Richie Allen Show Listeners – Please Read

Hey there. I should have done this at the launch of the website. Better late than never I suppose.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting the radio show over the past seven years. The words do not exist that would enable me to fully express my gratitude to you. So thanks.

To everyone who has supported it financially, thank you. Whether it was a one off contribution, or a recurring one, it’s been an enormous help. Whether £1 or £100 or more, it’s kept her going Patsy, as we say in God’s country.

I’m a one-man operation. I produce, edit and present the show. It takes a massive effort. It’s exhausting. I’m getting my excuse in now, so bear with me.

About 90 per cent of the time someone supports the show, I thank them personally. I think it’s the least you deserve. But I don’t manage to thank everyone. If you’ve not heard from me, please forgive me. The workload is my excuse, if a poor one. Check your spam though, you might have missed my mail.


It keeps me up night’s does this. It would kill me, if you thought I was taking your support for granted. Good God I am not. There’s no show without you. The show belongs to you. It’s your ship, I just steer it.

Anyway, you’re marvellous. You are. The mainstream media is gaslighting you morning, noon and night, telling you that you are an awful person. You’re not. You are kind, empathetic, warm-hearted, intelligent and thoroughly decent. I know you are.

If you’re out marching today, well done you. I hope you have a great day and get home reinvigorated and re-energised to carry on taking the fight to the tyrants who would destroy our way of life.

I hope you’ll join me tomorrow at 10am UK time for Sunday Morning Melodies.

Thanks for everything,



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john de calonge

Richie, whatever happens, you are a beacon of light in all this madness. A big salute to you.


Massive thank you from me also richie I’ve followed you for such a long time and i knew when all this shit happened you’d become a driving force for the sane. Its so great to see numbers increasinf on listenership. I would encourage newcomers to go back to shows in the past also theres just a wealth of great work there.


Richie, without you & your fantastic show I would be stark raving bonkers by now, seriously! I’ve learned so much from you & your guests & listeners over the years, I thank you from the bottom of my heart❤️ & the Sunday Morning Melodies is a stroke of genius in my opinion! Long may you reign my friend 🥰

Tarek Langenfeld

Hi Richie

First of all, thanx for your ProperPerformance n Work over the years.
The continuum in the circle world wide live.yeah.
It was fun, you made me laugh….
Eye a bleed bad boy….
One day this whole fucked up frequency comes to an end, and this day will come.


P.S. please send some proper bank details with BIC n ting for money transfer on your site, thanx!

Sophie & Andrew

You and your show are a cure for the heinous, gaslighting MSM and we’re more than grateful for that; so we need to thank you, not t’other way round. Amitiés à El Froggo et au BBG

Last edited 29 days ago by Sophie & Andrew
Marissa Oatley

We Love you Richie ❤❤


Its a good show for sure,only heard of it by chance from one of Vernon Colemans videos a while ago.Keep up the good work and try not too let the Bastards grind you down.

Tom M

And thank you Richie for providing a terrific radio show and antidote to the corporate media and truther industrial complex that sadly exists today.

Ive been a regular listener to your show since it’s humble beginnings 7 years ago and I have always found it highly informative and entertaining. Tuning into it every week has really helped to preserve my sanity, especially over the past year with all this pandemic madness. It’s such a shame that radio shows like these are few and far between, and are coming under increasing attack from the corporate media and the powers that be.

Keep up the great work with your show and let’s hope it continues for many more years to come 👍

Hey, Richie! People who give from the heart never expect a Thank You. I know I speak for everyone who listens to your Show, we are the ones thanking you for your tireless effort to bring Truth with Integrity, Honesty, and, of course, that crazy Irish Humor. x


Cheers Richie

Zac Baled

Thank you Richie for everything you do. You are a selfless beautiful individual, sincerly loved by people from all over the world. Respect Brother and love to the future Mrs allen. Keep on spreading The ❤

Eleanor Winship

Thank you Ritchie. It took me a ridiculously long time to become a regular contributor so I apologise for that. Your show keeps me a bit more sane. I never catch your shows live but listen the next day in my flower shop on Island of Arran. Come visit Arran some time. You’d love it and totally dog friendly – hotels, restaurants, bars etc. And thank you for your amazing guests and giving them a platform to talk.

Danny Warden

Hi Rich.
Im an avid listener & contributor to the show.
I don’t miss an episode with PodOmatic to and from work.
I never listen to the MSM and rely on you for important info.
Have a great weekend & love to you , Caroline & the pooch. 😘

Boris The Toilet Mop

Thanks for the sanity in this mad world, especially over this past year and a bit!

Richie nobody who supports you expects anything In return….doing what you do is thanks enough …believe me ….I spoke to your neighbour yesterday at the Manchester protest he was handing out cards with the shows details on ….keep on keeping on

I wasn’t aware of these cards. Would love to get some of these to hand out to people I speak to as I’m always trying to promote Richie’s show.


Thank you Richie! Love your shows, the new website and the Sunday morning show.👍


Thanks to you for keeping me sane and making me laugh this last year, that’s been the only way I’ve survived all this shite. I don’t think you realise how much you’ve saved me, and probably many others, from going totally mad. The guests, the craic, the laughs…brilliant. Well worth the monthly few quid.
Loula x

Eleanor Winship

That about sums it up exactly.


I am in Arizona listening to an Irishman in England, what’s left of it. I was thinking about it the other day and it made me laugh for some reason. I listen to Corbett but he’s already said what he needed to say. Now it’s just treading water waiting for what we know will come. I have been told that I am pessimistic for decades but I anticipated this a long time ago. I didn’t know that it would be a virus/vaccine scam but I knew something would eventually cause what we are seeing now. I suppose I don’t really need to listen to the show because it is clear the direction the British Islands are headed. USA is a little slower to catch on but we will catch up. Likely this next fall or winter. Listening to the show at least gives me the hope that more people will wake up, even though it won’t likely change the course we’re all on. I anticipate fisticuffs this summer over masks. I am actually hoping to participate.

Andy brandish


ian heaver

Thanks for reminding me Richie, I meant to double my monthly donation to you after reading how Fascistbook deleted your account last week but forgot so I’ve just done it. But you are worth every penny mate with your honesty , wit and wisdom etc. I travelled from Exeter to Bristol today for the anti lockdown/vaccine protest there and Tony Gosling was one of the speakers. During his speech he pointed out my ‘DEFUND THE BBC’ t shirt I was wearing to everyone – that made my day haha. And whenever I go to protests or Stand In The Park meet ups, I always make a point to people that they should listen to The Richie Allen Show but a lot of them already do and I always get a positive response. You are held in very high regard mate!


No thank you Richie. You have kept me sane this past year. Happy to support anyone speaking the truth


You have been a breath of fresh air. My sister got me onto you as she has been listening to you for over five years. Thank you for your show, your wonderful guests and phone ins. You’re a star Richie. You will never really know how much you have helped people keep sane in all this madness 😘


Bless you Richie, we know how hard you work and your time off is precious. Thank you for all you do. Not many people have made me laugh out loud during the last 14 months but you certainly have. Here’s to the next seven years.

John Daisley

Given the state of media today you’re a shining beacon mate. And i’m not saying that
because you’re the BBG. You’re a diamond.


Always like to help out with the tea and coffee, mate. I’ll also try and persuade Mandleson and Campbell to chip in a few quid. 😆


Your show is the best radio show I’ve ever listened to Richie. The amazing variety of genuine,passionate, informative guests are a joy to listen to. I’m so grateful I found your show at the beginning of the scam. It’s given me the courage and strength to stand up for the truth.
Bless you.
Annette x


Thank you Richie, you are bloody awesome!!!! 🙂

Tadhg Shelly

Hey Richie, I love your honesty humour and as they say you shoot from the hip, you tell it as it is.most of us I’m sure don’t realize the time and work that’s involved in producing each show so thank you for keeping me sane in these crazy tyrannical times.

Tony K

I’ve been cash only for 20 years bro. Get to BKK and I’ll cash in your chips 😁

Very very important discussion with the legend Gilat Atzmon. No doubt I butchered the spelling. Apologies.

Here in Thailand, the prime minister just desolved the country’s CV decisions to a local county level.

Could be a very very clever call.
Could be a disaster 😝

In the meantime, the sold out puppet in charge of Buriram has stated that vaccines are mandatory and those that refuse get a 1k sterling fine plus 2 years inside.


See what happens to him.



Oh my goodness, that’s shocking. And some people still think that they are trying to protect our health!

Gene Hunt

Thank god for that Richie!………..
After reading your tweet directing us here, I thought you were going to announce you were jacking it all in!
Onwards and upwards BBG! 🍻

ian heaver

Me too, I was getting worried for a second .


No Richie…. THANK YOU for the tremendous and incredible hard work you never fail to put in to your shows.

You have kept us going, more than you will ever know, over the last 14 months in particular. You came highly recommended from our son and we have listened to you ever since.

Just love your honesty, humour, the facts you find out for us and the amazing guests you invite to your show.

You’re much more than a radio host. You’re unique, Richie, never forget that.


Richie, the feeling is entirely mutual. Your show is comedy, education and therapy to many, many people. It’s both a blessing and a curse that it may feel like an echo chamber over the course of the scamdemic. Whilst we’d all like to get back to debate and polite disagreement as soon as possible, unity and community is of vital importance and the Richie Allen Show is an integral part for me. Long live the show, its brave and thoughtful guests and smart and loyal listeners. Peace and love.

Caroline Fealy

We are very grateful to you for the laughs the serious stuff and the melodies :). We thank you Richie for keeping it real! 🙂


I started listening just after Christmas, not only are the interviews wonderful, your ‘delivery’ is spot on and keeps me sane, although some might doubt that. Keep doing what your doing. THANK YOU.


A big thank you to you Richie. Your site (and a few others) have kept me sane when all around me are brainwashed and simple believing the government lies. In moments of desperation (and there have been a few) it’s you and all the like minded people on here which keeps me going.

Sean Brown

Thank you for the commnet but the effot you put into each show is thanks enough.
We all love the BBG

Scottish Steve

Can’t thank you enough Richie for the show. Voice of sanity at the end of the working day for me. Appreciate the effort and will always support. Keep up the good work!


We love the show Richie. It’s honestly as simple as that. There’s categorically nothing like it. So for as long as you’re prepared to put yourself through it we will continue to support it.
Big love to you and to yours BBG


God bless you, Richie. That brought a tear to the old eye!

ThankYOU for being you. For keeping me sane (well almost 😄) these last 6+ months. Thankyou for the site too, and for the good friends I’ve met because of it ❤️

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