Merry Christmas Everyone

Hello there!

It’s 5.30pm here in Salford as I write this. I’ve just fed the furballs and opened a bottle of Rioja. And….breathe.

El Froggo Tremendo is floating around the kitchen. She’s cooking this evening’s dinner. We’ll eat around 9pm and then open the pressies. This is our 20th Christmas together. We met in 2002. For me, the sun rises and sets with her.

I’m in charge of the vinyl. I’m spinning Charles Aznavour, Carla Bruni (I know, Sarkozy is a prick, but Carla’s great), Elvis, and some NOW compilations. Today’s a good day.

Two things. First, thank you for listening to the radio show, for spreading the word about it and for supporting it. It’s our show. I’m just the custodian. That’s not patronising bullshit by the way. That’s the truth. It belongs to you as much as it does to me.

It’s been a hard year. These are scary times. But, and this is an important but, we knew this was coming in some form right? We knew.

We’ll be alright. There’s enough of us.

I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. By that I mean that I hope 2022 will bring meaningful resistance to the tyrants who would enslave us.

If you’re around tomorrow at 10am UK Time, why not join me for Christmas Morning Melodies? It’s live, so you can message me and chat with me for a couple of hours. I’ll be playing some lovely music. It was great fun last year.

You’re great, you know that right? Every second of every day, the media and politicians gaslight you. They tell you that white is black and black is white. They call you anti-vaxxer or climate change denier. They accuse you of hate speech. That’s an inversion. You don’t hate anything or anyone. You’re about love, family, community, tolerance and loyalty. They fear you, really.

They also hate you because you’re on to them and you’re not going away. Are you? Damn right you’re not. That’s why I love you. You were tuned in to nefarious UN Agendas and the Great Reset long before I opened a mic. I’ve learned so much from you. That’s why I love the phone-ins.

Mind yourself in the coming days. Have fun. Decompress. There’s a battle ahead.

Merry Christmas,


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happy new year richie to you and your loved ones. To all the posters that post, happy new year, and those that don’t post, again happy new year, to the hard of hearing i say fuck off, to the short sighted i say open your minds. do not comply, prepare to die, for that is their plan for us, but we have a spirit and soul they cannot comprehend, or recognize, because they are soulless mate, look at their eyes, black as 2 in the morning, fuck them, try and post this link not sure if or what will come up


Happy New Year to you too Martin and to everyone. I really love this Nirvana song which I have on my hard drive. I’m not afraid of death and the life they want to inflict on us would be a kind of living death so I won’t be complying.


same to you Jennie all the best mate.


Nicely put mate πŸ˜‚. Happy New Year to you and yours! 🍻


cheers Jo, all the best to you.


Only one tune missing from that set Martin..
(But it’s a big one!!)

Here’s a recording of their first ever live tv appearance in the world performing it!!

Happy new year brother and here’s hoping and praying that the spirit he sings of here hasn’t been lost to history!



Cheers Gerry. Happy new year to you mate, a classic track, over 30 years old now. On the word what a program that was back in the day.Wonder if kurt would be promoting the scam if he was still here, sad to say he probably would. Been watching the joe rogan interview with robert malone, he started his working life as a joiner, and managed to graduate harvard medical school ?, he promotes the jab, he has took it, it’s just the mrna jabs he has a problem with. Seems to me he promotes vaccines, just not the mrna, but all other jabs are good ?, plus he is big pharma through and through in my opinion, so i thought if he is not legit what is his angle, only thing i can think of is his promotion of vaccines in general, he probably is on the level, he refers to fauci as tony ?.


Probably maintaining ‘big club membership’ Martin…

I’ve not tuned into much of Malone, but what little I have, I’ve found him to be just another scientist really.

And to be perfectly honest, they usually lose me after five minutes!
(With the exception being Dolores Cahill, Mike Yeadon, and a few others)

Most of them do seem to endorse regular vaccination in one way or another…but then they would, wouldn’t they!!?

Fauci’s a big pharma shill… And the US number one at that!

Either Fauci’s the worlds best pathological liar or he genuinely believes in this garbage (and all others he’s connected to!!).. but either way, he’s got a shit load of “vaccinated blood” and now vaccine caused death on his hands..

No doubts there!!


Re Kurt Cobain…

I’ve often wondered where he’d be now had he not have ended his life.

A shame really, he was only a kid.



Just spotted this Martin..

Badge of honour awarded to Robert Malone!!





A deadly new virus is discovered…there’s no treatment or cure…it’s highly contagious…everyone is a potential victim…the world is at risk from asymptomatic super spreaders…new clusters of cases reported daily…
Everyone must get tested even though the tests are unreliable…positive antibody tests are called “infections” and “cases” even when the patient has no symptoms…every politician gets involved…media hysteria in high gear…activists demand salvation from government and Big Pharma…
Billions of dollars are authorized for fast track drug and vaccine research…simple, effective remedies are rejected while expensive, dangerous ones are pushed……presumptive diagnoses…exaggerated death statistics…falsified death certificates…
Covid 2020? No.AIDS in the 1980s.


same playbook they are using now with the covid scam. joan shenton done some great work looking into the aids scam, along with many others. Yep the poison dwarf fugazi was centre stage in the aids scam, evil does not do the piece of garbage justice.


Kary Mullis called out Fauci over this. He was prepared to speak out about bad science and bad scientists. Still wonder about his death, the timing was so convenient.


Finally got to watch that one Jake..

It was excellent and serves to tie up many loose ends.

Fauci… What a piece of work… 🤬

Currently the biggest scam artist/snake oil salesman on the face of the earth..

There’s only one global parasite worse than him in my books..

And that’s Gates.

Last edited 6 months ago by Gerry

A really interesting Del Bigtree ‘The HighWire’ presentation scheduled for later today (7pm).

Del will be talking to G Edward Griffin about his interview with Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov back in 1984.

Here’s a little sneak preview of what’s on offer…

It promises to be something special!

Last edited 6 months ago by Gerry

Yuri Bezmenov was one very interesting character. The KGB man who defected to Canada.

Yuri Bezmenov, the son of a high-ranking Soviet officer, was a member of the elite propaganda arm of the KGB, known as the Novasti Press Agency. One of his assignments was to accompany journalists visiting the Soviet Union to make sure they did not discover the truth about Soviet life. After becoming disillusioned with the oppressive system, he escaped to the West at great risk to his life. In this interview, conducted by G. Edward Griffin, Mr. Bezmenov tells how the Soviets used propaganda against their own citizens; how he hoodwinked American journalists into publishing Soviet propaganda, how slave laborers are concealed from foreign visitors, and how he escaped to the West posing as an American hippie. Includes many photographs brought with him on microfilm at the time of his escape. Part 1: Life under Soviet Collectivism Part 2: Propaganda and Mind Control Part 3: Cultural Subversion and Escape The original 1985 release of this program was entitled Soviet Subversion of the Free-World Press. It provides insights to state propaganda that is as current as today’s newspaper.


Nice one Mark.

And here it is on Bitchute (and where l’ll be going next to watch again!!):



Thanks Gerry, hope you are well my friend.
I did not realise that it was Thursday otherwise known as thehighwire day.
I am looking forward to the episode.

I highly recommend that people watch this from last night’s CHDTV: HIV = AIDS: Fauci’s First Fraud
It can be watched here whilst it is still showing until tonight’s programme start.


Cheers Jake!
& All’s well brother!!

Yes, I was waiting for you to issue the ‘Highwire’ reminder, but thought this week might have escaped your attention with all the yuletide distraction!!

I’ll go dig up the Fauci one next!
(Thanks for the prompt!!)

And happy new year pal!!



Thanks for this πŸ‘ It was really good and very interesting. The build ‘backwards’ better is about right, tear everything down, distort and destroy everything. There’s hope though when Edward talks about the 15%, that will be us lol, will be enough to fight this ❀


There is hope Layla.
But I suspect it’s going to be one hell of a battle.

Prepare yourself.

Shields “UP”



CHDTV Holiday Movie Marathon.

Starting tonight at 19.00hrs.

Today’s Lineup – December 29th:

The Truth About Vaccines part 6: 19.00 UK Time

‘This Week’ with Mary + Polly: 22.00 UK Time

Who Killed JFK?: 00.00 UK

HIV = AIDS: Fauci’s First Fraud: 1.00 am UK Time

Anne Talbot

I do have a hard time watching all things Fauci. Needs must.


It is an excellent documentary.
I posted a link to it above.

Last edited 6 months ago by Jake

Well we have a fine, dry day here and Christmas is over so guess what – the chem trails are back. They can’t be away too long from their important work of polluting the planet.


Royal Institute Christmas Lecture 2021.
All the people there are masked up and social distancing and Suprise Suprise the topic is Viruses!
The wanker Van Tam is one of the lecturers.
Shameful propaganda aimed at the youngsters!!!
Usually watch it with the family but walked away. Bastards

Last edited 6 months ago by Jake

Exactly, they are total bastards Jake, this jab is toxic. My son’s friends who most of them have had one jab, were very ill after. They are all only 13 and 14 years old, it’s dark and very sinister, I seen this on brandnewtube, it’s Robert F Kennedy Jnr, only a few mins long but it’s very interesting


That poor little girl. These people are monsters, there’s so no other word for it.


Monsters indeed..


They are monsters Jennie, it’s all inverted and distorted and they are coming for our kids. I can’t understand why any parent would take their kids for this jab, I get the mass hypnosis and adults going to get their own jab, but taking your children is on another level, a darkness unimaginable.


That really pissed me off then it git worse when they went on to PCR’s.
This was a psy-op aimed at the kids.

How much evidence is needed in relation to children becoming sick or even dying?

Estimated 1 in 95 boys diagnosed with myocarditis in a California private school

This will blow your mind, I promise. I’m pretty sure that the rate of myocarditis is a LOT more than the CDC is telling people. I think the rate is ~100X higher than they claim. What do you think?


Thanks for that article, it was very interesting. This info should blow this nightmare apart, 1 in 95 kids, mainly boys to suffer from myocarditis, and I cannot bear when they use ‘mild and rare’ to your child developing a heart issue. This is their fucking heart at risk, their life source, its serious, deadly serious, unlike this convid which will NEVER affect them. it’s hard to understand what an earth is going through the minds of these parents, it’s just insane, dark and insane and utterly diabolical.


Yes Layla, there is no such thing as mild Myocarditis as very few ever recover from it and no longer is it mild.
As for the parents, the way that they sacrifice their children most of them must be totally brain washed with fear porn. Tonights thehighwire programme should give us an insight into how most of the population have been reframed in their minds.
Gerry has put the link in his post above.


CHDTV Holiday Movie Marathon

Today’s Programme list starting at 17.00 hrs UK Time.

Today’s Lineup – December 28th:

‘What’s Your View’ with Sumayyah Simone

9am PT // 12pm ET (17.00 UK)

The Truth About Vaccines part 5

11am PT // 1pm ET (18.00 UK)

E-Motion: Health Documentary

1pm PT // 4pm ET (21.00 UK)

Sacrificial Virgins: The HPV Vaccine

3pm PT // 6pm ET (23.00 UK)

The Greater Good: Award winning documentary on vaccines

4pm PT // 7pm ET (00.00 UK)

Last edited 6 months ago by Jake

You have survived 22 months of staggering propaganda. You have survived 22 months of staggering mind control. 22 months of incomprehensible gaslighting and you still have your sentient faculties about you.

Enough to watch this video, enough to understand what I’m saying, enough to be honest with yourself. Even though the personal cost of family not talking to you, parents banning you as you are not needle crafted.

You have survived all that and you are still here today.

22 months and that makes you THE TRUE ELITE. Thomas Sheridan


“Seasons Beatings!!”


I love Thomas Sheridan!!!



I must admit, I had never heard of Thomas Sheridan, he was on Ickonic with Gareth and I thought who is this guy, he’s brilliant lol. The Seasons beatings was fantastic, he described these fuckers to an absolute T πŸ™‚


Like Richie he makes me laugh out loud. Agreed with him on pretty much everything except Michael Jackson. I won’t go into all the background but I’m 100% certain he was a paedophile. I do think he was murdered, but not by the doctor who was accused of it, because there was no way he was up to doing those concerts but dead he was worth a lot of money to the music industry. Anyway that’s a whole other topic.

Went into the takeaway part of a cafe this morning and someone came in to go for a sit down snack and were asked for their code. I did what Richie does and said “papers please” in a German accent (or my version of one) and you can imagine the looks I got.


Like you Jennie thought the moonwalking one was probably a pedo, but watched a documentary last year that gave another side of things. The first kid that accused jackson, was in my opinion put up to it by his father, who was portrayed at the time as a successful dentist who was looking out for his son. The father who had walked out on the family, kept contact but not regular with his son, after jackson and the boy became friends and the father found out ( through the press, he had not seen his son for months ) he came back into his sons life, to get to the chase the boys mother said her son had never said anything strange was going on with jackson until the father reappeared, in fact the mother thinks, from what her son told her, the father was in some way drugging the boy to implant thoughts in his mind and persuade him he had been abused. Why jackson paid the money is beyond belief, his lawyer told him to not give them a penny, as did everyone around him, but he thought giving them money that would be the end of it, he paid but still ended up in court charged with child abuse, he was cleared on all charges, a lot of people forget that. In short i think the boys father was a grifter who seen a way of making money and used his son for that purpose. The father killed himself not long after jacko died, not one family member attended his funeral. In the last 25 or 30 years i can think of three big music acts or artists that have, for whatever their reasons sued their record companies, prince, george michael, jacko jackson, all three have one thing in common.


I could have written a book about this at one time, I had a lot of information. I knew the ex of one of his victims as well, not one of the two in the film. I actually stayed with a friend of a friend in the US whose brother was one of the detectives on the case. The LAPD had been getting complaints about Michael and young boys since the early 80s. The stuff about the dentist you’ve heard is not actually the truth, I think I know the documentary you’ve seen. The reason he committed suicide was because he had a very painful and rare condition whose name I can’t now remember.

I was a really big fan of Michael at one time and I defended him until I got to know people who knew the truth. He was a disturbed man and he probably couldn’t help how he was.

I haven’t had a discussion about this in years, it’s like covid mark 2. I’ve forgotten a lot of the details now.


he probably was Jennie, that was my opinion, but that documentary if true, that is the catch is it true, if it is well it shines a different light on things. The documentary was probably made by friends of jacko, think it came out about 2 years ago, i did wonder why now ? were they expecting more claims of abuse against him ? who controls his estate ? as you said Jennie he is worth far more dead


No probably about it. I had lots of info and saw documents. Anyway it’s all in the past now and far more important happenings in the world.


LOL we need more of you Jennie up here in miserable Glasgow, if I had heard someone say papers please in a German accent I would have laughed out heartily and clapped in agreement, it would have made my day just to see the covid zombies tut tut away, brilliant hehe πŸ™‚


I’m afraid round here they aren’t amused, love the meme.


gies yer papers lol, im in the kingdom of krankie, just ignore them pal, happy new year


Merry Christmas Richie and El Frogo Tremendo. Great to hear you both on tbe Christmas Morning Melodies. She comes across really well on-air. Maybe you could do a feature in your show together in the future


Children’s Health Defence TV

Today’s Lineup – December 27th:

The Truth About Vaccines part 4

11am PT // 1pm ET (18.00 UK Time)

I Am Not Misinformation

1pm PT // 4pm ET (21.00 UK TIME)

One Life Radio with Mary Holland

3pm PT // 6pm ET (23.00 UK TIME)

Root Cause

4pm PT // 7pm ET (00.00 UK TIME)


Timing above is wrong!!

Sorry the above starts at 19.00 UK Time!

Urban Fox

Hope everyone had as good a Christmas as possible. Iv been a right lazy Fox, after an eventful Boxing day.

Iv just been on the soap catch ups. Partly to observe the latest agenda of subliminal mind games. Emmerdale ended up having a nut roast, as the live Turkey escaped. And Hollyoaks also had a vegetarian Christmas dinner. And these were not Vegetarian characters. Thereby promoting the total woke insanity, go veg to save the planet. Interesting how everything that saves the planet conveniently fits the agenda. Its the human race that needs saving, but not from climate change but from the fake vaccines. Also i counted the word reset, just dropped into conversations about 4 times on Hollyoaks this last week. One character to the other, ‘ we need a reset ‘. Another one ‘lets reset this’, etc. But nothing to see here, right?

In other Fox news, close to my sisters place. There is a church that strangely, for many years, just leaves its doors open till late at night, totally unattended. Like in the old days long before covid. Its also always been totally deserted as well, unlike the catholic churches, that are always busy. Apart from one other person once when i went in. And the service i went to Xmas eve a few years ago. I often used to go in there when i used to stay at my sisters, to be alone praying and meditating. On rout to my sisters on Boxing day, after she said she wanted to see me, after a two year absence. On the spare of the moment i dropped in. I nearly didn’t bother, as a sign on the door said, ‘ Masks must be worn at all times’. After climbing back down the ladder, i had to erect to be able to see the sign, I said a Christmassy F**k you to the bastard that put it there, and toddled in on all fours. As usual it was totally deserted apart from the Fox. What heathens the local humans are i said to myself, upon entering the eerily silent deserted church. Partly lit on the right with low lighting. The left hand side including the private chapel only lit by the half light of the other. Almost like candlelight from a time long ago. I sat in the very old simple little chapel, in the half light. Which lies next to the main church and more elaborate central Alter, where the light was coming from. And for about 30 minutes, there alone in that old chapel, felt a peace that i have not felt in nearly 2 years. And a brightness within that outshone the light of my surroundings.

On the Christmas Day Carol service on the television, i was sickened to see rows of people spaced six feet apart wearing face masks. Like a regimented army of evil robots. This was final confirmation to me, that this darkness has permeated almost every area of our lives. What strange times are these, that the only way to find piece in a church, is to be alone. Away from the gaze of people, who are willingly taking the vestiges of suppression and evil into these spiritual places, without a murmur of dissent.

After spending some time away from the world. I stepped back out into another life. And I arrived later than planned at my sisters. Who cooked me a nice meal, as we spent a pleasant few hours together, before i returned to the lair. Realizing more than ever, that if we are ever to take back any semblance of a life, that was stolen from us by Tyrants. We have to stand firm till the last, and do all we can to spread truth and light. As this new alternative life of fear, control, suppression, slavery, millions dying early from poisonous injections, that are already killing tens of thousands, a world of isolation, segregation and medical discrimination, is no life at all, only darkness and death.

‘ Lord protect our lives from the threats of our enemies, hide us from the conspiracy of the wicked, for they have laid plans against us.
But though art our rock , our castle, our strength, in whom we trust.
We are strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might, for the power that is within us, is greater than the power that is within the world. ‘


Evening Fox.
Thanks for your lovely post and I am happy that you spent time with your sister.
So the soaps have become more PC and Awoke? I gave up watching them decades ago but understand your reason for seeing what the agenda is that they are pushing.

Urban Fox

Thanks Jake, Its very sinister and deliberate. They are without question using subliminal messaging, as iv said before. This could not be happening without instruction from those in goverment or behind the sceans. And would not be possible unless they have someone knowlagible about these methods working with the writers. I’m sure this practice is illegal in several country’s. I cant remember and haven’t been able to find out, if this is the case in the UK. But recently i was reading that SKY news ,had been recorded and reported for discussing subconscious programing with the ‘Nudge unit’. I was reading on David Ickes website, that OFFCOME is meant to be looking into this, as it is against the OFFCOM rules and various charters. Which is very interesting, but of course will come to nothing. As the rules of law and ethics have long since bolted along with the horses they rode in on.

Urban Fox

If anyone is interested Richie appears to be playing old shows on the loop. { Live feed tab ] I may have a listen from time to time, if he keeps playing things.


This has been going on for years. I remember one or two actors saying that for some films there would be people from the CIA on the set and they would actually insist on changes to the script and they had the power to do that.

Urban Fox

Yes indeed the propaganda has been going on for years. And there are cases i believe where things have been changed on behalf of the so called good of the public. Usually in return for favors, such as the loan of weapons’ or aircraft, or being able to film in various locations. But much of what people call programing, is more to do with the cult using symbolism for the purpose of energy vibrations and as an in joke to other cult members. I’m a major film and television buff. Probably seen more things than most over my lifetime. And i have never seen anything like this. These are specific NLP, PWA, Derran Brown type tricks, to directly implant specific messages. What i am seeing is unique to the covid era. I’m aware of this, as I’m knowlegible in these methods myself. Corronation street and Emmerdale started to do it about 3 months into covid scam. All relating to the rules and covid. Hollyoaks didn’t do any of this for a long time. Then around the time of the so called freedom day they suddenly stopped. Then immediately after they changed tact and they started doing it as regards climate change. And at the same time as that, Hollyoaks started with messages against conspiracy theorists and child vaccination. Not even adult, but child vaccination messages. Now Hollyoaks is implanting messages regards the great reset. EastEnders i could not say, as i have not been watching. They have been using overt propaganda, but this is totally different. It is so precise, that i have been able to see, when they have started various things, As outlined above.


Fox maybe klaus schwab watches hollyoats ( that’s the scottish version ) remember i said to you, imagine they remade the waltons, for me the greatest example of the stupid box being used for good, but if they made it now, it would be a meth lab instead of a wood mill, it would be joan boy, instead of john boy, the girls would be boys, and the boys would be girls, the old lovable grandfather would be a pedo, film and tv for me is a cesspit that in the present format should be banned, struggle to believe the garbage people watch, and enjoy these days.

Urban Fox

He he Joan Boy. If they change the sex or color of characters when they do a remake. I refer to it as having a ‘Woke over’. Ghost busters had a woke over. As did the TV drama of war of the worlds. As did Dr Who a few years back. All got Woked over.


loved the first ghostbusters film, bill murray and dan akroyd, more for dan akroyd, blues brothers, trading places and grosse pointe blank to name a couple, not seen the new ghostbusters film, heard it was rubbish, so never bothered.


I must admit I don’t know much about the symbolism. Haven’t had a TV for nearly 12 years but I used to really enjoy listening to Radio 4 on the computer, nothing like it in the world at one time. Then they ruined something that was really special with all their crazy political correctness which infected every type of programme.

I’m having to make myself calm down after seeing people walking down practically deserted country lanes in masks over Christmas. Nothing triggers me like the masks.

Anyway enjoy the rest of the week.

Urban Fox

You may have heard the term predictive programing. Referring to subluminal messages put into things particularly films. The theory being that this is done to influence peoples perceptions in the future. But sometimes people mix this up with propaganda, that is often drip fed over many years. But they are not the same thing.

Regarding predictive programing, i believe that it is most likely not what people think it is. For example, sometimes if you look carefully on some films, they will drop an eye image in the opening credits., For no apparent reason. This is occult symbolism, but like all symbolism, it is neither good nor evil it is neutral. Symbols can be used for either purpose depending on the intent of the person using it. But in the example of the eye, it is not programming anyone. It is raising the power and the vibration of those that are constantly using the symbolism on a mass worldwide scale, to help them achieve their aims. The people, i use the term loosely. Behind events are master occultists, what are referred to in magical circles as Ipsipimes. [spelling probably wrong ]Though in this case obviously on the very dark side.

The opening ceremony of the London games has often been mentioned as predictive programing for the covid days. Because of the emphasis on the NHS, and the aerial shots of the stadium, are exactly the same image, as the computer mock up of the virus they keep telling us about. But in order for this to be any good to program. They would be much better off, repeating this imagery several times closer to the event that was about to happen. A one off like the Olympics, would hardly have much effect programing wise 8 years in advance.

All actions, thoughts and symbols send out a particular vibration. And events and people are influenced according to the nature of those vibrations. On a like attracts like basis. Magicians call this sympathetic
magic. So it is much more likely, that this was a giant magical ritual, to help bring there aims to successful conclusion, As a one off in 2012, this would still be very powerful in this respect, because the millions watching would have been adding there vibrations to the imaginary.

Its much more effective programing wise, to do things in present time , for present time purposes, and keep repeating. This is what i am seeing now in the soaps. It is genuine covert hypnosis, subliminal programing. But it is not predictive. It is present time related. Hope this makes some kind of sense.

Yes the masks really stress me out to. Often on empty streets round here and all ages. Particularly disgusting the imagery i mentioned in my main post, regarding the carol service.

Have a good week, Fox


Well I caught up with last Thursday’s programme and it was nice to hear you and glad you had a nice meal with your sister. Richie’s words to you would apply to me too. To me so many things are obvious and I think if I can get them across to others they will be able to see it all clearly too but that’s not the case. Someone was saying to me earlier that you can’t save everyone, you just have to do what you can. At least we are only here for a short time so however bad it gets at least there is a limit to it.

Urban Fox

Thanks Jennie


Merry Christmas Fox, hope you had a good one. Thanks for all the truths you’ve spoken of in this chat. You seem to get the most votes. Seems if Richie needed a stand-in presenter you coukd be the one with your knowledge and passion.

Urban Fox

Hi Rodger thanks. Dont know about that. I know what i couldn’t do, which is trawl through the sewer of the main stream media every day, over the last nearly two years. In order to bring us the program. It was probably towards the end of the summer 2020, when i had to completely cut all the television news related programs. The radio talk stations that were a big part of my life, i cut earlier than that, for my own sanity. As i no longer believed a word i was hearing, of the one side narrative. So I’m totally reliant on Richie , David Icke and to a lesser extent UK column to filter the information for me. I should mention Dr Vernon Coleman as well, for the tremendous body of work he has done. For even though i find his stance on believing covid still existing puzzling, because of other things he has said. I actually found Richie through Vernon. And for about 3 months, i was reliant on the then daily news broadcasts he was doing, every single evening. Merry Christmas, how’s things been for you?


Nice post mate. Sounds like a good experience you had in the church, is it derelict and abandoned ? or just not looked after, probably earmarked to be turned into a nightclub until the plandemic hit. The soaps ? no surprise there, all to be expected, after all tis what the box is for, programming. Suppose it’s not all bad news, the Emmerdale turkey escaped, thank fuck someone did, where would it go ? probably self isolating in the woods with a mask on. Aye, nice post mate..

Urban Fox

Cheers Martin, No its pretty old, but reasonable condition. Before covid, the catholic churches used to be open till pretty late. But they always had a few people in them, and church staff knocking around. But the other churches were always very quite for many years apart from the services, even they are not that busy. But the non catholic ones, they stopped leaving open, as afraid of them getting robbed or vandalized. They dont bother leaving anyone on duty as not worth it, so they just close them. So a few years ago i was surprised when i found this place. When the services aren’t on, its always been completely empty apart from one time when a woman came in with a screaming child. And its open from about 7 in the morning till about 11 pm. There’s even a modern entrance hall built onto it, with a public toilet. I used to look after my sisters place and her cats whilst she was away, before the phantom plague struck. And go in there some days. Funny about the Turkey, never found out about where it got to. Agenda aside, it was actually fairly amusing. As is the sexy female serial killer. Who has killed about 4 now, iv lost count. Completely over the top character, but fun to watch.


Did you see that great meme someone put up on here the other week of two turkeys wearing masks and one says to the other ‘Well this should keep us safe over Christmas’. I thought that was absolutely brilliant.

Urban Fox

Morning, Yes was funny.


I’m a bit late to the discussion Fox.
But this one is worth watching when you get a chance to put your paws up!!
(Assuming you’ve not seen it already?)

If not, then I believe you will find it valuable and it’s most definitely on topic!

It’s entitled

“Trust Ultra Trust Naomi”


And when you’re done with that..

Here’s a little three minute ditty to round it off with some positive undertones of sorts!!
(ie. It’s a good tune that says it all really!!)


Urban Fox

Thanks Gerry, will look when chance and thanks for the music below.

Urban Fox

Very impressive film, Interesting and well worth watching.


Cheers Foxy!!
And I’m glad you got a chance to have a look!!



Brilliant post Fox, I am also delighted you seen your sister, and that you rose above the silly mask nonsense. Keep on, keeping on, we know the truth and maybe others will see it too, but for now we are on the right path. The last soaps I watched were Home and Away and neighbours when I was a wee girl lol or actually, tell a lie, I did watch Eastenders with my mum, when dirty Den was in it haha. It doesn’t surprise me one bit the soaps are going gun hoe on the convid, just more extra brain washing. They are getting desperate though, myself, the kids and everyone around us received a get your booster text the other day, I think they might have sent it to every uk mobile, desperate fools LOL.

Urban Fox

Thanks Layla for your words, How you? Iv got to get to the shops. Texting the youngsters, this gets sicker by the day. My mobile is switched off most of the time, and it seems to be Brocken and not receiving anything. All i can do is call out. Will prob have to replace, as dont know how to fix it. Prob loads on there. Speak later


I’m good Fox thanks x Same here, my phone sits switched off in a drawer and it’s mostly the pc I use to come and have a wee nosey on here. Oh yeah the NHS booster text is rather tragic, but getting to the dirty trick stage sending it to kids. I wonder what their next move will be, could be the recent threats of coming out to our homes to ‘persuade us to take the snake oil’. Well good luck with that, I always ignore my door unless I know who it is, most Glaswegians are the same haha x

Urban Fox

Hi Layla, yes i never answer the door unless i know. Exactly the same. x


The door knocking “persuaders” is part of the continuous psyop Fox.

Hugo Talks put up one on the very subject just yesterday.

He points out that the logistics of doing this are simply impossible!!

A quick one this time (8 mins or so!!), but the message is clear..

Well worth a quick look!!



Another mindf*ck indeed!

Just another way of getting people to get the jab.

Thanks for sharing that one Gerry πŸ‘πŸ»


No bother Jo!!
It’s always worth checking in on Hugo Talks.
That lad has put together some excellent material!
Hats off to him!!



Loved this video LOL. It is totally the same as the tv licence fear tactics, and it’s true, those letters with their big scary red wording, and the court images haha, I remember that haha, it’s just cheap tricks. Straight in the bin with those letters, same with the vaccine appointment letters and if they do come to your door (which I doubt) just ignore it and nothing will happen, ignore and don’t engage, don’t feed the beast !!!


Exactly Layla!
Just a crying shame the dumbed down masses couldn’t do likewise.

For if they could have, this global madness would never have gone as far as it has.

A psyop of biblical proportions has occurred over the last two years.

On that note.. I’ve just posted an interesting link (prompted by Mark!) above.

It’s an interview between Edward G Griffin and Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov.

Lots of insights into mind control and propaganda to be learned here!!

Well worth the time it takes to watch!!



Thanks Gerry, ill take a wee look πŸ™‚


I have to confess, I feel much of this media driven, they are just getting off on the reaction of the public, it’s sickening. They are all willing puppets I just wonder how many of them have swallowed their own bs


Oh for sure, all this negative reaction and fear from the public must be doing something for these evil fuckers, David Icke talks a lot about these dark entities feeding off negative feelings, like anxiety, depression, mass death from war, mass poverty etc. The convid will be supplying them with a massive feast, all the fear alone, crazy!!!


And they will eventually pay for their crimes.

As Yuri Bezmenov describes them..

“Useful idiots”

And when they are no longer useful..

They will be lined against a wall and shot.


Brilliant Fox, the free minds think alike lol πŸ™‚ x

Anne Talbot

Hello there Fox. Lovely to see that you got to spend some time with your sister, kudos to her for making you feel welcome. Like Jake I haven’t watched the soaps for eons but it is interesting how they bring the manipulation – if not in just about every form of viewing, even the ads ! I still laugh at the NHS one which advises you to gather outdoors because it would help The virus to β€œ just blow away !” They must have had a rethink on that one because they didn’t do that to death like they have all the others.
Needless to say my tv is used mainly for movie and documentary viewing.

Urban Fox

Hi Anne, thanks for that, How you doing. I’ve got to get to the shops. There is one particularly revolting Ad, where everyone that breaths out, appears to be breathing out brown smoke. And another where all the Jabbed ones, appear to have a hallo around them. Have you seen ? Really is sick, and all inverted from the truth of course. Total opposite. Have a good day, Fox

Anne Talbot

I’m doing good thank you. Yes I have seen that one it is quite sinister but we’re not really surprised are we πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Urban Fox

Not any more Anne .The surprise horse has bolted i think, and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse have run after it : }

Anne Talbot


Caroline Fealy

How lovely that was to read :). Kudos to you for watching the soap operas i have not watched one since they killed off Den son. Your experience of the church has made me feel quiet content happy know you got some peace if only for a little while :).
Glad you got some time with your sister and you got some food :).

Lovely message Fox you are a good writer πŸ™‚

Happy New Year πŸ™‚ xx

Urban Fox

Thanks Caroline, I’m just watching Corronation street 1999. Watched since childhood since it began. But a few years ago, i started watching the replays. They started in 87 i think. Did you call the show last Thursday? I didn’t realize i will have to listen back. I know you called previously.

Is that your boat in the photograph.? My Dad was a keen sailor, and late on in his life , sailed a boat with his friend from the UK, all round the coast of Europe. Got a photo on the table here, with him behind the wheel. We went on the Broads a few times, and i learnt how to sail and row. Though I’m not expert, as never got much chance to practice. Would have liked to have sailed more. If that is your boat it looks great.

Happy New Year, xx

Caroline Fealy

HI Fox thanks for the message :). No not last week only once that was enough.
Yes the boat is ours its a narrow boat so only canals really but a very still sea maybe. We were novices last November brought the boat from Wolverhampton and navigated it down to Northolt, north London arrived Christmas Day.

Sounds like an amazing trip i bet they had a great time.
Nice to have fond memories πŸ™‚

Right got to cook take care and chat next year πŸ™‚
Richie not back till the 9th now πŸ™‚


Urban Fox

Hi C, They ran into danger in a big storm, and were pretty frightened from what i remember. Even though they had sailed for many years. It was the only time they had ever sailed that far, and sailed open water. { Cant see land }. But he said was an amazing experience. My Dads no longer here, lost him couple of years before the great hoax. Must be great living on the water, and your boats got a great name. Speak soon, Fox xx


Thank you for your post Mr Fox, really pleased family finally reached out to you for a day. But the peace you found in quiet contemplation is something we all need now. Thank you for the timely reminder. Happy New Year one and all

Urban Fox

Thank you Clair, Happy New Year, Have a good day.

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