Mississippi Bans Trans Athletes From Competing In Women’s Sport

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves has signed into law, a bill that prohibits men from competing in women’s sports. The Mississippi House voted 81-28 to pass the bill, which states that male students will no longer be allowed to compete in female sports.

Reeves said the law would “ensure that young girls in Mississippi have a fair, level playing field in public schools.” LGBTQ groups have called it discriminatory.

When signing the bill into law Reeves stated that; “It sends a clear message to my daughters, and all of Mississippi’s daughters, that their rights are worth fighting for.”

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem agrees with Reeves and is preparing to enact a similar law there. “We are still examining the bill, getting ready to make decisions on it,” she told CNN.

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) President Alphonso David said that there were no examples of state transgender athletes “gaming the system” to gain an edge, adding that “none exist”.

American Civil Liberties Union deputy director for trans justice Chase Strangio claimed that trans people were being “pushed out of public life.”

It’s a great result for women in Mississippi and it’s heartening to see other states preparing similar bills. Biological males have no business competing in girls sports. It’s preposterous that someone would even need to say that.

Trans women are not women. Female only spaces must be reserved exclusively for biological females. This one will run and run.



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Welsh Gregg in china

used to think the southern were more extreme than the north. it seems the southern states are the only ones with common sense nowadays though.


Even though Rand Paul is holding up the Anti Lynching Bill?

Alan Watt 4 March 2021 R.I.P.

“Truth is Eternal and cannot be compromised…

Hearing and understanding TRUTH leaves one with a dilemma, for it DEMANDS change, beginning with You
…and even your closest relationships may
go down the drain, yet that is the price demanded
in the past, to-day and for always…

We are spirits descended into matter for a purpose. Understanding this is the meaning of the term
“having life, and having it more abundantly.”
This does not mean accumulation of products.
It means “doing that which is true.”
Truth is eternal.
It cannot alter.

Only TRUTH Will MAKE You Free.”

Quote from Cutting Through, Volume 1 by Alan Watt

With that being said, I say the following; “self-imposed genital mutilation indicates serious mental illness”.


I like Alan Watt (although the one I mean died in 1973 so perhaps it’s a different one) and Eckhart Tolle, they both make a lot of sense. It’s just that we often get so caught up in the insanity going on in this world we forget that this is just a temporary incarnation.

As my favourite author Aldous Huxley said “The truth doesn’t stop being the truth because people don’t believe it”.

Yes. The author Alan Watts who died in 1973 was truly brilliant from what I found.
(see below).
Whereas the Alan Watt whom I quoted above died 10 days ago.

At the moment I’ve listened to 2½ hrs of his 4:44 hr podcast from 2 weeks ago, which was his last.
We who have been around for a long time & are well-versed in the ‘hidden History’ of our World, should be …listened to by the younger generations.
It’ll save You-guys some time, and considering the present-day book burning/censorship, it’s probably more important than ever to…pay attention before the knowledge totally disappears in the new approaching 1984-Dystopia.

The fact is, *History* repeats itself, again and again and again.
The tptb use the same ‘Game Book/MO-Modus Operandi* continuously.
As Catharine Austin-Fitts pointed out a few months ago, she herself was surprised to discover *Plague Laws* have been an integral part of Northern European history since at least since the 1200-1300’s and *implemented*…circa every 100 years!!!

All of You, Please take the time to listen to Alan’s last contribution to presenting, *the Truth* here:
Here’s Alan Watt’s website:

And to the brilliant Author You mentioned Jennie, here’s *50 Alan Watts Quotes That’ll Blow Your Mind* -“1. “We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain.” – Alan Watts
2. “Life exists only at this very moment, and in this moment it is infinite and eternal, for the present moment is infinitely small; before we can measure it, it has gone, and yet it exists forever….” – Alan Watts
3. “There will always be suffering. But we must not suffer over the suffering.” – Alan Watts
4. “Every individual is a unique manifestation of the Whole, as every branch is a particular outreaching of the tree.” – Alan Watts

btw Jennie, I appreciate your comment You made over 1 week ago, when “I went silent” because of computer problems.
It’s an honor to pass Knowledge-Forward.

Alan Watt (of Cutting through the Matrix) is a huge loss to those of us who know of him. I can’t help but feel his untimely death has something to do with the current conspiracy.
RIP Alan Watt.
You will never be forgotten.


Alright Gerry, if i said anything cheeky last night apology offered. Alan Watt one of the few Scottish voices that opposed these monsters, never knew he had passed, a smart and decent guy, who will be sadly missed RIP Alan.


No worries mate!
You’d every right to feel that you were being hounded..

But not my style bro!!
I wouldn’t be doing that to ya!!


Alright Christopher hope you are well, talk soon.


The event is called Cyber Polygon.


Thank you so much, dear Richie Allen and team, as always. And please send Dr. C and his lovely genius lady our love, appreciation and gratitude.


Darlings, please see Dr. Vernon Coleman’s most recent video on Brandnewtube. The inj*#@ion will cause the “vir*#” to mutate and potentially lead to hordes of unv’d folks getting ill, lest we stop this rollout immediately. i’m certain most of you have heard of the cytokine storm that ethical drs have been warning us of. This is expected to hit in the autumn and winter. In July, i believe it is, there will be another event two oh one thing, forget what they’re calling it, but it is to prepare for a “cyber security attack.” If they follow the same timeline as that last event that would mean that right when the c-storm thing is supposed to hit, so also, potentially, the cyber attack. This could be catastrophic, as generators at hospitals will only work for so long, grain will be difficult to retrieve (see recent power outages in Texas, which Ice Age Farmer covered very nicely. This was only what, a few days or something, but a huge mess, millions of dollars of food wasted, etc.) We must demand that this rollout cease and desist immediately. If you are in the US call 202 224 3121, tell automated doodad your state and, of course, no one answers, so leave a message letting them know that they must do all they can to stop this nonsense before we are all, in Dr. C’s words, “doomed.” You can leave a message for your senator and state reps all in the same call. If they get enough people blowing their phones up, so to speak, they will be forced to look closer. Direct them to Dr. Bossch, (not spelled properly, i doubt) who just turncoated on Big Pharma. He has an interview on Bitchute and Brandnewtube, probably other places, as well. Bless you all and Godspeed, darlings.

Jon Taylor

At least somewhere sees sense

Zac Baled

Im more of a guy who is more inclined to advocating for inclusiveness over exclusiveness however in this regards Why muddy the waters? Why cheat the women folk for all the hard work they put into something they enjoy?
So in this matter I would propose for the people of lgbtq-xyz-etc-etc-abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz-etc-etc to make a proposal to the right governing sportsbodies for their own specified gendered namely lgbtq-etc-whateveryoufancy world transgendered games.
This way they can self govern their own games, make their own rules, basically let them get on with it without outside interference. If a she-man wants to compete with a he-he-man-is-she-man-has-now-become-she-not let so be it. If a they-man-nor-is-she-or-he-woman wants to compete with a penis-less-we-we-man so be it.

Surely the amount of revenue these games would bring are enormous – put it this way I would guess every or majority corporate company or organisations would want to sponsor these games and its participating athletes after all its certain corporations and organisations that are calling for the rights that infringe the rights of others that are lobbying for the rights of a biological man competing against a woman in sports. The world transgendered games could possibly have the potential to become a corporation within a corporation!?

Last edited 1 month ago by Zac Baled

That’s what I’ve been thinking, keep it completely separate. I wonder why they don’t do it.

Zac Baled

I guess its to divide the human race on gender issues.

(Realistically) how many lesbian or transgender boxers (or any other sport) would really want to get into the ring with a (man) who calls himself a woman or gender neutral knowing human/mother nature will most likely give an unfair advantage to the man in strenght and stamina?

Equality is just the reason they give so our minds are pre-occupied with things that dont make much sense (i.e we start pointing towards each other – we thinking the lgbt man wants to participate in womens sports unfairly where in reality the lgbt-man just wants to get on with his life as normal as possible) It’s divide and conquer on a newer level – the people in power have been using these tactics for centuries in the past they have divided people on race, religion, class, disability etc now theyre sowing the seeds of divide on gender by giving it the name of equality.

Having said that, those (biological) men who persist to participate against women in sport then they should be given a platform for like minded individuals governed by like minded people.

Everyone’s being played at…..

Last edited 1 month ago by Zac Baled

You’re right, it’s all divide and conquer. Keep splitting people up into smaller and smaller victim groups.


Great idea. The stadiums 🏟 will be so busy….I think not.

Zac Baled


Wes Baker

Yea, but we’re so backwards here in the South. We don’t wear masks, we don’t “social distance” – what a disgusting term – and we love our biological women. They’re our sisters and our mothers, and no dickless, fucker is ever going to take their places.

If you want to see the millions and millions of guns in the South come out, start messing with our ladies. And, as Richie would be quick to point out, this ain’t no keyboard warrior talking. It’s no ‘tough man’ talk. There is still a very, very deep respect for the fairer sex in the South. They have always ‘run the show’ from behind the scenes, truth be told!

For all of our Stasi readers, the necessary disclaimer: this post is no call or incitement for physical harm.

Last edited 1 month ago by Wes Baker

‘director for trans justice Chase Strangio’. There’s a jest comment to be had here over that name – but I’m not going to make it.
For a change.




Getting my chases in a strangio. Really uncomfortable 😣.


It sounds like Chase Strangers. Creepy.


Hallelujah, hallelujah!


There’s a song here too!!

…. But l’ll quit while I’m ahead!!





I had Richie’s voice in my head as i typed ‘Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallaaaluyah’. I think I’m morphing into him. It’s amusing me 🥴😆.


I heard there was a secret chord.. that David played and it pleased the Lord..

“But YOU DO really care for music don’t you!”



Always reminds me of this…..lovely song though 🥰🤣


Jeff Buckley’s version is very spiritual.. but the original by Leonard Cohen is equally spiritual too…
(Two uniquely special artists — very special I would say!)

Check them out when you can get passed the donkey!!

Heee Hawww!!



Both beautiful versions 🥰. I still see a sad donkey, when I hear the song though 🙊.




Love both versions but maybe veer slightly towards Jeff Buckley’s version perhaps because he died so young.


His father was Tim Buckley who died aged thirty… They never knew each other.. and both had one massive hit that immortalised them not long before they died..

Tim’s was “Song to the Siren”
(There’s a lovely version of him singing it live on u tube on a twelve string — amazing!!!)



Correction and with respect to both Jeff and Tim..

Jeff died aged 30, Tim died aged 28.


I didn’t know about his father dying so young, that’s incredible. I’ll look out the other song, thank you.




Scottish band?? I’ve not heard their stuff..

Did they cover it?


Its about time some politicians had the courage to call time on this woke nonsense. Its grossly unfair on female athletes and will completely destroy woman’s sport. Well done Tate Reeves. Now watch the left wing Twitter storm.


Well done, indeed 👏🏻


Time for a tune:

“Well you can hear
The country song from far
And someone plays
The honky tonk guitar
Where all the lights
Will go on one by one
People enjoying the sun
And the wind takes it away

Where the Mississippi
Rolls down to the sea
And lovers found
The place they like to be
How many times
Before the song was ending
Love and understanding
Everywhere around

I’ll remember you
Whenever I shall go away
I’ll be longing for the day
When I will be in Greenville again

You’ll be on my mind
Every time I hear this song
Mississippi rolls along
Until the end of time

Now the country song
Forever lost it’s soul
When the guitar player
Turns to rock’n’roll
And every time
When summer nights are falling
I always will be calling
Dreams of yesterday

I’ll remember you
Whenever I shall go away
I’ll be longing for the day
When I will be in Greenville again

You’ll be on my mind
Every time I hear this song
Mississippi rolls along
Until the end of time

Every time I hear this song
Mississippi rolls along
Until the end of time”



👏🏻👍🏻 Tuuuuune.


A very special tune Jo!

One of the few remaining things still to be seen on the ‘gestapo tube’..

hell, I’m going to post it onto my social page now to commemorate this very special day!!

Get up there ladies!!

Let’s hear it!!



Did you hear it this morning? Didya?! 🥰

Caroline Fealy

Good for Mr Reeves. As it should be. Totally agree Richie.

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