially the media, have managed to do: convince nearly everyone that the entire population is threatened by a deadly plague, the 21st century equivalent of the Black Death! Palpable and provable nonsense. But it has worked. Keep people in fear for long enough and they’ll accept anything the government throws at them, no matter how damaging.  

In conclusion, I do NOT accept any form of vaccine passports or certificates this increasingly tyrannical government is desperate to introduce. They will, by necessity, discriminate against anyone who, for whatever reason, decides not to take this experimental injection. This would mean a perfectly healthy person who doesn’t possess such a certificate would now be restricted from taking part in everyday social or business activities. This would be morally and ethically wrong – and counter-productive. From a purely practical and medical stance, the World Health Organisation as well as the companies producing these experimental covid vaccines have admitted there is insufficient data to provide assurance that the vaccines will prevent infection or onward transmission. The fact that a person has been vaccinated and carries some sort of passport to prove their “status” does not make them any less infectious. In fact, it could be argued that they are actually MORE infectious, due to virus shedding from their recent vaccination. So at best, vaccine passports would merely provide a false sense of security, an illusion of safety. THEY MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE INTRODUCED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.


Thanks for this. Imagine pretty much copied and pasted yours.


You aren’t alone, though admittedly there are not many of us. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m living through history – not a point in history that I would have chosen but that’s life. I love the people around me (even though they are hypnotised too), I work as a nurse and love it, and I’m not letting this madness destroy me.
I’m not relying on anyone, or any government, to make me happy, that’s my job.
I’m free because I choose to be.
Fuck the vaccine
Fuck masks
Fuck the woke
I am here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I’m all out of bubblegum.



Tony K

There’s nothing else to do other than ignore what these gates-funded turds have to spout from their terror scripts.

They can design any dictatorial dystopia they want, at least 40% of the world isn’t having it. So let society split up. Maybe we need that anyway for a while. Let the good free folk create good free thinking things and systems.

One thing I can guarantee you Richie, is that you will be visiting the best live music venue you’ve ever been to, to see the best concert you’ve ever seen, in the future – not the past. And that venue hasn’t even been built yet.

Incredible things will grow from this. Mark my words. In line with the eternal balance of the cosmos. For all of the shite that humanity has endured in the last year, there will be the equal and opposite reaction to the side of freedom and goodness.

Now where did I put that spliff.


I’m with you 100%. I will never surrender to this evil tyranny. As for the vaccine, I’d rather die than have it.

Zac Baled

From what im seeing of the people out there on the streets the psychological effects of all this scam is going to stay with them for atleast the next 10 or so years – would not come as a surprise to me if people being diagnosed with OCD goes through the roof once or whenever this bs plandemic scamdemic social distancing boll@(s comes to an end.

This psychological war of terror which the psychopaths have started will be long, all we can do for the time being is remain strong, positive and practice patience – the socio-path’s will slip up – they always do.
(As Dr Vernon Coleman says) There are more and more people coming to realise as to what is going on even tho at times it may not seem so. (Remain Optimistic – Optimism is the only armour we have on us in this psychological war of terror)

The Pyschopaths slipping up will come in many disguises its just who blinks first – us or them! (Will have to stay united and focused)

Never Give Up!! (Even tho we may feel deflated many many times)

Sending Positive Vibes……. Everyone☺

Marty Hopkirk

I feel exactly the same way Richie. Millions of people flocking for their Covid vaccines in the naive belief that doing so will return their lives back to normal, and all the freedoms and civil liberties taken away by our respective governments will be restored. But the grim reality is that many of these freedoms and civil liberties have been taken away for good and are never likely to return.

It is looking increasingly more likely by the day that vaccine passports will be required as a condition of entry to venues such as pubs, shops and stadiums in order to “return to normal”, yet the irony is there is nothing remotely normal about being required to prove your health status every time you want to access these places.


Do go and watch The Dimming on I’ve seen chemtrails where I am 5 or 6 times in the last few weeks. I went out twice for a walk last Wednesday morning and afternoon and both times there were different lots of chemtrails zig zagging across the sky. Later on I felt really strange and that day and the next I was bringing up loads and loads of phlegm which thankfully then stopped.

I think we’re subject to multi-pronged attack from the vaccines and what is being put in our water, our food and in the skies. They seem desperate to vaccinate the whole world and they will hold everyone to ransom until they can get everyone to take it. Divide and conquer tactics again.


Thanks for the link, Jennie.It’s really good.

Tony K

Nice one Jennie. The guy behind that documentary Dane Wigington has done incredible work. He did an expose on Bill Gates recently that was more detailed by far than anything I’d found before.


I saw these trails myself Jennie during the week.. big ones .. stretching for miles.

And thought likewise.

So guess what… I’m now down with a dose..

A chesty thing with a slight cough and a sore throat!! (Some mild congestion!)

Oh and I had three respiratory infections last year.. (One I believe was Covid!!)

All of the infections came with coughs and congestion bar one!!
(The weird one!! — or as I say ‘ the designer one!! — I ran a temp, felt shite and had a cough for weeks after but NO congestion whatsoever!!)


Here we go again…

But there’ll be no f**ker sticking any probe to the back of my brain!!

Uh uh!!

And thanks for the tip with the link there.

I’ll be going there next!!


Gene Hunt

Even the leaflet that came through the post for me the other day, clearly stated the vax only lessened the effects of the virus. Most of the idiots who’ve taken it seem to think they have immunity for life!


Hi Richie, I’ve just signed up. Love listening to your programme although we have only recently found you! Keep up the good work, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!


I understand how Richie feels because I feel the same and this is how they want us to feel. They are doing everything they can to keep us apart so we can’t share information or how we feel on a personal basis. This is why pubs will definitely not be allowed to open any time soon.

Ronald Templeman

Richie your not isolated there are a lot with you me for one, I may be old but will do everything to get these bastards. Today found out that I talked a couple in their early 50 to hold off from a vax as holidays look on hold and they cancelled their appointment.
If we keep fighting we will win as the ones that have gone along with this, will now start to realise now that their holidays are not going to happen.

Another government stupid bitch.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ronald Templeman

Those in the shadow who are behind Georgia Guidestones want to maintain world population of under half billion.
Well, ok, it may happen but something is telling me that those who remain when wackcinocide rides its course would be the …… unWACKcinated ones. The brave new world indeed but this time on our terms …
It’s gonna be rough but we gotta stay put!


Interesting one this Herb..

Could they be this insidious that they know that the greedy, selfish and most docile (ie. The most useless of all ‘useless eaters!’) will migrate towards renewable vaccination/health passport programs without so much as a whimper..

Thus these are the immediate targets for “disposal!!”

And when you do the maths, there must easily be “seven billion” of these muppets!!
(Who effectively just want to be vaccinated to go on the piss while on ‘their foreign holidays!!’)

Now, obviously I do not wish death on anyone, but could this be a simple case of ‘reaping what you sow!!’

I mean… This all boils down to a simple decision… Do I choose selfishness and greed over selflessness??

And just who is the ‘smarter’ and more ‘genuine’ of the two types of human being here??
(And would fit in better with any new design???)

Or could it possibly be a spiritual/sacred/divine cleansing that even our overlords can’t see coming???

I’ve even heard someone reference something ‘just like this’ may be about to occur while he was engaging with a well known radio show host (in these parts at least!!) during a recent phone in…

His name was Liam I believe…

He was speaking metaphysically!

And he was discussing this with a well informed and considerate Irish disc jockey called “Richie!!”
(Though the jock is based in Manchester I believe!!)

Damn surname escapes me at this time…

But he says he’s a big baldy gammon!!!



Hi Gerry, I think on the surface it appears to be a little bit of both … but there seems to be an underlying mechanism for this. A process that some call “personal resonance” with the Field or as Vladimir Vernadsky put it – noosphere.
The Field/ Noosphere is a “Library of LIFE” and it’s a personal choice what one “reads” from it. The Choice of a “book” is based on one’s frequency matching its corresponding frequency in the Field.
But the Field is all about life and always finds ways to preserve it. It doesn’t pick out “the pre-chosen ones” but it needs the ones that fit the criteria of the eternal purpose of Life So, here comes a personal choice of each and everyone …
Just my 2 cents 🙂


Makes me think of the Akashic records Herb.

Many descriptions of it, or personal interpretations, as there are infinite possibilities.. but I would consider existence to be external of physical life!

But in this context and example, I hear you buddy!!

I hear you!



I gather that ALL aspects of Life are indivisible. There is no external or internal, only APPEARS to be. May I suggest some books that let me get a glimpse “deep into the rabbit hole”?
The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot; Wholeness and The Implicate Order by David Bohm as well as The Undivided Universe: An Ontological Interpretation of Quantum Theory by Basil J. Haley and David Bohm.
I’m positive you wouldn’t regret a time spent reading them 🙂


I’m with you 100% Herb! (& Then some!)

I’ll take note of those books and initiate seeking with immediate effect!

And thank you for the intelligence shared…

Very much appreciated!




My pleasure Gerry! We don’t have to have a scientific mind, an open one will do … 🙂
Start with Michael Talbot’s book. It’s written in plain English, even I read it without looking up words in dictionary and my native tongue is Russian


Thanks again Herb!

And you write very clear and concise English for what it’s worth!

I would not have known your weren’t native!!



I know how you feel Richie. For the last 12 months i’ve been showing family, friends and co-workers etc articles, sending them sound snippets of your show and other shows, i’ve even shown them the NHS figures whilst we had them that this is no pandemic and yet they all went and got vaxxed cause they “wanna go on holiday and go for a pint”

I feel worn out now. Shouting and warning people only to find out that they don’t care. Like Jordan Maxwell has said time and time again, people don’t care, all they want to do is drink their beer and watch the ball game.

Sean Brown

Yeah the same here, a level headed discussion of whats going on and most get it, but they take the vax becasue that will take us back to normal or so they believe. Hard sometimes to keep at it. But more and more are getting little things the cost of track and trace is a good start for people. We are not isolated we have each other here to start. There are many who dont believe this scam, but they also think they are a small number while I am begining to think things are changing a little and more and more are seeing through this but they still think they are the minority, we need to keep talking telling everyone to questuion where are the dead? Where has all the money come from and now gone to?


We have been telling people for close to a year that this would happen and yet they, and the media, have done nothing but call us crazy ‘conspiracy theorists’.
There really are days when I lean towards letting them reap what they sow.


Was out and about with a friend of mine the other day,he is a health worker in a nursing home ,been jabbed twice,we stopped off too go around a market garden type thing ,gets out of the car and his mask goes on,i said what are you doing and he says i can still catch covid and spread it around,you really do despair.



Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE published the names and addresses in a press release today of ten people who took part in yesterdays anti lockdown protest in Dublin after they were charged “late last night” in a district court.

Their crime??

Failing to give “their names and addresses” to the Gardaí (Irish police)!!

How can this kind of utter madnes be allowed to continue!

They won’t even publish the identities of child killers and rapists, but yet people who are out fighting for our inalienable human rights are now allowed to be publicly humiliated in this despicable degrading and dehumanising fashion!!

Richie you are not alone in your feelings of isolation!! (No sir, not by a long ways!!)

But this tyranny needs to be stopped at all costs!!!

The responsibility rests with all of us who are aware of what’s happening and it’s up to each and every one of us to spread the word urgently and by any means possible!

This tyranny must be stopped, the lies must be exposed and the truth must be told!!

The clock is ticking and the time is running out!

The time to rise up and to speak out is NOW!!

Otherwise the opportunity may not present itself again.


That’s digusting. They have absolutely no right to publish people’s names and addresses like that and the media should not have been given that information anyway. This is the problem, all the state institutions are now controlled and corrupted.


Unbelievable Jennie!
How can those so called journalists and guards sleep at night!!

They should be ashamed of themselves!!

But they’re so brainwashed and dumb, they most likely think they’re doing the right thing…??

Or do they…?? Christ almighty!!

How could anyone possibly be this dumb???

It’s simply ASTONISHING this… All of it!!

Honest, sometimes I think I died and woke up in an alternate universe, such is the level of insanity that is now on offer here!!!

It’s gotta be a dream!!

It has to be!!!



That would be nice.


I just woke after yet another bizarre dream infused sleep.. in this dream (or alternate universe!!) I was working for a Chinese owned business which was now making us down tools while ‘under surveillance’ in order to mourn a top ranking director. We were also simultaneously being effectively ‘forced’ to sign compliance contracts in order to ‘tidy up any loose ends’ to further tighten company rules!
The guy overseeing my particular section was wearing military apparel!!


It’s just a dream…

It’s all dreams!!

I wonder what “UTTER INSANITY” awaits me today!!!

Here we GO!!

” Row row row your boat…


merrily merrily merrily merrily

Life is but a

🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 Infused dream”


Psychotronic EM targeting perhaps???



I don’t get dreams like that. I don’t need to. My waking hours are filled with equally negative thoughts.
But that’s nothing new: it happens every time I pull my head out of the sand and look around.


[Un]lucky you!
(But you’re not alone!!!)

Though I’m not certain that particular dream was negative, I think or ‘fear’ more prophetic than anything else!!
(So… Kind of negative I suppose!! 😬)

It was almost surreal!!

And while I felt bemused or irked by the tyranny in China factory world, it felt “normal!!”

Oh bejeezus!!

What’s coming next!!!



Richie, it’s gonna be tough but we (unwackcinated) will get through this bs despite anything


I’ve now had a letter and 3 text invitations to go and get this bloody jab. These people simply do not give up. The latest text wasn’t from the usual central NHS bureaucracy but from Guys and St Thomas NHS trust stating I can go to one of their central London hospitals (if I don’t wish to go to a vaccination centre). Its not even my local health authority. This is a real boiler room sales operation.


Richie, I’m with you 100%! Control, tyranny & technocracy! That is what all this has been about and heading towards. That and a one world government. “You will own nothing and you will be happy” WEF.
Yeah, while they own everything, and rent it to us. They already own most things, we need to fight hard and fight now! Otherwise, this will be ours and our children’s futures. Who’s with me? 💪


Well you can count me in! What gets me the most is that all these sheeple are being led dumb and blind to the slaughter but also their children and grandchildren…

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