Priest Accused Of Antisemitism Over 9/11 Conspiracy Posts

A Church of England priest has been accused of causing “profound offence to Jews” after he shared conspiracy theories online, which suggested that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks.

The Rev Dr Stephen Sizer appeared at an ecclesiastical disciplinary tribunal in London yesterday (the first one of its kind), where he denied the charges against him.

According to The Times:

Complaints were made to the Church of England by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, whose president, Marie van der Zyl, gave evidence.

If a church court finds against a priest, possible punishments range from a rebuke to a ban from the priesthood. Church tribunals under the Clergy Discipline Measure are usually held behind closed doors, but Sizer had the right to request that his hearings be open to the public and press, a right that had not been taken up before.

Sizer, who was ordained in 1984 and was a vicar at Christ Church in Virginia Water, Surrey, “absolutely and resolutely denies” that his behaviour was antisemitic or amounted to misconduct, the court was told.

Court documents list allegations that Sizer attended a London conference at which a Hezbollah politician spoke in 2005; that he met with a “senior commander of Hezbollah forces” in 2006; that he spoke at a conference in Indonesia at which a Holocaust denier also spoke in 2008; and that he “promoted the idea that Israel was behind the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 by posting a link in January 2015 to an article entitled ‘9/11: Israel did it’ that blamed Israel for the attacks”.

He is also accused of posting on Facebook in 2018 that Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader, was “a victim of the hidden hands of Zionists”.

Nicholas Leviseur, presenting the case against Sizer, told St Andrew’s Court that he was accused of “conduct unbecoming and inappropriate for a clerk in holy orders” and told the tribunal chairman, David Pittaway QC, that Sizer’s behaviour went “far beyond” normal political commentary or activities.

Leviseur added: “Dr Sizer does not appear to deny that the 11 events . . . occurred. But he says in some cases what he said or did has been misunderstood or misrepresented.”

Leviseur said that, in a social media post sharing an article about supposed Israeli involvement in 9/11, Sizer wrote: “Is this antisemitic? If so, no doubt I’ll be asked to remove it.

It raises so many questions.” Leviseur said that it was unrealistic to suggest Sizer “didn’t realise [it would] provoke and offend members of the Jewish community and would do so profoundly”.

Stephen Hofmeyr QC, representing Sizer, said that the priest had said “repeatedly, unreservedly and very publicly that . . . antisemitism must be repudiated unequivocally” in his writings about “Christian Zionism”, and had written that: “Legitimate criticism of Israeli policies towards the Palestinians must not be used as an excuse for racism or attacks against Jewish people.”

He added: “[Sizer’s] case is that he is not antisemitic and that his words or conduct never have been antisemitic….”

Van der Zyl said that a priest should not have attended events with Hezbollah figures or Holocaust deniers and alleged it showed a “concerning pattern of behaviour”.

She rejected Hofmeyr’s suggestion that the Board of Deputies represented only a minority of British Jews and said it was “not a mouthpiece for Israel”, adding that it had criticised Israeli policies.

She said of the allegations: “It’s all really distressing. It’s so shocking that it comes from somebody in the Church of England . . . You need to understand the emotion, upset and distress caused to the [Jewish] community.”

A man faces being banned from the priesthood because he shared a link to an article about 9/11 and because he attended some events.

He has stated unequivocally that antisemitism is evil and that the actions of the Israeli government mustn’t be used to justify attacks on Jewish people. He is hardly antisemitic.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews does NOT represent British Jewry. It’s not simply a mouthpiece for the state of Israel either, it acts as Israel’s attack dog in the UK.

The organisation has in the past warned people not to appear on The Richie Allen Show, because I once interviewed a holocaust denier.

The ecclesiastical tribunal must find in favour of Dr. Stephen Sizer.

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The post 911 Security State companies are now the Covid Bio-Security State Companies. Follow the money and the preparations BEFORE the events. Even a monkey could do it.


Go to minute 3:48, where it is admitted “it is a trick” used to shut down discussion and criticism of their actions.


Here is a little thought experiment:

Imagine that you are constantly taught that the history of your people in one of displacement, slavery, and persecution.
Imagine also that you are constantly taught about the promise of some land where your people can go to finally be free of that displacement, slavery, and persecution, only to be constantly taught (and have it reinforced in some way from outside) when you get there that the persecution continues.

How do you think you would feel, and how do you think you would react?

Would you stand back, educate yourself, and seek to understand the various historical and modern contexts, nuances, interplays and manipulations in an objective manner, or would you dig in and become belligerent in a typically blindly loyal ‘tribal’ manner?


Imagine also, the end game promises each and everyone of you, a significant number of slaves.


It could be argued that the problem here is one of sloppy, lazy, or simplistic language use. People the world over are guilty of this, but it is no less true.
Much of this has to do with homogenising a nation or a people. So, instead of saying that Israel is to blame for 9/11, it would have been far more accurate to suggest that members of Mossad may have had a hand in it.
Instead of blaming Israel for the plight of many Palestinians, it would be far more accurate to suggest that Israeli government policy, driven through the education and media systems is partly to blame for the plight of many Palestinians.

The same would apply to any ‘community’, nation, or global cooperative.

However, it could be further argued that this has its own problems in that far too many people get very protective over their ‘community’, nation (as usually represented by a central government), or global cooperative. Many can get quite protective when the criticisms come from within, but almost pathologically protective when the criticisms come from without.


This is all due to end as a result of the great communitarian experiment; which in theory, will free us of all such prejudices…




I will leave this here, for those with ears to hear.


Very good ..Explains so much and links it all.

Robert Klinck

When I visited Israel, I was informed that 75% of the population are non-religious. So the issue of who or what you are referring to when you say that “Israel” has done something is confusing.


Why does antisemitism HAVE to be associated with evil? If someone dislikes Germans it’s sad but not evil. If someone dislikes Russians it’s sad but not evil. If someone dislikes Muslims it’s unjustifiable but not regarded as evil. People are easily led. Someone may not be keen on Jewish folk because they perceive them as loud and over confident. This is simplistic but what has that got to do with evil? The idea that you can criticise the Israeli government but must not use that to justify attacks on Jewish people is a con. Lets say you work with a Jewish person who openly states that he or she fully agrees with Israel’s policy against the Palestinian people. You should be within your rights to strongly disagree with them and to tell them that they are misguided. That does not automatically mean that you are right but it’s called freedom of expression. I would bet a pound to a penny that The Board of Deputies and other Jewish attack groups would regard your argument as antisemitic and therefore evil. There is nobody to stand against this madness.


Control the medium – control the narrative. Thus far, it’s perfectly ok to agree to disagree or even (heaven forbid) have differing opinions; but that light at the end of the tunnel is NOT the end of that tunnel, but the ‘Cancellation Express’ about to flatten all with a differing viewpoint.


Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World” – See more at:


Nice easy win. For the priest – read Chris Bollyns book


Israeli Mossad had fingerprints all over 9/11 along with a multitude of other countries in an international business project openly declared by Zionist Neo Con think tank PNAC and prior Israeli policy papers. This could go very wrong to attack this Priest. They would have been better off ignoring him.

Urban Fox

The official narrative of 9 / 11 was a tissue of lies. The twin towers being brought down orchestrated by the hidden hand of the cabal in order to bring in everything that followed that terrible event. This is what i believe to be true. However which of there assets they used to bring this about, i haven’t looked into the subject enough to say.

People should be free to speak what they believe to be true without fear of recrimination. Without this there is no free speach, only freedom to say certain things. And that list is getting shorter by the day. Further more its not anti-Semitic in itself to criticize Jewish people, any more than its racist to criticize someone who is black. Or sexist to criticize someone who just happens to be a woman.

Also ironically, if one delves deeper into the subject of Israel, has David Icke and others have shown. Israel is under the direct control of the Sabbatian cult. Which is an inversion of the Jewish faith, and possibly the most influential of the interconnecting secret society’s under the illuminati cabal umbrella. They were behind Hitler and the rise of the Nazis, which explains how extreme the measures have been in Israel jurying the covid era. Yet another example of how when it comes to world events, things are rarely how they appear to be on the surface.

It was great to hear Marks positively again on yesterdays show. I posted the following shortly before the program. So I’m reposting as I’m not sure how many saw it.

New variants of covid 1984, Bird flue outbreaks, Pink Unicorn disease, Outbreaks of HIV/AIDS.? All have been spoken about over the last few months as possibilities.

Its surprising that we haven’t heard anything about HIV, after the leaked video propaganda film of prince Harry asking everyone to get tested as soon as possible, that was played several weeks ago on UK column news. Even more surprising is that coming up rapidly on the outside lane is Monkey Pox. At odds of 100 to one, anyone who put money on this being the new made up plague of choice, may find themselves with a nice little win, if the latest reports are anything to go by.

What’s not a surprise, not to many of us anyway. Is that repeating the same scam again, under whatever banner of choice they decide upon, was always part of the plan. The WHO is already calling for 21 days of isolation and more fake testing , using the same fake test as they were using for the last phantom plague.

This is the same cabal front organization, that is likely to soon have official total control over pandemic dictates for 194 country’s. For pandemics read ” soon to be all health matters.” This is the same organization controlled by the self elected hidden hand. Funded by the Rockerfellow’s, through Gates, issuing commands to there representatives. All unelected by the public, accountable to no one but themselves.

How many are going to fall for this all over again. How many will not see the blindingly obvious that its just a continuation of the previous scam.? Surely they wont believe that its just a coincidence that this is happening, when the covid plague isn’t even cold.? If the masked muppets i have just seen walking down the near empty street outside are anything to go by, we’re all in trouble.


Rockefeller’s again!! What happened to the Rothschilds? Is everyone suffering from memory wipe?


The ‘Mandela effect’?

Joe Public

I believe the jewish deep state had a major role in the events of September 11 2001, although I have no definitive proof, I am convinced this is the case…

David Moore

Well I anticipate where this will go. In the end it harms ordinary Jewish people because people start to believe the views of these pressure groups are the views of ordinary Jewish people. Ideally what should happen is enough ordinary Jewish people stand up and say, these are not our views, we repudiate these organisation. It is a difficult situation. Most people want an easy life so they keep their heads down.
I mean I do not support the actions of the British Government a lot of the time – most of the time but there needs to be a lot more of me for anything to happen.


Don’t worry his god will sort it out.


How is criticising the Israeli government offensive to Jews? I bet their are plenty of Israelis who are very critical of their government. If I criticise the French government is that offensive to all French people? If you put yourself up for office you have to accept criticism. The Israeli government are using this anti-semitism dodge as a way to cover up their crimes. I don’t know for certain if they were involved in 9/11, it wouldn’t suprise me if they or Mossad were, but their treatment of the Palestinians and Syria is definitely criminal.


Honesty’s the best policy but nobody likes the truth. The truth is, money is mightier and he who has enough money does not need to care about the truth, it can be bought.

Rich Jew vs Poor Jew.
Rachel Riley vs Mike Sivier, High Court libel Case.

“I have often mentioned the ways in which it seems to me that Riley’s team has tried to prolong the case, in order to drain my funds and prevent me from getting to a trial by what I consider to be underhanded means. How do I describe how I felt about having to keep going back to my funders to explain why huge amounts of your money had been spent, with no apparent progress?”

www crowdjustice com/case/mike-sivier-libel-fight/
Please replace the full stops, www. and .com, thank you.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nev
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