Priti Patel Unveils Pre-Crime Criminal Disruption Prevention Orders

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Insulate Britain motorway protests. In case you don’t know, Insulate Britain is a climate protest group that has been causing chaos on the UK’s motorways for a couple of weeks now.

Group members have been gluing themselves to roads and blocking tunnels and ports. They want the government to spend billions insulating the nation’s homes so that we’ll all use less energy and save the planet. Yes, they are idiots, but they’re sincere idiots.

I say that, because I think the whole saga looks to me like classic Problem, Reaction, Solution. Today, Home Secretary Priti Patel will outline her government’s plan to deal with disruptive protests. According to the BBC:

Home Secretary Priti Patel will unveil the new Criminal Disruption Prevention Orders at the Conservative conference. A Tory source said the laws would target disruptive activists or those likely to commit crime.

As part of the stricter rules to be unveiled by Ms Patel, police are expected to be given wider stop and search powers allowing officers to inspect activists for “lock on” equipment used to prevent them from being moved.

A Conservative party source said the new Criminal Disruption Prevention Orders would “give the courts the power to prevent an individual with a history of disruption or where there is intelligence suggesting they are likely to commit a criminal offence from attending particular protests”.

How sinister is that? They will target activists “likely to commit a criminal offence.” Really? Pre-crime is here now? Minority Report anyone? I’m beginning to think that the wholly inept police response to Insulate Britain’s motorway protests was deliberate. Were they told to stand down?

Do you remember at the beginning of the motorway disruption, a policewoman was filmed asking the eco-warriors who had glued themselves to one road if they were alright and if they needed anything? It was Vaudeville right? They should’ve been dragged off the roads and locked up.

And here’s the thing. The law as it stands is more than sufficient to deal with idiots who block highways, putting themselves and others at risk. There is absolutely no need for new legislation or new police powers.

It can be argued I think, that the recent chaos was allowed in order to generate the public outrage that we are now seeing. The Insulate Britain members are patsies. They’ve been used. They needn’t worry though. The government is on their side of the climate change scam.

I thought I’d throw it out there. In my opinion, the government isn’t remotely concerned about Insulate Britain. But, they’re obviously concerned about future protests and civil disobedience as they roll out the Great Reset. It’s classic Problem, Reaction, Solution.

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you all might find this amusing- WHO now warning about Marburg virus- take a look at PMs dad who wrote the plan!


This is straight out of 1984.

A friend kindly took a few of us to a forest the other day where she had visited with her family earlier in the summer and she said it was really beautiful. Imagine our shock and horror to see that most of the trees had gone and what remained was massive ridges in the earth and scarred hillside.

This cutting down of old growth forest is not only happening all over Ireland (where I am) but in other countries too. If as they claim the powers that be are so concerned about the effect of CO2 on the climate why are they not protecting trees and forests? Why are vast areas of the Amazon still being destroyed? Why are they not protecting the world’s forests and also also creating new ones?

i know that trees are being cut down because of 5G but this would not require vast areas of forest to be destroyed and particularly in remote areas. Does anyone know why they are doing it?


I experienced this recently myself Jennie (in Southeast Ireland).

A publicly accessible forest with trails that took decades to mature, simply cleaved to nothingness in matter of days.

The excuse used was that the trees weren’t native.

But I don’t believe them.



This was old growth forest. There is a lovely waterfall there but that might well dry up now as most of the trees are gone. It doesn’t matter if they’re native or not they still breath in carbon dioxide don’t they and surely if they are so concerned about CO2 they should ban the chopping down of trees, it makes no sense. But of course establishment logic is not like normal logic, it’s inverted. I don’t understand why they are doing it.


Not to mention the wildlife that inhabits them, along with flowering plants, mosses, fungi etc..

And no one is consulted in the community about it.

The ‘Coillte’ goons simply make the call..

The loggers, diggers and chainsaws do the rest.



The birds, the deer, the insects, the badgers etc where are they all going to go? And as you say all the flowers, plants and fungi. I watched a documentary at somebody’s house the other day on all the many uses for mushrooms, quite incredible. It’s so sad. They seem to want to destroy the world.


They would argue they want to save it.
But as you say, their logic is inverted!

From deforestation to mandating death jabs…

…. and still the sleeping masses will not wake up!!

What next Jennie??


Makes no sense unless you understand that those behind it are complete psychopaths.

Here below is showing that. Destroying woodland whilst replanting trees.
The magic number 2030 (agenda 30) comes up again and again.

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Alex Romero

This is how it works now. It’s a pity that so few can see it. Law and order is meaningless now unless it’s furthering the cause of the agenda.


Insulate Britain, in my view, it could be argued are state sponsored or even a state fabricated “movement”. Used as pawns to promulgate, steam-roll and rubber stamp the remaining bills that effectively criminalise ANY and all forms of protest, be it online or actual.

i.e. Online Safety Bill
Counter State Threats Bill
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

The Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill has been passed that allows state to commit criminal acts upon the citizenry.

The criminalisation of any deviation of government narrative only shows how pathetic the deep state, illuminati or ruling elite/classes are in order top further their agenda.

Extinction Rebellion (willing pawns of agenda 21) and Billionaires Lives Matters (I am not racist I have a television of colour) got preferential treatment from the police* and legacy media.
Similarly Insulate Britain seems to be a focus of attention by legacy media whom have not felt the unbridled (some coppers are married though) wrath of the police.

Anti-lockdown protestors however got an absolute kicking. (See Nazi Australia for the current thugs for hire police doing truncheon practice, shooting rubber bullets and tear gassing citizens.)

*Sting’s still married.


Some Genuine Acronyms of ”BBB”

Better Business Bureau
BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) Boot Block
Blood Brain Barrier
Big Brother Brasil (TV show; Brazil)
Blackberry Bold (wireless device)
Broadband Box
Black Blood Brothers (fiction)
Before Breaking Bulk (freight)
Basic Building Block
Bankers Blanket Bond (insurance document)
Bit by Bit
Bored Beyond Belief
Branch Behavior Buffer
Biological Basis of Behaviour
Building Bright Beginnings
Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered
Business Buzzword Bingo

listed here-BBB – What does BBB stand for? The Free Dictionary

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Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered

if 2020-2021 had a name


In the case of Ugly Patel BBB stands for Bloody Big Bottom.


Just to add some interesting Gematria /Numerical correlations with the same value as ‘BUILD BACK BETTER’ (=543)

Cornerstone, Calculating Math, Our Code Decoder, Lock And Key, The Children Of Israel, California’s Fifth Reich, Big Money, Holy Land,The Master Faith, Dark Knight Rises, Lady Death, Magnetic Pole Shift, (and) October Tenth …!

And remember- no decent detective, investigator, policeman or Psychologist ‘believes’ in ‘coincidence’.


The danger is classed as ,”disruptive activists or those likely to commit crime”, would that include Most of the Worlds Politicians,The most influential Bankers,Industrialists and Media fearmongers..etc ?


I think these are basically a different type of false flag.

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Charlie Stevenson

The police stopped traffic on the M25 to allow them to safely take their seats on the tarmac. Told to stand down? I should cocoa.

Ronald Templeman

As I see it the government are using these stupid idiots and letting them cause chaos so that they can bring in stronger laws, that make protesting against government & covid a crime. NOT ROCKET SICENCE


It’s a Punch and Judy show, innit? 😔💉☠️🧟‍♂️🙏✌️


The fact of the matter is, they, the Americans, Chinese, Russians, Aussies, all the commonwealth countries have signed a deal. You, me, they, are part of it. We’re mere commodities to these people. The destruction and usurping of the middle class was the aim. Unless you’re on their system there will be no bog roll, no petrol, no flying, no warning your home. And if you make too much of a fuzz, we’ll off your granny. No one will believe the mad old bat either. She’s isolated. We made sure of that! 😉


I’m already banked into their system. We all are. They just want even tighter control of your wallet.


Maybe the plan is that we will be the actual currency, via data mining and computer modeling/ profiling ?


Sandy Adams.
(Trafalgar Square September 2020)


Ah, another spammer.


Dodgy snake oil salesman


Getting a lot of this lately… They’re targeting the social thread also (en masse — we must be getting close to the bone!!).. here’s hoping they get removed ASAP.



Yes, I’ve noticed that.

Golden Age – The Golden Age is the only age that falls within the rule of Cronos. Created by the immortals who live on Olympus, these humans were said to live among the gods and freely mingled with them. Peace and harmony prevailed during this age. Humans did not have to work to feed themselves, for the earth provided food in abundance. They lived to very old age but with a youthful appearance and eventually died peacefully. Their spirits live on as “guardians”. Plato in Cratylus (397e) recounts the golden race of men who came first. He clarifies that Hesiod did not mean men literally made of gold, but good and noble. He describes these men as daemons upon the earth. Since (daimones) is derived from (daēmones, meaning knowing or wise), they are beneficent, preventing ills, and guardians of mortals.’

Humans did not have to feed themselves? So, they had food provided for them.
Daemons – ‘meaning knowing or wise’ who ‘prevent ills’. Ties in rather nicely with the ‘Educated Working Class’ idea and folk in the WEF, does it not?

And, it is very important to note (though it is not mentioned here) that during this ‘Golden Age’ humans did not have fire (that was given to them later by Prometheus).
Interesting, then, that groups like Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain (and the corporate, godlike-like institutions behind them) seek to deprive us of fire to stay warm and cook our food.

It’s all about perspective. The Golden Age, just like Paradise on Earth is not about our individual perspective of what is ‘Paradise’ or ‘good’. It is defined by an Authoritarian dictatorship that imposes the will of the rulers (give them what ever title or description you like) on the masses.


Many different religious and spiritual groups talk about a golden age. Unfortunately what we are in at the moment is the kali yuga which is the worst of the four different ages we are said to go through.


Yes: and when the cycle ends, it begins again. A return to the ‘Golden Age’ or the ‘Garden of Eden’. Only possible through population reduction and the imposition of Authority.
The way, it would seem, is being prepared.


Imposition by authority is not my idea of a golden age and I’m sure it’s not yours either. Freedom would have to be a big component of a golden age.


Define ‘freedom’. Adam and Eve were free – provided they did as they were damn well told.
The freedom being offered is that of a child in a strict household.

Urban Fox


Urban Fox

This is not a going back to the beginning. I believe this is an agenda of half a million transhuman slaves. Like the borg on star trek. This is the end game. There is no coming back from this. It is the extinction of the human race as we know it.


I don’t disagree, Mr Fox. But here’s the thing: we don’t actually know what the human condition was actually like in the beginning. All we have to go on are the references from very limited, and incredibly biased, sources.
Is it not plausible that we were a modified slave race in the beginning?
It’s pure speculation, mind, on my behalf; but I find such questions intriguing.


You are right in that it seems a mystery, and some mysteries never have any solution!

The ‘genetically engineered slaves’ idea is predominatly derived from the work of Zacharia Stichin/Stichup ; a rockerfella gimp who wrote ‘entertaining’ fictions from his arbitary, and fancyful interpretations of the Summerian tablets. (I’ve read almost all of them about 20 years ago)

Of course his zionist funded work is propaganda to belittle the human spirit- but still impossible to fully disprove, or prove.
The fact that his work is repetitive, full of errors and so desperate to convince its readership they are ‘slave-fodder’ makes it incredibly dubious to my mind. Also it is a joke academically as the footnotes/ appendix is non-existant- despite some (rubbish) critics saying it is highly academic work.
DAN WINTER is a possibly more competent (and amusing) ctritic along similar lines.

The Theosophical view, based on ‘Eastern Philosophy’ (actually Hyperborean, so Northern or ‘inner Earth’ even) is that our SPIRIT needed a suitable vessel to incarnate.
So, even if we were originally genetically engineered by ‘aliens’/’gods’ it is what we wanted AS SPIRITS to be able to incarnate…
This is the key to the ADAM and EVE tale (Lillith will be evaded for now !!!). Their Biblical story is PRE-INCARNATE; hence- eat the apple (TORUS/ Incarnation) and you will surley know DEATH, as non-bodily conciousness is beyond such things !
The serpent obviously representing TELLURIC ENERGY (life force) and certainly not any Devil, or Adversary. This is proven by ALL Mythologies, where the snake has a phallic AND Vaginal symbolism.

The most intriging question on this may well be- Are we the hybrid offspring from the Giants of Old and the Aboriginals (as in natives to the area , not australian) ?.

Almost everything in the Bible is.ALLEGORICAL, and written for INITIATES (the Esoteric/Sacred/Arcane) while the EXOTERIC are given MUNDANE/ Profane childrens tales. Much of the Bible is actually ASTROTHEOLOGICAL.and as such is entirely scientific..

BTW- I personally dislike all organised religions, yet have to study them comapativly , along with Myths and Folk Lore for the full Symbolic correspondance. Almost none of them from pre-history claim we were born to be slaves.And those that do have probably been manipulated.

Last edited 21 days ago by RMCD

For those who like a bit of symbolism, consider this: Build Back Better. Shown in three lines. ‘B’ is represented by the number ‘2’. So, 2+2+2=6.
So, we have the number ‘6’ three times.

On a less symbolic level, Insulate Britain are simply promoting Big Corporate interests as all the main manufacturers of insulation are the corporations.
I have made this point before.

We need to stop seeing politicians as separate entities from business people; we need to stop seeing political parties as separate from mini corporations; and we need to stop seeing governments as separate from large corporations. Because they are not.

Marx made a big thing of how we should be ruled by the ‘educated working class’. George Soros, Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, our governments, our politicians, clerics, priests, religious institutions – in essence, all the banking and corporate interests who dictate our lives, ARE the educated working class.


Good points until the last paragraph, which is utterly arse about tit! lol…no disrespect intended.
ALL those you mention come from PRIVILIGED backgrounds (Gates Mum worked for the big R’s) and Private schooling !
Also many of them certainly EVADE manual work and live lives of narcissistic indulgence.
The crux of the problem is due to their fraternities, consolidations/ nepotism and compromises; behind which are CULTS and CLANS, the predominant ones being MUTILATION and DEATH Cults, foremost the Leopard Clan (tho often under different names/totems).

BTW- 666 in valid Gematria is intrinsic with the Magic Square of the Sun, and ‘the lower nature’ / animal man. Hence the Beast confabulation as ‘the actual devil’ rather than TRANSFORMATIVE forces, which resolved into number relationships divisible by ‘9’ (6’s INVERSION)…6+6+6= 18 which sums to 1+8= 9… The summing to 9 is the key to the mysteries of many Astrological relationships and ARCHITECTONICS.

I hope that helps clear up some confusions ?.


I had no confusion.
Marx divided society into the Bourgeois (Aristocracy) and the Proletariat (workers). He further divided the latter into ‘educated working class’ and ‘uneducated working class’. The latter meant the labourers and the regular folk. The former was the politicians, the business leaders and the bankers. There is plenty of information that shows Marx’s connections to these latter people.

Privileged they may have been (and still are), but they are not of the aristocracy. Many at our own level evade manual work and yet they remain working class. And narcissistic indulgence, as well as fraternities, Lodges, etc can be found at every level of society.

‘9’ is the number that defines our physical reality (and, yes, I was aware of the Numerological significance of 666). The circle, sphere, and every 2D and 3D polygon reduces to the number nine (inside and outside angles). The ‘lower nature/animal man’ is that of the material self, as opposed to the spiritual self.
In old Jewish symbolism ‘The Holy of Holies was in the form of a cube’.


You have confused ‘old’ aristocracy with the mercantile aristocracy and Priesthood since the Medici’s etc, which are now consolidated and bred into the old blood, hence the American ‘royal’ connection of its presidents. You seem to imagine the aristocracy is still a simply defined/hereditary class, whereas now it is a state ‘beyond economic concern or moral compass’ ?
The middle classes are the new  Bourgeois’ and have been since the end of WW2.

Marx is a brilliant commentator on capitalism, ironically funded by those he critiqued, due, in no small part to him being an obvious member of the ‘Hidden Hand’.

Your dismissal of the Death cults makes you an unreliable commentator to anyone with genuine insight or empathy for the truth of the times.

I hope that re-establishes some sense of your humor while helping to focus your Gematric concerns, which sadly utterly missed any valid point for the cheap shot of typical melodrama and cliche ?

Last edited 22 days ago by RMCD

A fascinating response.
Much of my knowledge of Marx has come from a long time associate who is an avid Marxist, plus some reading of my own. It is they who have, quite recently, disabused me of the notion of the ‘middle class’ – though I do not doubt that there are Marxist revisionists who choose to see things differently in an attempt to explain away Marx’s connections to people like the Rothschilds, the von Westphalens, and others.
I made no mention or reply to the death cults. I merely pointed out the obvious that such things as fraternities and masonic lodges exist at every level of society. The claim, then, that I dismissed the death cults is incorrect.
Nor did I provide melodrama or cliche. I merely elaborated a little on some of the information that I have at present (while acknowledging to myself that such a store of information will increase and widen over time). Nor did I use the dramatic effect of using capitals to draw the eye of the reader to any particular words in a clear effort to control interpretation.

It seems to me that your reply uses the well used method of insult to challenge a viewpoint not your own. Such a response is always disappointing.


My reply is not nearly as disapointing to read as your assumptions and defered arrogance Craig.

It seems you are unable to appriciate any view you are unfanmiliar with?
You are so busy absorbing others views it seems you are suffering some constipation over various topics here. I have friends who are very articulate and erudite Marxists, It doesn’t mean I have to concur with their views , however ‘smart’ they initialy seem, or valid they were 100 years ago.

When you learn some common manners and gratitude in regard to sharing valid information we may have something to discuss. Until then, you are just another UPTIGHT POSEUR who gets upset over capital letters, because you are utterly clueless about DESIGN and communication and follow fashion like a bleating sheep busy tranfering all you anxieties onto others as ‘failings’, problems or issues? I can imagine you getting a migrane from reading newspaper headlines or Billboards ‘screaming Capital letters at you! Whever a centimeter or a meter high !…. lol

You did resort to cliche and melodrama with your 2+2+2 twaddle.
You utterly dismissed the death cult/fraternity info (which you seem clueless about) – So The Skull and Bones, Jesuits and Order of the Garter are just typical insignificat pasrt-times, along with the Freemasons and Rotary Club are they? You sound like an apologist with your diminishemts!

My views are from 50+ years of EXPERIENCE and interaction, while yours seem predominatly second hand and compromised.

You ACT like you are ‘so-very-reasonable’ yet the veneer is so shallow any exoperienced thinker would be unimpressed and unconvinced of any sincerity to your comments, especially after the blatent lies/transferances and deferance included in the above responce.

A sense of humour usualy helps with the ailments you display here, maybe a good laugh would clear your blockages?

Last edited 22 days ago by RMCD

Well, I consider myself suitably slapped down (while I roll around in hysterical laughter, naturally).
Perhaps you would care to enlighten me?
For instance, which Gematria are you using – Jewish, English, or Simple?



The ‘so-called’ Jewish (it isn’t actually ‘Jewish ‘ though) as it is historically accurate and architectonically valid… and Gematria is ultimatly about RATIOs, relationships between Macrocosmic, Microcosmic and the MESSOCOSMIC.

Other types are more suited to other systems – such as the Masonic gematria based on the 9xgrid of SATURN.

Most internet Gematria is fancifull dribble, even transliterating old Latin texts with the J, U/V, and W values erronously summed.

The most reliabe are the ‘Hebrew’ and ‘Greek’ with crossreferance to the Bible, as that is where the Ratios are derived – see Leigh and Bond and the excellent book by the psuedonominous (?!) William Stirling (the book John Michelle plagerised for View over Atlantis)


Thank you.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Enjoying this ‘discussion’ immensely. Thank You.

Enjoying this ‘discussion’ immensely. Thank You.

Urban Fox

Richie is right in saying that we dont need further laws in this instance. But i would go one step further and say, i dont believe we have needed most of the laws that have been introduced over approximately the last 30 years. For roughly that time period, i always saw new laws that were introduced as primarily to do with taking away such things as freedom of speech, freedom of expression and belief and the right to a basic level of privacy. It seems to me we now live in a world where we are seen as guilty until proven innocent. And the list of what we can be guilty of, is increasing at an ever alarming rate. I mean how many imagined over the last 18 months, we could be seen as guilty ,for not wearing a face mask, standing to close to someone, or being in the wrong place without proof of being medicated with poison.

Planet Earth is now the biggest lunatic asylum in the universe. With millions of medicated patients, kept under strict tyrannical surveillance. The few of us that are still sane, are seen as the outsiders, but are unfortunately locked up with everyone else.


For I propose, WE are the many, and THEY are the few. We’re gaining strength as they think they’re weakening us. They don’t know our nature, or theirs.


Having the numbers is pointless if there is no will driving each and every single individual towards a common purpose.

Urban Fox

Exactly. The last paragraph i wrote says it all. Its all very well and fine saying that. David Icke is right in saying that the real inner core could get into a single room. But that is not what we are dealing with. We are up against ,all the secret society structures and think tanks they control. All the institutions, the medical establishment, the education system, media, police, military, all the government’s and there structures, the pollical system, civil servants, intelligence community ,legal system ,etc.

I watched a film called monopoly on David Icks website. It go’s into detail about how most of the products and companies on the planet and the supply chains, are owed and controlled by just 2 investment companies who are the major share holders, and the biggest share holders in those company’s are the same 5 family heads of the 13 illuminati bloodlines. And they control over 80 % of the products and resources on the entire planet. And lets not forget most of the population of the planet, who are fully indoctrinated and have queued up to take the poison jab. This is what we are dealing with and have to overcome, not a small group of people siting in a single room.

The Matrix film explains this, in the scene where Morpheus is explaining how things work to Neo. He tells him that anyone inside the matrix is either a potential agent, or assisting the agents, and you cant trust anyone in the system. This is what we are fighting against, not a few people you can get into a single room.

First you have to break the belief and trust of the masses, then you have to get them to work together to defy the system. Unless that happens, the sad truth is, that they are the many and we are the few. The opposite way round to the usual statement.

Thanks for the ‘Monopoly’-tips. I’ll save it.
But, Now my turn to help All that want-to-learn.
Here’s a research paper published Oct 2011.
ETH-Zurich is right in the heart of the beast HQ. i.e. Switzerland.
‘They-tptb’ really like rubbing-it in your face:

*The Network of Global Corporate Control*
‘Stefania Vitali, James B. Glattfelder, Stefano Battiston *. Chair of Systems Design, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland.’
– “The structure of the control network of transnational corporations affects global market competition and financial stability. So far, only small national samples were studied and there was no appropriate methodology to assess control globally. We present the first investigation of the architecture of the international ownership network, along with the computation of the control held by each global player. We find that transnational corporations form a giant bow-tie structure and that a large portion of control flows to a small tightly-knit core of financial institutions. This core can be seen as an economic “super-entity” that raises new important issues both for researchers and policy makers. …”

Thanks Chris will have look when get chance. Interesting diagram. Yes interesting about Switzerland. Not looked into to deeply, but has been for a long time been suspected that certain prominent figures live there. It is also the home of the very suspect Hadrian collider. I think its Hadrian?. Which reminds me of the author Dan Brown. The collider is a prominent feature in one of his story’s. I am undecided about Dan brown, whether a good guy or a bad one. But his books are certainly exciting and informative. I dont like the way he seems sympathetic towards the secret society’s. But dont know if that’s just ignorance or not. But he claims he has been given inside information about the subject matter of his stories, as well as the research he has done personally. And that he is under constant death threats and harassment’s as a result. I can highly recommend people who aren’t familiar with his work checking him out. Both the films and books.

He reminds me of an author who was famous in the 60tis and 70tis, called Dennis wheatley. Many of his books, feature some genuine knowledge about the occult world and secret society’s and the secret history associated with them. I started reading them, a number of years after my mum died. I remember her reading them when i was a child. I have a great collection of his books. And still some i need to read. Nice chatting, speak later.

try this for diagram instead-comment image%3Fw%3D700

More diagrams can be found on the duckduckgo-page.


And sadly the bullies, the compliers, the jobsworths and the control freaks are doing the psychopaths job for them without them having to lift a finger.


Indeed….The lunatics are RUINING the Asylum….

Urban Fox

Thanks for reply mate. I was tearing my fur out trying to get the spellchecker to come up with the right spelling of Asylum. Probably a word we should all know by now.


Madhouse is simpler…lol…coupled with- Medicated / Entranced / Sublimated/ Spellbound etc
You can also justifiably use-
Enclosure, Zone, Arena, Stage, Theatre, Moral Brothel, Pit, and the like.

Urban Fox

Prison, cage ,Zoo. We could be here for a long time. Better stop, got to go to the shop and then cup of tea.


Start digging around the Talmud and come to understand how much it dominates our lives, and is increasingly doing so.
I’ve barely scratched the surface, but new understanding is slowly dawning.


Thanks for that. Pretty much confirms the direction my enquiries have been taking me.


That link is relevant to the US. This one applies to the UK
As stated, the Bishop ‘was the Gresham Professor of Divinity’. Chris Whitty was a professor at Gresham.


Thanks Craig…
I for one will not swear to follow the Noahide Laws.
Interesting info on Whitty.


Very true. I must admit I’m well on the way to being a full anarchist because I can’t see where government serves the people in any meaningful way any more. They look after themselves, the rich, the bankers and the large corporations and the rest of us can go hang.

Urban Fox

Good to hear from you.

The original anarchist movement, wasn’t what the word was later turned into. They wanted to bring about a system of decentralized power. True Goverment on a very local basis. Where towns and city’s would have the power to make there own decisions and vote on various things and govern themselves, a throw back to the tribal communities. A group called the Nialists, had similar aims but they thought the best way to bring things about was through violent means. Because the government wanted to discredit the anarchist movement, they conspired with the press to stop using the word Nialists, and instead call everyone Anarchists. In the belief that the anarchists would then be seen as violent, when actually they were peaceful and it was the Nialists that were violent. This obviously worked ,as Nialists and Nialism is now never used. Only the word anarchy that now has negative connotations.( May have got the spelling wrong. No time to check.). Watched a documentary recently called monopoly. Was going to write about it and post a link, but not had time. Will have a look for it now.


The Anarchists were one of the most influential groups in Europe for many years, The Marxists ‘sort of’ upsurped them though, despite many fields of mutual agreement, they went at each others allegorical throats with endless critiques, culminating in the SITUATIONIST INTERNATIONAL

In a simple sense Communiism (STATE not TRIBAL) brings everyones standard of life DOWN to a lower common denominator , while idealy it should aim to raise it… ‘until we are all effectivly aristocrats’?!

The greatest Anarchist thinkers reconciled the rights of the individual with our duty to the community, often realised in anarcho-syndicalist communes/ an autonomous collective.

Some would argue we are actually living in an Anarchistic World, as the BIGGEST GANG runs the show, that gang being the ‘ Royals’ (or their real ‘masters’) who control the Army and other ‘armed forces’.


The non-violent movement sounds great, just what we need. The problem is overthrowing what we have at the moment. How long would any system last before all the old problems returned? My mother used to say it will never be a perfect world because of human nature and she was right.

Urban Fox

I just said to Craig, on other page. I dont believe this time there is any going back to the beginning if not stopped. The plan is for a half a billion transhuman slave population by 2030. This is effectively the end of the human race if not stopped. Hermetic philosophy, which i believe is how the universe really works. One of the principles is that of cycles. And how when we reach the end of one swing in a particular direction , we have to go back the other direction. This principle is still true. But it also holds true, for other lives, and what happens after we die. However they effectively want to wipe out humanity as we know it. Which has never happened before.

Regarding what your mum said. It depends on what level you are looking at things. Yes humanity has its flaws. But as spiritual beings, we are perfect, when we get back to our true essence. But the thing is, humanity has been controlled by the same bloodlines since the beginning of human life on this planet. All the bad things that have ever happened on a large scale, has been down to this manipulation. And occasionally down to there infighting. It is also possible that these people are not even at there very essence human. If they are no longer in control, there is no reason why the old problems should return. As they were all created by the 13 bloodlines. That can trace there family back to Babylon. Burks peerage has done this.

5 of there names, are the family heads that i mentioned on the video i posted. Called, Monopoly, who rules the world.

Urban Fox

Here it is, well worth watching, even with the annoying music. It shows 5 people own or control over 80% of all the products and services on the planet, through 2 investment company’s. Wonder if you can guess any of the 5 ? Answers on a postcard please.

Monopoly – who owns the world? Documentary by Tim Gielen – David Icke


essential viewing

Urban Fox

Cheers RM



Sara D

I agree Richie. They are desperate to stop the awakening with ever more controls of freedom. It cannot be stopped of course. That would be like plugging a very leaky ship-the more you try the more the water spills through.


Zero Carbon emission houses equals no ways of keeping oneself warm.
Perfectly sensible thing to do when we are going to enter a cooling period on the planet.


But, global warmong???


Thought it from the start. Situations ‘conjured up’ to allow more draconian messures to be ‘applied’. We’re being lead by the nose for sure.


The same people when they are finally arrested and charged keep getting bailed and released to return to the campaign. Its a complete charade that’s being allowed to play out. Just contrast their treatment with that of the lockdown protesters. The Government has more then enough legal powers to deal with this group they could even arrest these people under the Terrorism Act 2000 to safeguard the economic well being of the UK due to the disproportionate chaos they are causing. The Government will of course cynically use this situation to extend their already huge powers with the current bill they are driving through Parliament.


this is what annoyed me with the sarah everard protests, the msm said it was bad to punish them but quite happily ignored the treatment of lockdown protesters who at the start had a kicking from the police.


As long as their toilet rolls are safe! We murst protocked duh erkomenmeh!

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