Pol Potbelly Turned The UK Into A Totalitarian State In A Year

Twelve months ago, the UK was a country where people were (mostly) left to get on with their lives, unless they had committed a crime. Now, the government is asking citizens to prove that they are not infected and to carry a licence that will allow them to participate in society.

Boris Johnson’s government wants every man, woman and child in the country to take two coronavirus tests a week, because he wants to locate the virus in asymptomatic people. There is zero evidence that asymptomatic people transmit covid-19 or any other virus.

Citizens who attempt to leave the country “without a valid reason” can expect to be detained and fined thousands of pounds. Church-goers can expect tooled-up police officers to break up their prayers and fine them for worshipping. 2DC9A0EF-F06E-4063-B67F-5F623DD827F2.jpeg

For over a year now, the government has dictated where we can and cannot go and who we can and cannot meet. Tens of thousands of seniors have been condemned to die miserable lonely deaths in care homes, wait for it, for their protection.

Children have been terrorised by “don’t kill granny” ad campaigns. As a result of this and being locked up and kept away from their friends for a year, psychologists are warning of a children’s “mental health tsunami.”

Business owners have been forced to shut their doors and to stand by, while the companies they built from scratch go bust. When some shop owners disobeyed, they were handcuffed, arrested and taken to their local police station to be fined.

The Coronavirus Act 2020, contains within it, provisions for Public Health Officers to enter people’s homes and transport them to a government facility, if they suspect that they are infected and not cooperating with stay at home orders.

The Orwellian act was recently renewed until October, despite the fact that hospitals were never overwhelmed and that overall, deaths for any reason are lower in 2021 (so far), than in the same period last year.

Secondary school children have been coerced into wearing facemasks during classes, despite two recent peer-reviewed studies that show many of the masks contain harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde. Children don’t contract covid-19 and they don’t pass it on.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is being advised by a small group of doom-mongering scientists (collectively known as SAGE), who believe that coronavirus measures will be with us for years to come.

Tens of thousands of scientists, many of them eminently more qualified than Whitty, Vallance and the rest of the SAGE rabble, have been barred from the national airwaves, because they profoundly disagree with lockdowns and mass vaccination programmes.

The media has become the propaganda wing of number 10 Downing Street.

Very soon, as I mentioned at the beginning of this piece, UK citizens will require a renewable licence to allow them to participate in society. The UK is a totalitarian state now. Boris Johnson went from promising us a bright and prosperous future outside the EU in 2019, to turning the UK into a police state in 2020.

But of course he couldn’t have done it if there was any political opposition to it. There has been none. The Labour Party, which laughably describes itself as a Socialist Party and the party of the working class, has backed the government every step of the way.

When Keir Starmer has criticised the government, it was to demand tougher and faster measures. “I’ll see your tyranny and raise it,” is Starmer’s stock response to anything proposed by Johnson.

Only non-violent mass civil-disobedience can save the UK now.

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Alex Romero

Amazing how many actually believe removing the fat blonde one or having any other party would change things. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt since the beginning of this scam, 6 banking families control the worlds resources and almost all governments, including policy. Democracy my arse.


Can you imagine waking up in the morning and then spending the day without an original thought in your head? Just going about your daily routine of being told what to think by the telly or radio, and only having conversations with friends & colleagues that are about the new netflix series or wondering when we’ll finally be ‘safe’.
That’s modern Britain. No longer a nation of brave, freedom loving warriors. Instead a nation of pussys – even the men walk round looking like their chins are having a period!
We’ve allowed this. Too comfortable, too materialistic. A nation of botoxed, deformed narcissists with dinghy lips taking continuous selfies to make sure they still exist.
Politicians aren’t to blame. They only use the power we give them. It’s starting to look as though the only way to safe our society might be to destroy it first.


Nicely put. It is said that good times create weak men (many great empires have been flushed into the WC of History due to the excesses of the likes of a Nero or a Comodus) Perhaps this is part of the current cycle?


That’s absolutely true I’ve just been reading a book about the Royal Navy’s somewhat underwhelming performance at the World War One battle of Jutland against the German navy who despite ultimately running away managed to give them a bloody nose for their trouble. The much anticipated Edwardian Trafalgar victory never quite materialised despite the Royal Navy’s massively superior numbers and the recriminations, blame and disputes that followed were truly nasty and vicious.
The 100 years of peace following Nelson victory at Trafalgar with no serious opposition other then minor colonial skirmishes had turned the worlds greatest navy into an administrative bureaucratic inefficient and flabby organisation that simply dropped the ball when the big day finally arrived against a highly competent and determined enemy. They tried to blame the ships but the real failure was the type of box ticking commanders they had put in charge many of whom had gained their promotion due to the patronage of the Royal Family by serving on the Royal Yacht Squadron. Queen Victoria or King Edward could always be relied upon to put in a good word to the Admiralty promotion board if they took a shine to you. The US Navy is now worried that the same malaise is now rife within their own senior ranks (just look at all their ship collisions and mishaps). The box tickers always ultimately gain the upper hand in these large organisation and it all goes to rat shit.

Alex Romero

The blame must surely rest with those who seek power in order to control others.


Most Americans have no real grasp of how much farther along the UK is than we are. This was all planned a long time ago by people just like David Rockefeller and his lineage. John Rockefeller didn’t invest money in pharma and medical universities because he cares. It was always about control. Now it’s also about the population and freedom. We have had little windows of freedom but we were never really free under human rule. Now they are just making it more obvious and yet there are still stupid people who don’t get it.


Kevin, I’ve grown more and more disappointed at some of my comedy heroes such as Chris Rock, Bill Burr and Ricky Gervais not only acquiecing but in some cases actively rolling up their sleeves, promoting and volunteering for a shot of the Devil’s Urine. If you have time go to Brand New Tube and type All wars are Bankers wars; it’s fascinating and well researched documentary, and answers a great many questions.


What is Johnstien’s name, who is He?
Alexander, Boris, DePeffle, Johnstone…
What is His nationality? American? Middle Eastern Tribe? Turkish? Askenasty?
Who the Hell is He, does He even know Himself?
Pol Potbelly is a good one, although I expect that the real Pol Pot was stonger on issues of Humanity and freedom…

I want to share with You All something beautiful:
Freedom! Freedom from Fear!

This is how it’s done(!)

**”Gestapo Not Allowed Here!” Viral Video Shows Canadian Pastor Barring ‘Covid Police’ From Entering Church**”Over Easter weekend, one pastor in Alberta had enough, and his filmed standoff with police as they sought entry into his church has now gone viral


“…Please get out, get out of this property, immediately get out,” Pawlowski yelled as no less than six police officers planted themselves at the entrance to his church. “Get out of this property immediately…”
Complete story HERE:


He went into full Father Merrin played by Max von Sydow in The Exorcist…”The power of Christ compells you”.

Tim in Brazil

Pol Potbelly. Love it.


Orwell — ‘A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices’


We may never get the chance to vote again – I have a dark vision of the suspension of elections due to the Shamdemic,

Alex Romero

They’re victims of their own ignorance to be fair.


As we say in Belfast he has as many faces as the Albert clock in his case As many as Big Ben

Stephen Hardy

Very well written piece Richie! Succinctly describes the UK’s nightmarish descent into a fascist, totalitarian police state over the last twelve months or so. And all achieved without a shot being fired! Enslavement of the masses by their own meek, supine acceptance of arbitrary, asinine rules and “guidance”. It’s an obvious statement to make, but we are where we are NOW, because there was little or no push back THEN.

Urban fox

Very well said, spot on.


Excellent piece there BBG


Among the old myths and legends, worldwide, are stories warning against wishing for something from the deities. ‘Be careful what you wish for’ is the common refrain: because all of those stories relate how normal people wish for things in loose terms, rather than in a manner that, say, a lawyer would make a wish, and find themselves being stitched up.
So, take Socialism. The main goal of socialists is social reform. This sounds good. It sounds noble. And it can be. But what we are seeing happening to society today is social reform. It might not be what people envisaged or wanted – but it is what people asked for.

Be careful what you wish for. Very, very careful.

Alex Romero

The real aims of the agenda are disguised with clever word salad, like ‘sustainable development’, doublespeak for depopulation, and ‘vibrancy’, meaning dull monoculture.



Urban fox

Good summary Richie, and once again, thanks for your work in trailing through the dire news headlines over the last year. So that we don’t have to suffer the stinking propaganda, that accompanies it, on both radio and television 📺and in the papers, and for managing to keep your humour at the same time!.
The MSM has betrayed the people of the United kingdom. As it has in every country. Of course the UK is anything other than United. It is now divided into the believers and non believers. The believers being the majority, that have swallowed the media propaganda, on behalf of the one 🌎world government. Hook,line ,sinker , along with a fake plague,harmful dirty masks, “Gates baby cell poison”, fake testing and fascist “freedom” passes. ”
Along with a handful of others such as , David Icke , Piers Corbyn, Dr Vernon Coleman , UK collum news, Various scientists and people who have been brave enough to speak out in the medical 🚑 profession. You have been the voices of sanity , amongst the insane. And the voices of truth, amongst Liars,murderers and traitors.

As Neo said ” I don’t know how this is going to end”.
But I do know, if it comes to it.
“We should not go quietly into the night, we should not lie down and die without a fight, we must go on”

We must do whatever we can to disrupt the evil agenda of these monsters in suits,including non compliance at every opportunity.

As I said at Easter , I hope and pray that the non believers in this madness and false covid religion. Can find a way to turn the tide and start afresh. And start to rise from the ashes of the last 12 months, like the proverbial Phoenix.

As the owner of a bankrupt tin mine,that had suffered a” cave in ” in Cornwall, during the Napoleonic Wars wrote. On the outside of his mine.

RESURGAT ( We will rise again )

Web Ferrett

Hi Fox, I don’t think ‘believers’ are in the majority. I speak to many out in public who simply wear masks to avoid hassle, but don’t believe the propaganda. Similarly, I don’t believe the numbers reported that have been vaccinated from MSM, many I know refuse to take the jab, hence we see the propaganda pushed to try and encourage more to take it – ask yourself why they are pushing lower and lower age groups now?


Nice piece, very true. I don’t know how Richie copes with listening to and reading so much of the msm. Just listening to the clips he plays does my blood pressure no good at all.

The arthritis wasn’t too bad yesterday so I went for a long walk to some moorland which the sheep wander over. It was very cold but it was good to get away from the maskomania round where I live. I met some walkers and there was no distancing, no masks and normal conversation – bliss.

Web Ferrett

Hi Jennie – for your arthritis, may I suggest you try CBD oil in capsule form (Holland & Barrett) – one a day and you will find it really sorts it out. I wait till they have their penny sale (buy one get the other for a penny) and buy loads 🙂


Thank you for that. Can’t leave the village at the moment to get any but will make a note of it.

Web Ferrett

No problem – note, it will take about 4-5 days for it to start working from when you start taking it 🙂 – CBD oil is great for many ailments.

Urban fox

Hi ,thanks Jennie, appreciate that. Good you got out. Main place I go for walk now is nearby park and a church garden I found near by it last March.Went there Sat and sunday. Lots people park, loads masks saturday, tottaly insane. Sunday not many masks. Church garden always nice and quite. Hope speak soon, Fox x

Web Ferrett

“Only non-violent mass civil-disobedience can save the UK now.” – I think you are right Richie
Government are two sides of the same coin, hence no opposition to ANY party in power – they just play at giving the illusion accept the charade.
Only civil disobediance will stop all this – in fact it would NOT actually be disobedience, for the ‘rules’ (laws) they try to impose are totally unlawful to we the people – they would only apply if we accept we are their ‘property’, but we are all FREE men & women.


BRAVO….Well said. I think a way forward is the Romanian model of early morning spontaneous protests. There is an air of ‘a cordial agreement’ with the Met; who now have time to prep and set overtime schedules etc for the 24th. We need to ramp up the pressure and push them harder. What we’re expericing now is a coup d’etat – and we need to PUT IT DOWN – HARD.


All done using the legal system and the policy enforcement officers.


This may be of some use to you – n the United Kingdom, a warrant card is evidence of a constable’s sworn attestation. The power of a constable is in the person and not the warrant card (with the exception of a few services not sworn in by the Police Act 1996 or the Police (Scotland) Act 1967). A constable still holds the power to make an arrest off-duty and without a warrant card. However, force policy usually dictates police officers in plain clothes are required to identify themselves and produce their warrant card when they are performing their police duties and exercising their police powers, so long as it is practicable to do so (for example, not necessarily if the person they are arresting is being violent). Generally, police officers are required to produce their warrant card when requested, even in uniform, but only if it is practicable.


COVID-19 Test kits (300215) imports by country in 2017 (!!!)
United Kingdom ($6,291,366.96K

I’m unable to post a link here, click on my name for the details. it’s the top post there for now.
Ask “your” MP what the feck?!


Good find. In years gone by the msm would have been all over this, they are a disgrace to the name of journalism these days.

Gene Hunt

And the MSM are playing us like a fiddle!…… Not that any of us here believe their BS

Web Ferrett

MSM are not the ones playing us like a fiddle, they are just publishing what they are told to do so by our government. MSM do absolutely no journalism at all – they are simply the megaphone for the tyrannical communist style dictatorship we now have as a ‘government’. Every MSM outlet repeats exactly the same narrative – all in lockstep and perfectly obvious to those awake!

Gene Hunt

Agreed up to a point. But all our info comes via the MSM (well, info we’re meant to listen too), and they are up to their necks in it too. But if you want to put it like that, our government aren’t playing us either, as quite evidently, Borris & Co are not making the decisions, but “people”, “organisations” who we have no knowledge of, are the real puppet masters………

Web Ferrett

The REAL puppet masters of ALL this global tyranny are in fact the Pirbright Institute (UK based) – they dictate and control EVERYTHING – I have been researching this for well over a decade. The ‘next step’ they are going for here in the UK is roll out of a communist style credit score system, hence the covid passports push.
This video tells you all you need to know about the passports and what really is behind them from Tech CEO (on our side)

Gene Hunt

Very unsettling yet fascinating vid, Web. Thanks for posting. Definitely a must see for everyone………

Web Ferrett

A very good channel to watch, if you are interested, is “Waking The Future” on brandnewtube, they cover the news both States side and the UK and bring you news you will not see in MSM. Each video is short (around 15mins) so easily digestible but very informative.

Last edited 9 days ago by Web Ferrett

This is horrific but thank you for sharing. I’ve never heard of the Pirbright Institute, I’ll have to look into it

Web Ferrett

Hi Jennie, American Intelligence Media and their audio section AIM4Truth have done some fantastic investigative work in establishing the links of many companies and institutions (The Mike & Doug Show) – well worth a listen.Their last one regarding the Pirbright Institution & Pilgrims Society was
January 8, 2021.
Main page link is:
Specific audio link page: – and scroll down to January 8, 2021 to find the recording.
They no longer do these audio files as they have now migrated to GAB – but I hope you find their hard work of interest? 🙂


On the back of a health risk no worse than any other year’s flu, the Govt has folk walking around in surgical masks, afraid of their fellow human beings and queuing up to be injected with experimental gene-editing drugs. Using a melange of statistical and psychological propaganda, that Goebbels was yet to develop, they’ve induced a state of mass psychosis. A veil of fear has descended over the nation, logic and reason have been discarded in the panic, replaced with a flight response to every utterance from the bad actors peddling the high command’s narrative. New terrifying information is conjured on demand to move the herd towards its inevitable destination, a technological debtor’s prison.

These debts won’t repay themselves. While thinking the thoughts provided by the msm and playing along with the pretense, too timid to speak out from the safety of the group, each day that passes cements the new normal in the minds of the unthinking. In addition to the digital tag, the tracked and traced prisoners are being required to carry papers to prove their mental status, most eager for another shot to combat the impending winter health crisis. Turning back would be so daunting, unravelling that misplaced faith would be such a slog, so inevitably the march to tyranny trudges on. Slavery has never been so easy, almost painless, when you refuse to acknowledge the chains that imprison you.

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