Scotland’s Deputy First Minister: “Take A Test EVERY Time You Leave The House!”

Scotland’s Deputy First Minister told the BBC this morning that he takes a covid test every time he leaves home and that everyone else should do the same.

Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland John Swinney said:

“We want people to increase the frequency of the use of lateral flow tests, away from the two times per week to much more frequently when they are socialising and interacting with others.

Personally, I am now doing a lateral flow test every day I am going out with the prospect of meeting other members of the public outside my household.

I would encourage others to do exactly the same, because that gives me confidence I’m protecting my household and it gives me confidence I’m protecting other people.”

John, awa’ n bile yer heid ya boggin bampot.

Seriously though, these are very dangerous times. Very dangerous. Swinney’s remarks may seem somewhat throwaway, but it’s out there now, the idea that folks should take a medical test before leaving home, in order to protect the public.

And it’s only Monday.



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maybe the only way to stop muppets like this is to make him do the Chinese anal swab each morning see if he is happy with doing that daily 🙂


This is soul destroying, it’s all blatantly to keep this scam going. The more tests they get folk to take, the more inflated numbers to keep the fear going. The kids in High School up here in Scotland ‘Land of the compliant’ are taking 2 tests a week and they are doing it, even more numbers to add to the list of skulduggery.


I’m pulling out what little hair I have left over this. When are people going to get a fucking grip? This is a £400 billion nightmare which is going to haunt us for years to come.


This bastard knows that the more tests that are taken the more lovely cases of ‘Covid’ that can assist them in implementing the agenda. Test test test…..’Covid’ ‘Covid’ ‘Covid’. Most of these jobsworths are not aware of the full agenda but are so pig thick that they lap up every instruction from their Masters and carry them out without question.
As a side issue i was surprised but not shocked to learn that the skeletal psychopath woman Jacinda Ardern who is Prime Minister of New Zealand had previously worked in the Cabinet Office of none other than Tony Blair! He must be so proud of her!


Sod covid I want politicians drug tested, I want to know what monkey dust these mental fucks are on.


Complete madness!

The message heard on TFL (Transport For London) Buses is “that Face Coverings are required unless you are exempt (from Stupidity)” is what I add straight after that waffle.

The below image says it all!
Last edited 1 month ago by Jake

I would pay to escape the politicians,

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrice

Yes…. 😁

John Heffernan

And don’t forget about your mask as well…

Last edited 1 month ago by John Heffernan

Yeah things are being ramped up big time especially by pricks like him,msm full of covid trash etc,idiot needs 12 bore big time.


Scotland’s Deputy First Minister told the BBC this morning that he takes a covid test every time he leaves home

plot twist, we should rig the tests so politicians never leave their house again, cut of their internet and sorted, life back to normal.

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