Millions Of UK Citizens To Receive Test Kits As Part Of Lockdown Easing

A new government campaign which has been provisionally entitled “Are you ready? Get testing. Go” will see 400,000 coronavirus testing kits sent out every day, to homes and workplaces across the country. The nationwide “surge-testing” blitz is due to begin before children return to classrooms. The plan is to get the country to “a new normal.”

The government will encourage every citizen to have a test, even when they do not have any symptoms. Boris Johnson is expected to give details of the plan next Monday, when he reveals his so-called roadmap out of lockdown. According to The Times newspaper this morning:

The resumption of normal life is to be tied in part to the use of lateral flow kits, which deliver results in 30 minutes, but are less sensitive than PCR laboratory tests. All schoolchildren will be offered tests twice a week once they go back, as will their parents and support bubbles. A similar policy is likely to apply to teachers and their close contacts.

Combined with existing tests for people having to leave home for work during the present lockdown, about 68 per cent of England’s population will be eligible for repeat rapid tests next month, according to documents seen by The Times.

The Royal Mail has apparently been told to prepare itself to deliver an initial three million tests a week, rising to 75 million a week eventually. This is “the new normal” that the government has been planning for months. Perfectly healthy people, will be expected to self-test, using a lateral flow test dropped through their letterbox. Testing positive means staying home and isolating, despite and I must repeat this, despite the fact that there’s nothing wrong with you.

A lateral flow test returns a result within an hour. You swab your nose or throat, place that in a vial of liquid, which you then drop onto a test strip to reveal a positive, negative or inconclusive result. The government has called it “Are you ready? Get testing. Go” Let’s call it what it is. Tyranny. It’s abject tyranny and ultimately it’s about imposing maximum discomfort on the population so that we’ll accept an mRNA gene therapy drug, that we do not need and that may cause us serious harm. I don’t need to tell you what I’ll be doing if and when a testing kit comes through my letterbox.


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Now masses of money to the test company in likely cronyism. Plus the risk of the tests being rigged (despite the lower positives in theory), to demand lockdown for longer if you return a positive. Plus the risk of the potential for GOD KNOWS WHAT on that swab!

PRIONS or NANOTECH, or NANO VAXX delivery are all possibles from patented, well documented technology we know that Gates and others embroiled in all this, have been working on for years.

The mRNA nonVAXXschemes have just been linked to creating PRIONS in humans too.

Adding another layer of risk to the already clearly lethal jabs! 276 extra USA dead in 1 week on VAERS. 929 so far (likely WAY MORE), versus the prior 8669 in 31 years from ALL prior vaccines combined. Its gonna take 18 months to beat 31 years with these toxic genetic experimental jabs.

Suckaturd has been censoring anyone daring to suggest DNA alteration via these jabs, then leaked video shows him fully admitting “THEY DO CHANGE DNA and may also causes further changes, that these “playing with fire” tech nutters have not considered downstream!” THEY WILL. Dr Doudna (DO U DNA) of CRISPR-CAS9 tech, looks like she has bloody gills these days!!

Get these tests and DO NOT USE THEM! Experiment with them, and see what they really are, or just BIN THEM or RETURN THEM TO SENDER, with a note saying “FECK OFF TO JAIL YOU CRIMINAL TYRANT SCUM BEFORE WE THROW YOU THERE!”

CDC is getting sued for COVID FRAUD – as 7 USA Universities can only find INFLUENZA A and B on so called positive COVID SWABS and NO ONE can provide ISOLATED COVID SAMPLES…….IT’S A TOTAL FRAUD AND SCAM!!



Wonder who makes these test kits hancocks old pub landlord maybe. The only thing that will stop these psychopaths johnson and his scientific advisors is to make them feel threatened and I don’t mean the verbal variety, prison for life or something more appropriate, in my view they are bullys and cowards who have only become more emboldened this last year, they think they are untouchable, well you only need to look back to history which tells us anyone can be touched, they should be reminded of this FACT.


I’m going to pop down to the local farm near me and see if they can sell me a bag of Bullshit. That should come back after testing as a positive.


Nefarious. Checking to make sure people are where they are supposed to be – at home by sending these things, same as by them going from door to door. In a DEADLY pandemic, they can go from door to door to find the spreaders of something that does not exist? WAKE YOUR DUMB ASS UP people. PYSOP 101.

Ronald Templeman

Could be they are using this test which I gather show less positives so they can say numbers are falling. Put a test through my door and it will be straight in the bin. “Simples”

Charlie Stevenson

Are they expecting everyone to just tow the line and do the test and honour the results? Or are they expecting people to not tow the line so they have to amp up the tyranny?

Charlie Stevenson

I’ve just ordered a goat, a pawpaw and some engine oil on Amazon.


Yes I was thinking can’t people just shove it in an orange or something.


I have a small selection of plants and a bowl of fruit. If I’m in a good mood, they will get tested.
If I’m not in a good mood I might just write ‘Return to Sender’ on the package and repost it.


I tend to open such things and if I do not require or want to participate, I write return to sender, opened in error, i have just moved in, love Mary.
But if I do get one of those tests I WILL be testing a Banana.

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