More Than Half Of Americans To Delay Having Covid Vaccine Or Refuse It

A Tracking Project by the not for profit Kaiser Family Foundation, has revealed that more than half of Americans are likely to delay having a Covid vaccine or refuse it altogether. According to the survey, only 41 per cent of those who took part said that they are eager to receive the shots as soon as possible. The study which was conducted in January, revealed that 31 per cent of those polled said they would wait and see further results from the vaccines, seven per cent said they would only get inoculated if they were made to, while 13 per cent said they will definitely not receive the shots.

The study has also looked into the concerns among those who are hesitant to receive the jabs, with 68 per cent of those people saying they are worried about the long term effects of the vaccines. Some respondents expressed fears that the vaccine could cause Covid-19 and that it might cause serious side effects, though these concerns are more pronounced in the groups less keen to receive the shots.

Here in the UK, a recent report found that as many as 72 per cent of Black people surveyed said they wouldn’t have a vaccine. Robin Shattock, from the Department of Infectious Diseases at Imperial College London said recently:

“I know there has been concerns about the safety of these vaccines but these are theoretical risks which are so much smaller than getting the virus and potentially becoming very ill or transferring it to a loved one. These vaccines will save a huge number of lives and I urge those who are reluctant to take up the opportunity to be vaccinated.”

Shattock should tell that to the relatives of the 22 seniors who died in a care home in Basingstoke recently, as I’ve written about here:

Tell the families of those who died in Norway, or in Gibraltar, shortly after receiving a Covid vaccine, that the risks are theoretical. Dr. Vernon Coleman, over at is doing a terrific job documenting the reports of adverse effects and deaths that are pouring in from around the world. The numbers are mounting. The media, as usual, is silent.


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Wes Baker

Here’s a White House C-word “task force” hot mic moment. They admit this “thing”, this psy-op, was nothing more than the flu.

Last edited 2 months ago by Wes Baker

Richie the vaccine deaths will in most cases be blamed on the virus. In a way the plan that these psychopaths are currently rolling out is quite simple and ingenious at the same time, create a false pandemic, use the media to terrorise the vast majority of the people, tell them they have found a cure but till it arrives people will have to be locked up, business’s have to shut( not theirs of course ) and by doing this you create the first wealth transfer. next start rolling out the vaccine( paid for by the very people you aim to get rid of) but say the virus has mutated and most business’s have to stay shut, therefore shutting them down for good, pick up the real estate for pennies on the pound another wealth transfer. start rolling out your second vaccine, remember it has mutated, in doing this more billions come rolling in, and the body count gets worse and worse the people panic and are so brainwashed they will shout for another vaccine, you get the picture, the creep gates has pretty much said we might need two vaccines a year. Another wealth transfer will be their new green deal where they will make it impossible for all sorts of companies to make their carbon targets and they will go under, again to be bought for pennies or cents on the currency. their depopulation plan which I think involves the vaccine in some way is very similar to the so called aids epidemic starting in the early 80s, pretend you have found a new deadly disease, create a testing kit even more unreliable than the one they are using for the covid hoax, as soon as people test positive tell them they have to start on these drugs straight away, think back to all those poor people who were told they had a deadly disease but were mostly fit and had no symptoms but then started wasting away not knowing it was the fucking cure that was killing them, making the pharma crooks billions in countries all over the world, sounds familiar to what is going on today, guess who was front and centre involved in the so called aids epidemic tony fauci sound familiar.

Wes Baker

Just how do these mrna biologics work? Here’s 7 or 8-minute video demonstrating that even physicians can’t and won’t know what the actual “programming” of the messenger RNA actually is. In other words, it can be ‘weaponized’ as the Pentagram would put it.

Arizona, USA MD, Lee Merritt.

Wes Baker

And here I was thinking I had lost in life’s lottery: not being born in England or Ireland.

You guys need to get it together over there and tell these medical tyrants where to stick their jab(sssss).

Here in the UK, a recent report found that as many as 72 per cent of Black people surveyed said they wouldn’t have a vaccine.”

What are they going to do? Keep Afro-Caribbean folks from flying, from attending events, from participating in society? What kind of ‘optics’ will that be in this brave, new, woke world order?


If the Annual Flu Shots were/are still been given in care homes and to the general public then this is happening.


As mainstream pushes flu shots more than ever, a new study, compiling data from 39 countries, has found a positive association between COVID-19 deaths and influenza vaccination rates in elderly people worldwide.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jacob

There is a veritable spate of covid-19 outbreaks in Scottish care homes just now and the majority of care home residents have already been vaccinated. The question has to be raised: are these covid outbreaks or are we seeing mass reactions amongst the elderly population? And, if so, how long will this programme be allowed to continue?

Great work Richie. Your show has been a real boost to the spirit throughout this. No bullshit!


Caroline Fealy

I have just read that Peirs Morgan mother has had a bad reaction to the vaccine. I hope she will be ok and hope that just maybe this will wake him up.

Last edited 2 months ago by Caroline Fealy
Caroline Fealy

What a prized pillock Shattock is.
For years now Drs have become estranged to their patience. When i was growing up we had the same Dr until i was 22. Lovely man to.
No wonder there is no care in the surgery. I am sure there are some who are still good DRs 🙂 But i guess this has been the plan all along….


There was a time when proper police were familiar, and accountable, parts of the community as well – until government policy changed that as well.

Caroline Fealy

I was just saying this to my 25 year old. I brought all my children up to respect the police. Such a shame.


Shattoncock revealed to Sky News in May it took his pokey little broom cupboard lab, just 2 weeks to knock up the Imperial College jab. Think I’ll pass. He was scared the Pesky Russians were trying to steal the formula and claimed, worse still, was that Government had warned of Counterfeiters like Del and Rodders were gonna hock fake shots. All of which was BS and Spin Sell to imply scarcity and boost demand for genuine shots, with of course some kind of OFFICIAL VAXX PROOF, like a Covi-pass or IMPLANT.

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