“No Exemption To No Jab No Job” – Boris Johnson

Despite being warned that the care sector faces a staffing crisis, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that “no job, no jab” is here to stay. The PM told reporters on his visit on the US that there would be no exemptions.

Health ministers have told Johnson that the sector will lose at least 40,000 workers as a result of the new law. Under regulations set out by an amendment to the Health and Social Care Act 2008, no-one will be allowed in a care home after November 11th unless they have received two doses of a covid jab.

Johnson was asked last night, if he would consider delaying the law or giving exemptions to any care home facing closure due to a lack of staff. He said:

“No. I think that it’s only reasonable to expect people who are entrusted with the care of elderly and vulnerable people to be inoculated against a disease which is particularly harmful to elderly and vulnerable people.”

There’s a storm coming. A care worker told The Richie Allen Show last week, that hospitals will be jammed this Winter with senior citizens who cannot be discharged, because of the shortage of care workers in the community and in care homes.

The NHS comes under enormous pressure every Winter. Oxford Professor and GP Carl Heneghan told Talk Radio that the service has been in crisis 17 of the last 20 years. Bed capacity has halved in UK hospitals over the past thirty years.

The tyrannical (and illegal) move to mandate jabs for care workers will be catastrophic for the NHS this Winter. It’s classic problem, reaction, solution.

They’ve created the problem. The reaction from the public will be to scream, “Do something!” The solution will be brutal and devastating lockdowns, the introduction of so-called vaccine passports and increased pressure on those who have declined the jabs.



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This photo is so telling, two frauds gazing at each other, one immortalised in stone. Boris fraudulently will tell the world how he saved the world from Con-vid just as Winston believed he defeated the Germans, he should rather have defeated the BIS. Winston once proclaimed, after escaping from the Boers in South Africa that he swam the mighty Apies River. I have stood next to this supposed mighty river a mere trickle of water, at best a stream. Call B.S. when you see it…Both these men sell and sold sh$t for a living!!


Spot on, they are both frauds. Winstons live was based on lots of lies and made up stories.


Latest episode of False Flag Weekly News with Dr Kevin Barrett.
FFWN: ,,“Accidental lab leak” DEBUNKED—deliberate bio-attack CONFIRMED.}{}},nn

Last edited 25 days ago by txgmxad

I think 2022 early 2023 we will see a Big change in the U.K, when we will be like Australia, at the moment CommyBo is taking a more devious approach giving the illusion of giving freedom back by allowing venues to demand proof of vaccination or free from convid via LFT’s. I see comments like ‘ all I had to do is have a LFT to gain entry and wear a mask’. The level of compliance is shocking.


My posts keep on disappearing so I am just going to try this one, see what happens.

Urban Fox

Hi there, me to. Your comment waiting approval. Cant post anything. And last week account closed down. Written to admin 4 times, no reply.

Rob Phillips

I’m not jabbed , never even been tested . If Boris want’s to inject me , he can come and try and do it himself 👍


The reason midazolam was used up was because elderly people had their day to day care from GPs removed as GPs ran away and gave everyone DNACPRs with end of life drugs. Once a resident of a care home became unwell their future depended on the intelligence and savvy of carers and District Nurses who would fight for that resident. Unfortunately, there will of been hundreds, if not more, of elderly people who were left to starve to death, ultimately requiring midazolam to mask their suffering.



NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling.


This winter in the care homes they may as well lock each of the problematic residents in their room with a bottle of schnapps and a loaded 9mm Luger. They could then be asked to do one final decent act for their Prime Minister and country. A noble dignified Prussian end and if within 28 days of a positive PCR test it could simply be recorded as yet another regrettable Covid death.

Tony K

He needs to be taken out.


Country appears shafted big time,papers full of scaremongering about a winter of discontent,food shortages ,no petrol etc,covid bullshit galore of course its just endless crap which sadly most people believe,i mean having these covid jabs and you still catch the virus WTF,i know a person double jabbed and he has just had covid,and pretty poorly with it aswell and other people i know with serious side effects heart trouble,brain issues and digestive issues and all appear long term issues with these people i know and now no jab no care job,you really couldnt make this crap up.

Urban Fox

Johnsons statement. Lets look at the facts.

“ I think that it’s only reasonable to expect people who are entrusted with the care of elderly and vulnerable people to be inoculated against a disease which is particularly harmful to elderly and vulnerable people.”

Firstly there is not a genuine disease that is causing harm or killing anyone. Just going off excess deaths alone, without all the other evidence, where were they in 2020.? Iv examined the total death numbers from all causes, and all around the world, time and time again. They were about average for the last 10 years. Lombardi had previously had a higher death rate only a few year before. Yet was considered one of the worst hit country’s. And was used as a springboard to launch the European tyranny.

Secondly even if this phantom virus and phantom plague was genuine. Is it reasonable to mandate a fake vaccine, which has proven to be more harmful and deadly than covid itself, even going off the official narrative of the covid story. Using there own stats and vaccine injury’s reporting systems.

The so called first wave which was used to terrify the public, was down to elderly people sometimes with viral infections being thrown out of hospitals into care holms. Often being pumped full of Midazolam to hasten there demise. Johnson and his murderous brothers in crime, were not bothered about harm to the elderly, whilst they were systematically killing them.

Finally, if you add deaths from other diseases to the deaths from covid that have been reported. Should the number of total deaths you have, not be higher than average. If not, then that would mean that the deaths from all the other causes have all gone down or disappeared. What’s even more remarkable, is that if we were to take into account population increase, extra deaths from suicide, medical neglect and the Midazolam killings. Then the total death rate from all causes in 2020 would be well below average. Even using every scam imaginable they still didn’t manage to increase the total death statistics. Despite a gullible public still believing there have been tens of thousands of extra deaths.

It is simply not feasible and is totally incomprehensible that a genuine new flue virus, would not have any proof of killing one single person. Yet that is the case.

What we do however have proof of. Is the genuine harm and death that is being caused by these poisonous fake vaccines. In the months ahead we are going to see genuine large increases in death numbers. These will be designated covid deaths and most will believe this phantasy.

The true causes of these excess deaths will primarily come in the form of a smiling nurse administering an injection of toxic poison.


Absolutely. Where are all these sick people from this “killer virus” and why don’t I or people I know meet any? With the harsh measures we have had in Ireland we should be stepping over bodies in the street but in fact I don’t know anyone personally who has had this so called virus. If people stop following the mainstream media this pandemic disappears. It is entirely a government and media co-production, a complete fiction.

The deaths and illness this winter will, as you say, be entirely down to flu, pneumonia, vaccine related problems and anything else they can lie about.

Urban Fox

Good to hear from you,
I think even more are starting to believe it is real. Not less. The virus i mean not the pandemic. Its largely having to get over a psychological barrier. I fear all the vaccine deaths are just going to continue to be rebranded. These lies need to be fully exposed, its the belief in covid that just allows them to keep everything going. Variant after variant.

Urban Fox

I am of course aware that Lombardy is a region not a country. I did read it over a couple of times but still missed it. Sorry about that. What i should have said is that Italy as a whole and Lombardy recorded higher total death rates in the previous 10 years as did most country’s. Thanks

Ronald Templeman

They are doing this on purpose, could be that they know that the majority of those needing hospital treatment in the winter are the vaxxed and so if hospitals can’t take them they die at home and a nice cover up.
Saw a video on twitter were it was being reported in Australia that 141 people were in one hospital suffering covid, all age groups, on ventilators etc and at the end of the video it was pointed out that 140 had, had 2 jabs and 1 had, had only 1 jab. What does that tell one.


JEFF RENSE did cover how many exemptions there are and yes there are thousands of exemptions so many thats even before you consider using the equality act exemptions

Mork & Mindy

There are thousands of exceptions the politicians just lie ALL the time


There are actually many exceptions
and ,many to jobs watch this theres thousands of exceptions THOUSANDS


Wow, yes that is astounding.


Johnson should have visited Israel instead.
He might of learnt from them that two jabs means f all.


Is that a picture of Churchill scowling at Boris Johnson


Both comprised political leaders.

(interesting read)

“Churchill’s War”


churchill’s thinking “who is this c**t”


Both of them are Cnuts.


Funny how the great Winston Churchill lost the 1945 General Election by a landslide to a peculiar little socialist man called Clement Attlee. Hilariously Churchill had previously stated “Attlee is a modest man who has a great deal to be modest about.” He still kicked Churchills ass in that election because the public could still remember Churchills role in the General Strike and as Chancellor of the Exchequer The Great Depression. Thanks for the war effort Winnie but here’s your P45.


Thanks Mark.


I’m a staff nurse in ICU and there’s very few brains there either. Nurses have also been hypnotised to go along with this bullshit. Critical thinking has gone out the window and, as one of the ‘unjabbed’, I know my 25 year career is coming to an end.


Are you really that surprised? Nursing has been this way for a long time. I walked away from that career back in the late 90s because I saw a system that was just fundamentally wrong.
Even back then, despite training that was holistic focussed, patients were not viewed as individual people, but rather as tasks to be fulfilled. I lost track of the number of reprimands I received for spending time with those sick and infirm people, rather than following ‘the rules’ as I was supposed to do.
Even under the guise of the vaunted NHS, care simply became, and remains, a conveyor belt industry.
There have always been good, conscientious staff (in hospitals, care homes and social services); but, likewise, there have also been plenty of rule adherents interested more in their careers and ‘looking good’ than in actually looking out for the people they are supposed to be caring for.

Anne Talbot

Take the badge of honor as there are sadly very few of you left. My aunt was in nursing For over 20 years until the cruel cancer took her from us. She was intelligent, gutsy and had the deepest compassionate nature and loved what she would call her vocation. She would have struggled immensely with how things are now. I remember quite vividly her words on what she believed was the plan to eventually dismantle the NHS and wouldn’t want to be around to witness it when it does ultimately fall.


You and everyone else in put in that terrible position has my deepest sympathy.
If their is a bright side, it has to be that you get to keep your dignity.


That is sadly the reality.

Carl D Janeway

Karras: Your 25 year career may indeed come to an end due to evil/tyrannical controllers. You sound like someone dedicated to your chosen career and I would have been honored to have worked with you. I proclaimed “retirement” in late 2009 after 25 years of nursing from a county ER trauma unit in California. The flu vaccine was heavily pushed since Y2K and threats given to wear a mask for those heretical non-compliers.2009 was also the warm-up practice of tyrannical control with “H1N1 swine flu“. This administrative bullshit has been ongoing for years and now seems out of control. Keep and grow your faith. Warm regards from CA


And we know what happens when the elderly cannot discharged from hospital,
1)not being fed and 2) an over prescribing of Midazolam.
Am I wrong to wish a painful slow death to the evil bastards in control ?

Last edited 1 month ago by sven

I’ll bet the phone is literally ringing off the wall at the French manufacturers of Midazolam with all of the NHS trusts getting in their winter orders.


If you are wrong Sven then so am I. 👍

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