Ministers Fear SAGE Scientists Have Too Much Power

Government sources have told The Telegraph newspaper that it’s likely there will be a review of the role of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), when the pandemic is over.

In an article in today’s Telegraph, Associate editor Gordon Rayner writes:

A future independent inquiry into the handling of coronavirus is expected to scrutinise Sage and consider whether such a monolithic body should hold so much power.

One possibility is that the Government sets up a so-called “red team” structure to challenge and check Sage’s advice and the evidence behind it.

Ministers could also demand more say over membership of the largely autonomous body, which changes with almost every meeting depending on who is invited by Sir Patrick Vallance, the Chief Scientific Adviser.

Rayner was told by government ministers that they “bowed to SAGE too often.” He writes:

Government insiders have admitted that they “bowed to” SAGE too often, rather than appointing a so-called “red team” to challenge its advice.

Sage’s official remit is to provide Cabinet Office Briefing Room (Cobra) meetings with “coherent, coordinated advice ….To date, 87 experts have attended the Sage meetings at various times.

They include the two deputy chief medical officers, Jonathan Van-Tam and Jenny Harries; Dido Harding, head of NHS Test and Trace; Neil Ferguson, the Imperial College modelling expert who became known as “professor lockdown” before stepping down for breaking lockdown rules; Sir Ian Diamond, the national statistician, and Dr David Halpern, head of the Cabinet’s Behavioural Insights Team, or “nudge unit”. 

Others work in the fields of epidemiology, vaccines, data, tropical medicines and other disciplines. 

It has been well documented that the bulk of scientists who sit on the SAGE committee have strong ties with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates has donated billions of pounds to UK universities.

I’ll put it as simply as I can. The SAGE committee is working for Bill Gates. SAGE was Bill Gates idea to begin with. Using GAVI and CEPI, Gates has been buying academics for years. SAGE is not remotely independent.

Gates wants to vaccinate every man woman and child on the planet and not just for coronavirus either. His stated aim is to develop vaccines for everything from obesity, to diabetes, to cancer.

Gates envisions a future where every one of us is vaccinated several times a year. When Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance say that vaccines are the only way out of the pandemic, they’re not speaking of their own volition. They’re reading Gates’ script.

Our hospitals were never overwhelmed. Covid has a 99.7 per cent survival rate. The median age of a covid death is 82 and even then, the deceased is likely to have so-called co-morbidities. Vaccines are unnecessary.

Lockdown sceptical MP’s must ask hard questions of Whitty, Vallance and their SAGE cronies. For starters, why did they go from supporting natural herd immunity to insisting that vaccines are the only way out of lockdown? Who pressured them into changing their minds?

Last May, UK prime Minister Boris Johnson had a video call with Bill and Melinda Gates. He was joined on the call by Kate Bingham, Chair of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce.

From then on, the government’s focus was exclusively on vaccinating our way out of coronavirus. Scientific advisers took to the airwaves to ridicule the notion of natural herd immunity. They said that herd immunity could only be achieved through vaccination.

They were reading from a script.







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Stephen Hardy

Notice Valance’s answer when asked what percentage required for NATURAL herd immunity: just 60%. Compare that with 80, 90 or even 95% (who knows?) of the population needing to be jabbed for VACCINE-INDUCED herd immunity – assuming, of course, the vaccine/gene manipulation device ACTUALLY worked in the first place!

Just imagine if you could turn the clock back to February 2020: It’s another cold and flu season, maybe slightly above average, so we need to be a bit more vigilant and focus our attention, especially on the elderly, the frail, those with existing health conditions, and basically just let everyone else get on with their lives. Because this respiratory infection is pretty much harmless to over 80% of the population when they’re exposed to it, but that’s how natural herd immunity will be achieved in the shortest possible time, which ultimately protects EVERYONE. Seemed like common sense to me, even at that early stage of the “epidemic”.

But then those big-hearted saviours of humanity Uncle Billy and Aunty Melinda stepped in and said, “No you can’t do that, based on our esteemed knowledge of epidemiology and healthcare, ONLY a mass-vaccination campaign can save us all; and until that day arrives everyone must lock themselves in the broom cupboard wearing a triple mask, and absolutely avoid contact with anyone else, lest they be carrying the plague”.

And the population at large lapped it up and couldn’t wait to get their daily fix of fear porn on the news channels. They didn’t mind closing their businesses, staying at home, washing their hands 200 hundred times a day, and seeing all of their civil liberties removed one by one. The people loved their servitude and all but begged the government to do whatever they decreed necessary, no matter how draconian, just so long as it protected them from a terrible deadly pestilence – that had a 99.7% overall survival rate. And that children is how a scamdemic was born!

One year on, it’s good to see some push back, and as Richie wrote in one of his articles, the cracks are beginning to show in the narrative. But is it too little too late? we are were we NOW, because there was no push back THEN.


Very well said. Seems we’re paying for their gullibility.


When the pandemic is over – it never actually started except in the media.


It’s easier for the overlords to tell small groups of unelected sycophants what needs to be done.


When science has been purchased it’s nothing but political tosh. Where has integrity and honour gone? Sold…to the man with all the gold. WNKRS.

Ronald Templeman

One has to say that the whole system is bent, SAGE the government leaders and then we have most of the rest of the MPs who are sheep (sorry sheep to be a bit disrespectful to you) then what are the so called Lords about, not a sound.

How this country gets out of this mess one has to wonder, as we still have a large number who go along with this.


What nonsense we are coming up to May local selection so this type of crap which is aimed at the no so bright and very naive

So lets get this correct the government has hired a bunch of advisers to advise them and theses terrible advisers have told the government what to do so the government is being bullied Okey poor Bojo
its as dumb as the government needs a bunch of psychologists to help it run the country or to help it during the bs19..

Where the sensibility?

What the last 5 years has shown absolute is the general public especially the voters are the dumbest easily manipulated. You fell from trump, Nigel fraud 3 times BreXxit mega ritual they repackaged the Kosherservative
as anti Establishment they fell for that You fell for J.c they fell for that Hitchen, lord simpleton and that Tory sir as some kind of rebel until they said and got the vak
This isnt rocket science .95% of you tube bitchurt alt media is owned
Dont worry carry on watching military personnel like Brian gewish U>k shillum and his lot who endorsed advocates of truth not so long ago.
remind us where the story about SAGE original came from?? ow yer U>k shillium
who are they again ?? naval intelligence officer and GCHQ.!!

Sage story is deflection to take the energy way from the government.

basic PR 101

Last edited 1 year ago by ame
Tony K

Hope everyone has seen the the “Confession” from Geert Vanden Bossche.

And also hope everyone has downloaded and shared both the “Indictments” and “verdicts” PDFs regarding the “Natural and Common Law Tribunal”

As Yoda Coleman says
“We will win this fight”

Wes Baker

The Bossche interview is a MUST SEE.

Wes Baker

Just to be fair, here are some counterfactuals to the Bossche interview.

Tony K

Fairness is goodness my friend.

Although the talking heads that deride him that I’ve researched have no qualifications whatsoever compared to him.

I’ve read a couple of hit pieces today by laughable pro narrative “employees”

I’ll check that link you provided and get back to you.


Last edited 1 year ago by Tony K
Tony K

No wiki (bollocks I know, but generally a clue to whether a person really exists)

Secondly, no “about” page on her website

She’s a fraud in my opinion.

Next. 😆👍


If you want to know who Frei is, watch some of the videos of her testifying regarding vaccines. She has been around for quite some time. In fact, I knew who she was long before I knew about Coleman or Bigtree. There is plenty of video of her on youtube.


In fact, if you want to know who Rosemary Frei is, ask any number of the big names who are actively fighting against this scamdemic. I will guarantee you they all know who she is.

Tony K

I’m going for limited hangout on this one.

That said, to be fair, with his connections and former employees it’s very possible that he himself is the limited hangout.

My gut instinct tells me he’s genuinely shitting himself and spilling the beans.


Wes Baker

Points taken, Tony. I only thought it fair play to point out some pushback. God knows we aren’t going to get any of that in the MSM. So we have to do it ourselves!


Frei is sharp and always on target. Her home government in Canada did everything but shit on her when she testifies before their parliament or whatever the hell they call it up there. She kicked them in the teeth several times over children’s vaccines so when she shows up they do everything they can to shut her up.

Tony K

I’ve used Windows all my life.
Never paid for it though.
Maybe many are like me, and coupled with the pies in his face that’s what got Billy poison jabs pissed.

It’s simple stuff.

If you never connect your computer to the “net” or “web” you’ll never get a virus.

Same goes for us. If you never connect yourself via a jab to Gates’ web, you’ll never get a virus either.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tony K

“…when the pandemic is over…”

it was never meant to “be over”. By the time it’s “over”, there would be nothing to investigate if people don’t come out of their comatose state pronto!

Wes Baker

How does it feel to live in countries, which have thousands of years of history and culture and acres and acres of books detailing every aspect of your cultures…..only to be bought out by Microsoft?

“Oh, nice to meet ya’. Where are you from?”

“Who, me? I’m just up the road in Windows 2030, zone D. You?”

“I’m in Office Suite, zone Q. But they’ve given us permission to move to MS Enterprise, zone A.”

“Oh, have you had your update? I hear there are a couple spots left in Enterprise, but it’s zone C”

“Nah, we’re not that posh. Yet. Maybe one day.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Wes Baker

This would be funny 😁 if it didn’t seem true. Lord help us.

Wes Baker

I’ve read where the last survival mechanism is humour. Doesn’t matter whether it was the gulags or Siberia. When they’ve taken away the laughs, you’re dead.

If only the English and Irish men would grow a pair and start corporately laughing…


Gallows humour, right up my street 😁

Zac Baled

This enquiry will most probably take anything between 6 to 18 months to investigate and untold millions of tax payers money washed down the drain to come up with a 200 page recommendation on how they could do things differently in the future by adding/inviting some more cronies to do exactly the same thing but with different portfolio’s and titles (meaning even more money being wasted on advisors to the advisory committee)

If we consider that there is no end to this scamdemic plandemic lockdowns anytime soon – are we looking at around 2025 (or beyond) for this enquiry to come up with its recommendations? Lol.

If those politicians were sincere to this country they would have told the truth to the British public when all this bs plandemic started last year….. even to this day how hard is it to tell the people they represent – open up your bussineses, your pubs and clubs and the shopping centres and universities etc, throw away the masks and do away with social distancing we did have a flu season for a couple of months which ended last spring and people did fall severly ill however putting the country in to a lockdown for an illness where the survival rate was 99.8% was completely wrong.

The politicians who cannot and will not speak the truth are the same ones who are advocatting for a new committee to oppose the SAGE group who will most likely do the same thing as the ones who they are meant to oppose (see labour/conservative paradigm) or am I just being plain naive and pessimistic?

Our universities should be funded by us the taxpayers it should be made illegal for foreign or even domestic foundation charities to give any financial donations to any educational departments be it schools, colleges or universities.

Wes Baker

Tony Blair is still walking around a free and very, very, very wealthy man.

I’d give any government inquiry about 150 years….

Zac Baled

A special place is reserved in the pitts of hell for tony bliar.
I still remember the day (with embarrassment) the morning he walked into downing street in 1997 to the tune of ‘its going to get better’ I stayed up all night till the early hours of the morning.

When his son was born whilst he was in the office – he did not give his son the mmr vaccine… yet called on the parents of other new born babies to give them the ‘safe’ vaccine.


At the end of the first paragraph, it says “when the pandemic is over”. They never intend for this “pandemic” to be over. If they mean what they say ( which I doubt very much ), they review it NOW, say this afternoon !!!


The inquiry, I would like to see given to sage , is kind of like the one al Capone gave his men around the table in the film the untouchables!

Web Ferrett

Couldn’t agree more – swift immediate resolve – the problem then immediately solved.
An inquiry will just be drawn out, rigged (nothing to see here) – a total sham with nothing resolved and at enormous expense.


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