Study Reveals That Heavy Drinkers Are Happier & Healthier In Later Life

A study has found that getting pissed right up fairly frequently is the key to staying healthy and feeling happy in later life. No, really.

According to The Times:

Researchers questioned hundreds of people aged over 60 attending hospital for routine surgery about their mood and quality of life, and compared this with the amount of alcohol they drank.

One third of the participants were classified as drinking “potentially unhealthy” quantities. This included those who enjoyed a drink at least four nights a week or people who regularly had the equivalent of two bottles of wine in a single day.

This group of heavy drinkers were slimmer, happier and more mobile than their teetotal and low-drinking counterparts, the researchers found.

The study, which is being presented at a meeting of the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, was based on 628 adults with an average age of 72 who were undergoing elective surgery at the University Hospital Bonn in Germany.

The 186 adults in the “medium to hazardous alcohol consumption group” were significantly less likely to be obese or overweight than those who did not drink or drank only occasionally.

The high-drinking group also reported better overall health, less pain and found it easier to perform activities such as getting dressed and seeing family.

Vera Guttenthaler, the study’s author, said: “One explanation may be that higher alcohol consumption may lead to elevated mood, enhanced sociability and reduced stress.

“The results may lead to the conclusion that alcohol consumption . . . might support older patients to experience a better quality of life before and after elective surgery.”

British experts cautioned that the study was observational and therefore could not determine cause and effect.

Bloody killjoys! I trust ze Germans over any so-called “British experts.” This is great news! And to think, I was just about to begin cutting back on the Cuba Libre’s!

Not anymore. I shall continue to Bacardi the bejesus out of meself safe in the knowledge that it’s doing me a world of good.


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Is this what you’ve resorted to now Richie, helping the most corrupt industry that poison all of humanity.
What happened to them coming to jab us, your a fake controlled opposition like the rest of your chums. Jesus is real and your Judgment is well under way, its never to late to repent……

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Welsh Gregg

Happy days

Paul C

😂, I must be the happiest man alive.

There’s also another study, partners who drink a half bottle wine every night, increases their chances of heart disease. If they drink a full bottle every night, it increases your chances of getting them to the bed 😉

Sexy time

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I’ve seen alcohol damage too many families and destroy way too many lives to believe this ‘Expert Research’.

Diane Hughes

I think yours is a similar argument as the anti gun lobby. Alcohol is benign on its own, its down to the individual. Yes, some people do act up, but that is their problem, its not the problem of the many thousands who benefit from moderate beer or wine consumption. Spirits are another matter.

Jon Taylor

i don’t buy that at all as there is no way putting posion in your body makes you healthier in later life. I mean lets face it that is what alcohol is posion.

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Unlocking Freedom

Bacardi the bejesus out of meself“….hmm


Finally some good news. An old mate in her mid seventies has been a big drinker all of her adult life, in the 35 years I’ve known her she’s hardly ever been sick, is always happy, especially when she has a beer in her hand. Bottoms up.

Joanne Boddington

Thank f*** for that!! I especially enjoyed learning that The high-drinking group also reported better overall health, less pain and found it easier to perform activities such as getting pissed and seeing family.

Steven James

Nice guy actor apparently Little Joe Bonanza Michael Landon from old western series. Showing my age now lol.


Just heard Thursday’s show- I’m in Australia so get the podcast the next day. Interesting talk about futures technology. I am a teacher, and in 2010, we started to see ‘avatars’ creeping in to computer programs for the kids. I never really thought much about it, and saw it as a waste of time, but the kids really got in to it. I saw it as a waste of time- instead of just getting in to the forums and reading programs, they would spend ages on ‘setting up their avatar’…Another thing that I notice is the obsolescence of television- everything now is ‘on line’ – all good shows etc. Also, non one buys CDs or DVDs etc, but now just buy the tune or rent the movie on line. They don’t seem to have an interest in owning the album, and reading about the band, or singer, or artist, looking at the lyrics, the producer etc-


Hi guys, just like to leave this here- government looking for people to hire to enforce their Covid pass- enjoy your freedom to access venues while you have it- Deputy Director, Delivery Lead Covid Pass – Civil Service Jobs – GOV.UK


When I think of the poison in our air, food and water, alcohol never fails to to lift my spirits..


I have been just as crazy as anybody when it comes to getting off my head in the past when I was younger. I stopped doing that about 15 years ago and have seen a big increase in many things and none of them are negative especially my happiness. I have just spent at least two years being bombarded with lies from every information outlet available so I would be a complete insane idiot to believe any of them now, wouldn’t I?

Alcohol is a poison and if any of those heavy drinkers are really happier then it must because their brains are pickled in alcohol, seen it, been it and stopped.

Urban Fox

Having not had a drink since millennium eve, i can state with some experience that the best thing about not drinking is when one wakes up in the morning, you know its all down hill for the rest of the day. But on a more serious note, looking back i can honestly say alcohol made no difference to my happiness.

I started drinking as a child, picking the lock on my mothers drinks cabinet. In those days most family’s had one regardless of income. I kept my mums cabinet and the contents after she died, though it now contains books and a Tarot card collection. When i stopped drinking i had to learn to be confident and relax. As i discovered that the confidence i thought i had, was not real. Gradually i reached a stage, where i could be around friends and family who were drinking. Whilst feeling as if i had been drinking myself. To the extent that they would ask if i had been drinking. This wasn’t because i was acting, but because moods and emotions can be created purely by the power of the mind. The mentalist Derren Brown proved this once, by putting university students in an alcoholic state purely by suggestion. Which i would imagine is both healthier and cheaper.

Personally i dont believe the findings of this research, which go’s against both personal experience and everything we have been told in the past. Its rare i would ever agree with something on an official website, however i will make an exception on this occasion.,for%20heart%20attacks%20and%20strokes.

This latest waste of public funds, reminds me of the one exception to what is printed in the above link. I am of course referring to the papers that were published many years ago now. Where people were told that drinking red wine in moderation was a good thing. Would reduce blood pressure, help people relax, feel happier and therefor be beneficial to there health. I believe it is still the case that woman drink more wine than men. But i wonder how much harm that advice has done since it was first published. I can think of several woman who have repeated this advice to me over the years like a mantra. Some which ended up drinking to excess every day, whilst still justifying it to themselves by quoting the, wine is healthy the Drs told me so line. It was once the case that Drs issued that very same advice regarding cigarettes’. I saw a hilarious old photo online recently, where a nurse is selling cigarettes’ to a patient from a trolley at the bedside in the 1950tis. These days patients are more likely to be given morphine and Midazolam. At least that’s what someone told me.

I’m not disputing that alcohol makes people temporarily happier and more relaxed which is beneficial to health. But i dont believe this is the best way to relax or is the best remedy to unhappiness. People can lower their blood pressure with yoga or meditation, or walking in the park. Find happiness in watching a film that makes them feel good, reading a book or listening to uplifting music. None of these things have detrimental physical and psychological side effects.

Its very easy to have a drink, take a pill whether prescribed or illegal or smoke a joint. Which is why so many of us have done it. But every time we do this, we come down slightly lower than the previous time. Needing slightly more to produce the same effect the next time. Due to the phenomena known as tolerance. This also applies to all medical drugs and pain killers. And no amount of drugs or alcohol will improve the quality of someone’s life, or cure there spiritual and psychological pain. Any more than a pain killer will cure the cause of someone’s head ache.

Those that seek to control and enslave us, would like nothing more than us all to be off our heads 24/7. What better way to further their agenda for humanity, than the population becoming further and further removed from the world. The masses are much easier to control and indoctrinate if most of the time they are lost in an alternate reality. Less likely to rebel if whenever they cant take it any more, they lose themselves in pills or the bottom of a bottle. This research being published at a time, when many are unhealthier and unhappier than they’ve ever been. When their futures are so uncertain, and they are being bombarded with fear porn day and night, seems very opportune.

Someone once said to be happy we need three things,

” Someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to.”

There will never be enough alcohol to cure the disease of unhappiness. A replacement for a life of fulfilment and purpose. Things which under the jackboot of tyranny are becoming increasingly elusive for many of us. I for one would rather stay as in charge of my faculties as possible, so at least i can see what’s coming.

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Urban Fox

Derren Brown with the students.


Personal choice, my friend. We must not lose sight of that.

The NHS information is somewhat manipulative. Yes, the data supports the claim, but it does not factor in the significantly more money drinkers generate in taxes. Generally speaking, as a centralised authority, the NHS reflects political will and lobbying power. After all, they don’t highlight the wasted resources caused by prescription drugs.
It’s part of their ‘preventative healthcare’ model (of which vaccines are a part), even though national insurance is meant for medical cover in times of need.
And that’s part of the trap/trick. Preventative healthcare can cover anything we do.

‘The masses are much easier to control and indoctrinate if most of the time they are lost in an alternate reality.’
While that may be true on the one hand, I would be willing to bet that it has also prevented a great many suicides (far more tham it has been claimed to have caused).

‘There will never be enough alcohol to cure the disease of unhappiness. A replacement for a life of fulfilment and purpose.’
The Temperance Movement of the late 1800s/early 1900s used much the same argument, influencing laws that imposed their view to the great detriment of many who they claimed to be ‘representing’.

‘Someone once said to be happy we need three things,
” Someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to.”’

In other words, the opinion of another (an influencer, if you like) determining how individuals should find happiness.
Personally, I learned a long time ago that looking forward to something only led to crushing disappointment and much unhappiness.
And it should not be forgotten that, among others, religious and Marxist fundamentalists have someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to, and cause untold suffering and create mountains of skulls and rivers of blood to achieve it.

So again, it must be about free will and free choice.

Urban Fox

I’m amazed you can find fault in absolutely everything i wrote. And regarding, ” Someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to.”’
Its totally irrelevant who said it. Because the wisdom of it to most would be indisputable. But if you choose to think like that. That is indeed your choice.


Yeah, but doesn’t it keep us alive with new challenge, discussion and influence? ” Someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to.” doesn’t fault effect change, create a more informed observation and fill the need to find better?

Last edited 26 days ago by Nev

I’m not finding fault. Merely offering different perspectives.
It could be argued that ‘reality’ is nothing more than a landscape of stories/narratives. Ones that we tell ourselves, tell among ourselves, and are told to us.
For instance, it was once a narrative that Tarot cards were an evil tool of the devil (and there are still people who continue to believe that), but that has never been my own position on the matter.
The amusing, though sad, thing is that we constantly argue about which story is ‘real’ rather than simply living – and being allowed to live – in a way that suits us best as individuals in a collective.

On a personal note, if happiness and emotional harmony were my primary desires I would no more be engaging with the independent media than I would the MSM.
After all, as some of the oldest stories tell (depending on how they are interpreted) knowledge leads to disharmony and conflict.

Or I could just be rambling.


“Or I could just be rambling.” yes you could be, ha, ha but I like this: “It could be argued that ‘reality’ is nothing more than a landscape of stories/narratives. Ones that we tell ourselves, tell among ourselves, and are told to us.” Thanks, all the best.

Last edited 26 days ago by Nev

I’m 73 this year and could write pages on the harm that i have seen caused by booze during my lifetime. I agree with almost everything you posted. Well said.

Urban Fox

Thanks for that Robert. I seem to have gone down like a lead balloon this last few days. Oh well, i just say what i believe. Hope your well.


I agree with some of what you post but question free will.

“On the one hand, it seems obvious to me and to most scientists thinking about behavior that there is no free will. And yet it’s staggeringly difficult to try to begin to even imagine what a world is supposed to look like in which everybody recognizes this and accepts this.

The most obvious place to start is to approach this differently in terms of how we judge behavior. Even an extremely trivial decision like the shirt you choose to wear today, if dissected close enough, doesn’t really involve agency in the way we assume. There are millions of antecedent causes that led you to choose that shirt, and you had no control over them. So if I was to compliment you and say, “Hey, nice shirt,” that doesn’t really make any sense in that you aren’t really responsible for wearing it, at least not in the way that question implies.

Now, this is a very trivial thing and doesn’t appear to matter much, but this logic is also true for serious and consequential behaviors, and that’s where things get complicated.”

Robert Sapolsky


Please replace (-) with full stops (www-vox-com)

Last edited 26 days ago by Nev

It’s a valid argument, and one that I encountered in my twenties.
I remember reading, in an autobiography, about the need for free will – but that to achieve it, the individual must first separate their will from that of others. In other words, ‘know thyself’ had to be the first step towards free will.
Besides, if I remember Genesis correctly, God gave Man – through Noah – some basic rules and free will. And then, basically, He buggered off and gave ‘Man dominion over the world.
From that perspective, everything that happened after – including all the biblical teachings – are ‘Man-made inventions of control.


Yes over the past 30 years I have often questioned why mind altering substances are illegal when they could be used to effect greater control? My conclusion has been that the money is mightier than the truth, so the lobby is more interested the money from other products and processes.

Last edited 26 days ago by Nev
Urban Fox

Hi Nev, thanks for this and reply yesterday, that i didn’t reply to. Yes good point. And some i believe wrongly have used that to promote the argument that they are a good thing. But i believe the answer is very simple. By keeping them illegal, they create the impression that they care about our wellbeing, whilst promoting and pushing them legally through psychiatry. Their has been a massive increase in legal brain damaging drugs for decades. Which has shot up again over the last two years. I believe that chemical control not just of our body’s but our minds, is very much part of the plan. But then there is the agenda of brain chips as well, which could control our thoughts. The films Equals and Equilibrium and the book brave new world all explore the former.


Yip, thanks to you too, you make good points for sure and probably we are getting closer to a truth.

Yeah I read Brave New world it was crap (my opinion doesn’t mean much, ha, ha) the writer was not as good as the idea. ( again, my opinion don’t mean much just opinion)

Thanks again, all the best.

Last edited 26 days ago by Nev

The old religious texts (specifically, the Abrahamic ones) forbid the use of hallucinagenics. This might be because of their old associations with vision quests and possible connections to the divine that would undermine materialist church authority.
In the late 1800s/early 1900s, the Temperance Movement had things like cocaine and opium banned because they were deemed counterproductive to a healthy workforce (alcohol and tobacco have been targeted in much the same way).
So it could be argued that the attack on – or the banning of – those substances are merely tools of control. That would also be true if their use were encouraged.


Yip I am not going to argue with that and the reality is most likely all of the outcome we are talking about come from many different inputs and Mr Sapolsky is possibly correct as well. We make decisions based on reality that “is nothing more than a landscape of stories/narratives. Ones that we tell ourselves, tell among ourselves, and are told to us.”

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Diane Hughes

Without doubt, there are negative effects to alcohol consumption, but there are upsides as well and those should not be ignored. I have found that moderate consumption has certainly helped me get through the covid scam, pretty well unharmed. As with all things, I think its about balance.


The timing of this is rather interesting given that there have been increasing numbers of articles promoting ‘wellbeing’ over happiness.
Even organisations like MIND are advocating for it:

I have wondered why this is, but it didn’t take long to reach a conclusion (though I could be wrong).
The Wellbeing model is based on ‘research’ and is something that can be collectivised, preached and dictated; whereas happiness tends to be rather individually selective and personal.

So I offer a toast to the happy heavy drinkers.


Richie, you better buy some limes! Would you accept sponsorship from Bacardi, Captain Morgans, Sailor Jennys or Black Heart Rum?

memes drink.png

I’ll drink to that 🥃 🍹🍷



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