NBA Says No To Religious Exemptions From Covid Jabs

Golden State Warriors basketball star Andrew Wiggins has been told by the NBA that he will not be allowed to play in his team’s home games, unless he “fulfils his city’s vaccination requirements.”

San Francisco covid rules require people aged 12 and over at large indoor events to have had a jab. Wiggins sought an exemption from the league on religious grounds. According to ESPN:

“The NBA has reviewed and denied Andrew Wiggins’ request for religious exemption from the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s order requiring COVID-19 vaccination for all participants age 12 and older at large indoor events,” the league said in a statement. “Wiggins will not be able to play in Warriors home games until he fulfills the city’s vaccination requirements.”

Back in March, when Wiggins was questioned as to whether he would have the jab, he said:

“To each his own, really. Whoever wants to get it, can get it; whoever doesn’t want to get it, don’t get it. Right now, I’m not getting it, but it’s no knock on anyone else that’s getting it. I make my own decisions. But right now, I decided not to get it.

I don’t really see myself getting it any time soon, unless I’m forced to somehow. Other than that, I’m good.”

They’re certainly trying to force him. Wiggins might take his case to the US Supreme Court. If not him, someone will.

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;”’Latest episode of False Flag Weekly News with Dr Kevin Barrett.
FFWN: “Accidental lab leak” DEBUNKED—deliberate bio-attack

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Patricia Deakin

The doctor told my sister last week that she didn’t have to take the vaccine if she didn’t want it. It’s not mandatory, he said!!!! I think it is if you want to participate in society.


FFWN: Vaxdolatry: “Bow Down and Worship Me, or Else!”

(latest episode of False Flag Weekly News with Dr Kevin Barret and Guest commentator: Presbyterian minister and radio personality John Shuck)


Just been catching up on Richie’s music show which I’ve listened to today for the first time ever I’m ashamed to say but it won’t be the last. Thank you Richie for playing 24 Hours From Tulsa by Gene Pitney, helped cheer me up as I’m really not having a good day. Both he and the song were big favourites of mine.

The first records I bought with my own earned money after I started work were a Gene Pitney record and Rhapsody In Blue by George Gershwin (I’m a big Gershwin fan). A few years later I got to see Gene Pitney live and he seemed to be a charming man.

Patricia Deakin

Love that show, brings back lots of memories.


I’ve been doing voluntary English teaching on and off for the last 15 years but now they are sending out propaganda to teachers and learners that if they want to continue they have to have the jab and they have sent a time and place for this to be done.

This non-stop push, push, push for every corner of society to get this thing and the unprecedented attack on those who don’t is making me feel sick.

Why are they pushing so hard when even if covid19 was real (which it isn’t) according to their own figures there is a 99.7% recovery rate?

Why when this jab is in a trial period is there no control group as there would be in any other medical trial?

Why when there are so many risks attached to the jab do they want all the key workers to take it?

I’m afraid those of us who are awake know the answers to these questions and it has nothing to do with health.


Sorry to hear this but it was in the pipeline.

Steven James

Listening in Richie.
I recall your old Sunday paper review in full,it saved me buying all the rags ,hahah.
But I do like the Sunday tunes with some paper coverage.
Good blend 👍


Usk just leathered the race hustler a.j and thanked our lord Jesus for the victory, well done mate.

Urban Fox

Hi, are you there, or am i still awaiting approval. Will see when i press this button


I noticed that too. The cossacks suffered greatly as a result of communism and their terror. Warrior people. Result.

Steven James

Joshua got his ass whipped 😢


He was outboxed by Usyk. Joshua, should really be working on technique and sparring; his short comngs will end up getting him seriously hurt.


Joshua is a product of a very woke marketing mechanism; Usyk alluded to this in a post fight interview.


Hope it works out for all people being coerced into taking the poison.


Sadly, there’ll be a staggered level of suffering for this poor people; perhaps over the next three years or so.

Urban Fox

Last week i was told my account had been flagged as spam and closed down. And my post disappeared. Now earlier today my posts are disappearing again. And i have no idea why. Dont even know if this will go through.


Looks like the UK is going to join the EU vaccine passport scheme and they are working on getting the NHS database compatible and connected up. This is the real reason for the vaccine passports suddenly being postponed by the Government the lying little feckers.


Millions wont be joining it though so its doomed


Let’s ‘hold a good thought’ and hope that you’re right. I’m learning never to underestimate just how weak and biddable our fellow man can be.


I see that Ben Shapiro is putting together a legal action, probably at the Supreme Court level, against the government for its ‘vaccine’ mandate ruling. Unfortunately, there is precedent in US law of vaccine mandates, the last big one being about a hundred years ago.
2021 – the hundredth anniversary year of the CCP and Rockefeller’s so-called ‘Church of Medicine’ vaccine roll-out programme. A cynical person might say that this is not a coincidence.


Well according to RFK jnr and the legal team at Children’s Health Defence that precedent is not the same as the mandatory roll out of an experimental gene therapy no matter how much they con the people into believing it.
Some legal cases on and more in the pipeline.

Also ICAN the Informed Consent Action Network, branch of TheHighWire is doing similar things including this: ICAN DEMANDS PFIZER REVEAL VACCINE INGREDIENT.

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Implant made of Graphene to effect thoughts.


I remember your discussion with the security guard mate of yours over the handling and super security measures the university had over Graphine delivery.

Give it a look m8.
Love the show 👍👍

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