Nutty Professor: “Don’t Go To Pub Even After You’ve Had Booster Jab”

The witchdoctors are out in force today. Professor Beata Kampmann, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine just told SKY News that people should wait up to two weeks after they’ve had their booster jab, before heading out to the pub.

Kampmann said that in general, people should shun public places and practice social distancing when out and about. Batty Beata told SKY this lunchtime:

“Don’t go to the pub after you’ve had the booster – that would be entirely wrong to do. I think people need to take social distancing and wearing masks and staying away from crowded places incredibly seriously right now if they don’t want to jeopardise their Christmas and equally, even more importantly, what’s going to happen to the NHS.”

Kampmann would like a lockdown right now because as told SKY, she’s worried that: “events will have overtaken us by the time this policy (Plan B) kicks in.”

The BBC and SKY News are rolling out one epidemiologist after another today. They must be cloning them in a factory somewhere. They say the exact same things using identical words and phrases. Could they be using a script? Maybe.

In a nutshell, omicron is very bad and spreading at the speed of light, which threatens to overwhelm the NHS, therefore the government should introduce more stringent measures.

The same boffins were paraded in front of the cameras this time last year to warm that the Delta variant was spreading at the speed of light and threatening to overwhelm the NHS. It was nonsense then. It’s nonsense now.

I’d put the fear of God in these gormless geeks by repeating the following questions.

How many of the daily covid cases were found in symptomatic people?

I repeat. How many of the positive cases were actually ill?

How many of them needed medical treatment?

How many were admitted to hospital?

What’s the vaccine status of those testing positive?

Isn’t it true that twice as many double-vaccinated people are becoming ill and ending up in hospital this Winter as unvaccinated people?

Why is that?

What’s the average age of someone dying with Covid?

What’s UK life expectancy in 2021?

Have you reviewed the UK government’s Yellow-Card reporting data?

Why not?

Are you aware that some of your peers, the ones who never took a penny from The Gates Foundation, are claiming that the jabs have caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people worldwide?

Why are you not aware of that?

Putting covid on the death certs of people who died within 28 days of testing positive for it is pseudo-scientific nonsense isn’t it?

Isn’t it?

Flu and the common cold have simply been rebranded as covid haven’t they?

Haven’t they?

Fuck off.







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What a load of bollocks. Am sick of hearing the term ‘save the NHS’. They do not give a flying f***. Nurse at my GP refused me service on monday (smear test) because I wouldnt wear a mask. She judged my exemption. By the time she continues to badger me for an ugly mask that does naff all, I could have been in and out, but no she had to bully and try to control me. Seriously, I get upset most days at the stupidity of it all and so many people are spellbound in playing their part.


Another GEM from Richie Allen with his XMAS LIST of VALID QUESTIONS to ask these lying fecking erseholes amid their BS C19 Fearmonger wankfest of tyranny!
Once again SPOT ON!


I’m with you Richie, they can FUCK OFF xx

Jack Frost

Unable to post links on here. Strange.


I’d love somebody to ask those questions.
Love the ‘Fuck off’ at the end 😂 Richie you are hilarious.

Rachel Gibbs

Hi Ritchie
I don’t think the professor is nutty re the 14 days. Look at the Hartgroup report
You had an american farmer on your show not that long ago saying that they would not vaccinate when there was an outbreak of a virus as it would kill the whole stock.
Basically people’s immunity is lowered after the jab and to vaccinate in the course of an outbreak leads to a spike in cases. The Hartgroup research corroborates this. Empirically how many people do you know that test positive for Covid shortly after been vaccinated!
It is also why they leave out the first 14 days when comparing figures. It’s called gerrymandering!


Excellent questions Richie. It’s a shame you are not able to put them directly to those in power and the so called journalists who can get to put them would never dare to or be allowed to.


I finally worked out that the ‘two weeks after the jab’ advice is because that’s the standard recognised infection period with all respiratory infections before the immunity system crushes it – and the jabbed have been infected (because that’s what every vaccine does).

So these professors are using the science. They are just not being fully open in their explanations, because that wouldn’t sell any jabs.


Yes infection is what is supposed to happen when a so called ‘Vaccine’ is given but they do not historically inform those taking it that there is a two week period where transmission or shedding takes place.
An example of this is the Flu shot where this info is never given by the health practitioner or is the info contained in the PIS (product information sheet) that they can make others sick by being around them.

The bastards are only doing that for their own benefit and not for those being given the deadly shots.


“Vaccines for human diseases are the least-expensive, most-effective public-health interventions we ever have had, (bollocks!), says Andrew Read. “But the concern now is about the next-generation vaccines. If the next-generation vaccines are leaky, they could drive the evolution of more-virulent strains of the virus.”

A new study is the first to confirm a highly controversial theory: that some vaccines could allow more virulent version of a virus to survive, putting unvaccinated individuals at greater risk of severe illness….

Last edited 1 month ago by Jake


(the first and second shots are not causing the expected damage so now we have boosters)

Gareth Mckean

I would love to see them answer those questions. Thanks Richie.

Gavin Ledermann

The same London Tropical Hygiene School that are paid millions by Gates.
Seen these corrupt boffins rolled out on the mainstream many times.
Love to fire them out of a cannon one by one.


Oh Richie I luv u…….


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Jake have you read Roberts book on fauci ?, found a free audio version, and a pdf on odysee, would never be critical of rfk but feel he cannot see the whole pharma crime cartels need to be destroyed. But I do feel the guy is putting his life on the line in exposing these criminals, seen even his own family members distancing themselves from him. God bless him and keep him safe, but he should employ extra security, for a while at least.


Not read it fully but am looking forward to.
What has stopped me is having to buy from the Beast (Amazon) which I do not use.
He is lawyer so acts like one so careful with what he says or accuses of without solid evidence.
Suing in America is common.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jake

I’m sure if you went to a small bookshop they could order it for you. I know the one I go to can hold of practically anything.

Caroline McHale

Richie, could you please check emails(I do appreciate you get 100s on a daily basis & I fully understand you can’t check all) I have some secret information on topic with names, but I must stay INCOGNITO,.. I have sent my Mob no over also to Hayden Hewitt❤️ for him to pass on to your good self.. Many thanks 🌹


He said on Sunday melodies that it’s not working at the moment so perhaps try again in a few days.


I would not worry when to visit the pub as their won’t be any pubs soon enough if their are more lockdowns etc.


Maybe a good idea if they are transmitting Covid.
My mate just texted me to say he has Covid so Iasked if he had is booster and he said that he had it last week!


Love that meme, it’s excellent.


Bell’s Palsy reaction to her booster perhaps??



Eye Eye Gerry!


Don’t tell her!!

Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

Bit rude if I did point that out to her 😏


Yeah…my conscience is acting up too!!
But hey.. it’s only mild.

And sure, she’s still alive to perhaps learn about these things and maybe even awaken just enough, to educate others about the dangers of participating in big pharma clinical trials that are maiming, injuring and killing people by the bucket load the world over!!

There’s always hope Jake!!

There’s always hope!!



False Flag Weekly News live at 16.00 details above Gerry


Got it!

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