Scottish Teaching Union Backs Jab For 5 Year-Olds

Scotland’s largest teaching union has given its backing to vaccinating children aged five and over. According to The Scotsman this afternoon:

Larry Flanagan, general secretary of the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), called for a “quicker decision” to be made on the roll-out. He argued offering vaccinations to younger children is a “safer route than just allowing for herd immunity to develop.”

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) currently recommends only those over 12 are offered a jag.

However, the US has started to offer vaccinations to younger children, and experts such as Professor Devi Sridhar, one of Nicola Sturgeon‘ s pandemic advisers, have backed such a move.

Flanagan went on to say:

“I hope they make a quicker decision around five to 11-year-olds because I think vaccination should be offered there, to the families of those young people. We are in favour of young people being offered that vaccine and we’ve said so at SERG [Scottish Education Recovery Group].

Ultimately we think offering the vaccination is a quicker and safer route than just allowing for herd immunity to develop over a longer period of time, because that would be more disruptive to school education.”

Who the hell is Larry Flanagan? What qualifies him to speak with such authority on herd immunity and the vaccination of children? The answer is of course, nothing. He’s not a doctor. Nor is he a virologist or immunologist. He’s a jobsworth and his union poses a serious threat to the wellbeing of Scotland’s children.

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Richie, I love you and your show, and all your amazing guests, and all the listeners, the awesome fearless freedom fighters. I honestly couldn’t manage without it, it means a great deal, and it truly lifts our spirits up, it’s not much but I put a wee donation in your bank, thank you for everything you do, your voice is like part of our family, love Layla, Jimmy, Ruby and wee Freddie, keep on keeping on BBG xxxx


Child abusers supporting children being abused by injecting them younger and younger with an experimental gene therapy they DO NOT NEED for the sick sinister so-called benefits of neurotic adults. So sick of this blatant abuse of children, where is social services? Where is Child protection services? We are in Scotland and I despise the SNP, all of them are willing supporters of child abuse, but they are just the pathetic puppets, cowards the lot of them, I wonder if their children will have that toxic death jab, I very much doubt it.

I will never have that jab, my 13 year old’s jab invitation went right in the bin, and neither will my little ones have it, not a chance in hell. Dr Jane Ruby said that there will very likely be suicides of parents when their children are either maimed or die from that jab and they will not be able to cope with their guilt over it. I can see that coming and it is absolutely terrifying. Parents wake the fuck up, please for the love of God if there is some kind of almighty one up there, snap out of this dark spell and wake up!!!!!!


The most revealing part of the James Delingpole podcast with Michael O’Bernicia recently was when even JD admitted that Arthur Scargill was correct – if the miners fall so will the whole of the union movement – and that is precisely what has happened.

There is no point anymore relying on the old political parties and networks – they have all been bought and they are not on our side. The resistance has to develop the creative skills and tactics necessary to survive now as there seems very little real hope that the tyranny will be overcome.


headmasters already informed they will be injecting kids 5-11 in England in january at their schools.


A really easily understood presentation by the Irish Enquiry of a one to one discussion between independent investor Melissa Cuimmei and Irish Enquiry journalist/presenter Sara Haboubi.

It’s 35 minutes long and laden with accurate data.

Yet another must see and share folks!

The video is embedded in The Irish Sentinel link below.



And here’s the direct link on censor tube while it lasts:


Devi Sridhar is a dangerous charlatan. Have a look at to see how she was called out. And the Scottish government use her as an expert!! They are taking the piss! Every trade union in Britain has been in lockstep with the government. They have behaved as traitors to the people they are supposed to represent and not one union leader has stood up for the right of any of their members to decide what medical procedures to take. They are a bunch of cowards.


She is playing the part she was given when she sold her soul to the NWO.
A fully paid up member and a WEF Young Global Leader.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jake
Jon Taylor

Pushing these dangerous gene theropies to children is just wrong. why would any parent allow this.


the teaching fraternity showed their hand last year, realised they could get paid for nothing and pushed for all the draconian measures. tell you a better one, the krankie and the scum that inhabit our so called parliament passed a bill that enables any child in the ” school system ” if they want or decide to change their gender i.e from the age of five years old and upwards the school must respect the child’s choice and should be respected no matter what the parents think, of course it is worded for young kids they will have talks with the parents. end off, if a five year old boy or girl decides they want to be a boy or a girl decides to be a boy these “schools( fish swim in schools ? ) must respect their views. the demonoic are in control.

Aldo Bennedetti

The last phase will be to normalise pedophilia.


i see even alex belfield on youtube is questioning things a bit more, this is his latest vid,


bellend is a shill ad a grifter mate


meant to say and


“Oh cum all ye faithful”

Satan Claus is officially





seen that gerry, was it norway, santa looked like a fucking junkie to be fair. dan akykrod is my favourite santa, trading places lol


Definitely Norway.
Ah sure.. what else is there to say about that one…
Beyond it being “The magic of Christmas!!”

Steven James

I think we’re entitled to be full blown conspiracy theorists and suspect a conspiracy on the part of pharmaceuticals,Gates etc.

Steven James

I’m a proud ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ I take the accusation as a compliment.
It means I’m a critical thinker.
The lady from Imperial College London I like.

Steven James

Restrictions ! Restrictions! Restrictions !


I saw a video report stating that Boris never wanted to lock down and it was the teaching unions who forced him in to it each time along with the kids having to wear masks. He did cite credible sources and seemed reasonably genuine but it seemed a bit convenient. Can never be sure I suppose…


johnson is playing you colin, like millions of others, trust me mate he knows what is going on

Noel cox

Meanwhile in Irish parliament today, this cretin

Aldo Bennedetti

Scary and reckless statements about banning people from necessities like the supermarket. As the YT commentaries stated – compliance by starvation.

And this fool talks with such authority about the vax as if his a medical professional.

Totally utterly bananas times we are living in.


Lets just roll back the clock to 1848 and start a new potato famine.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mark





Some time ago on these pages we had a robust debate (or pile on – whatever) about the usefulness of unions in our modern world. I was none too kind in my assessment.
Since then we have seen union after union fold to the government’s will and living up to my exceeding low expectations.

Moving forward, who here can ever again trust the unions to hold the line for each and every single, individual member?


Not I Craig!
No chance.

ps.. Pile on!! — I love it!!

You can’t beat a healthy debate!!!


Urban Fox

Cant remember the conversation Craig, but i have never had much time for unions. I am aware that at one time they served a purpose in improving working conditions and the like. Also that they have sometimes helped workers out with legal representation etc. in more recent times. But they have always been about power and money, the leaders putting themselves first when the push comes to the shove. Also i believe that they are ultimately controlled at the top by the same forces that control everything. Last but not least, we have to remember that unfortunately teachers, like most of the rest of society actually believe that there is a genuine plague going round. Iv mentioned before that my sister gave up her long teaching career rather than risk catching the mythical plague off the dirty plague carrying kids. I think because that is so crazy for us to comprehend. Sometimes people forget that people actual believe this lunacy.


arthur scargill had a better barber than johnson they focused on arthurs barnet, but johnson is seen by many as windswept and interesting, when all he needs is a haircut. alright fox.

Urban Fox

Same as usual Martin. Iv been hacking at my own hair,whats left of it. Since the fake plague era. Im getting pretty good. Just got back from the front line. In other words down the local shops and bank. They are still doing the one way and masks. What do there vaccines not work. What is this complete lunacy.?


pile driving ?


Probably another freemason shill looking to climb onto the next rung of his particular lodges ladder and on towards luciferian enlightenment.

Got to get the kiddies signed up with their new digital ID injection too… in fact I’m amazed they didn’t target them first!!

Then get the Blockchain social crediting going for everyone!!

Except them and their elitist cousins of course.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

Who are they mainly referring to every time they repeat the catchy mantra ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’? Kids, of course. They are coming for the children, as we have been both fearing and predicting since early last year. Despite the clearest evidence that this illness bounces off kids and doesn’t take a dot out of them, most parents will comply. Will the authorities try to take our children off the rest of us? This is a distinct possibility. Governments believe children belong to them. We seem to be descending further and further down a road with no turn in it.

Aldo Bennedetti

Like him or loath him I remember Trump said: “They’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just standing in their way.”


That is typical of the self serving Orange twat; attempting humility (or what passes for it in his world) and virtue signalling at the same time. the reason he didn’t ‘drain the swamp’ is because thta is where his backers live.

Aldo Bennedetti

Its really gathering momentum now and ramping up by using the catalyst of Christmas as a pinch point.


This is a ‘device’ that’ll blow up in their faces. I’m anxious to get to the people who really make the decisions and not the messenger boys and girls. They and their entire progeny need to be destroyed and there systems dismatntled and torched – erased from history forever.

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