No Show Today – Back Tomorrow Tuesday 28th

Hi friends,

Apologies, but I won’t be on this evening. I’m bit under the weather. It’s not remotely self inflicted before you wags start in on me. I’ve been nursing a bit of a head cold for a few days and my voice is cracking today. I’ve gone on air when I’ve been fairly ill before, but I need to rest the voice. I’ll be right as rain after an early night. Speak tomorrow,


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Comments on show 28.9.21
They forgot to repeat the advert that if you have a cough you should get a test because it might be Lung Cancer.
CDC say the PCR can’t tell the difference between Covid and Flu.

“Just shut up and take the Climate Jab”

In the book Virus Mania they claim that the paralysis they blame on the Polio Virus is actually caused by DDT poisoning, strange how the toxic adjuvants they put in the vaccine makes it worse and how those in Gardasil cause paralysis and we are seeing some taking the Covid jab becoming paralysed.


Hi, I can’t find where to type my message on the forum? The message box is missing! What am I missing?


Latest episode of False Flag Weekly News with Dr Kevin Barrett.
FFWN: “Accidental lab leak” DEBUNKED—deliberate bio-attack CONFIRMED.}{}}

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Brown Eye

Gates is 100% Psychopath


I was like Where’s Richie Allen Show… Usually I get a notification and I listen later.. When I didn’t get one I was like wtf has happened… We need to investigate and make sure he’s okay… And then I said ‘aaaah the website will tell us’… And thus it did 😂❤️


Get well soon… you are needed. xx


Hey Richie, I’m pleased to hear you were just giving yourself some downtime and that nothing sinister was happening, like you were taken off air or anything. I listen to you on Apple podcasts and when I couldn’t see Mondays edition I tried to log onto your website but it kept coming up with an error message, hence my concern. Anyway, got onto your website eventually, obviously, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing Tuesday’s show on Wednesday morning, Brisbane time. I’m a huge fan of your show and love your work. I hope you’re feeling better, Keep well!, Debs😉

Tom Moore

Hi, haven’t notice this notice until now. Get well soon. Even if there’s no show today too, you’ll be missed but one’s health is more important than anything. Especially in these ‘horrifying pandemic’ times.
Happy to read the article about kids not being running towards jab there in the UK.
Here, where I reside, most of my acquaintances are ignorant on this issue. They are even willing to get the booster. One cannot just bread out the long-years of of blindly-follow-the-authority mentality even in 30 years of so called ‘democracy’ (read ‘freedom’).
Greeting to all from Slovakia.


Hi, this was my argument from the start, I don’t know anyone yet whos had covid but when a cold or flu pops up, everyone I know gets it in varying degrees, I know of 2 people so far who have died from the jab and 3 who are setiously ill from it.


Hi and thanks from Thought Stream UK on Facebook


I’m having bbg redrawn symptoms Richie…
Get well soon.


That 80 hours a week must be taking its toll.

Good to know that you know that you will be as right as rain tomorrow.

Wish I had that foresight when I am ill.

Would normally say ‘ hope you feel well soon ‘ but I guess it’s not required, as that will be tomorrow. 👍


Richie for some one who says he is healthy, you are sick alot. You my friend are acidic, you need to get your body alkaline to release your cells of crap inyour system. Read up on alkaline foods and bi carbonate soda to help the process. This might be all useless information if your attitude towards your own radio show is diminishing. If your not in the right mind to carry on when your listeners depend onyou for solace, then maybe you should be training some one else to fill in. It is a time of being there for each other. I hope your not being warned off doing your show. We all start things with the best intentions, maybe its time to do something else to improve your mind Richie. Good luck Rich we are going to go into terrible times for alot of us.


I can’t see Richie losing his burning desire to expose the msm for what they are. Lockstep with the government’s to maintain that seed of fear is planted to control the masses whilst through richie’s hard work and determination his well crafted show is reaching audiences across the globe. I certainly would be exhausted now and again as well as the time spent constructing the opening narrative, shows guests as well as trying to remain upbeat in dark times. Let’s give Richie on the odd occasion his due, a one man show we all love and the beacon of light he provides to many who need to listen to the alternative to lies being churned out.

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Jeananne Crowley

‘Training someone else to fill in’? In my biz that would have been a bit like asking Laurence Olivier who’s his understudy! There ain’t no substitute for the BBG he’s a one-off; Individuality, Integrity & Imagination wedded to such broadcasting skill is a fairly rare beast in my experience.


Saw you do a brilliant job of the dismayed “Julia” in “Educating Rita” on the TV the other night. Well done – who wouldn’t want to get away from the drinker that was Frank? A very subtle, gentle but moving performance of a woman who has had enough, but still cares for her man. Well done!

Margaret Hossack

Richie is irreplaceable!! One thing a radio presenter needs is a voice, so if Richie’s voice needs a rest, he’s entitled to that. In fact, he’s entitled to do anything he wants. That’s the whole ethos of his show I think – independent in every sense. And that’s why I love it, and him!


First you tell a lie Keven13, the BBG is not sick alot. NLP always starts with a lie as an opening statement.

Second you come out with instructions for his health, despite never having met him.
NLP practioners are always arrogant.

Third you make the assumption that the BBG’s “attitude towards his own show is diminishing” – despite the fact that there is much evidence to the contrary
Again, NLP’s statements are always a lie, but with the idea that everyone knows it is the truth. Basic NLP techique.

Fourth – your simple minded idea that “somebody should fill in” gives the reader the impression that you are a troll. Who would make such a silly statement but a troll?
Few people are so stupid as to say such a thing – but – a person who is brain fogged by NLP,. may not recognise his own stupidity

Fifth – you follow up all this attack on the BBG with the statement “It is a time of being there for each other”… Class NLP tactic. You attack a person with a series of lies and then flip over with a fake-version of support. This is how Neuro Linguistic Practioners recruit people. The undermine them and then offer fake support.

And you really think people aren’t going to see through this ?

Lastly – you say “maybe it is time to do something else to improve your mind” – this is basic NLP tactic.
Check – Your pretence at concern.
Check – Your assumption that the BBG needs to “improve” what is a perfectly sound mind.

Everyone see the pattern here? Pure NLP. Make an untrue statement as if it was a truth that is generally accepted… RA’s mind is as sharp as a tack, but this NLP troll is pretending that the opposite is generally accepted.

Everyone picking up on the fake concern. The “suggestion” behind the words “Maybe it is time.” Everyone seeing how manipulative this is? Good. This is a great way to spot the slithering snake of evil that is NLP.

Thank you Keven13 for providing such a great example of Neuro Linguistic Programming and how it can be used to downgrade other people. Particularly people who are above you in courage and intelligence. You don’t like it that do you – so you use NLP to attempt to downgrade, discourage, disorientate and dump the BBG.

And you really thought it was going to work.
Thanks for the laughs.

Patricia Deakin

Don’t be an ass, there isn’t anyone that would take Richies place. He’s out on his own. Great content, great research, great guests, great wit. I Love the show. Yes we all miss the show when it’s not on but I totally get how difficult it must be to report every day in these crazy times. He’s perfectly entitled to have scratchy throat and down days, we all do. Let him have a rest and don’t be such an asshole.

Petra Simpson

Dear BBG rest and re emerge when its right for you. xxx


Get well soon geeza


Take care big man.
All the best.
We all need to take a break from the convid19 overexposure.
In keeping with the Royal theme.


You should use NAC, N-Acetyl Cysteine. A friend has recommended this to me. She’s used NAC for years to help with respiratory disease.

Interestingly the fda is banning the supplement NAC. Too many people are using it for covid symptoms


Keep taking the tablets Richie,seemingly there’s a pretty bad bug doing the rounds this past 18months..

Richard O'Leary

Hope you’re keeping okay Richie, there is a bad cold/flu going.

Keith matthews

As of today, gammon is an offensive term, get well soon baldy.


Peace & love Richie, get well soon BBG 🙂


Adverse reactions…..Richie is a secret double jabber…Arrrrgghh..!!! Just joking of course. Get some good rest Richie…….and take care..!!

Stephen Allpress

Get well soon Richie, all the best👍


Take care Richie & rest the old tonsils 🥰 listening to the Sunday morning melodies on a Monday! You forgot to turn it off 🤭 get well soon lots of love 🥰xx


Feel better soon, Richie x

Neil James

Feel better and have a nice evening, Richie.


Take care of yourself proper like 😉 and feel better lovey. Joan x

William Henderson

Sending love brother 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Now if you’d have been masked up when told! Kept the two meter distance and had the double jab we wouldn’t be without the show tonight! In future follow the orders of Chris Whitty, Matt Hancock and the members of SAGE. Thank you!! 🤣🤣😂🤪😷


Take it easy and sooth the throat as best you can, see how you feel in the morning as to whether you can continue tomorrow, maybe after a day or two your dulcid tones will spring back into life when you need it the most. It’s never easy as I can tell you when you soley rely on your voice talking to the masses, it’s what I do working with the public in my job. Take care mate and I’ll look forward to catching up with your show soon.

Last edited 7 months ago by Darren
Alex Romero

Now if you wore a mask and were double jabbed you’d be right as rain.😷

Craigy B

Get well wishes to the worlds tallest Leprechaun 👍


Un abrazo

Feel better and I think its a Great idea to rest those “Golden Vocal Cords”. We need ye strong and happy! Cheers Sir Richie


Froggo tremendo can nurse you Rich. Rest up fella


Will have to listen to an old podcast tonight, can’t do without my Richie Fix :0(


True Richie I allways listen back to old ones when your not around, you should record a couple of specials, one all about Jim Marrs and the people who new him for example

Danny Warden

No problem Richie. Looking forward to hearing you tomorrow


Thanks for the update.
Godwilling you will be back withus tomorrow.
Will try to fill in the 2 hours not listening to the show somehow?
Take care Richie.


Thanks for letting us know, I hope you manage to get some rest and feel better soon.


Hello friend,
Something that we should all be interested in is the freedom to publish those truths which may provide a critcism of our situation, but from above.
Those truths are laid out in the following video interviews:
Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav at the German Corona Inquiry
The Death of Europe, with Douglas Murray Recorded June 3, 2019…
I hope you find the time to watch and provide your feedback in these pressing times when action is becoming urgent.
We are all needed to sound the alarm at this most critical hour.
Thank you for your time and attention,
It is very much appreciated.


You got the covaids 🤣🤣🤣


He’s had his booster shot and now has a bit of a headache. It means it’s working 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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