More Evidence Emerges That Long Covid Is A Load Of Bollox

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has suggested that more than half of those who believe that they have so-called long covid, may just be suffering from normal bouts of ill health.

The ONS looked at 27,000 people who tested positive for covid. Three different methods were used to estimate the prevalence of long covid. One analysis found that 5 per cent reported at least one symptom 12 to 16 weeks after their infection.

But, the ONS found that 3.4 per cent of people who didn’t have covid reported the same long covid symptoms.

According to The Telegraph:

Kevin McConway, emeritus professor of applied statistics at The Open University, said: “That’s not all that much less than the 5.0 per cent for the infected people, which does show that having one or more of these symptoms isn’t uncommon regardless of Covid-19.”

Long Covid symptoms are fever, headache, muscle ache, weakness/tiredness, nausea/vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste and loss of smell.

The ONS said however, that these symptoms are common in the general population.

The long covid fairy-tale is coming apart at the seams. Earlier this month, University College London produced a study that concluded that the danger of long covid to children had been wildly exaggerated.

Dr Michael Absoud, honorary reader at the department of women and children’s health at King’s College London told The Telegraph:

“The ONS are to be congratulated for engaging with clinicians and scientists to review their methodology and provide updated estimates on post-Covid symptoms. The ONS first published the approach in April 2021, and reported a 12-week prevalence of long Covid in 14 per cent. This has now been revised down to 3 per cent in the latest estimate.”

The ONS and University College London are to be congratulated for doing their jobs. Long covid was invented to encourage uptake of covid jabs. Covid itself (if it exists) is a mild respiratory illness, dangerous only to the very elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

Knowing that covid itself wasn’t enough to send folks rushing to the jabbatoirs, they needed to come up with something else to convince them that covid was far more serious. Long covid was perfect. They attributed so many common symptoms to it, that anyone at anytime could claim to be suffering from it.

I called it bollox last year. Scientists are calling it bollox today.



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Good comment Richie, and spot on where ‘long covid’ BS concerned. reminds me of shortly after our first child was born, my late wife bought a book, very expensive and colorfully illustrated and covering virtually every medical symptom one could experience. We threw it away after a few months after discovering that certain every day symptoms could be interpreted as either requiring a general pain tablet or major surgery. Mild upset stomach could be interpreted (per the book) nothing serious or as full blown cancer. Every average ailment displayed by our baby sent the wife close to a mental breakdown. She got back to normal after I threw away the book and appointed a pediatrician. People who suffer average conditions usual to the general populace would, prior to the scamdemic laugh it off or ride it out. But the scaremongering government and media, funded by big pharma thugs are responsible for the gullible descending into mental breakdowns. I am surprised they have not proclaimed that all those who fart at least twice a day suffer from long covid.


Long covid story short, it doesn’t exist.


We had death by prepositional covid, (with, and, of, near, adjacent, adjoining, beside, above, below, along, by, in the same room as) which was just code for the deceased had a positive PCR “test” which is not to be used for diagnosis as the amplification rate was never disclosed – which we all know is complete bollox/bull$hit/crap.
Don’t forget that autopsies/post mortems don’t need to be carried out if the deceased has a positive PCR test in the past 28 days.

Still no evidence of viral isolates according to Koch’s postulates.

The NHS are still to busy reducing the number of beds for the past twenty years (at least).

Hmm, less hospital beds per year so the NHS is in crisis because of cutbacks made by the successive and present governments. Hmm could it be because of the lack of beds that the NHS has been set up to fail to issue in a USA style healthcare system?
Hmm we had 240,000 beds in the UK in 2000, 163,873 beds in 2019.
Last time I checked there weren’t any bunk beds in the NHS.

Source via

Long covid is complete horseshit/bollox/crap and a pathetic attempt to dupe the general non thinking public into medical martial law.

Similarly there aren’t any tests to differentiate between the variants/scariants of covid-19 which is a shame as the virus has learned Greek before handing in it’s passport to the CDC/WHO?SAGE doom-mongers.

hospital beds by year.png
Last edited 1 month ago by Aldo
david cad

they have not even isolated the virus yet so how can there be variants never mind long covid .

Steven James

Good old JIMMY GREAVES…i enjoyed his programme with Saint.
Good football player also,underrated…

Steven James

The Irish tell a good story,you should share your Greyhound trip tale in the USA.

Steven James

The Eagles song information was good.

Steven James

I like the background information you give out on the tunes.You do your homework.


Lord please help me. I want to slap the beejesus out of them all until their brains begin to function again. I cannot and will never excuse willful stupidty.

Urban fox

Long covid, is even more transparent as total fiction, than regular covid, short covid,or any variants of these. That is, it is all total fiction. Why everyone cant see this, when the evidence is so overwhelming. Is a testament to the effectiveness of life times of indoctrination and conditioning and relentless propaganda over the last 18 months, and blind belief in ” The matrix.”

People should have spelt a rat straight away. As where have we ever heard this term before. As Dr Vernon Coleman pointed out months ago. If we have spent months trying to get over an illness. We don’t normally say, iv got long flue, long pneumonia, iv got long ulcer, etc. A few years ago i had what turned out to be pneumonia. It was about 15 months before the final symptoms of it finally went. At no time, was the word long ever mentioned. Long covid, is nothing more than a marketing term, dreamt up by psychologists working for the Goverment.

These evil people with no ethics, are master manipulators of perception. Which is the only reason, anyone thinks they have ever had any kind of covid. Its simply because the idea has been planted there. As i pointed out to a friend a few months ago. At any other time in history before they heard of covid, they would have said, they had bad flue, or they were feeling awful and run down, and never assigned anything special to it. The only difference between being ill, in 2020 or 2021,is covid is now in the publics perception. People should ask themselves. As there were no excess deaths, no excess burials and cremations. No people falling over in the streets. Would they have ever noticed anything different if it wasn’t for what they have seen, heard and read in the media. The answer has to be a resounding no. They would have just gone about there lives over the last 18 months as they always did.

P.S. I have just posted something which i think is important regarding the economic situation, under Richie’s previous article. I don’t want to take up a lot of Space reposting here, But i thought i would mention. Thank you everybody and have a good weekend.


Long lockdown is a better description for the numerous illnesses world populations are currently suffering.

Tim in Brazil

Long covid, short covid and scotch mist covid are all a load of bollox imho

david cad

you forgot the bulls#it variants .


I swear down Richie I had covid last year and ever since I’ve been having shortness of breathe but I took an holiday to an Island and I was fine for the 3 weeks I was there but as soon I got back to my house been experiencing the same shit. I swear down IT has something to do with EMF

Jeananne Crowley

You’re right to sense that …EMF appears to play a role in their Fiendish plans!

Urban fox

Hi Horus, I am 100%.Convinced that covid never existed. I wont get into it here, as iv written about it many times. I was very sick myself, but so what. People get sick, there is absolutely no evidence of anything to say that it was covid.

EMF/EMR( Electro magnetic radiation) Is a real problem though. Which i spent a lot of time researching. It causes a whole range of health problems, can cause flue type symptoms of all kinds and hurts the immune system and causes cell damage. Which makes people more susceptible to getting cancer. All this said, bear in mind, that 5G is going to emitting massive increases in this radiation. And a single smart meter emits 150 to 200 times the radiation of a mobile phone. If you have 2 meters in your home, that is potentially 400 times the radiation of a mobile. I have managed to avoid them so far. But eventfully the old meters are being completely phased out and soon. This is a major scandal of unimaginable proportion which has been completely covered up. It is, and will kill many people. I would not be surprised if as many people die through smart meters and 5G as the fake vaccines. There are ways to reduce this by about 80% though. There is plenty of information online. But i will try and find you a link. All the best.


A mate of mine,double jabbed,came down with covid,he had several tests etc,pretty ill with it aswell,his sense of taste and smell still has not returned,he had covid around 5 weeks ago,i told the fool, dont get jabbed, but he went ahead anyway,said he wants to go abroad again,yeah right.


By recovering he’d gained life long immunity, by taking the poison, he eradicated this immunity…and most likely blitzed all other immunity along with it!!

Not to mention he’s now indoctrinated into their renewable drug taking/digital ID enslavement scheme for the remainder of his holiday abroad pursuing life…

Which, God forbid, may very well be a shorter time span than he might be hoping for…?



Well if they think long covid (whatever that is) is just ordinary ill health should they not be able to extrapolate from that the fact that all covid is just illnesses that people have always had and lived with. There are no samples of covid anywhere and of course a good reason for that is that it doesn’t exist.

Urban fox

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Tony K

Long covid is another mind trick.

A mate’s daughter “has it” in the UK.

I think she had flu, and after that it was a mind trick.

I’m not in the UK, but where I am the whole narrative is ridiculous, fucking laughable.

But as we all know, the people behind the UK government have invested billions in mind control methods.

Tony K

This is well worth a watch too.

Dr Paul Marick.

A doctor I’d never heard of, with more letters after his name than the Chinese alphabet.

Dropping big bombs.

The lady interviewing him is both on the pulse and proper beautiful.


Haven’t had a chance to watch it all yet but from what I’ve seen it looks like a very good interview.


That’s an excellent video Tony and thanks for posting.
It also ends with a warning about ‘Delta’.
Now I’m not one for fear mongering and promoting the Agenda, but I’m learning of evidence myself through the grapevine that this alledged strain is knocking people for six and it’s affecting younger age groups too.
Could this be the early signs of the real eugenics cull that we’ve all speculated on and then onwards towards the drive for total digital enslavement??
Quite possibly I would say…?
But one thing’s for certain, this bug and all the insanity that accompanies it, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and it may also be time to start considering counter measures and to perhaps take the advice offered in videos like this very seriously.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry
Tony K

Reiner Fuellmich brings it all together in a few paragraphs.

I know you thought he was a false prophet from the start Richie mate, but he fucking nailed it yesterday.

A brief history of the covid scam


Totally agree. I’m surprised depression and anxiety haven’t been added to the long covid symptoms. They missed a trick there, but there’s still time…


Well here in Ireland the mental health services are overwhelmed and of course they are saying that the huge rise in mental problems (including among children) is because of the pandemic when in reality it’s because of the draconian measures they brought in, the harshest in Europe.


I do not own a Smart Phone and not jabbed so i have just tried this out on a jabbed member of my family and their Smart Phone. The Vaccine contains your Barcode Please try on others and report back findings here. ……..Smartphone / Bluetooth / vaccine . I do have another Theory of what it might be but i am undecided at the moment.


Someone told me a few weeks ago that this had happened to a friend of theirs who had the jab purely as they needed to go and look after their sick father who lives abroad and couldn’t travel without it. When I’ve said to people that the jab includes a tracking device they think I’m mad.

Jeananne Crowley

Spot on Jennie


I do not own a Smart Phone so i have just tried this on a family member and it seems to be true

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