New Chief Tells Officers “You’re Not The Thought Police!”

The new chief inspector of constabulary Andy Cooke has told officers that they are not “the thought police” and that they must focus on driving down real crime.

According to The Times:

In his first interview since being appointed, Cooke said: “We’re not the thought police, we follow legislation and we follow the law, simple as that. Policing is busy enough dealing with the serious offences that are going on, busy enough trying to keep people safe.”

His intervention comes amid signs that some police forces are treating reports of issues including misogyny and transphobia as hate crimes.

Judges have said that the 25,000 non-crime hate incidents recorded annually by police have risked interfering with people’s right to express their opinions.

Such reports can remain on police records as a “hate incident” and could turn up in enhanced vetting by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Last year Merseyside police, Cooke’s former force, apologised after an officer put up a billboard that wrongly stated that “being offensive is an offence”…

He said that hate crime was clearly outlined in legislation as the point that police needed to intervene — when unpleasant thoughts turned into action.

“I do think it’s important that the prioritisation that we give is to those most at risk, and that policing stays away from the politics with a small p, and the different thoughts that people have,” he said.

“Those thoughts, unless they become actions, aren’t an offence. The law is quite clear in relation to what is an offence and what isn’t an offence.”

Cooke’s heart is probably in the right place but the police are not the real problem when it comes to freedom of thought. People should be more concerned about big tech and the private sector.

In the very near future wrong think won’t lead to a knock on your door from plod.

You’ll simply be excluded from participating in society.

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Robert Klinck

Those thoughts, unless they become actions, aren’t an offence.” Actions like expressing the thoughts in speech?


‘we follow legislation and we follow the law’.

That is the important bit. Legislation and laws can change depending on the prevailing winds in government. For example, the Online Hate Crimes Bill is (or will be) legislation and law that does criminalise opinion – but opinion is not mere thought, but rather thought made manifest in the public arena.

Additionally, there are a lot of laws and legislation that the police currently do not enforce for a variety of reasons – and most people do not realise this. But the police could if they were instructed to do so.
Furthermore, our police operate by consent. Consent is given through the voting process – a process that recognises the legitimacy of government and all its associated institutions (whether private or public) to rule.

It could be argued that a person who does not engage in this process is not being a ‘good citizen’. It is an old argument that those who do not vote do not have the right to complain. What other rights could be denied the ‘bad citizen’? Having their citizenship revoked and shipped out to another country?
It’s a good job neither of those ideas have been legislated. Oh, wait…


A song for Salford University.

The Thought Police 
come knocking my door.
To check my thinking 
and find out more.
I go on record 
it’s a veiled attack.
They have no charges 
but they might be back.

Freedom is just sinking into darkness. 
Everything is sinking into gloom.

Your freedom slipped
flew off the chart.
Crime, none crime, 
deep fake at heart.
Minions play
and tow the line. 
Think they’re saved, 
don’t see the crime. 

Freedom is just sinking into darkness. 
Everything is sinking into gloom.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nev

Not sure I am worried about participating in a society of half baked, half dead morons, thinking they are saving something when they are destroying it. I am extremely worried about children being sexualised by the same morons.

An example.

I was walking through a cul-de-sac and a group of children where talking about sex education in school. These where children and none where above 10 years old. Then only half an hour later I am walking the dog and stop on the corner I see a group of people about a hundred yards away. I look at them wondering who or what is going on. Then one of them is gesturing as I am turning to walk in the other direction with the dog. The next thing I can hear them shouting, nonce, nonce, nonce, I ignore it and carried on walking. The next thing two young lads on bikes ride up to me asking if I was looking at them kids up the road and I told them it was none of their business sternly two times and they road off.

Harassment from children because schools are making them paranoid about anybody looking in their direction, thinking that everybody looking in their direction is some kind of sexual predator. The next thing we know I will be on some sort of register for just living my life as some kind of suspect because the world and all in it have gone mad.

All of these public facing people are profiling the people they face on a continuous and on going bases compiling profiles of everybody, it is disgraceful. It only needs a few they told me’s and your labelled regardless of doing anything, they told me’s are all it needs to create suspicion and labels are difficult to remove.

This is extremely dangerous to our freedom.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nev

It’s hardly new though, is it? Back in the ’80s I enjoyed solitary walks, sometimes in the woods and at other times along the streets. Then the notion was pushed that such behaviour was somehow ‘abnormal’ and that women should be concerned about such behaviour as it indicated a potential predator.
And one day, as I was sitting on a street bench minding my own business, I got approached by a copper who asked me what I was doing there and telling me to move on – or take a ride down to the station.


Yeah it’s crazy and if I am going for a ride down the station good luck with that because you won’t get any resistance or cooperation and I will prosecute.

Government Snakes.png

Society. If I recall, Thatcher once said, ‘there is no such thing as society’. And she was correct at that time. Society is a unified whole, governed by principles and laws laid down and enforced by a minority.
Mussolini’s Italy was a society.
Hitler’s Germany was a society.
Stalin’s Russia was a society.
China is a society.
And Authoritarian religious nations are societies.

Systems built on the freedom of individuals are not societies.


“when the government offers to provide a service for the good of the” people then, ha, ha. If I recall, there’s no Thatcher now either, ha, ha, ha. I thought David Cameron celebrated the big society, no social either as it is part of the same wordplay, so socialism is out of the question. We must use the word communis but be careful, if you put a t on the end it will be communist, ha, ha. Language, poor substitute for pure thought.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nev

I recommend that you read this:

The Age of Consent only increased in the late 1800s, alleging concerns of exploitation. What it actually did was to reduce the reproductive rate of the great unwashed. In other words, population reduction and control.
With contraception and the possibility of medicine induced sterilisations, that increased age of consent (and possibly, abortions) is no longer necessary.
People call it evil, but it is simply the gradual re-introduction of proper religious law.


“proper religious law” forced on the world by those civilised Romans who threw live barbarians into pits with wild animals to be torn to shreds for entertainment, then just as a really gruesome topping threw their children in as well. Yeah proper civilised Roman law, religious. Wasn’t one of these proper religious leaders married to a 8 or 9 year old girl waiting for her to become sexually mature? Ho, yes, sorry it was a different religious communis, same God different pushers.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nev
Marty Hopkirk

Well he needn’t worry about hate crimes (nor their impact on police resources) for too long.

The impending rollout of social crediting (coming soon to the UK) will soon ensure that anyone with thoughts and opinions that go against the grain of the ‘official narrative’ will be punished with the loss of their income and the roof over their head.

And if you think any of this is far fetched, they’re already rolling out and piloting a social credit system in Italy.

Last edited 1 month ago by Marty Hopkirk

And in Britain as well as Italy but as usual they are not telling the public yet because it’s too early they have not been primed correctly yet.


Well proof will be in the pudding regarding the new chief inspector. He’s making all the right sounds but this “thought” police mentality has been embraced by many, police and public alike. Undoing that will be a bigger challenge than just a statement. You’re also en pointe regarding the “others”, those who are blatantly manipulating the more easily susceptible into being outraged by insinuating they should be.


Spot on Clare! I know police officers, teachers, nurses, all public facing people that think this is all nonsensical tyrannical rubbish so they luckily carry on doing what they “think” is right. The rest are scared to death to speak out or act normally in their positions at work as they fear losing their jobs and income at this disastrous time economically. As per the plan………


I have worked with police officers, teachers, nurses, all public facing people and they are all profiling the people they face on an ongoing bases. They are as well keeping written records of their encounters, for their safety apparently, what about my safety from them labelling me as anything they like without me even knowing?

Robert Klinck

It’s narcissism run rampant as the traditional “live-and-let-live” ethic is replaced by institutional busybodyism.

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