Obese People To Outnumber The Healthy Within Five Years

A leading cancer charity is claiming that obese people will outnumber healthy people within five years.

According to The Telegraph:

The study by Cancer Research UK shows that by 2027, those whose weight does not compromise their health will be in the minority.

The forecasts show four in 10 will be obese within two decades, while seven in 10 will be overweight or obese.

Currently 28 per cent of adults in the UK are obese, while 34 per cent are of healthy weight.

But Britain’s weight gain means that by 2027, 32.4 per cent will be obese – overtaking the 31.9 per cent in the healthy category.

The charity issued the new analysis as it criticised the Government’s decision to delay a ban on buy-one-get-one- free deals and advertising of junk food to children.

It follows warnings that Deliveroo lifestyles mean Britain will soon have the highest obesity rates in Europe, with the disease set to overtake smoking as the leading cause of cancer.

Earlier this week William Hague, the former Conservative leader, attacked the Government for delaying measures to tackle unhealthy eating, branding the weakening of the anti-obesity strategy under pressure from MPs “morally reprehensible”.

Cancer Research UK said that on current trends, 42 million people will weigh too much by 2040 – including more than 21 million who will be obese. This means an extra six million cases of obesity in less than two decades.

By the end of this decade, more adults in the UK will be obese than a healthy weight, the new projections show.

I’m in great physical shape today, but it hasn’t always been the case.

Back in 2014 I weighed 16.5 stone or nearly 105 kilograms. I was disgusted with myself as I had always been fit. I had played sports all my life.

The first thing I did was to cut out fizzy drinks entirely. I began drinking three litres of water a day and ate dinner no later than 5.30pm. I never ate after 6pm, not so much as a biscuit.

I reduced my sugar intake by half. It’s better to reduce it slowly rather than try to eliminate it altogether.

I was eating a large chocolate bar every day. So instead, I had one every other day and eventually stopped eating chocolate altogether.

I began jogging. I wasn’t breaking any records. I took up gentle 2-3 kilometer jogs three times a week.

The weight loss was dramatic. Within a fortnight I had lost over a stone. I never looked back.

These days I run every day. I don’t touch sugar apart from the occasional after dinner ice-cream. I drink around 4 litres of water a day and I never, ever eat after 6pm.

This morning I weighed 13 stone 12lbs. That’s around 88kg.

I’m telling you this in case you are overweight and looking for a bit of inspiration.

If you only try the first few steps I’ve outlined here, that is, drink lots of water, no food after 6pm and reduce your sugar by half, you’ll lose weight instantly and feel great.

You don’t even need to run. A few brisk walks a week will do fine. You are no more than a few miles away from a national park or beauty spot. Get off yer arse and go explore it.

You can do it.



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Steven James

I’ve pulled a back molar of mine out with pliers ,no anaesthetic.
Would not advise JeanAnne to try that 🥴👎


Ouch, sounds painful. If you click on the three black lines in the red area at the top you comment live.

Steven James

I promote your show on Twatter lol

Steven James

I’m a Stockport County soccer fan,so I’m chuffed.
Give the team a mention…..maybe slip in We Are The Champions song for them.


I have struggled with my weight all my life and at age 50 I have found the problem or should I say the solution. This world is sadly rigged by those who seek to control and famous people who come out to pretend to want to help obesity in children like the government stooge Jamie Oliver who helped to get sugar tax passed which led to aspartame being added to soft drinks and cordials which are a massive biological disruptor
of the body, are not out to help anyone. If people want to take back there power and control of their bodies forget everything you have been fed by doctors and understand and research that any disease, autoimmune problem whether it is is high blood pressure or fungal feet, the problem stems from the gut. This is the big lie that will put an end to big Pharma, your intestinal microbiome begins its formation from the 1st day of life and stabilizes around 2-3 yrs,this same period is also characterised by intense neurological development in humans. If mothers have a bad gut and have a caesarean section and don’t
breastfeed, there is a big chance the child will grow up with with asthma,eczema and allergies which will carry on until adult life, doctors are quick to jump at taking tonsils out, while they are now finding out by doing this it will cause problems down the line, and tonsillitis is a sign your child has a bad microbiome. Probiotics all the way for me and my autistic son who is overweight and is absolutely thriving off them, he is losing weight and is showing signs of being more outgoing and starting conversations. Help yourself and then help your children.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mioR_WrkRaU (Great video!! MUST WATCH)

Urban Fox

The Russian authorities recently made a statement regarding energy and food price increases, that many country’s are experiencing. In which they stated that as yet the price increases are not a result of the war with Ukraine, but the result of past global policy’s. Even though there are many untruths and propaganda being put out regarding the conflict. And i personally believe that Putin is as much a part of the global agenda as the rest of the world is. On this particular ocasion i believe they are speaking the truth.

As they echo what i have been saying for several weeks. It takes time for price increases to take effect. The price increases we are experiencing currently, are the result of agricultural policy’s, rewilding and the ‘climate change’ driven agenda which started pre covid era. In addition since early 2020, the locking down of the global economy, closure of food processing plants, farms and warehouses due to covid outbreak fears. Have all resulted in the situation we now face. All i believe by design and totally unnecessary. Regarding the war in Ukraine we are yet to see the impact on energy and food price increases. Meaning its likely these price increases we are currently experiencing could get considerably worse in the months ahead.

Poison Jab injuries. On last Wednesdays UK column news, in the last 30 minutes of the program. They discuss the latest response to there requests for information from the MHRA, regarding the vaccine injuries and deaths. UK column have been doing a fantastic job over the last year, putting pressure on the MHRA and goverment to respond to their requests for information and to explain what they are doing to help victims of these lethal injections. { My words not theirs}. Several weeks ago, one of their team spoke to Jeromy Hunt himself, who promised on a zoom call that he would make sure they got the answers they were looking for and that he would hold the MHRA to account. Not surprisingly, but outrageously, the response that finally came was a letter several pages long, which was packed with propaganda and irrelevant information. But which didn’t answer a single question that was put to them.

Those who have been fake vaccinated with this vile concoction, may be interested in a new website that has been set up for Jab victims. Discussed in the the first 30 minutes of todays UK column news program.


The website states that they aim to give support, offer advice and help where possible to give information to people who have concerns about Jab injuries. Iv had a quick look and the site may prove useful. I was hoping to find some information on their regarding possible treatments to help with the effects of the Jabs. I didn’t find anything, but they have only just set up. And state that they will be expanding the website in the days ahead. I’m not offering any advice regarding the possible treatment of injuries. But there are various detoxification processes, that in the past have had very positive effects with ridding the body of toxins and in some cases even radiation poisoning. I have no idea whether such treatments would help with the fake vaccines. But if it was me i would be looking for help in this direction, as well as using various spiritual healing practices.

There is a film that has just been released about the subject of Jab injuries, in which the victims speak out. This film seems to be along the lines of Jackie Deevoys ” A good death? ”. Clips of the film can be seen on the above website, and i understand that the full film is now on bitchute. My best wishes to anyone who has been injured as a result of these injections. I only hope that those who were coerced or thought they were doing the right thing, and as a result haver suffered, will eventfully see some better health and find some justice.

Urban Fox

In 2008 i was very overweigh, after being pretty slim for most of my life. Until then i had never done any exercise apart from going about my normal routine. But i had never consciously, deliberately exercised. I started exercising just a few minute per day, and gradually built up to around 3 hours. Walking, exercise stepper, yoga and mixed marshal arts. I also recorded all my calories, which is very easy to do these days with the internet and labeled packaging. {Where the calories are shown to be different, estimate by going for the middle}. Over 2 years i lost around 8 stone, and if anything was underweight. So its important to get the balance right.

Though cutting out certain foods can help with some people, as can the times that we eat. For me personally it made no difference. But from a purely physical perspective, calories in, verses calories expended by exercise is what matters. Again with the internet, it is very easy to see how many calories are expended by which exercise you are doing and for how long. If a person is taking on more calories than they are expending they will put on weight. And vise versa. If the balance is about equal, than weight will stay the same. Richie is spot on about gradually cutting back on things. This applies to absolutely anything a person wants to cut down or stop, including alcohol and drugs. Its the most likely way to stop or cut back for good. Cutting anything to quickly, is always counter productive and rarely works.

There are certain foods, that though they contain fairly high calories. They go through the body quicker, such as nuts and avocados. Meaning they dont seem to effect weight the same as other foods with the same calories. Also there are physiological reasons why some people put on weight. To do with the glands or side effects of certain medication. But in the vast majority of cases. It is down to calorie intake, verses calories expended, regardless of other factors.

Over the last two years the Tyranny and lockdowns has had a massive impact on peoples health and well being. The physical and psychological connection between health and ill health including being overweight can not be ignored, as they are unavoidable. When we are less happy we will tend to put on more weight and in general just be less healthy, than if we’re happier. Someone on TV quipped, that after lockdowns, people were going to emerge as lumps, hunks or drunks. I think for many this turned out to be true. With a handful of people possibly becoming healthier, but most drinking and eating more and becoming chunkier.

But putting on weight for many will be the least of their problems. If we want to talk about threats to our health. What about the installing of smart meters in everyone’s home, emitting up to 200 times the radiation of a mobile phone. Or the proposed contamination of the water supply with Fluoride. What about puting the masses under house arrest the last two years. Terrifying them into wearing face masks, which can cause Hypoxia and Hypercapnia. The latter being to much carbon dioxide being breathed in. The former being not enough oxygen intake, which can amongst other things increase the risk of cancer. Or cause cancer cells to grow more quickly. As cancer cells thrive where there is less oxygen. The cancer charities may like to think about this, when they have been supporting the insanity of cancer patients wearing face masks, at the time when they need as much oxygen as they can get, not less. Then there is the increase in all health problems over the last two years, due to increased hospital waiting lists. It is impossible to estimate how many this has killed so far. Just as its impossible to tell how many are going to die from the effects of the fake vaccines in the months and years ahead. One only has to look at the vaccine injury’s reporting systems. Then multiply by the recommended 10 times to see the mass killings that have taken place so far. If those controlling things get their way, many wont get the chance to die from illnesses caused by being overweigh. As they wont be able to afford to eat. But not to worry, as there is always death from Midazolam, DNR, Electro magnetic radiation, Hypoxia, Hypercapnia or lethal injection to help people on their way.

Having said all that, its imperative that those who can see what’s happening. Do all we can to stay as healthy as possible. By looking as best we can after our health, both physically and mentally. Eating more healthier and exercising and staying as positive as possible, though at time’s its certainly an uphill struggle. But lets not give those controlling things the satisfaction of us dyeing to soon. Rather lets take back control where we can, continually being a thorn in their side.

Urban Fox

I was a right fat fox, : }


From fatty Fox to tyranny detox and preventative measures to quell the bollocks.
Good luck and thank you for the insight, a good hard look at the way things shouldn’t be for anyone including me.

Ha, ha, all the best.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nev
Urban Fox

Thanks Nev, The kitchen in the lair flooded. I called the plumber, and he said that they dont normally come out to fox lairs. But when i told him i was the urban fox, he recognized my name, as he is a Richie Allen listener. So he said he was happy to make an exception in my case. I’m just going to have a brew and chill, whilst waiting for the cavalry.


Sounds like an event and I hope the cavalry won.

Dean Smith

Look at the Americans


That’s because our foods are been spiked with sweetener. Almost everything in the supermarket as sweetener.


I spent time composing my story on this and it disappeared ??? Not re writing it

Urban Fox

Hi Toney. Sorry about the disappearing posts, its happened to me before. Sometimes iv had notice’s saying awaiting approval, other times, its just vanished after a few minutes. My accounts vanished 3 times as well since January 2021. I think its a combination of tec glitches and outside interference from the authorities. Who have admitted that they are interfering with certain online content in the so called public interest. Iv found there are ways to minimize the problems. Sometimes changing a particular word will mean the post go’s through. Or if the system wont allow a particular post, sometimes all it takes is the removal of a full stop. As it registers it as a different post. Also sometimes logging out of the account and back in again will do the trick. Iv spent 2 or 3 hours on posts before and they have gone. But what i do now, is i copy before i post. By using the copy and paste feature. And i also save it, if i think its important enough. Have a good weekend Fox.


I do something similar to what you do when posting most of the time. I write posts in a text editor then past as a post.

Urban Fox

Hi Nev, how’s things.?


Hi Mr. Fox, I am well, hope you are also, I didn’t start exercising till lock downs started, long walks that lasted all day, now I got a camera outside my house and one at the end of the road on the other side of the house but I have also found a way past them. All the best.

Urban Fox

About average thanks. On the exercise and health topic. I’m not doing most of what i was previously, that i talk about in the above post. Had a leg injury and operation in 2019. Still getting over, though much better than i was. But now mainly exercise stepper. Started eating to much sweet stuff because of the scam demic as well. Haven’t drank for years, which is good. I should get out in the park more ,like yourself. There is a big park near me. And i nice church garden. Only been in them once this year, which is shocking. Have a good weekend.


Yip that has happened to me as well more than a couple of times, it is infuriating and I don’t buy the reasoning either. Before anyone calls me, like Mr Fox might do, I do not mean that they are telling lies or making excuses. I mean that I have a bit of knowledge about web sites and stuff so think that the site it’s self has bugs in it from the coding. I know Richie likes the bloke who built the web site and I do myself from interviews but still I think the coding is the issue.


They should stop putting hidden sugar in so many things and I know that some of the ingredients they put in ready meals, which some people live on, are very fattening.


Yip, they changed the type of sugar to fructose which apparently blocks the mechanism that tells you that you are full so in the case of fruit it encourages the eating of more and benefits the plant because more seeds are potentially exposed. That is why it has crept into almost everything on the sly to encourage over eating, honestly you couldn’t make it up.


I stopped eating bread and have not felt so good in a long time but it might be a Psychosomatic outcome. What isn’t Psychosomatic is the fact that I have gone from 16 stone to 13 and perhaps it is that making me feel better. The reasons I stopped eating bread was not because I wanted to loose weight or feel better it was because I can’t find out why they put chicken feathers in bread and I wanted to reduce Lectins in my food because they are a problem and there are higher quantities in seeds which is what grain is.

I have just found out that they put chicken feathers and human hair into bread to extend shelf life with amino acids. L-Cysteine – found in chicken feathers and human hair is an amino acid used to prolong shelf-life in products.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nev

I didn’t know about the feathers and the hair, my goodness. I get my bread from a small bakery that make their own, I would never buy supermarket bread. If the bakery closed down I would make my own, it’s not really that difficult to make.


Yes, I looked in the past but could not find anything about it then, I could not imagine why they would be putting stuff like feathers in bread. I looked it up again before I posted what I had written and found something that said feathers and human hair. It also said that small local bakers don’t do it, only large producers so your local bread probably does not contain feathers because it also said it is not in the flower. As I said my concern was Lectins mostly and the feathers.

Great advice for people Richie. You look awesome mate! Cheers from William in Florida!!

Richie C

Kinda doubt it. Hard to become obese on a diet of insects 👀


This is a complex issue. Although it’s obvious there are more obese people than there used to be there is also a tsunami of eating disorders, especially anorexia in young folk. Anorexia is far more deadly than being overweight. I also don’t trust the figures. They are weighing kids at school who are perfectly normal for their bone structure and telling them, via their parents, that they are overweight. This is dangerous and stupid. Also, a friend of mine who has looked the same for fifty years and in my opinion not at all fat was recently told by a nurse that he is overweight and must change his lifestyle. He told her where to get off! I don’t agree with Richie’s method either although it’s up to him obviously. Why deprive yourself of chocolate if you enjoy it? Why deprive yourself of a nice late evening snack if you fancy it? And no way would i give up sugar. What have i done wrong to have to punish myself? Along with the exercise just cut back slightly on your daily intake overall. Be patient and accept a very slow (and more sustainable) weight loss. I notice Richie didn’t mention booze! Give it up completely and enjoy a bar of chocolate each day instead!


I agree with you, no way am I giving up chocolate or the odd glass of wine. I walk a lot and that keeps the weight off. I believe that exercise is more important than diet when it comes to weight loss. When I broke my foot I ate like a sparrow but obviously had no exercise and piled on the pounds but when I was able to exercise but was eating more I lost weight.


Now that was a sermon.

But it may be a moot point. If the food shortages continue, or even worsen, obesity may cease to be a concern.
Besides, it could easily be argued that obese people are not doing their bit to save the planet…

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