Skills Minister: “Vaccine Passports Won’t Be Required For Pubs”

Apprenticeships and Skills Minister Gillian Keegan told LBC radio this morning that vaccine passports will not re required for pubs. Speaking to presenter Tom Swarbrick, Keegan said that there was “no consideration at the moment to apply the vaccine passport scheme to pubs.”

In the immortal words of the great Jimmy Nail, “she’s lying.” Of course she’s lying. When Swarbrick asked about pubs, Keegan said:

“No, I think it’s where there’s lots of crowds of people so erm a large nightclub, maybe a large venue where there’s lots of people and it’s indoors. No I don’t think there’s a consideration at the moment (for pubs).

But of course you know, we take this virus as we find it. We are trying always to get ahead of it…..and of course if we have a Beta variant or any other variants which we’re trying to minimise the risk of through our cautious approach to travel, then we’ll have to take actions.”

Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi (pictured) was explicit when he said earlier this year, that the government wouldn’t introduce vaccine passports. Cabinet Minister Michael Gove dismissed it out of hand, telling SKY News that it was “un-British.”

Yet the government u-turned and is attempting to make double-vaccination a condition of entry to nightclubs from late next month. While I called Keegan a liar, I did so with tongue firmly in cheek.

I think I’ve said it before, the government isn’t in charge. Governments are fronts, nothing more. They take orders too. When ministers say that there are no plans to make vaccine passports a requirement for pubs, they are only repeating that which they have been told to say, for now.

As we move into Autumn and Winter and more and more people fall ill after they’ve been jabbed, enormous pressure will be brought to bear on hospitality again. The threat of closure will likely lead to publicans taking preemptive action.

The government won’t need to insist that pubs ask to see passports. That’s how I see it. I’d love to be wrong.

Irish publicans capitulated. To eat or drink inside a pub/restaurant in Ireland today, you must provide proof of injection or a recent negative test. I’ve no reason to believe that British landlords will stand up to it.

Ihre papiere bitte is here now and here to stay.



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Hermione Granger

Make sure you teach your children the truth about the world or they will fall for crap like this plandemic

Hermione Granger

Boris said the same then the switcheroo scam

Noel cox

Meanwhile in Australia, they’ve gone full north Korea, I have friends there, they really need to leave that kip


yes, this amazing flu type symptoms that only effects “lots of crowds of people so erm a large nightclub, maybe a large venue where there’s lots of people and it’s indoors. No I don’t think there’s a consideration at the moment”

utter bollocks.


Massive bollocks.


Lie after Lie after Lie is all we get from these pityful excuse for humans at Westmonster. There’s no way in hell Zahawi pictured above with that virtue signalling bollocks, has been jabbed other than with a placebo..


As soon as the words ‘at the moment’ were uttered we all know that it’s a matter of time before, that, that has been planned for at least a year is introduced.


Her lips are moving, tell tale sign she’s lying :O

Web Ferrett

What is the purpose of vaccine passports? – if you get jabbed, then you can still catch and transmit the virus – which proves passports are NOT about a virus (total control).
So I favor an unvaxed passport for us that know the truth about the jab!


Those receiving the placebo dose will also be granted the passport – go figure!!


Does anyone really think that it’s a true placebo?

Hermione Granger

No it’s a clot$Hot


I really hope you’re wrong; but sadly my instincts tell me you’re not. These people are clearly strangers to the truth and couldn’t lie straight in the beds.


If the Rich and Politicians have taken the jab , then yes , it is the Placebo


We could always make our own, or wear a flower to symbolise our purity. I NEVER thought I’d use that word again after I mislaid my cherry 🙂

Tim in Brazil

Another Junior Minister on the MSM propaganda rota. Ready to be thrown under the bus when the pressure is on.


😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
I don’t know why I’m laughing its so damn true.


Keeps smiling and laughing Mark; it’s a great safety valve.


Frankly, she looks rather as if she’s been tumble dried, if not actually struck by a bus.


Lie, u-turn. Rinse and repeat. It’s been the same pattern since March, and will continue to be so.

Noel cox

Wasn’t really a pub goer, only for united games I’d go during the day for a fill, all my locals have opened up inside and are inspecting ze papers!! I’ll never darken their door ever again, scumbags

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