New South Wales Health Chief Invokes New World Order In News Briefing

At a press conference today, the Chief Health Officer of New South Wales Kerry Chant was asked about contact tracing as the region prepares to emerge from yet another brutal lockdown.

Chant said:

“We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in The New World Order. Yes it will be pubs and clubs and other things if we have a positive case there.”

The New South Wales government also announced that stay at home orders will be lifted for double-vaccinated citizens. The jabbed will enjoy more freedoms, while refuseniks will be told to confine themselves to their homes.

The un-jabbed will only be allowed to leave for essential shopping, exercise and medical treatment. Presumably, selfish refuseniks will be kept under virtual house arrest until they see sense and roll up their sleeves.

Good God this is really happening.

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This was produced in 2016. Might be a good one for people to view. God bless.


Put this on FB- ‘fact checked’ within an inch of its life- yet all of the ‘facts’ checked can in themselves be independently researched and shown to be true.


When will the Aussie’s push back against this insanity…


in New South Wales; bodies on the beach on the weekend- civil disobedience. Government purchased cheap short dated injections from Singapore in July and they are due to expire in October- hence the tyranny in New South Wales. Bribery, coercion, threats- now all part of the plan .


Australia is a disgrace. Let’s hope that this doesn’t go to other places.


Reading this book that I came across a few weeks back.

Masters of Deception.
911, deception and the war on terror.


Hi folks, sorry that I am no longer in a position to fully engage on this forum until my critical family situation alters (taking up all my resources). That will be for some time!!
Occasionally manage to view some videos – usually when unable to sleep at night, posting this one as feel the content ishould be shared.
Hoping everyone is keeping strong and well. You are all in my prayers.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Harry Vox, LIVE from NYC.
Harry, is the guy who exposed the *Rockefeller Foundation’s ‘Lockstep’ Manuel* in 2014.
Richie A had him on about 1 year ago. Richie gets…’hyper’ when people use the world uu-wish. The fact is, the word uu-wish was ‘created(!)’ in the 1700’s.
Got that? Never existed before that.
The ‘problem with Harry is’…He’s a New Yorker; ie he uses the word as a…”Colloquium”. If ‘ya got a problem with that, it’s your problem.
Harry is not in any way, a hater. Harry absolutely loves his uu-wish friends.
As I do.
It’s live:

Tony K

Harry blames all Jews.

Personally, I differentiate between Jews and Israel.

Same way I differentiate between governments and people.

All of this comes from the US.
Every single thread.

But there’s no doubt in my mind that the Israeli government was an outsourced hitman.

Last edited 2 months ago by Tony K
Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

You can’t be from the *Tri-State Area* Tony.
I grew-up 20-miles from Manhattan.
My best friend was…my 1st girlfriend…my best teacher…were uu-ish.
Harry ‘speaks an idiom/colloquialmatic *slang*’.
If 1 doesn’t know how people speak in, let’s say a 50-mile radius of NYC, it sounds-like-shit/racism.
Harry is not in anyway that way.
I’m multi-lingual with 5+ languages.
Idiomatic ‘expressions’ are difficult to know. If ‘ya don’t know.
Regards Chris


I agree.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Try learning who/what is the real problem.
Dean Henderson did an interview…almost un-interrupted(!!!) 2-days ago.
7-minutes Jason L/53+-minutes Dean.
It’s an eye-opener.
Perhaps our-Richie should learn something from the interview.
Dean ‘talks & explains’ for 25-minute monologue.


Israel doesn’t exist.
Harry talks about his jewish friends and says jews are some are the best people he knows.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Hello Jacob! Glad You understand the….’lingo’.
Yeah. I know the way Harry talks must drive people absolutely crazy.
But, let me explain: Harry’s is super-intelligent with a very high IQ. Knows ‘physics’, studied under Zibignew Bresinki….
The, over-intelligent always have a…handicap. Harry’s is with speech/verbalization. Ever notice how he ‘stutters slightly’?.
Anyway, I love his honesty.


I have been wonder if ‘Helen of Destroy’ is Harry’s sister?
They have the same facial features.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

I don’t think so. Very big age difference there.


. whatever Harrys personal opinions Chris, nobody can deny the document he showed us in 2014 I think it was, it is being played out right now in front of us.





Tony K

Brad Hazard.

That’s the cnuts name.

Disembowel the cvnt.


With a spoon!


Imagine lads!!

“A Hazzard you say…

Get you some of this!!!”



Twenty years on from the horrors of 11th September and we are still no nearer to seeing the truth exposed nor the people who were really behind it brought to justice. Are we going to see a repeat of that with this fake plandemic I wonder.


The Dancing Israelis: FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks.

As another 9/11 anniversary comes and goes, many questions surrounding the events remained unanswered. MintPress brings you a freshly updated article, originally published in May, 2019 that seeks answers to some of those questions.


Did they not say they were there observing the event. Very strange.


Yes they did.
Observing, filming and Celebrating….
No suspicious activity then.

Tony K

Hey Jennie, try to download a PDF copy of “Another 19” by Kevin Ryan.

Tony K

19 hijackers
19 covid
911 emergency


The mystical numbers in play..
Kabala is full of mystic numbers / codes according to the Kabala Rabbis including 6, 666, 1666, 6 million etc..


Couldn’t find a PDF but I have downloaded the 2 Hour YouTube video.


Thanks Gerry.



Marty Hopkirk

The Australian head coach of our local rugby league club recently committed to staying here in England for another year.

With psychopaths like Chant, Andrews & Berejiklian (not to mention their NWO puppet masters) turning the country into a police state, I’m not surprised he doesn’t have much appetite to return home anytime soon.


Its not news though is it, here is everyone from Blair,Brown,Cameron,Bush and even Piers Morgan talking of a New World Order.



NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling.


I have the set of a series from the 1960s called the Wild Wild West and in one episode the villain says he wants to create a New World Order and a world government of total control. This episode is from 1966.


Sorry this was a reply to Gazbob, don’t know what happened there.


wow i’ll check that out, thanks Jennie.


This woman is bat shit crazy and aussies need to unit and march.


Part of Agenda..

Jacques Attali in the shadow of all the former Presidents – he himself says that he created Macron – speaks of the codes and unveils the satanic plan behind the Covid.

Should we change the genetic code to improve humans? In this current crisis, all the codes are called into question.
Man must become an artifact, an object, we are going to go towards the manufacture of artificial beings …
Codes,codes,codes. Jacques Attali says we must change our codes. Codes of the social body, codes of behavior, and (no surprise here), our genetic code.

Through tampering with our genetic code, Jacques claims we can change it “to get a little more responsible, compassionate, empathetic, softer, and tolerant.”

“Mastery of the codes” is what they strive for, with a change to all the laws and rules that govern us. This is what will make life possible for future generations, according to Jacques Attali, with an end goal of eternal life through artificial manufacturing.

What has happened is the rulers of the earth have taken counsel together to replace our Creator with themselves. They claim they can remove selfishness and greed, and replace it with a code of altruism and empathy. And of course, they will decide which sectors are useful to life and which are a poison.

How perverse of them! Should what is made say of its Maker,” He did not make me”?

And what is formed say of God who formed it, “He did not understand.”

Richie Corcoran

I heard you mention your Covid experience last night. I had the EXACT same thing at the beginning of August. I was on my back for 2 weeks and i also lost a stone and a half in 2 weeks. No Mucus but couldnt breathe. My mrs rang 999 twice and they wasnt interested because i wasnt unconscious.


I know of someone who was in ICU with what he thinks was “Covid”.
He wasn’t put into a coma and ventilated thank god.


Please watch this short delivery- 6 minutes- this is happening all over the world.


Global elites are seeking eternal life- trans humanism and cloning is what they are about- and mere humans are to be exploited for this cause.
Evolution taught in schools has made people accept that they are just animals, and that this step towards TH is just another evolutionary step. Just like Global Warming and Climate change has been taught that many believe it now, the younger generation are believing the Covid deception.
I urge everyone – to watch , and to make a decision. Today is the the DAY of Salvation- this is all playing out just as bible prophecy has determined. Eternal life is to be found in the Lord only. The globalists will have eternal life, but it won’t be in heaven.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jennifer

New South Wales


Here is a document that a contact has put together mostly in recent weeks, in amongst everything else going on! It is a resource, just in case you want to think and be informed beyond what you are relentlessly being told every day in the mainstream media about Covid, how it works, the lockdowns, the vaccines, and so on.

People often say that the ‘dissenters’ are a small group of fringe-people with no credentials. Well here are many of the top medical experts in the world and their impeccable credentials for you to quote if need be! For each expert, they have typically placed a couple of their best videos and articles here, too, although these are far from a complete list.

Their message is steadily getting through, especially in the U.S. And in Europe, there is huge resistance, with frequent mass protests everywhere, although the MSM won’t tell you about that.

If you’ve had the vaccine, please beware of then getting booster after booster later on, because that is the intention of the Pharma companies and the governments who are their puppets. They are already seriously talking about that in Israel, because this most-vaccinated country has been an utter failure in preventing the superspreading of Covid variants. See what Dr Mike Yeadon, former Deputy President of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals worldwide, has to say about that.

Towards the very end of this document has been added some excellent advice for anyone being told (ie. bullied) by their employer to get the jab. You do NOT have to get this, ever! Also added is a note at the end about so-called ‘Fact-checker’ sites and about Wikipedia.

Hope you enjoy it, and pass it on! There are brave people out there, who also call on us to stand up, to share information with each other, and to resist (peacefully) instead of just accepting this tyranny.

On the other hand, I am profoundly disappointed with many I know, including in the churches and in the political classes, who are just rolling over and accepting everything the propaganda machine has told them.

UPDATE-can’t attach the file but may be able to if you contact me


Some may find this interesting- the real face of the situation in Australia for airline staff- QANTAS staff given the ultimatum for November. he also mentions a new ‘variant’ called the ‘marburg’ which they already have a vaccine for!

Jane Edmonds

Great show tonight Richie, loving how you are beating those sheisters at LBC etc. Worth your weight in gold and if anybody is watching the battle on gold backed currency….the whole thing is about money and control, I think we have something to look forward to, it may take a little longer but these psychopaths are going to lose. When a ship is sinking you can keep plugging the holes and a new one will sprout just as when you lie you have to build a bigger lie to cover the first and onward, the lies become bigger, just like the holes…. so many lies. The truth is supressed but the truth will always win, just have to be patient… The Global Cabal are not even hidden in plain sight anymore ‘new world order’ being quoted blatantly and people are so unaware. However, people are still awakening, I think I have awoken at least 6 people in the last week on the roadside protesting and at a Flower Festival demonstrating. Not by talking Covid but by talking about CASH and how important that is coupled with how a Government controlled digital currency will control how you spend your own money. I HAVE FOUND THIS RESONATES MUCH MORE WITH PEOPLE THAN TALKING ABOUT A SUPPOSED VIRUS.


I agree. Money and money problems are one of the biggest issues that effect people even more so with the destruction of businesses, loss of jobs, etc that have now started to effect the middle classes.

(good audio lecture to share)
Justin Walker British Constitution Group & Bradbury Pound & The Money System.

The Case For A “Greenback” Pound.
There is one question which will have system-serving politicians and economists running for cover: why can’t the British government through its Treasury issue interest free money based upon the common wealth and integrity of this country – worth trillions?

Steven James

You’ve gotta do what you do best Richie.

Steven James

I’m glad I forwarded money 2 weeks ago .


‘The gloves are off’! Anyone doubting this must be clinically deceased. The only reason that people like Ms C*NT feel comfortable and indeed emboldened in making such grand statements is the lack of ‘pushback’ from the public. TRUST ME – this is coming our way unless will HOLD THE LINE on Saturday 11th September starting 12 noon.

Hold the line.PNG
Steven James

Elon Musk is a billionaire fraudster and nut job case.Sorry…..


Spot on..


Elon Musk is merely a front man. like Bil Gates; I doubt he’s ever had an original idea in his life. Check this out Steve; I’ve listened to this fascinating interview with Catherine Austen twice and am gather new data from it each time.

Steven James

Fortunately I must have a thick cranium with a good independent thinking brain inside.
As microwave technology hasn’t altered my cognitive abilities as yet.
I’m worried about 5G millimetre wave technology i admit !.

Steven James

Overpopulation?.With the amount of food wastage every year there are enough resources to support 15 billion on this planet.


Great point.


Spot on Steve. There are groups in major cities who forage outside the likes of Pret a manger, Costa and other similar outlets. Some of these very canny gatherers have unoffical agreements with the managers of certain stores and ensure that they leave all refuse bags tidy. The authorites cited health and safety concerns as the reason that this largely being stamped out. But the foragers persist and thrive.


I work for a public school. I can’t even count the wasted food each day, month and year. There is enough food on the planet that there is no excuse for even one hungry person. There is enough land that we could easily support somewhere around 40-60 billion people. That’s just a guess. God said to Adam “Fill the earth”.


The rest of us are not far behind them by the looks of things.


what this Australian Mao is saying is in direct violation the Equality Act 2010 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and Article 6 UNESCO. They have the law they just need to GET a LAWYER – its a crime

Last edited 2 months ago by AlanTracy

U.K. law is actually very clear this is completely illegal. However YOU HAVE to EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTs, its no good just sitting back, This is Australian kiwi error they need to ACTUALLY LOG crimes like direct discrimination any human right violations.

Forced, coerced, and mandated vaccinations are in violation of the Nuremberg Codes 1947, the Human Rights Act 1998, the Equality Act 2010, Data Protection Act 2018 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Even the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 specifically states that members of the public should not be compelled to undergo any mandatory medical treatment, including vaccinations. and ARTICLE 6 OF THE UNESCO 2005 STATEMENT ON BIOETHICS AND HUMAN RIGHTS 

Article 6, section 1: 
Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned

Article 6, section 3:
In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individual’s informed consent

Carol Jones

They ACTUALLY said it in front of cameras for world to witness🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
No shame at all. Definitely reinforces that this whole debacle is about CONTROL!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


Well you know what they say about these people having to tell us straight up what their evil plans don’t you! Well I for one do not fecking comply!!

Ronald Templeman

I gather that if a so called vax passport is introduced in the UK and it affects you, you can contact the Human Rights organisation and complain. I gather that still under the law a person can not be discriminated against if it affects their human rights, very much so with regards to health, as disability and disabled comes into that part.

Urban fox

The Georgia Guide Stones,

The New 10 commandments, that the monsters behind the New World order plans believe in.

A must watch for anyone who has not seen this video. It was filmed by Alex Jones at the site of the Georgia Guide stones, as referenced on yesterdays show. There are documents that I have read online in the past, some of which are from the originators of Agenda 30. Which echo what is written on these stones. For anyone that is new to this. Agenda 21,some say was titled as goals to be reached in the 21 st century. Others say by 2021. I believe the latter for obvious reasons. Agenda 30, is an update of those plans, goals to be reached by 2030.

Alex Jones Live At The Georgia Guidestones: Birthplace Of The Great Reset (


2021 is the year it starts. 2020 was the year to get their foot in the door and soften up the masses. We have another 9 years of this yet.
Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but numerologically 6+6+6=18=9

Urban fox

Hi Craig, don’t worry, all we have to do is exercise our rights. That must have been what that woman in the care home did wrong, when they held her down and forcibly injected her in Canada, whilst police looked on and clapped.. And the little Irish girl, must be she didn’t complain loudly enough. Being sarcastic obviously. But I am sick of trying to make the same point. As I am sure certain people on here are just deliberately being stupid.

Urban fox

Well one person with 3 accounts.

Michael Benjamin

Unfortunately I think it will have to take seeing young kids dropping dead for the sheep to awaken. You can always blame underlying conditions on an adult as low as 30 who dies following the jab but when it’s kid its another thing all together. Look at that poor 17yr old footballer who died during a FA cup youth match. You can lie about it all you want but a kid as fit as a butchers dog does not collapse and die of cardiac arrest. It makes me want to cry for what they are doing……..Parents please wake up the medical industry are not God they only care about their master aka big Pharma. Man cannot cure, nor heal only the body heals itself and all medicine is toxicity just different levels of toxicity.


When the kids start dropping it will be blamed on a new deadly variant or the unvaxxed. Or both. And the masses will believe.


Absolutely Craig yes.


Australia is making North Korea look like a good place to live..


I’ve got a one way ticket to Afghanistan, the Taliban are not locking people down or mandating ‘vaccines’.


Not yet.


The health minister was in the NSW court today being challenged over jab mandates, including one from a cop. Dictator Dan in Victoria has said that the unjabbed will not be allowed to take part in the economy nor access the public health system. All of the states are building 1000 bed quarantine centres, that look suspiciously like concentration camps to me, for isolating the vulnerable. Anyone else remember Jasper Carrot calling Australia the first open air prison when he toured back in the 70s, turns out he wasn’t wrong.


Was it Clive James who said that the problem with Australia is not that people are descended from convicts, it is that too many have ancestors that were prison guards.


Happening more so on the fake news media.
Just like U>k where i am based the fear porn sold by alt media and msms was nothing like reality.

Last edited 2 months ago by ame
Kelly Maher

This woman is a LUNATIC – they all are.


Yes, complete nutters..


Hazzard & Chunt.


Ya. How are you doing Gerry?


Not too bad Jacob! (& Thanks!)
A little busy of late.. so not getting as much time as I’d like to post.
But those pair are fully deserved of any extra effort!!

A pair of beauts!!



Nice to hear.
HighWire is on now


Cheers Jacob!


You are welcome 👍


I do wish the mean stream watching masses would broaden their horizon and watch a few episodes of the Highwire. Mr Bigtree is absolutely hitting the ball out of the park at the moment.


Here’s her handler and superior officer Brad ‘Hazzard’ (Or Bad Hazzard!) in action, with Chant muzzled into subservient silence beside him.

This has to be seen & heard to be believed!

Last edited 2 months ago by Gerry

Flipping heck.
NWO tyrant


A prime POS Jacob.
That’s him lurking in the background of the above header photo (to the left of Chunt!).

The pair of them … Two peas in a pod.


Piss in a pod more like.





Unbelievable in a so called liberal democracy. Absolutely shocking.


Them two are stealing the show Mark!

Hazzard’s a raving psychpoath!!

Then of course there’s the fruit loop “Daniel Andrews”.

They’re not even allowed to drown their sorrows over there!!

Restrictions on alcohol..

What next!!

Oz has turned into a lunatic asylum!!!


The face on this one speaks far more volume than her words could ever do.


So confident now, they don’t even have to hide it. That should tell everyone all you need to know.

My personal take is that the NWO will look like a centralised one world government overseeing regions or nation states with a very conservative, nationalistic leaning. It won’t be much longer before the illusion of progressivism is cast aside.

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