Texas Governor Bans ALL Vaccine Mandates

Texas governor Greg Abbott said this morning that he is banning Covid-19 vaccine mandates for any entities in his state, including private companies.

Abbott tweeted:

“The Covid-19 vaccine is safe, effective & our best defense against the virus, but should always remain voluntary & never forced.”

His tweet included an attachment of the press release announcing his executive order, which said that “no entity in Texas can compel receipt of a Covid-19 vaccination by any individual, including an employee or consumer, who objects to such vaccination for any reason of personal conscience, based on a religious belief, or for medical reasons, including prior recovery from Covid-19.”

Last month, US President Joe Biden announced that his government would demand vaccines for federal workers and for businesses with more than 100 employees.

Greg Abbott has also been a staunch opponent of mask mandates. Texas democrats have accused him of putting party politics before public health.

However, in a later tweet, Abbott pointed to a steep decline in covid hospitalisations and deaths in Texas as vindication of his handling of the pandemic.


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Marissa Oatley

Glad to hear it, sad it took so long.. on purpose did it take so long? I don’t know, probably.. Being from Texas, the individual county’s seem to make up their own guidelines, as no mask mandate has been in place you still have to wear one in any health care place or they will just flat out refuse you. all the workers in fast food still wearing them, walmart has made it part of dress code along with other gas stations and other corporations.

being a customer it’s up to you if you would like to wear one or not which is great, but working somewhere without having to wear one is rare to find around here in Johnson/tarrant County.. a true no mask mandate for me in my eyes is literally your choice in your everyday life work and personal time….

what do I know though.. I’m just a weird kid that doesn’t fit in.. I’m hoping that this is taken somewhere for the good of all, and they really are try to help protect our rights I’m not going to hold my breath though. I’ve realized protection of our rights start with our individual self to stand up for our own rights. Hope everyone is doing great, much love to you all and have a blessed beautiful day💛


Since both Southwest and American Airlines have their headquarters in Texas, I see this as a move toward protecting these airline employees on a massive scale. I hope this is the case and that it works. Could this stop them from the next move of not allowing a certain group of folks to fly at all. Not sure. Watching to see how this evolves.

Last edited 9 months ago by Trina

Here is a perspective to consider. Biden has introduced ‘vaccine’ mandate laws, but he has not done so through an executive order that would compel individual states. The states that are seen to be rebelling (which is not the same as actually rebelling) are the southern, more religious states. So, the religious states are presenting themselves as the more open-minded ones, against those supposedly ‘liberal’, less religious states.
Think about that dynamic.

I’m not suggesting that I am correct in my reading of the situation. It is obviously complicated – or, at least, it is being presented that way. Deceptions and illusions abound.
It should not be forgotten that De Santos of Florida and Abbot of Texas are politicians – people who lie for a living.
The term ‘controlled opposition’ comes to mind.

I really, really hope I’m wrong.


De Santos is an ultra Zionist

Urban Fox

You make a good point regarding controlled opposition. Things are rarely as they seem. It can also not be coincidence that, some of these southern states that have been less strict to date, are the most heavily armed.

I must admit, i thought with the exception of maybe medical staff, most country’s would stick to letting the public sector put pressure on driving things. But i think the truth is ,they are rightfully feeling very confident, On account of the general public continuingly just believing everything they are told regardless of how ludicrousness.

What i do know, is there are politicians who mean well, but they are exceptionally rare. And they hardly ever get to the highest positions, because they aren’t meant to. I believe there are instances when someone has slipped through the net. Rebelling when they come into power. But they are never allowed to get away with any pushback against the agenda.

lynsey west

Lets hope so but remember the spotlight is going to be on them , one false move, and its going to be used as proof the vaccine needs mandating.
And as we know, the testing is manipulated, It wont take much effort to jack up the number of positive cases and then it will be game over for freedom of choice, there’ll be no argument .
Those that must be obeyed might be just biding their time to strike, that time may very well be once they have rounded up the dissenters and put them in the one location.
The dissenters become sitting ducks and with nowhere else to go , the illusion they had about freedom and choice will quickly be destroyed , they will be held up to the world as an example of why government intervention is needed

Urban Fox

Hi Lynsey, thanks for reply, hope your doing OK.

lynsey west

Hi, im fine thank you…well you know veering from blind fury and rabid anger but other than that …alls well.

Urban Fox

That sounds like me. Do you find yourself muttering things under your breath and shaking your head slightly as you see things in the street. I think it is a new condition that i have.


A fair number of people moved to Texas for this reason including Del Bigtree and TheHighWire Team.


I like his nous and willingness to ignore the commands of the great leader in the whi.. dog house.

But ‘the vaccines are safe and effective’ 😳

Perhaps he needs a refresher course with Del and the crew!!

Or maybe spend a day browsing through this!!




I agree G

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