Police Are Recording Polite Letters As Hate Crime Incidents

An 85 year-old retired teacher who wrote a polite letter to a woman in which he disagreed with her stance on abortion, was told by police that the “hate incident” would go on his record.

Douglas Kedge was defending parents rights to abort a foetus with Down’s Syndrome. Last November, Kedge wrote to a woman who was leading a public protest against an episode of Emmerdale in which a couple chose to abort their baby after it was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome.

In the letter he told the woman that he respected her feelings on the matter, but said that there were other perfectly decent people” who, when an early diagnosis was given, took the view that they did not wish to cope with “what could well be for them an appalling change in their lives”.

He wrote; “You disgracefully suggest that the reason for the inclusion of this situation in the script is a deliberate attempt to perpetuate prejudice against Down’s syndrome children”. He pointed out that the episode included another couple who rejoiced in their child with Down’s.

Kedge was horrified to receive a call from a police officer after the woman reported the letter as a hate crime. The officer accepted that the letter was cordial and in no way disrespectful, but told Kedge that a record would be created in line with hate crime guidance.

The retired teacher is worried that he may be unable to volunteer at his local school. He told The Times newspaper:

“I’m worried that I will have to explain to the school that I’m not a criminal. It is so serious if this can happen to anyone who writes a perfectly polite and reasonable letter disagreeing with someone else’s point of view.”

According to The Times:

He (Kedge) is one of 120,000 people in the past five years whose behaviour was reported to police and recorded as a hate incident when it did not reach the criminal threshold.

Priti Patel, the home secretary, has asked the College of Policing to review the policy which is based on Home Office rules, guidance and legislation.

In a letter to the college, Patel said that she was concerned that the recording of hate incidents could ruin lives if they show up on enhanced vetting checks.


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The hate crime is the murder of the baby.


I had a similar situation in a workplace, a couple of years ago. I sent a polite email to a colleague who had taken objection to me and said person reported me for bullying and harassment. And the company upheld the claim.


We are without doubt through the looking glass. I don’t recognise this country or it’s people anymore. I have friends who I no longer plan to see simply because they won’t cope with an ‘unvaxxed’ acquaintance. Also, I struggle being around people who have gone for this shit hook, line and sinker.
I’m in genuine shock and am still trying to navigate through this, but I will never give in.


The UK is now a complete and utter dysfunctional mess, under the reign of Queen Elizabeth it has totally fallen apart. Look where we were in 1952 and where we are today.
Reichsführer Johnson and his corrupt Junta are up to their necks in vomit inducing sleaze. While they poured out terrifying propaganda about an alleged virus that was going to kill half a million people Johnson and his concubine were busy feathering their own nest with a £200k redecoration job on their Downing Street flat. They even managed to get dodgy donors and the Conservative party itself to fund it using some pretty unorthodox and legally questionable finance. They are now pretending some of this money was merely a loan 😆 😆 😆 😆 This is a mere bagatelle of course compared to all the corrupt pandemic Government contracts handed out to friends and family. We used to laugh at the corruption of despot African leaders who had no qualms about putting their hands in the till or looting the central bank for a bit of cash to put in a Swiss bank account for their pension when another revolution arrived. Even Idi Amin would be embarrassed by the naked corruption of this Government.

Stephen Sampford

This is proper Alice through the looking glass stuff. How awful for the man.

Also worth a look, is the Bishop of York’s piece in the Church Times this morning, where he not only espouses full on BLM doctrines but uses the phrase “Saved by Grace” to refer to his being enlightened to his guilt as a White man, by a black woman called Grace.

The Church of England, it seems to me, not only has no clue what the scriptures mean for all mankind or fear of God, but while masquerading as men and women of God pervert their use to their own purely political, globalist, agendas

These are dark days indeed


If there is a genuinely new, deadly virus, it must be the one affecting the computer simulation we are living in (as some philosophers suggest).


Amazing.. the guys throwing petrol bombs at the police in Belfast get less of a punishment than someone writing a letter. What have we become?

Tim in Brazil


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