Senior Tory MP Accuses Government Of Manipulating Covid Data For Social Control

A senior Conservative MP urged anti-lockdown campaigners to keep going with their fight against government restrictions. Sir Desmond Swayne  told Save Our Rights UK, that NHS capacity figures were being “manipulated” to exaggerate the scale of coronavirus. SKY News obtained an interview that Swayne gave to the protest group last November, where he said:

“It seems to be a manageable risk, particularly as figures have been manipulated… We’re told there is a deathly, deadly pandemic proceeding at the moment. That is difficult to reconcile with ICUs (intensive care units) actually operating at typical occupation levels for the time of year and us bouncing round at the typical level of deaths for the time of year.”

Sir Desmond went on to tell the group that the government was attempting to implement a form of “social control over the population”, by insisting that people wear face coverings. He said: “There are aspects of this government’s actions which I’m certain come down to social control, like the wearing of masks.”

The reaction has been predictably brutal. SKY News presenter Niall Paterson, put it to Michael Gove, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, that his colleague should just “shut up.” Gove replied that Swayne is “wrong and completely out of order.” Paterson then asked Gove if Swayne should “have the whip removed.” Gove replied that Swayne should apologise first and then his situation would be reviewed.

The national press and broadcast media is engaged in destroying Desmond Swayne today. Swayne gave an interview to Del Bigtree’s High Wire programme, a couple of weeks ago. Predictably, this is being used to further discredit him as Bigtree is an associate of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Sir Desmond said that he was entitled to make his point of view on any platform. “I’m entitled to answer legitimate questions that people put to me,” he said. “It does not in any way mean that I accept the points of view that they hold.” He’s right of course. He should be allowed to speak anywhere and not be automatically associated with the views of the host or other guests. I could write a book on that subject.

Desmond Swayne is 100 per cent right. The government and a handful of advisers are perpetrating a massive fraud on the people of the UK. There is no pandemic. Of course data is being manipulated. Of course Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance are lying through their teeth. The UK is a totalitarian state. Rather than investigate Swayne’s claims and scrutinise what the government is doing, the media (most of it) is calling for his head. How do they sleep at night?

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Will he get to meet with the government advisors who actually opposed all these measures or will he just get to meet with the hand picked ones that the chief whip selects? I think we know the answer.


Spot on, Richie! How do the presstitutes sleep at night. Sir Desmond is one of a handful of MPs who will come out of this whole shambles in a favourable light.

Neil Robinson

The one MP actually worth his place and not blinkered to the government and sage bullshit.

Eamonn Blaney

It is staggering that the lamestream media refuse to defend freedom of speech when their profession is one that will be decimated if it is not protected.

Last edited 3 months ago by @EamonnBlaney
Wes Baker

Uhmmmm. Assange is rotting in prison with nary a mention in the press. I think they’re just fine and f*cking dandy without any ‘freedom of speech’.

Free speech is totally overrated, don’t ya know!

Eric Simon

Tribute to Desmond Swayne. Support o his pal Steve Baker MP. Very good interventionat Commons regarding what would be Government’s positin regarding Corporations and businesses bringing coercive pro vaccine pro PLANDEMIC antisocial measures.


Unfortunately Mr Swayne has now said it was right what he said at the time, but now it is different. I really do not trust any of these Politicians, Controlled opposition me thinks.

Chris Lothian

How to sell a pandemic? – YouTube. If ever proof were needed that the powers that be have indeed been planning and preparing for this for years Richie, here it is


I know I shouldn’t be surpised, but on Facebook they are calling for Mr Swayne to resign or to be sacked because he appeared on ‘The Richie Allen Show’.

David Le Vesconte

Moving deaths from column A over to column B is a Scamdemic not a pandemic.
The year 2019 – 2020 mortality figures are in the normal range for any year.
If you test positive for Covid19 in England & die at any point in the future you are counted as a covid death..

Wes Baker

And they will keep a running tally of Covid ‘deaths’. Forever and ever, amen.

But, wait, there are jabs for that. Covid ’19, ’20, ’21, ’22, ’23.

Blessed are the pin cushions.

Welcome to the new, ‘War on of Terror’. I give it 20 years.

Last edited 3 months ago by Wes Baker
Wes Baker

There is only one, true story. One faith, one, true church: Covid.

In the name of the father: scientism, the son: the state, and the holy spirit: the media.


Well done sir Desmond we should all have rights and freedom of choice! Do you know in Scotland right now they are entering elderly and the vulnerable homes to give these vaccinations! I have experienced this first hand with my elderly 85 year old parents and I am utterly disgusted and furious that this has happened. A professional entering their home unannounced to vaccinate them! What is happening????
They have no right to do this, and it is happening!! Well done Nicola Sturgeon your numbers for vaccines have increased you are well on your way to meeting targets and making a hell of a lot of cash but you are taking away people rights, freedom of choice and possibly lives this government should be utterly ashamed of themselves!


That is out of order. I am sorry to hear this.

David Carter

Del is very litigious , look out Sky News


Please contact him and show our support for his stand against tyranny and madness.

Contact Sir Desmond Swayne
This section contains web, social and other contact information for Sir Desmond Swayne.

When contacting this Member, they should be addressed as Sir Desmond.

Last edited 3 months ago by Jacob
Michelle Devins

The man’s a hero, along with Dolores Cahill


Sir Desmond is absolutely right. We need to back him. He’s prepared to put his head above the parapet and say exactly how it is. He has our real interests at heart.

Joe Clarke

What’s betting he’s back in the fold by the weekend.




There needs to be more like Desmond, but the Phsyopathic Satanist Peados in charge won’t let this happen


“…How do they sleep at night?…”

There is a saying among common folk in one of the countries that translated in English would be something as “poop always floats on top”


High wire: The Toll of ‘Herd Stupidity’ ….


And of course every time anyone is mentioned in the same breath as Andy Wakefield the meeja tsunami descends!

John Jasper

Spot on! Everyone says “If it was a scam, they couldn’t keep it a secret!” No but they can censor and punish anyone who tries to speak out very effectively (about 95%)


How do they sleep? It’s simple: they believe. They believe they are doing the right thing; they believe they have the moral highground (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?); and they believe that they know better.
Historically, all three have always been the scourge of humanity.


Sir Desmond Swayne is one of the few honest men speaking for us in Parliament. His voice is true and strong. Gove is pondscum.


By the original definition of the term, Desmond Swayne is true Leftwing in this matter.

Last edited 3 months ago by Craig
Caroline Fealy

How do they sleep at night? They are all on drugs.

Wes Baker

And they want us all on more drugs…!

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