Radio Host Clashes With Union Boss Over Facemasks In Schools

Schools and colleges continue to insist that students wear face coverings in lessons, despite numerous recent studies declaring masks to be ineffective, unhealthy and detrimental to kids learning.

Talk Radio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer put this to Geoff Barton this morning. Barton is the general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders. His response to being told that masks are ineffective and in fact harming children was that kids should “just get on with it.”

What an idiot. See the exchange below.

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the thing is , I have chosen responsibly. I have chosen not to be part of an experiment. I have battled with my work since this started and have finally this week been put in a job within my workplace where I don’t have to comply with anything. I have stood my ground firmly to get to this stage and to not end up out of work

lynsey west

Unions have a lot to answer for, they have forced issues time and time again.
masks being the least of it.


my union rep has been fantastic and helped me get to where i was aiming to be


Everything you need to know about masks
My friend, Tyson Gabriel, is an expert on masks. P100 respirators stop COVID, but only for the wearer. No public health official knows that.

Tyson Gabriel is the smartest guy I know when it comes to masks. He did an excellent video series on showing that masks don’t work which you can watch here…


Interesting article but the research I’ve done indicates that no mask protects the wearer either even where the infection is real. This particular pandemic is fake but I believe that in general people need to eat good, healthy food (which they are going to make increasingly harder to find), take exercise and other than that just accept that life is risk and we all have to depart this life at some point. What’s the point of being here if we are prevented from living our lives in case someone gets ill and dies? It’s utter madness.


Julia is right, it is a guideline for your child to wear a mask, NOT a law. My son went back to School on Monday and in every class he had that day, all the other kids were masked up, he was the only one with no mask. He didn’t want to go back on Tuesday, with all the restrictions, all masks everywhere, windows open wide in the class with all the kids sitting shivering, being asked to use the ‘salt & water’ dodgy solution every time you enter a class room. I have received several covid theme texts from the School, the BS is endless, but my son had his day off yesterday, but he’s back today, his choice as he has art which he loves, and he just wants to see how it goes which is cool, just live it day by day.


Complete and utter nonsense but it keeps the illusion of a Scamdemic going.


Absolutely, Scamdemic, plandemic, casedemic, maskdemic, weejimmycrankydemic, anything but a ‘deadly pandemic’ LOL


Indeed Layla indeed.
Hope you are well 😁


Living the dream Jake through all this madness lol hope your good too x

David Farrell

I gave my daughter an exemption lanyard from day one, and now half her class have the same. The teachers in her school are quite cool, with a couple saying that they don’t want to do this but have no choice. It’s on the parents to stick up for their children, but if if they’ve fallen for the narrative, then……..


Fantastic idea David.

A symbolic ‘countermeasure’ against tyranny!!

Perhaps I will start wearing one myself!!

Though mine will read:


I will be passing this knowledge on.



“I am Exempt from Stupidity” is a good one Gerry.


And polite too!!

I’m thinking have a message on both sides of the card..

One with official sounding undertones, the other without!!



Good idea..

David Farrell

I got my 74 year old mum one also, as she hates facemasks but doesn’t want confrontation, hence the lanyard makes her feel more comfortable. I was gonna wear one myself, but I’m different, and I seriously don’t give a fuck! But I’ve gotta say that I’ve noticed a big difference in people from last year to this, in that I don’t think I’ve received one set of scornful looking eyes directed at me as I did last year. As my sister in law said, by us not wearing a “face nappy”, maybe it’ll encourage others to take that piece of shit off their faces.

The tide is turning, very slowly, but it is turning. Victory will be ours!!!


I couldn’t agree more David.

Yeap… Attempt to break/disrupt the cycle of mass psychosis/state sponsored hypnosis at every conceivable juncture.

It’s now our duty at this stage in the game.

And yes.. the battle will be won!!



Brilliant, love this!! LOL


Your bang on David, it is the parents driving this, most Teachers are pretty cool up here as well, it’s always been the parents choice, the Schools cannot force anything on your kid, especially not a mask, it’s madness!!!


It’s great to hear of these super kids in these troubled times Layla.
Refreshing to know that there will always be “true bosses” coming up behind us.
Tell him to soldier on and stand his ground.
True warriors like this will be badly needed in the years to come if humanity is to have any chance of survival whatsoever.

A great lad!!




Aww thanks Gerry, that’s really kind of you to say, I showed him your message and this whole thread and it has definitely given him a boost of confidence x


Cheers Layla!!
And show him this too!!

Call it a badge of honour against tyranny!!

The BOSS emblem!!
(It’s a gif too, so if you click on it, the shades FLASH in acknowledgement!!)


Simon Blanchard

You that saying “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s making dollars”
Well with the mask mandates in schools it has been found out in the US that in order for schools and colleges to qualify for $billions in federal funding they have to have a mask protocol and show proof that they are adhering to these mandates from the Federal government or they don’t get the funding.
So JHB should be asking how much money are the schools in the UK getting to adhere to mask mandates from the UK government?


I didn’t know about that That’s rather like the hospitals and the use of ventilators isn’t it?


This will interest you Jennie.


In a time when real figures and stats are often concealed from the public, we took notice when a recent insurance CEO spoke out about the unprecedented spike in non-Covid deaths for people aged 18- 64. Hear what Healthcare Policy Analyst Expert, A.J. DePriest uncovered when looking at the contingencies in the fine print placed on School Districts and medical systems payouts from Biden’s β€˜American Rescue Plan’.


Thank you, I’ll check that out.


You are welcome


Great segment from the episode ‘Breaking Mass Psychosis” Jake.

I love the way Del and the team do this.

Excellent link bro!!

Thanks for posting!!



You are welcome.
It is a great segment.


Watched it now. This is just awful. They are basically bribing school boards with massive amounts of money in order that they make children’s time at school utterly miserable and bad for their physical and mental well-being. As the healthcare expert said they should refuse to do it and send back the money. Just shocking.


parents should be given info concerning masks from both sides and its then as the legal guardian up to them how they approach mask wearing for their child, what many people have concerns is when only one side is presented i.e. masks are amazing and this misinforms the parent over a decision or in cases the schools and state are forcing kids to wear masks outside of a parents wishes. as for Geoff Barton, he should really not be telling other peoples children just to “get on with it” i suspect if he has children himself he would not accept myself or anyone else to come round and instruct his children to wear masks or not etc.

Last edited 5 months ago by Patrice

There have been about 180 tests and studies on mask wearing in the last 40 years and they all show, I’ve been through a lot of them, that either masks do nothing to prevent the spread of infection or the difference is so small as to be statistically insignificant. On the other hand they are harmful to the wearer in a number of ways. Even if masks had any efficacy just stand for 10 minutes and watch how people use them.


A few months back I seen some guy going into Asda, where he took his mask out his pocket and before he put it on, he wiped his nose with it LOL.


Not a pretty thought. I did see someone with a white mask that was dirty and grimy.. πŸ™„


That’s something I haven’t seen, that’s disgusting.


Just so long as it wasn’t his butt!!


Last edited 5 months ago by Gerry

That joke is scraping the “Bottom” of the Barrel Gerry.. 😁😁😁




Words fail me on this one. It’s harmful and unnecessary but let’s just get on with it – geez.


I wonder if Geoff Barton himself wears a mask for up to 7 hours, 5 days a week, me thinks not, but he want our kids to ‘just get on with it’, ahh these devils drive me up the wall Jennie, it is indeed very hard to find the words for this nasty individual πŸ™


Beg to ask the question, WHO is it these people like Geoff and politicians are so afraid of that they would rather challenge the people than to criticise the covid polices?

Robert Klinck

Obviously, most fear the people who control the source of their paycheques. This is the consequence of tolerating an economy that promotes universal prostitution by keeping everyone in a completely unnecessary, and indeed perverted, state of financial insecurity. For those nearer the top of the pyramid, more direct physical intimidation undoubtedly comes into play.

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