Ohio Offers Cash Prizes In Lottery To Boost Vaccine Uptake!

The state of Ohio is pulling out all the stops when it comes to increasing vaccine uptake. The state has launched a lottery. Five lucky recipients of covid-19 vaccines will each win $1 million.

There will be five weekly draws and it’s for adults only. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is hoping the scheme will boost the flagging uptake of jabs. It would appear that Ohio residents aren’t thrilled about playing Russian Roulette with their lives.

DeWine said that the lottery would be paid for by coronavirus relief funds from the federal government. Desperate times call for desperate measures eh? Meanwhile, vaccine uptake is proving problematic in the EU too. According to The Telegraph:

More than a quarter of adults in the European Union would be unlikely to take the Covid-19 vaccine when it was offered to them, a survey published on Thursday showed.

The results also suggested a strong link between vaccine hesitancy and the use of social media, particularly where social media is the main source of information, according to Eurofound which carried out the survey.

“Unfortunately, these findings reflect a failure to deliver persuasive and clear communication regarding the efficacy and safety of vaccines,” said Daphne Ahrendt, Eurofound senior research manager.

Bulgarians were the most reluctant to get the vaccine, with 67 per cent of adults saying they were unlikely or very unlikely to get it.

Go Bulgaria! That’s impressive. It’s hardly surprising that they’re blaming social media for vaccine hesitancy. Be warned, the censorship has only just begun. Watch the UK government’s Online Harms Bill closely.

When they start fining the social media giants (or banning them), for not taking down posts by so called anti-vaxxers, the censorship at that point will make you think  that we lived in a free-speech Utopia in 2021.

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There is that urine stench of desperation again. A million dollar lottery. Here in Arizona the freeway signs (Amber Alert) are set with a new message every few days. They’re claiming 5 millions shots and that we should join the club. The punch line is that two weeks ago it was 3 million. The governor of Ohio has been a special kind of New World Order asshole over the last year. The part I don’t get is that he is Republican. Ohioans have a special hatred for him now. Is it Delawarians or Delawarites? Only Jim Ignatowski knows for sure. Now it appears that vaxxed people don’t have to wear masks. They just keep stirring up the shit pot. I can’t wait for the first fartknocker that asks to see my vaccine card. Oh I can’t wait.

Hermione Granger

Risk you life for a fiver /???


‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: Vaccinating Children and Teens ‘Will Not End Well’ + More.
This week, Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) president, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” cover the latest COVID headlines, including New York’s plan to vaccinate tourists, Novavax’s COVID-flu combo vaccine and Utah’s first case of a male Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipient developing a blood clot.

Mary and Polly also discuss the growing call for COVID booster shots, the plan to use schools as vaccination sites in order to overcome “vaccine hesitancy” and Brazil’s decision to stop using AstraZeneca after the death of a pregnant woman, linked to the vaccine.

(some excellent info on the slow down of “vaccine” uptake by adults hence the push for giving them to children)


I wonder how many people have had the vaccine in the UK,government says the uptake is huge?In any event Sage tossers are saying with new variants emerging?Vaccines may well be ineffective,anyway just wait until october with Johnson saying Winter could be horrific with Covid variants,more lockdowns here we come?but will the public tolerate more of what we have had?Everything is just a confused mess.


I think that the number is not as big as they state.

Gene Hunt

I see Eric “slowhand” Clapton has issued a statement saying how he regrets having the jab, and if he’d known then what he knows now etc……


Some of the commentary here ties in nicely with the UK government’s plans to, next year, assess the lockdown measures.
I suspect that one of the areas they will focus on will be the ‘spread of misinformation’ and how to tackle that going forward.
And if that happens it would strongly suggest that the so-called pandemic has been little more than an exercise in identifying weak spots and sources of resistance to the oligarch take over.
We have another nine years before reaching their important date of 2030. Things are going to get worse. Much worse.
Or, I’m wrong – and I’ll be very happy to be wrong.


This morning I had a call from a very polite young man from a immunisation office asking if I would take part in a survey about the convid. I was half asleep and thought he was pushing for me to take the jab. I said I’m not having the vaccine and declined after about seven texts. Apparently he’s not pushing for me to take to the poison but asking questions for the government. I just said it’s too soon for taking the vaccine and said I didn’t want to do the survey. Now I’m fully alert I wish I’d taken the survey to see what the questions were. I wonder if others who are not taking the jab are getting these calls. He knew my name so it wasn’t some random call.


Could it have been one of these calls?

We have received reports of scam calls and texts relating to the coronavirus, or Covid-19.

Scammers are calling home phones and sending text messages to mobile phones, which contain misinformation or could leave you out of pocket if you fall victim.

Some calls and texts claim to be from the Government, your GP’s surgery, the NHS, or even the World Health Organisation (WHO).

In the calls, a recorded message or caller will claim to be contacting you about the coronavirus. They might offer a test for the virus, a treatment or cure, or might offer to discuss your medical needs.

However, these calls are designed to encourage you to either speak to an operator, or press a button on your phone for more information.

If you speak to an operator, you could be at risk of giving them your personal information or your financial details, which could result in identity theft or financial loss.
If you press a button on your phone you could be connected to a high-cost premium number, leaving you liable for a significant call cost.


Hi Jacob, it was a person who asked for me by christian and surname. I worked in a bank for over eighteen years and would never offer any personal details. I’ll never know now if it was a scam as I stopped the call because I was tired 😆.


It could be a scam as Jacob has highlighted; or it could be just another cold-calling company that have bought your details.
I get a lot of those (as I’m sure everyone does), and they always start with, “Hello, is that Craig?”.
That informal approach by a stranger is guaranteed to put my back up.
On a few occasions I have immediately thrown questions back at them without confirming my identity, and they carried on regardless.
They get filed under ‘moron’ in my head.


I never entertain calls as I think you can tell they’re scammers but not everyone sees it I suppose.


I heard that you recently was involved in an accident.
I always answer Yes.
Which gets me transferred to someone asking the details of the accident.
I reply “I was riding down the bypass on a trumpet with a carpet on the wheels and the rubber toaster I bought is not working and I scratched someone’s car”.
They cut the call off.




After receiving a letter and repeated text messages to go for a vaccination I then started receiving text messages asking me to go for a free Covid test. I have declined them all however the NHS are apparently not yet ready to give up.
Today I received an SMS inviting me to an online zoom meeting regarding mental health. The text explained this is a presentation given by mental health professionals to help people deal with the effects of Covid and lockdown. They sent a link to sign up for this online event so now they clearly think I might be mentally ill. The people at work haven’t stopped laughing about this all day as I was at work when the text arrived. Maybe I could set a precedent by being the first person in the UK detained via a zoom call under Sect 2 of the Mental Health act 1983 for a 28 day hospital assessment (a 28 day laydown is the old legal term). This whole situation is getting completely surreal.


That’s really scary. I wouldn’t trust any of their loony zoom meetings. It feels like they’re gunning for us or maybe I’m just paranoid 😆

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