Sainsbury’s Asks Staff To Hold Off On Christmas Party’s

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has asked staff to consider delaying their Christmas party’s until early in the new year. The company said today that it is concerned about the emergence of the omicron covid-19 variant.

According to the BBC this lunchtime:

The supermarket said the situation was “very delicate”, adding “we need to do everything we can to make Christmas safe” for staff and customers.

Sainsbury’s boss Simon Roberts said the firm “will make sure no-one is out of pocket as a result of this decision”.

Sainsbury’s said it took the decision to delay Christmas parties after discussions with its store employee representative group.

Mr Roberts said: “We are doing everything we can to protect Christmas for our colleagues and our customers and keep everyone safe.

“As government guidance on face coverings changed on Tuesday (30 November), we have gone above and beyond to put safety first and have asked all of our colleagues to wear a face covering both on the shop floor and in all colleague areas.”

There isn’t a shred of evidence that omicron even exists. However, if we accept that it does exist, it should be noted that the scientists who identified it have repeatedly stated that it is harmless.

But then none of this was ever about a virus was it?

Of course, the good boys and girls of Sainsbury’s will happily surrender their Christmas party’s. Very few of them will question any of it.

It’s open tyranny now, as I’ve said a thousand times.


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I walk 7km or cycle 20k 6 days a week.

As I have grown older, (born 1959) I have reduced my alcohol consumption as I see fit, although as a Geordie that probably means I still drink too much 😁

I have drank filtered water for as long as my memory recalls.

Most importantly I have stayed away from the orange plastic covered ‘foods’ establishments like Sainsburys sell to people.

As a result of my choices, doctors only see me when I break bones or tear ligaments, my choice also, I love sports🤷‍♂️

It’s hilarious that these junk food pushers are now using language that suggests we all need them in order to be safe.

There goes me last rib…..


What do you expect from people who use phrases like ‘colleague areas’? Yuk!


Christmas parties with work colleagues can be great fun or a way to get fired!


A primary school in Leicestershire has cancelled it’s planned Nativity activities because of the new ‘variant’, upsetting the young pupils and many of their parents. One parent pointed out that it’s apparently okay for a stadium full of soccer fans to be jumping around and hugging each other and for pubs and nightclubs to be full of people getting drunk and spraying their bodily fluids around without a mask in sight but carefully monitored five and six year olds have to be shut down. In a country beset with mass hysteria, teachers and their unions have been the most craven cowards of all.


“very delicate”, adding “we need to do everything we can to make Christmas safe” for staff and customers.

using the word “safe” all the time is an odd word to use, how do they think people coped before 2020 when flu and viruses always existed in one form or another? if life was always 100% safe, then it would be a miserable way to live, well like now really.

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