SKY News Hit Piece On Indy Media Is A Damp Squib

I mentioned on The Richie Allen Show during the week that a SKY News reporter had been in touch. Sanya Burgess emailed me to inform me that I would be mentioned in an article about covid-19 and climate change conspiracies. She offered me right of reply.

Burgess’ article was published on SKY this morning. The section relevant to the Richie Allen show is as follows:

Broadcaster Richie Allen presents a radio show which regularly pulls in around 20-30,000 listeners on its main platform. His coverage includes claims that although coronavirus is real, there is no pandemic and that the COVID-19 vaccine is dangerous.

Mr Allen has increasingly spoken and written about climate lockdowns, including on a recent blog post on his site.

He writes: “Didn’t I say last year that climate lockdowns would be a thing? I said that Sunday driving would be rationed as well as certain foods.”

In response to Sky News’ article, Mr Allen said he believes “climate lockdowns will be introduced at some point in the future and that governments will impose restrictions on people’s movements, including banning driving at certain times”.

He added that he believes that mainstream journalists “failing to do [their] jobs has resulted in the UK turning into a totalitarian state” and that he does interviews with “academics from accredited universities who have said similar, and who dispute the notion that we are in the midst of a climate crisis”.

The article goes on to quote someone from the Center For Countering Digital Hate. A blind person can see what is really going on here. This is all about the Online Harms Bill which is making its way through parliament.

It’s among the most dangerous and terrifying pieces of legislation that has ever been proposed.

On November 1st The Times Home Affairs Editor Matt Dathan wrote:

Ministers will overhaul communication laws by creating new offences in the forthcoming Online Safety Bill, the flagship legislation to combat abuse and hatred on the internet.

The Department for Culture, Media & Sport has accepted recommendations from the Law Commission for crimes to be based on “likely psychological harm”.

The proposed law change will shift the focus on to the “harmful effect” of a message rather than if it contains “indecent” or “grossly offensive” content, which is the present basis for assessing its criminality.

A new offence of “threatening communications” will target messages and social media posts that contain threats of serious harm. It would be an offence where somebody intends a victim to fear the threat will be carried out.

A “knowingly false communication” offence will be created that will criminalise those who send or post a message they know to be false with the intention to cause “emotional, psychological, or physical harm to the likely audience”. Government sources gave the example of antivaxers spreading false information that they know to be untrue.

The establishment wants to destroy the independent media and is using the legacy media to wage a propaganda war against it. I have been saying for several years that they’re coming for The Richie Allen Show.

If The Online Harms Bill passes, the very act of interviewing scientists who claim that a government mandated medicine might be doing more harm than good, will be a crime.

The legacy media has been trying to undermine The Richie Allen Show for years. They’ve all had a pop, The Guardian, The Mail, SKY News previously, Talk Radio, The Times, The red tops. For years, they have harassed politicians and academics for daring to appear with me.

Why? Because The Richie Allen Show is the most listened to independent news radio show in the world. I had to laugh at the line, “20-30,000 listeners on its main platform.”

If that were true, the media wouldn’t be constantly targeting the content of the show and my guests. I told Burgess that the show is a live radio show with a far wider reach than she had suggested, but of course she ignored that.

She told me that my response to her emails would feature prominently in her article. I laughed hard at that. You be the judge. Here’s her article

Here’s our email exchange in full:

Message: Hello,My name is Sanya Burgess and I am a reporter with Sky News.I am writing to request a right of reply from you ahead of the publication of a written and video story.I will be reporting that:You, Richie Allen, present a podcast and radio show, which regularly pulls in around 20-30,000 listeners on its main platform. Your coverage includes claims that although coronavirus is real, there is no pandemic and that the COVID-19 vaccine is dangerous.Your spoken and written coverage about climate lockdowns has been increasing in recent months.This includes a recent blog post on your site where you write: “Didn’t I say last year that climate lockdowns would be a thing? I said that Sunday driving would be rationed as well as certain foods.”My coverage of your show and blog and its increasing conspiratorial coverage of climate change is part of a wider article looking at how COVID-19 conspiracists, who don’t believe the pandemic is real and believe the vaccine is dangerous, are increasingly beginning to share conspiracy theories and misinformation about climate change.If you wish to reply or provide a comment for inclusion in the written and video versions of the story, please reply by 4.30pm tomorrow, Thursday 11th November 2021. If this will not be possible within this time frame but you wish to comment, please let me know.Best wishes,Sanya Burgess




Hi Sanya,
I was amused to receive your email. Thank you.
Can you explain what it is that you’d like me to reply to?
By the way, my show is a live radio show which is then podcasted. It has a much wider audience than 30,000 listeners, not that I am bragging.
Let me know specifically what I have said, word for word that you’d like a response to and I’ll consider it.
Kind regards
Richie Allen
Hi Richie,
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.
You are welcome to respond or offer a general comment to the points I set out in my message.
This includes your specific comments claiming there will be climate lockdowns, which would include rationed driving. (From your recent blog post on your site where you write: “Didn’t I say last year that climate lockdowns would be a thing? I said that Sunday driving would be rationed as well as certain foods.”)
As well as more generally if you wish to comment on:
  • My reporting that your coverage includes claims that although coronavirus is real, there is no pandemic and that the COVID-19 vaccine is dangerous.
  • That your comments about climate lockdowns are an example of a ‘green conspiracy’ or ‘climate change conspiracy’
If you do not wish to comment, that is of course fine. I am simply offering you the opportunity to comment as the article will be mentioning you directly.
Best wishes,
Yes, I have stated on my radio show, as far back as last Summer, that I believe that climate lockdowns will be introduced at some point in the future and that governments will impose restrictions on people’s movements, including banning driving at certain times. That is certainly my opinion.
The Sunday driving limits is just an example of what I think may happen, a crude one maybe, but it’s where I think we are heading. I’d tell you that I’ve interviewed academics from accredited universities who have said similar, and who dispute the notion that we are in the midst of a climate crisis, but you’re not interested are you?
I make it clear at all times, when I am speculating or engaging in conjecture. Are you not the least bit embarrassed, seeing as you claim to be a journalist, that your organisation and others are actively de-platforming qualified academics who dispute the impact that man-made Co2 is having on the climate?
I do your job. I provide a platform for those who are effectively banned by your company and the media generally. I wouldn’t be in business if and your pals actually did your jobs.
As for covid-19, I platformed Harvard University epidemiologists, German and Swiss scientists and GP’s from all over the world who vehemently disagreed with lockdowns and who pointed out that they do far more harm to public health than any virus.
And I’m not talking about naturopaths by the way, not that there’s anything wrong with them. I’ve interviewed dozens of practicing GP’s.
What were you doing? Why were you not featuring them? I’ve interviewed scientists, not quacks, who have raised legitimate concerns about the speed of the vaccine roll-out, the fact that the jabs are being administered under Emergency Use Authorisation and are still in phase three trials. I think the trial runs until 2023.
The UK government Yellow-Card reporting system and the US VAERS system of reporting, demonstrate that these jabs are killing people. Do you know that? Do you even care? Were you telling people ten years ago that Pandemrix was safe? Your mates were.
Can you sleep at night knowing that you and your colleague’s failure to do your jobs has resulted in the UK turning into a totalitarian state where people can lose their jobs and be banned from going for a night out, if they haven’t submitted and taken medicine that they neither want nor need?
Do what you like with my response. After you run your hit-piece, I’ll publish the emails you sent me and my responses.
I will of course redact your name.
Kind regards
Richie Allen
Hi Richie,
Thank you for getting back to me with a comment. I will ensure it is reflected in the piece prominently.
Best wishes,

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I take a few days away and the comments sections have devolved into a word slugfest more akin to a school playground or a prison yard.


too true- there’s a few hypocritical time wasting turds who floated to the surface-
1 shill and two trolls so far,
They have a terrible habit of MISSING the FKN POINT! 😂

Soon the RAS community will be renamed the

it would be bloody obvious that there were plants here, steering debate away from the important topics and they turn out to be prickles little weeds who fancy themselves as Disc Jockeys and apprentices to Jimmy Saville, who they spend their other time watching documentaries on, for tips.

Anyways , how are you keeping? Tell me in the PRIVATE COMMENTS rather than take up more space here…


Go away troll..


Oh by the way…

Who’s payrolling you??

Which one do you belong to??


Only one issue occurring here Craig and that’s trolling by a professional troll.

It needs to be removed.




That’s not my experience. But, then, I’ve been accused of being a troll by people who don’t like what I write.
‘Nazi’, ‘shill’, ‘troll’ have all become playground insult words to attack people with a different perspective and different communication style.

No one – and I mean, no one – tells me who I can and cannot communicate with. I make up my own mind, on an individual to individual basis. If that becomes sacrificed, what is the point of being here?
Because what you have suggested sounds like a dictate.


I’m not interested Craig.
I’ve said my piece with this and I’m not for moving (and it’s blatantly obvious many others share this opinion!)

It’s a troll and if you want to engage with it that’s your business.

But it’s done with me.


Gerry, as I’ve said elsewhere, I’ve been called a troll before. Quite a few times. I know there are people on this site who are deeply suspicious of you. I have encountered numerous, similar accusations against quite a few other users of this site.
And each and every time the language to describe such people is reduced to dehumanising words. ‘Troll’ is, after all, dehumanising. So is ‘It’.

The bickering and paranoia has become rather tiresome.

And why does it happen? Because some people don’t engage in group think when they are ‘meant to’.

Think carefully about that.


I know when I’m being trolled Craig.
I know when a troll is at work.
I’m not debating this issue with you.

That’s a troll.

It is open to opinion whether it’s human or not, as I’m sure you’re fully aware of the technological facilities that they are privy to.

As for people who are deeply suspicious of me, that is their perogative and is irrelevant in this instance.


I’m not debating this issue with you.’

The same statement is used to silence opposition to the climate change narrative.
The same statement is used to silence opposition to the trans activist narrative.
The same statement is used to silence opposition to the lockdowns and ‘vaccine’ mandates.

Is that the kind of absolutist people that you wish to associate with?


That’s you twisting words and their interpretations Craig.

I currently believe that this individual is working to an intentional premeditated agenda and one of disruption.

And it would appear that he/she/it is being very successful at this point in time.


With respect, Gerry, I’ve not twisted your words. I have merely pointed out how such words apply to other issues.

Much like your statement, ‘I currently believe’.
Belief requires no evidence. Most of the UK and Ireland currently believe in the necessity for lockdowns and ‘vaccines’. With the tiniest of shoves, they will believe it necessary to force lockdowns on the unjabbed.
There is plenty of evidence to the contrary, but they refuse to see it because it contradicts their belief.

There is far too much belief going around at the moment, and not enough rational thought.


Not my words Craig. Just ‘words’ in general.

My belief in this has been substantiated with evidence presented, others I suspect are in agreement.

Currently what matters ‘to me’ is this belief.

That’s rational enough for me on this one topic.

The world consists of problems unsolved solved, solvable and unsolvable.

Such is life.

But thank you for your thoughts and input none the less, your points have been noted.

Last edited 6 months ago by Gerry

I am reluctantly to post but In all fairness craig it wasn’t Gerry who started the name calling and abuse. He was brought into this. He defended me when he could have remained silent.
I thank him for that.

Last edited 6 months ago by Jake

No thanks necessary Jake as that was the correct thing to do.
But thank you for pointing this out to Craig!!





Are you homosexual Ross?


I’ve ben expecting you to ask that Jerry 😂-
I KNEW It was IMPORTANT to you…

Would it make any difference if I was or wasn’t
or in your twisted little fantasies would you prefer I was bisexual….?

To me, as far as I can see, YOU are probably devoid of genitalia, and just have a vague, misty region there -instead of any reproductive ganglia.
Which is possibly one of THE greatest reliefs that ‘man and woman kind’ could ever wish God to grant…


Just curious.
Nice cake… You could try that too!


🙌 😂 👌 😘 😆 THAT IS EXACTLLY what my queer mates say ALL pseudo heterosexual men SAY to them just before they go down on them ”like someone suffocating and using their balls as airbags” 😂😆😜
quote from ‘JOHN WATERS brilliant film FEMALE TROUBLE staring your mum by the looks of things?

I JUST KNEW you were a bit of a cake boy! 😂😆😂


How old are you Ross?

Roughly … No need to expose yourself entirely!



Im in my 50s now Gerry, my life is no secret so exposure doesn’t come into it !

How young are you, are are you still waiting to be hatched from the incubation chambers, and just a brain in a jar at the moment.. well from your comments you do seem somewhat pickled…?



50’s too.

Brain long since pickled (many times over!).. no airs and graces with me.


I’m not wearing my reading glasses – did you just write that you have no Hair and braces ?


Do you prefer no hair and braces pray tell??

…. Or should it be… ‘prey’ tell?

Nah… You’re surely not that bad…

Are you?



the only notable skill I’ve seen you possess here, is the ability to project your own insecurities and desires onto others. 😂

What snakes are busy uncoiling in that deranged cage you call your skull !
Please release you sublimated, yet still overtly homoerotic, inclinations for others amusement elsewhere,
thank you for the insight tho-

and remember just because you enjoyed being abused, doesn’t mean others would,your masochism is your own dilemma,
and attempting to perpetrate such acts would send you to the pits of hell faster than just you penchant to fantasise about them for much of the day.

Maybe if you meditate. or otherwise learn to stop thinking. it would help- you seem close to that state anyways , so is almost within your clammy grasp.(metaphorically).

Get well soon, it’s probably beam technology possessing you and covering yourself in LEAD may prevent further impingements ?


Have you got a cold Ross?


Gerry stop your CREEPY LURKUING INCLINATIONS and just listen to the show (on now) you compulsive poseur.

Your feeble attempts to embrace, and possess me, are never going to occur.and I’d apricate you fantasizing about someone/something more attainable, like your dad or a tight lipped cup?


Ok.. ok..

But know I’m gutted.



LAST WORDS (Honest!) on this sadly important topic. 
1st – TIME WASTING IS A CRIME these days when there is so much we should be CONSIDERING and CONFRONTING. 
& I seriously don’t wish to WASTE anyone’s time. 

2nd -My Sincere apologies to anyone offended who didn’t deserve to be, from some of my other comments on this page to the ‘3stooges’. 
3rd- AND THIS IS IT !  
RIchie does a cracking show under all sorts of pressures and stress, and his time must be very precious. While He also manages to get on some fabulous guests, I hope that’s we are all here to discuss the topics of these shows, and their SPECIFIC POSTS.
This site is a great arena to share information and debate THE TOPICS FEATURED… 
It also provides a PRIVATE COMMENTS FACILITY so that we can communicate with each other without boring the tits off other members of the community. 

Through this I’m grateful that I got to know Craig far better and respect his views and opinions. Yet, at first we didn’t get on at all for a few comments, but when you have EMPATHY, INTUITION, NATURAL COMPASSION and enjoy CREATIVE THINKING, it’s easy to get along, whatever differences we all inevitably have. Craig and Urban Fox are men with these attributes… others here certainly don’t posses them and have a more mob- minded approach, while virtue signaling to each other like radio-active plankton

Annoyingly, so many COMMENTS on the TOPICAL POSTS pages are so far off topic I thought I’d accidently opened a girlfriends gossip chat room, in some TV soap site. 

Do I need to supply any examples! ….sing-a-long- ‘’Hello-goodbye’’…
IMAGINE RICHIES DAY BEFORE BROADCAST (not in intimate detail, just a basic chronology, before some of you get carried away and lost in fantasies)) 
& He’s posted a TOPIC that he is passionate about in all his HEART & SOUL, and he looks at the comments on this IMPORTANT POST…and..what…does…he…see …
Well, It’s enough to make your arse clench. 
So why would he and Hayden want to even bother looking at any of this?
Because they’re trying avoid their friends and family and important work
… or even get a chance to properly RELAX… to instead read tedious twaddle?

4th- & FINALLY (thank the heavens some of you will cry!)  
I’m sure to many here the highlight of Richies show is often, his appropriately mannered responses to various news items. Image him doing it without any expletives… 
It is of course almost impossible, especially given the content and characters usually involved. 

Imagine Richie giving another GEM-LIKE character analysis of JAMES O’BRIEN or KATE **** ,or similar petty fascist ,arse sucking feltchfaced traitors to humanity, WITHOUT ANY INSULTS…. I certainly can’t, CAN YOU –REALLY?… 
Well, not unless it was something out of a horror movie written by Richy Gervais or some such and the like. 

Swearing and Insults can be CREATIVE and FUN- if you’re an ADULT about it..
If you don’t like such forms of expression , then what the fek are you doing here- you phukin trollshill poseurs! 😂

Which reminds me- Who in hell would call me a troll or shill except trolls and shills, or petty Nazi-gimps training to sell out ?!
But dribblers can call me what they like- just expect a like manner back.

SO- THATS IT – everything else that needs to be added to this is in all my other ‘informative’ or horrid comments here- which I apologies again for taking up so much space on , and I hope this has been in some way informative, or useful for the good-hearted, well intentioned and sincere investigators of this ongoing WAR AGAINST OUR HUMANITY and LIBERTIES. 




Go away troll!!

Go back to your masters from whence you came!!

And while you’re at it…

Take this little jingle with you!!!




Who in hell would call me a troll or shill except trolls and shills, or petty Nazi-gimps training to sell out ?! and you haven’t even got a subtle name to hide the fact Jerry… 😂 🤣 😂 😂

This isn’t the lonely hearts club for TIME VAMPIRES and ZOMBIE GOBSHITES
You’re a fan of RIchie yet you, ‘ think public personal attacks on other people are unnecessary, counterproductive and cast the aggressor in a negative light.
My advice would be to refrain from this type of interaction, otherwise you risk being blocked by many, flagged as a troll and subsequently removed from the site.

to which – your human tooth pick MARTIN the anti-christ poseur replied-
”Get a grip Gerry, that fucker is a troll, not been on much but they are pretty obvious, I love them they lighten things up in my opinion, my only gripe is the bastards are getting paid ( probably more than Richie) for being here.”

SO different rules for your chums then! 🤢😎🤢

What an inept pair, of a squealing little hog, and prolapsed arsed dog.!

you self centred , disrespectful NO-LIFE HYPOCRITES.

Last edited 6 months ago by RMCD

Gerry, look beneath the language used. You will see sentiments and criticisms that I have expressed to you in private, on more than one occasion.


It’s a paid troll or a bot Craig, or a little of both.

But it’s working to an agenda.

It has infiltrated the site, gained trust of some, while simultaneously trying to disrupt others.
It also appears that it ‘upped the ante’ with this thread as it was most likely directed/instructed/commanded to do so by its handlers.

With regards to those criticisms you expressed in private, I fully understood and understand your perspective, however this troll isn’t remotely like you or anyone else who tries to contribute to the forums or discussions.

It’s simply and obviously a paid shill who is only here operating to one agenda, which is one of disruption.

As far as I’m concerned, the sooner its removed from the site, the better.



WTF……! cant believe what you’re like – you raving cretin! 😂🤣😂🤣😂
I haven’t laughed so hard since your last SABOTAGE attempt of TRANSFERANC, DEFERANCE and PROJECTION-

your tactics are BLATENT and you REVEAL them in your desperation!
What a TimeVampire. Get a life! 😂😎👌🤢


Did I touch a few nerves troll??

Go on..

Off with you and report back to base!!

Though, I think you might be facing disciplinary action for exposing yourself!!

…. I’ve a hunch you may be looking for a new handler soon!!



keep your well handled hunch to yourself – you humorless, uptight shitsucker…

What do you think you are trying to achieve with this?

If you want to BAN me, then go straight to ADMIN and make a compliant.

If you want to have a BITCH FEST then do it PRIVATLEY


😎 👌 🤢 😂 🤣 😂

Last edited 6 months ago by RMCD

It has infiltrated the site, gained trust of some, while simultaneously trying to disrupt others’.
I have encountered the same attitude about you.


And I you.


I am very aware of that. I simply don’t care.


Nor do I.


That’s good. No one should.


Its heartwarming to see some DEEP and SERIOUS debate and discussion here about ALL the IMPORTANT points RAISED in my comments,.And my lesson of the week is maybe DONT BOTHER… 😂🤣🤷‍♂️


Maybe SKY had you on to get the publicity from your larger audience Richie.