Only 494 Covid Patients In Irish Hospitals – But No End To Lockdown

The Irish State broadcaster RTE is reporting this morning that there are less than 500 coronavirus patients in the country’s hospitals. The exact figure is 494. However, Ireland’s scientific advisers will hear no talk of lifting restrictions and the Irish media is silent.

There were 508 cases in hospitals on January 1st. The Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) claims that the number rose during January to a peak of 2,020 cases on 18 January, the highest number seen in hospitals during any of the three waves in Ireland.

This morning, there are only 115 patients with Covid-19 in intensive care units. Despite this, the Chair of the  National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET), Professor Philip Nolan said today;

“The wave we’ve just had, that huge burden of disease is coming to an end, the impact on the hospitals is coming to an end. But all we have done is dealt with that problem. We need to keep going in terms of bringing the case numbers down further to give us options for the future.”

Ireland’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Ronan Glynn, said that parents should wear masks while dropping their children off at school.  Irish  schools began a phased reopening yesterday. It is not formally recommended that children under 13 should wear a mask, he said, but any child who wants to wear a mask should not be discouraged.

Glynn told RTE that the issue of younger children wearing masks will be discussed by NPHET this week. As things stand only secondary school pupils must wear masks in class. I am amazed that there has been such little resistance to it from Irish parents.

These totally unnecessary tyrannical restrictions are all about applying maximum pressure on people to take vaccines that they do NOT need and that may very well do them serious harm. The media in Ireland is as inept and as corrupt as it is here in the UK.



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I sent my Normie friends an article saying there has been Zero cases of flu in the entire UK this year…….crickets.
They’re reaction to the Garda beating the living snot out of anyone they could reach on Grafton Street last week “Mill the silly C*#ts”.
This whole covid thing had been a real eye opener. Some people will never see things for what they are.
I fear a world war now. More than enough plebs to obey and fall for the propaganda.

Last edited 1 month ago by WoodvaleWarrior

Circa fifty thousand on the entire planet in a critical condition from some kind of cold or flu bug(ref latest Hopkins Covid propaganda!)..

It ain’t Sars Cov 2, cos if that ‘cold/flu’ bug ever existed to begin with, it’s a biological impossibility that it could still be circulating now… (Simply not possible!)

Don’t ask me what Covid 19 is??
Seriously… Wtf is this??
(Think about that one!!) 🤔

Running a temperature for a few days, a few aches and pains , maybe a cough… just like every other dose you’ve ever had!!
(And this is somehow now a life threatening disease!!! Eh??? Seriously??)

So let’s call it Covid wtf!!
(Cos it’s a nonsense too!!)

And we know the PCR is a nonense when utilised in the way these fear mongering vultures have used it by way of drastically over cycling!!
(So that nullifies finding anything in anything using this method!)

Anyway… Back to the fifty thousand unfortunate on the planet now in a critical condition from a dose of whatever(tf!!)!!.
(At its worse Covid wtf never went much above 100 thousand!)

So “”fifty thousand”” critical now today, many of whom will pull through and survive as they always do…

(And remember it ain’t Sars 2 or Covid WTF — cos that dose is gone from circulation now!! — gone — long gone!!)

..from a global population of

Seven thousand eight hundred times a “‘MILLION!!”‘

You do the maths!!!




“Covid WTF!!”

Has a ring to it doesn’t it!!



Well I can give you a more accurate figure on how many covid19 patients there are here – zero, zilch, nada, niente, none. There has been no kickback about children wearing masks in schools here which has been happening since last September. I agree with you Richie, it is totally astonishing.

I was talking to one of the few awake families around here on my walk yesterday and they said if they get the opportunity they want to get out of Ireland and I feel exactly the same.

Wes Baker

Come to the Deep South. We have the same population densities as Ireland but with non of the bullshit lockdown malarky. And people, outside the major metropolitan areas, could give a flying fig whether you wear a mask. I’ve never worn one and never been asked to. Anywhere.


Patients?.. lol, a positive case does not an ill person make…

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