Muppet MP’s Wear Ukraine’s Colours AT PMQ’s

MP’s on every side of the house wore blue and yellow ribbons and ties to Prime Ministers Questions this lunchtime to demonstrate their support for Ukraine. What a bunch of spineless, virtue-signalling, hypocritical muppets.

One after another they stood to condemn Russia’s war on Ukraine. The hyperbole was nauseating. “Putin is a monster,” they cried. “He’s barbaric,” they said. “He’s murdering women and children,” they exclaimed.

Hmm. Maybe he is. Maybe Putin is a proper bastard. That line about murdering women and children got me though.

The Saudi’s (and their mates) have been dropping bombs on Yemen since 2015. The United Nations estimates that at least 20,000 civilians have been killed as a result of the airstrikes.

The Campaign Against Arms Trade reported last month:

UK-made weapons are being used in Saudi Arabia’s devastating attacks on Yemen, which have killed thousands of civilians and created the world’s largest humanitarian catastrophe.

The UK is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading arms suppliers, along with the US. It is also a major supplier of arms to the United Arab Emirates, another country in the coalition that is bombing Yemen.

The UK has continued to support air strikes by Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners, providing both arms and ongoing maintenance and support, in spite of overwhelming evidence of repeated breaches of international humanitarian law by the coalition.

The UK-made equipment used in the war includes Typhoon and Tornado aircraft, Paveway bombs and Brimstone and Stormshadow missiles.

The published value of UK arms licensed for export to the Saudi-led coalition since the bombing began in March 2015 is £8.4 billion (including £7.0 billion to Saudi Arabia alone); however, CAAT estimates that the real value of arms to Saudi Arabia is over £20 billion, while the value of sales to the Coalition as a whole (including UAE and others) is over £22 billion.

The licence figures do not include the value of ongoing maintenance, training, and technical support that BAE Systems provides to the Royal Saudi Air Force in Saudi Arabia. This support is absolutely essential to Saudi Arabia’s ability to wage its war in Yemen.

How dare MP’s condemn Vladimir Putin for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? How dare they talk about sending him to the International Criminal Court in The Hague? Will opposition party MP’s support sending Boris Johnson to The Hague too?

Johnson, and his predecessors David Cameron and Theresa May, licensed the sale of weapons of mass destruction to Saudi Arabia and others, knowing full well they’d be used to murder civilians in Yemen, making them accessories both before and after the fact.

20,000 Yeminis have been blown to pieces by British made bombs from British made planes. That’s the UN figure. The real number is in all likelihood much higher.

I don’t remember MP’s in Westminster wearing black, white and red ribbons for the beleaguered people of Yemen. Do you?

If Vladimir Putin is a despot, he has a friend in Boris Johnson.

The hypocrisy is nauseating.


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You can almost taste the hypocrisy, it tastes like ………..bile.


I have mentioned in a previous post how the conflict could serve the greater Agenda; however, it is also worth noting that in late November of last year President Putin put out a public address that drew attention to the fact that many of the same business interests that funded the Bolshevik Revolution (which he has frequently denounced) are the same ones funding the woke agenda in the West.

Given the ethnicity of a great many of those early Bolsheviks (again something that Putin has directly spoken of, and the horrors they committed), the powerful lobby groups associated with that ethnicity today, and the powerhouses – like the Rockefellers, and the other Western industrialists – to whom the Russian president was alluding, it could be argued that he is, at least in part, being attacked for stepping out of line.

By now portraying him as the ‘evil one’ those same interests that own pretty much all of the media in the West, a great many of the politicians (including Trilateral Commissioner Sick Starmer), and who fund all the major Socialist activist groups, can effectively delegitimise anything and everything that President Putin has said, or could say further.

In this regard they are pulling exactly the same trick that they did with Donald Trump. It was he that popularised the term ‘fake news’ when he banned the MSM from the Oval Office; who, early in 2020, claimed that the Wuhan virus came from a lab; and who drew attention to the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. It was also he who had publically denounced George Soros and the Open Society Foundation (just like Vladimir Putin).
All of those statements were true and all of them were delegitimised because of the ‘orange man bad’ rhetoric coming out of the corporate owned media and corporate funded activist groups.

The only question then becomes, were both those men acting and speaking in good faith, or were they doing so as part of a longer and more devious plan to further the Agenda by providing the means to delegitimise the truth?

Personally, I would argue in favour of the latter.


“I’ve seen the future/I can’t afford it/ tell me the truth sir/someone just bought it” – how to be a millionaire- ABC.
Well I would say Russia is an Architype
The wars and all that and not really being of the West etc. very powerful the Architype,
Yemen sits in the ‘no better than they should be , lots of infighting – brown life’s don’t matter Box.
Funny a Virus is also an Architype , we have re-learnt that there is a deep deep fear response to the V – Black Death and all that.
Let me see , the threat of a Newclear War is also a powerful Architype – I wonder if that will be rolled out ? I mean Russia has Newclear weapons I’ve heard. The TPTB are doing an awful lot of poking at the bear aren’t they. What if – oops! We’ve got a hot war on our hands now!
We’ll have to shake the magic money tree to pay for it – oh wait – the magic money tree is broken – we’ll now have to go to the magic *NEU digital central money tree – oh and all your old world money has gone! Terrible what a crisis/war does
I’ve learned allot of things over these past two years – one of them is TPTB are extremely dim and have minimal imagination- perhaps even no imagination at all.
And millennia of natural wisdom has been so eroded that too many have no fucking clue any more.
* conditions apply




Richie brings up on occasion, what the Bible says about current events.
i’d like to share these two videos, and let those who want to watch, do so.

Bible Prophecy (


The virtue signalling political Olympics is in full swing.

Points are award for LGBTQXYZ colours (formerly zippys rainbow). LG make TVs too.
Blue and yellow daffodils for Marie Curie Cancer Research.
Blue and yellow flag for Ukraine.

Bonus points for adding a Ukrainian friend of social media. (I did know a friend (in real life) way back last century who was Ukrainian pre interweb so that doesn’t count. Damn, all those likes I could have got on fascist-book.)

Bonus points for mentioning Putin is a war criminal but not Tony (aka Damien Thorne or antichrist and Crypt Keeper* stunt double [you never see those two $/£uckers in the same room]) bLIAR*.
Bonus points for crying for all the refugees. (Even though the UK is still having proxy wars in Afghanistan (until 2021 and operation leave the guns, there’s another war on the horizon), Libya, Yemen, Syria (gas attacks fracas, the white hats) don’t even mention Iraq 2003 the weapons of mass destruction that never existed RIP Dr David Kelly suicided by the MI5. Nayirah testimony that was utter bull$hit. Babys thrown out of incubators and the Oscar goes to…)
Shh don’t mention the government of Israel and the long drawn out genocide of the Palestinians.

Extra credit setting up a “charity” for Ukrainian refugees who are only a bus ride away from Poland, Belarus or any other eastern block nation.

Don’t mention that the UK is not squeaky clean when in reality it is one of Natos satellite bullys.

Actually come to think about, the virtue signalling political Olympics might as well be call the cognitive dissonance and hyperbolic hypocrisy awards for warmongers incorporated of the UN.

Not that Russia is entirely innocent but it’s very unlikely Putin will surrender Ukraine as it needs it for it’s Navy in the Black Sea (Unless you are Liz Truss or Nancy (insider trader hall of fame)Pelosi who needs google maps and an assistant to find it).

The timing of the Ukrainian Crisis (MSM never mention the mess that Victoria Nuland of the Ukraine) being projected into the media is pretty convenient with all the CONVID bollox coming to an end.

Excuse me while I disengage from the political horror show that is the current belligerent world stage that makes the bleakest Twilight Zone episode (not the recent series’ with Jordan Peele hosting as that was garbage) look positively tame.

*The Crypt Keeper does have better teeth than Tony Bliar

David Newman

Be fair virtue signalling is great for clicks on Twitter and Facebook and for these 600+egotists to tell the world how “compassionate” they are.

Posting about and understanding the geopolitics of Russia-Ukraine or raising the issue of energy self-sufficiency, less so.

Last edited 3 months ago by David Newman

Does anyone have any opinions of what this Russia/Ukraine war might be all about?
With the risk of sounding a bit tinfoil-hattish, and based on the premise that ’they’ want to get the poison injected into every man, woman and child’s body around the world and at any cost, I would like to run this past you all: Maybe, when Putin’s army are said to have retreated back into Russia, spiteful lot that they are portrayed to be, they will be accused of releasing a deadly, highly infectious novel virus. No worries, though, as Gates has already stated ‘when the next pandemic hits us, we will have a vaccine ready in six weeks’!
Please tell me I’m barking up the wrong tree!


No I don’t think your barking up the wrong tree, as we are seeing on a daily bases anything goes and literally anything could happen. I expect Andromedans to land any time soon and we will need a jab to protect ourselves from them as well and then everybody can die from the Andromeda Strain.

A satellite crashed near a tiny Arizona town. After everyone in the community dies within days, a few scientists are called upon to study and defeat the alien virus that accompanied the satellite.” Billy Goat Gates 1971

Last edited 3 months ago by Bobin

I think that everything they do is multi purpose as the agenda has many tentacles. They want to get the poison jabs into everyone for depopulation purposes, get rid of small and medium sized businesses, have everyone eating fake foods, bring in a digital currency, stop people travelling, have a centralised world government, control what people are allowed to see and hear, take away private property and income and their special favourite, change people’s genetic make-up.

David Farrell

In 1897, the Zionist movement was created to bring on the return of the Jews to the “Promised Land”. Tired of waiting for the Jewish Messiah to arrive, of which is the ONLY time the Jews may return to the Holy Land, many High powered Jews joined forces with them.

The first world war was created to split apart the Ottoman empire and gain the land of Palestine (the Balfour Treaty). The second world war was created to facilitate a mass return of the Jewish people to Palestine in order to create the state of Israel. It is now time for the remaining Jews in Europe and America to return. Why? They believe it is only when all the Jews have returned to the “Promised Land” that their Messiah will arrive, something they are currently preparing for, believing he is ready to appear. The Evangelical Christians believe that the return of the Jews to the “Promised Land” will bring about the rapture, something supposed to happen before Armegedon and the return of Jesus. Both sets of people believe that they are the chosen ones and have been working together for a very long time now to make their predictions happen. The book of revelations is a blue print used by the Evangelists to bring this about.

Another world war is essential for the final push in the return of ALL remaining Jews to the “Promised Land”, as well as the capture of the remaining territory of the Holy Land.

Steven James

The EU want the fascist installed regime of Ukraine in their own fascist club.
Now that’s an oxymoron for sure !!

Steven James

There are plenty of MP’S in that house should be in a court charged with treason and war crimes !!.


That Puppet STARMER child A molester enabler Is Ensuring the FAKE conservative party remain in office with his VIRTUE SIGNALLING WOKE BS


Our own MP’s Russian us into war (couldn’t help myself) while murdering men, woman, children and pets with injections they claim are life saving vaccines.


And Newcastle United players and staff trotted off to Saudi on a lovely training trip. These idiots go down on one knee before every Premier League match to show their opposition to racism in all it’s forms and yet, as far as i know, not one employee voiced any reservations about sucking up to this murderous regime.


Anybody notice the front page of the Daily Mail with pictures of captured young Russian soldiers being paraded and humiliated as war prizes by the Ukrainian military? This is surely a blatant breach of the Geneva convention on the detention and treatment of prisoners of war. Germans stood trial at Nuremburg for similar treatment of captured members of the British Expeditionary Force in 1940 after the fall of France. Remember the British Government furiously protesting about President Ahmadinejad of Iran showing off the captured British sailors arrested in the Straits of Hormuz back in 2007. The double standards and utter hypocrisy of the west are absolutely astounding.


IF IT ISN’T FAKE NEWS ( DAILY FAIL ) MSM #SCUMedia you cannot trust anything they say any more after the past 2 years


Yip a real fake news site.

Tim in Brazil

The chasm between the government and the wakened people widens very day. We have to be on our own from now on. They do f*ck all for us and everything against us.


Bravo Tim; well said. Many have spoken of the likes of Trump, Reiner Fuellmich and even David Icke as a saviour. It’s high time we grew up and realised that there is NO ONE coming to save us; we have to do this ourselves. Unpicking generations of ignorance, legal, economic and even medical naivety will only be the start, for we need to have a system of our own that is ready to go once the evil sacks of excrement behind this nonsense are overturned or bypassed.


Yip, prepare to get real, stash food, money and survival equipment everywhere you can just in case, you can always retrieve it later on if wasn’t needed.

Sara D

Sickening hypocrisy.


Psychopaths feel no shame.

Steven James

These idiots most likely want the fascist state of Ukraine to join the European Union.
They were upset when we left.It meant they had to try and run the UK themselves!.


Nauseating it is hearing that sanctimonious trash in parliament,they ought to be having a go at the rotten to the core EU and NATO garbage for basically taking the piss out of Putin with its relentless push East towards Russia.


Just pure political theatre like the masks they wore but only when the cameras were on them. Very true what Richie says about Yemen. Terrible things going on there but none of it is ever mentioned in any mainstream western media

They have been using the same propaganda, modernised for the times it was being used in, in every war for the last 200+ years. Oh they are poisining the water supply and they are killing babies. I did a dissertation on war propaganda some years ago and the research I did for that was a real eye opener.

Last edited 3 months ago by Jennie

“I did a dissertation on war propaganda some years ago and the research I did for that was a real eye opener.”

Yip, we have no clue as to how un-human human beings really are when nobody is looking, it is probably why human beings are defined as monsters within Blacks law dictionary apparently.


I looked but couldn’t even find human within it, probably because it comes from Google and they took it out, it wouldn’t be the first time they used censorship. Google, don’t be evil.

Last edited 3 months ago by Bobin

Blacks Law Dictionary and the legal industry are more guilty than just about any other entity. The difference between edition number three and number nine which is what I have, can be quite stark. Winston Smith’s job at the Ministry of Truth was altering history. Say no more.


Thanks for that useful information. Mine says 2nd edition 1910 but I was informed quite a while ago that it probably has things missing as Google cannot be trusted. Thanks again.


If Google were a house; it wouldn’t have a straight edge in it.

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