Media Claims Antivaxxers Block-Booking Appointments To Disrupt Rollout

There are reports this morning that so-called antivaxxers are booking out slots at vaccination centres to disrupt the UK government’s booster-jab programme.

According to The Telegraph:

The tactic has reportedly been used before at other sites, but it is understood some slots were booked out at Wembley Stadium on Sunday….

Wembley Stadium was operating as a mass vaccination site on Sunday, with staff hoping to deliver 10,000 jabs through booked appointments and walk-ins. 

Dr Vijay Tailor, a GP in North West London who was working at the site, told the BBC the centre was “running smoothly”, adding: “If we can get 10,000 today, that will be excellent.”

Some staff said patients had not arrived for their bookings and the centre was “really quiet” by mid-morning. But a spokesman for North West London Integrated Care System said: “Any suspected disruption has been offset by the number of walk-ins, including thousands of local residents, many of whom have made a big step in coming forwards to start their vaccination journey, as well as very high numbers of boosters.”

The Telegraph doesn’t present any evidence that antivaxxers are attempting to disrupt the rollout by making fake bookings. However, the broadcast media has jumped on the story and is reporting it as fact. I think that it’s part of a propaganda war on those of us sensible enough to refuse the jabs.

Yesterday, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said that the un-jabbed were taking up hospital beds. He told SKY News presenter Trevor Philips:

“People have had over a year, almost a year now to get vaccinated, there’s still 10 per cent of our population that have chosen for whatever reason not to get vaccinated. And I just cannot emphasise enough the impact that they are having on the rest of society. 

They must really think about the damage they are doing to society, they take up hospital beds that could have been used for someone with maybe a heart problem, or maybe someone is waiting for elective surgery, but instead of protecting themselves and protecting the community they choose not to get vaccinated. They are really having a damaging impact.”

Trevor Philips of course, is wretched. He could have reminded Javid that his government murdered hundreds of thousands of people by turning the NHS into the Covid Health Service. It was Javid’s government, not antivaxxers, that told millions of people they would have to wait for scans, tests and operations that were necessary to save or extend their lives.

Currently, there are 6 million people in the UK waiting for treatment they should have had last year. How many of them will die as a result of the government’s decision to deny them treatment? How many of them will take their own lives?

How dare Javid or anyone else blame antivaxxers for heaping pressure on the National Health Service! Damn the media for letting him get away with it.








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I haven’t been sick in two years. Isn’t that odd?


Tell me about it lol myself and my kids, my friends and all their kids, all unjabbed, all fit and well in a so-called deadly ‘Pandemic’ it’s a friggin miracle 🙂


About Wembley Stadium yesterday, twas empty, tumble weed. I saw a video by Hugo Talks today about this bollocks,. A fella walked around the Stadium Sunday afternoon and filmed, and it was dead, empty barrier lines, just full of yellow jacket wearing Convid Marshall’s, bloody wonderful I say. With all the blatant piss taking by Bozo the Fat Fuck Clown, and the liar Whitty and the Scum media re Omicron, or more commonly called a very mild cold I think people could be waking up (a bit).These people need to be imprisoned, at the very least for the damage they have wrought. And still telling filthy lies about the moronic variant, obviously think we have not the ability to do the most cursory research,not able to see how South Africa have coped, lol. FFS


Rocker Ted Nugent likens vaccinated people to sheep.

⁣‘BAAAAAH’: Ted Nugent Bleats Like a Sheep to Mock ‘Stupid’ People Who’ve Been Vaccinated for Covid.
(absolutely brilliant)




Richie should get him on the show.
Been laughing since I first came across it yesterday 🤣


It’s hilarious!!


Brilliant lol 🙂


It is indeed… 😀


I really like this simple phrase Richie “those of us sensible enough to refuse the jabs.”

For this point alone we are not exceptional, not evil, not crazy but not amazing or brave either. We are sensible. We’ve remained sensible throughout the propaganda onslaught.

I know UK Column have done a deep dive and it stands at double what “they” say… its 12 million unvaccinated which sounds more plausible.


Seems like they are getting desperate due to some people remaining steadfast on not being Jabbed.


Well all I can say that what I am hearing on the news today is no surprise and was expected with more to come – evil evil evil !!!!


I see that Fauci has said that the wearing of masks on planes should be a permanent feature. Obviously this will not be happening on executive jets of course. This is part of their agenda to stop people travelling and mixing and also going on holiday. They want us to stay in and spend our lives on the multiverse or whatever it’s called. I’m trying to stay calm because I could absolutely go ape-shit over this.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jennie

Talking of Dr ‘Fausti’ Fauci.
Fauci (Big Brother) on your Phone asking you if you gave had your booster?
(What’s worse is that we could end uo having Chris Whitty on UK phones)


They are hell bent in blaming those of us who choose not to be vaccinated as a problem. I’ve just spoken to a neighbour (at the door) who has had Covid and triple vaxxed her family are all vaxxed and all ill with Covid. Her teenage grandson wants to see Liitle Mix in concert and he needed to be jabbed so he received his jab, he’ll probably have to have had another two or three jabs before the concert. She’s a lovely woman but taken in by this propaganda. God only knows what these jabs will do to people in the long run.


It’s a mad, mad World, but these clowns can’t get away with their lies forever, that’s the thing with lies, someone always slips up eventually, just a matter of time 🙂


Very good meme, we certainly are living in clown world except it’s not funny.


Thanks Jennie, your spot on, it’s very, very frightening, the most terrifying part for me personally is the mass compliance.


Team meeting today would counter this as ALL my colleagues have either had or got appointments booked for their boosters ooo and they sound like they’ve all self – isolated from this weekend to ensure they have a christmas!! We are so fucked! excuse the language but really….


I agree


It’s the same rhetoric that is used every year, of people booking NHS appointments and then not turning up.

The language, however, is far more sinister and inflammatory: because what they are really saying (in my opinion) is, ‘sinners not attending the Temple’.

Last edited 1 month ago by Craig

Maybe some of them have thought better of it, let’s hope.


This is worth a look if you’ve not yet seen Craig.
A discussion on the psychology (or psychosis!) of ‘mass formation’.

Yet another layer of the well constructed Napoleon cake.


None violent civil disorder?


This pic is spot on, neurotic adults quite happy to use children as shields for their own fears. I seen a full family outside walking in the fresh air all with masks on, the kids were young, maybe 6 or 7, a now accepted form of child abuse, not just accepted, cheered on by the government and the sheeple society 🙁


The ruling class see themselves as ‘elites’ and us as ‘sheep’.
We should not be using either term, else we are dancing to their tune.


I call them the psychopaths.


But you did use the word ‘sheeple’, which is a ruling class’ designation for us.


I’m with you Jennie, these are complete psychopaths, not an ounce of humanity in them.


Well Craig, I am not politically correct and I say what I see, especially on a forum like this with like-minded folk like yourself. I am also a mum to 3 kids who have really struggled under this whole toxic charade, I have also unfortunately first hand witnessed the abuses against children all around us which it seems to me now that the parents are driving. My daughter attends an ASD (Special needs) School and the parents are making their autistic children wear those dangerous masks and take those awful tests so it is hard not to view this as sheep behaviour, I also see it as child abuse but sheeple is a softer easier word to use, to be honest I would rather not be calling them sheep, if only they would wake up and see what they are doing to their children, to ALL children, then they would once again be fellow scots. As I always say on here, Hold the line xx


What we see are people hypnotised to behave like sheep. It’s an important distinction.


I’m afraid where I am we get toddlers walking round in masks. It’s just heartbreaking.


My daughter takes a taxi to School with 2 other children and a carer, and there is a new little boy, he must be about 7 or 8. The wee poor wee soul is masked up, and he is also autistic, it really upset the carer as she is opposed to all this masks especially on kids, and I couldn’t get that little boy out my mind all day, what they are doing to children is horrific.


I am not surprise anymore after finding out the amount of money Gates have spent to buy of the media.


Sounds like they are getting desperate


I agree

M T Hadi

Sounds like a good idea to me…

Anne Talbot

I was hesitant on likening and agreeing to their underhand tactics to that of an all out war on the un-jabbed. It is though isn’t it ? Everyday they are trying to wear us down with their panic tactics, and they won’t stop ! Well my shoulders are still broad and I’ve got my big girl pants on.

I’m so deeply saddened though for those who will not get the help they so desperately need because of these psychopaths.

As you say Richie… damn them, damn them all !!!

Urban Fox

Richie, Your absolutely spot on here, and I’m almost dumbstruck at that photograph . I didn’t know they were using Wembley stadium to administer the death Jab. The Visual impact of that is stunning, and of course the psychologists running this fear campaign are aware of this. The shear size of the place and the giant signage, feeds into the idea that there is a genuine emergency and that we are on a war footing. This is exactly what they want, and unfortunately , if what we have seen so far is anything to go by, most will continue to fall for under this spell. We are witnessing the mass hypnosis of the population by masters in the art of deception, propaganda and programing.


They just need to get a few swastika and WEF flags flying from the poles that straddle the stairs and along Wembley way. Build back better. Reich’s vaccine Fuhrer Savage Jabbit would be very proud.

Urban Fox

You read my mind, this is the type of image i had in my head. But i can just hear people saying, ‘ Oh they must think it serious, if there going to all that trouble.’ It it of course absolute insanity. Even if one believes there is a new virus which i dont. Thousands have always died every year from Flue viruses, and no one even thinks about it.

People should ask what i asked myself March 2020. What makes this any different, to any other time in history?. Why all these special measures now, and what president is it setting for the future. I swear, that i was having this conversation with myself walking around before the first lockdown. And the authorities have never answered the question. It never was because there was something special going round, because the total death stats from all causes before the Jabs proves there wasn’t.


To be honest, I had no idea that the image was of Wembley Stadium – so I was seeing it for the first time, unencumbered by familiarity.

So, what I saw was an image showing 6 pillars lining a route towards rising steps that lead toward a modern day Coloseum.
In antiquity, as we know, the Coloseum was not just a place of theatre; it was also where slaves were led to die.

Other, half formed, correlations also came to mind. None of them were any more favourable.


Hi Fox, I totally agree with the mass hypnosis, it’s cult like on a massive scale under the convid spell. David Icke did a great summing up on this on a recent video, message to the jabbed, wake up from the spell cast on you mind, it was brilliant. The cure he says, is very simple, to start asking questions, like us defiant lot lol. Then the spell will be lifted, their minds will be their own again, well we can only hope 🙂

Urban Fox

Hi Layla, Watched his latest film, but didn’t have time to comment on it, as i often do.

He makes some very well observed points as usual. I can concur with what he said about cults, though this is not a word i particularly like, for several reasons. As someone who was in Scientology for several years, which is often called a cult, i speak from experience. We were very much encouraged to keep away from other practices and not to get into other sources of information. And to cut people off on occasion who had opposing views.

Regarding asking questions, David is right to a point. However to ask questions a person has to first be exposed to other information. In fact as Ron Hubbard himself said. There are only two ways for a person to radically change there opinions and beliefs. One is through a traumatic experience and the other is by being gradually exposed to new information. When i was in scientology it was different for me, as i never stopped doing the other things that i was doing, such as being a Tarot reader, nor did i stop learning about other things. But just got what i could from the knowledge i learnt, which was powerful knowledge.

When it comes to exposing people to new information, asking questions can be really helpful. I have just sent out a long letter to everyone that i know, explaining what i believe and my stance on the current situation. In so doing, i tried to not say why i thought it was happening. But instead asked them to look at certain things. I dont hold out much hope, and have probably upset a lot of people, but i feel i did the right thing.

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