New Zealand: Pro Basketball Player Axed For Refusing Jab

The New Zealand Breakers released point guard Tai Webster today because he turned down the offer of a covid jab. The Breakers play in Australia’s NBL (National Basketball League).

The team was badly affected by covid travel restrictions last season and have decided to relocate to Australia to make it easier to fulfill fixtures. Team owner Matt Walsh said that Webster’s refusal to be jabbed would complicate travel plans. In a press release issued today, Walsh said:

“I fully support each player’s freedom of choice in regards to the vaccine. The club will keep the door open for Tai. But unfortunately we are living in extraordinary times and without being vaccinated, he will not have freedom of travel which would allow him to play for us this season.”

In response Webster tweeted:

“If I’m betting on myself, I COMPLETELY double down. So how unemployed you gotta be exactly to go on the benefit? Asking for me.”

Presumably he means he would bet on his immune system. Why wouldn’t he? He had recently signed a new two year deal with the club.

NBL commissioner Jeremy Loeliger said that the league will not force players to be jabbed, but stressed that there would be ramifications for players and officials who opt out.

“Individuals that decide not to get vaccinated could be subjected to different rules, depending on various government protocols and restrictions,” he said today.

It’s beginning to look a lot like tyranny.

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If he signed a two year contract and is available to play and fit and well, they should pay him for doing nothing for two years. They have not fired him and he has not quit.

Australian Nurses recently attended work as normal, as neither fired nor quit. The companies will not dare fire them, or they will SUE for unfair dismissal and medical discrimination, so the employees, whom are in no original contract breach and are available, should be paid for their contracted hours.

A new kind of furlough/stimulus is coming, where employers are forced to double hire for each post, whilst paying the un-jabbed now at home worker still. Their only other option, is to pay full severance and pension packages and make them redundant, closing the named position, then relisting for a newly titled position, as constructive dismissal charges can be brought otherwise.

Being a stubborn defender of medical liberties and a PUREBLOOD un-jabbed with a real immune system, is soon going to prove a lucrative and costly thorn in the side of all businesses, in the times ahead.



Could not give a lot of these scumbags a red neck with a blow torch. Good luck to the guy.


Trade unionists not happy about mandatory vaccines in Melbourne…
…. Or their trade union! 👀

John Fahy

When will these coercive policies be brought before the human rights court and stopped?
The world seems to have gone completely insane…


From a particular perspective, it could be argued that what we are seeing is a test of faith. Think of the coercions that are being used: they all related to pleasures of the flesh and the seven Cardinal Sins.
As I said, just a perspective.


Work ?, for the vast majority it’s a chore and bore, some are lucky and do something they love for a living, a very small % though.


Yes, a chore and a bore – in pursuit of material wealth, no matter how small.


Just one question. For all the proponents of lockdowns and all the other unprecedented, unjustified and destructive measures. Is this what you all had in mind when you supported your government of liars, complied with the absurd and attacked so-called covidiots?

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