The AstraZeneca Vaccine Is NOT Safe. None Of Them Are.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon have both declared that the AstraZeneca coronavirus jab is “safe” and “working well.” Johnson and Sturgeon are liars. Both of them have blood on their hands.

Speaking this lunchtime, Johnson urged people to “keep coming forward” to have their vaccine despite significant and growing evidence that the AstraZeneca jab is causing serious harm.

Today, Germany joined Ireland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Bulgaria, Norway, Italy, Estonia, Luxembourg and Iceland in suspending the AZ vaccine. Evidence is emerging that it is causing blood clotting and heart failure in recipients.

Bulgarian Health Minister Kostadin Angelov said that a 57 year-old woman died of heart failure less than a day after having the AZ jab.

Italy began a new lockdown today and German ICU doctors are warning that the country needs to return to lockdown because of a rise in cases and hospitalisations.

I don’t believe them. I think they are using the threat of more lockdowns to pressurise the public into taking the vaccines. I speculated weeks ago, that governments had already encountered resistance and that uptake was slowing down as the jabs were being offered to younger age groups.

News that the vaccines are killing people will do nothing to convince the doubters. The suits at AZ and Pfizer have told their lackeys in Academia to get on TV and warn of more lockdowns unless uptake is close to 90 per cent.

All of these vaccines have already proven to be potentially deadly. Tens of thousands of injuries have been reported through the UK government’s yellow card reporting system.

VAERS, the US monitoring system for vaccine injuries has been similarly overwhelmed. However, you may not know this, because the  media has been told not to breathe a word of it.






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Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany, in case you missed it (US major media underreporting), has refused to take the AstraZeneca jab in the arm. She states it is only approved in Germany for people 65 and under. She’s 66. Very precise of her.
Jon Rappoport


But weren’t we told last year that protecting granny is what it’s all about. I recently bought the box set of Perry Mason episodes which I’m working my way through but this covid saga has way more plot twists than the most complex Perry Mason episode.


Astrazeneca isn’t an mRNA wackcine and simply poisonous shit that messing up your system like all other types of previous generation “vaccines”. I think it’s the underlying issue why it’s getting banned these days cuz they want to feck around with your DNA to convert it to synthetic state.there are tons of people dying and injured for life with mRNA wackcines and it’s crickets …
same goes for Sputnik V, it’s not mRNA either so the West isn’t not “approving” it for a wider use.
just my 2 cents…


Relative Risk Reduction versus “Absolute” Risk Reduction…

The coronavirus vaccines are yet another nonsense..



I’ve got a new experiment for them. How about scrapping the testing and the measures, letting people get back to normal and at the same time putting what people really died from on death certificates then let’s see what happens.


It’s a dangerous talk that put lives at risk … you need to undergo a “reeducation program”. Please report yourself to a nearest Gestapo office immediatly!

Janice Jones

I wholeheatedly agree that Johnson and Sturgeon are LIARS, they are EVIL LIARS. The Latest UK DEATH figures for Astra Zeneca ALONE is 275.


Its an experimental vaccine and experiments don’t always work out. Take it at your own risk. If the worst should happen then the pharmaceutical companies have no liability whatsoever and can simply walk away. You would have to try and claim compensation from a Government fund limited to a max of £120k provided you could prove to the DWP Doctors that the vaccine caused your injuries and that you were at least 60% disabled. The sick and disabled know exactly how sympathetic these DWP medics are likely to be, good look with getting anything out of them. Now we have Covid outbreaks and deaths in care homes from residents previously double vaccinated.

Stephen Hardy

I’m really interested in how people are being contacted about the vaccine “offer”, especially those getting constant phone calls and letters. From where? NHS England or their local medical center or wherever? I got my summons last week, I haven’t really given it much thought. You see I’ve not been near a hospital or a doctor’s surgery in well over 20 years, my last “family doctor” retired a long time ago. He had his surgery on the downstairs floor of a terraced house a couple of streets away from where I lived. Are there any such small medical practices still in existence, they all seem to have been absorbed into these large, impersonal medical centers, which are seemingly on every main road. I got just ONE letter at the start of January, reminding me it “wasn’t too late to book a flu shot”, and now this request to book a covid jab, but neither were locally sent. So my first thoughts were how did they get my details? There’s nothing too conspiratorial about it: Living in the UK, everyone has a unique National Insurance number, by which it’s pretty easy to trace your address and age. I suppose there must be a massive central computer somewhere containing everyone’s NI Number, age and address, so these standard letters are being fired out as each age group becomes next in line to receive Uncle Billy’s magical medicinal compound! I don’t see myself getting constantly pestered with phone calls and endless letters beckoning me in to get this tidal wave of toxic shit injected into my arm, but I could be wrong. What do others think?


I’m the same as you invitation arrived by letter from an NHS admin centre in Bristol not my local surgery (I believe my GP declined his vax). If you go to the link in the letter and enter your details you can choose a vax centre and make an online appointment. There is no option to decline so I just left it. It then puts cookies and trackers on your computer so you start getting pop ups showing you the location of your local vaccination centres. Its worse then bloody CCleaner or Amazon.

Stephen Hardy

Thanks for that Mark! I think mine came from Bristol. Don’t think I’ll be rushing to enter my details, though, since as you say, there’s no decline option.


I had a phone call from my surgery asking if self and wife where going to get jabbed, politely declined. I then myself had a letter from Bristol ( I think) which I didn’t even open just wrote all over e.g.” I’m not a lab rat for your experimental RNA experiment” and stuck it back in the post LOL


My GP surgery and the NHS have been bombarding me by text almost daily with a link to book the vaccine.

Zac Baled

Doris Slow-son and Nicolas Dungeon are not the only two wicked people who will have blood on their hands every single socio-path who has been calling people to take these pyschopatic vaccines will have blood on their hands. I hope to see the day when these wicked wicked evil people are dragged thru the courts and found guilty as charged.

I cant understand how they can sleep at night knowing perfectly well what their words mean to millions of people – a most likely potential death sentence.

Why the f cant people just be nice?😢 if its not wars or invading other countries, its this, why? People just want peace in their lives you know – live and let live!
You hit us with unreasonable taxes – we keep quite. You give us false promises – we keep quite. You divide us on anything and everything – we keep quite. Why cant they just be decent and nice and show a bit of humanity and love??? Where is the Love?😢 what has a granny or a grandad ever done to these people apart from paying their taxes? Show a bit of mercy, please😢
Karma is Real!!!


A couple of days ago I was offered Astrazaneca WACKcine shot over the phone. Today they called me and offered to choose ANY “Corona virus” (that has never been isolated and proven to exist) wackcine that I would prefer. Ha-ha-ha
What a bunch of …….s


So you had a choice between an Oxford jab or a Pfizer one? Sounds like they’re getting a bit desperate they will soon be offering BOGOF deals with a free flu shot on the side. You should have asked if they had a Sputnik V one available with a complimentary litre bottle of vodka. I’m having difficulty taking this Government and any of its nonsense terribly seriously anymore.


I’m in Estonia. The first caller offered me to get wackcinecided only by astrazeneka. Today, a call was from my family gp and she basically said if I wanted to get one I get to choose any brand. I didn’t bother to ask her any details about brands and simply said NO, not interested She said, so i put you on a decline list then? I said .. whatever.
I know they are creating a decline list in all EU Barracks aka countries for a shared database of refuseniks. Fuck ‘em


I thought Estonia had paused the Oxford jab along with the other European countries. Now your officially a Refusenik until you’re rounded up and transferred to a vaccination camp.


Concentration camps are the idea behind their “decline list”.

Hello, would you like to buy some aluminium siding, no?! We’ll put you on our decline list then!!!!!!


Perm any 8 from 10 😉

Ronald Templeman

Watched a great video today by Dr Tenpenny and she explained things very well and called the vax a killing machine. I am no Doctor or what ever, so will put it in my terms as to what she said, the mRNA vax does not alter your DNA however the protein spike it makes gets into your DNA, so has a serious affect on it. Not only can it cause all sorts of problems with what’s in it, but the big telling time will be if a vax person comes into contact with a corona virus.
The body has receptors or something that when a virus attacks the body these things start attacking the virus etc, however once they have done their job they have to be stopped otherwise they go wild and that’s when the others move in and stop them.
She said it’s like the first bunch move in and start the attack on the virus and are red hot but when they have done their job the others she called the firemen put them out. The problem is once you have had the vax it removes the firemen, so the body will end up destroying its self. Not a great thought, this is what is known as a cyder Clyne storm.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ronald Templeman

And they will never link it to the vaccine because it’s a delayed reaction and sometimes quite insidious.


And that is probably the point. Come Autumn, there will likely be a ‘new virus’ (call it Covid 21) that is far deadlier than C19.
There will be more lockdowns, more panic, as people start dying.
And anyone who tries to point out the correlation between these victims and those who had the C19 vaccine (which will be tricky considering just how many people are getting jabbed) will be silenced even more than they are now.
Fortunately, a new jab will be available and the pressure to get it will be even greater.

Xile F

Geert Van der Bosch (I think that is his name), has come out and said that the vaccines are causing the mutations. But as you say, the unvaccinated will be blamed. It just isn’t science. It’s disgraceful that these lies and misinformation are allowed to dictate public health policy.


When haven’t lies and misinformation dictated policies – health or otherwise?


Yes, in fact they can blame EVERYTHING on Convid

Zac Baled

Hi RT,

Those are the best two pragraphs I will ever read on anybody explaining the side effects of this convid vaccine.

Thank you sir for a lovely and simple explanation – 5 Stars!

Last edited 1 year ago by Zac Baled
Xile F

I think you mean a cytokine storm. She is describing pathogenic priming also sometimes referred to as antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). There are certainly concerns that this is what will happen with this gene therapy. It is what happened in all the animal trials. The animals died.

More interesting is what Geert Van Der Bosch said: that the vaccine is causing the mutations. How interesting. So the so called vaccine program is apparently going to save us from covid but in fact it will make it worse. You couldn’t make this shit up. If you combine this with pathogenic priming then we have an upcoming disaster on our hands. Time will tell, but until all of this has been investigated properly I think it makes perfect sense to refuse the vaccine. No sane person, who knows about some of these risks, would choose to take it. It really is the blind leading the blind. And above them is big pharma suppressing data and obfuscating to ensure maximum roll out and maximum profits.


During a convo today with a heavy MSM consumer with a three vaccine a year habit, apparently Europe are refusing AZ because they’re sore over Brexit and the people who were injured or died from it had underlying issues. They also told me that no pregnant woman has ever been vaccinated for covid.

But we’re the uneducated ones. 😳

I’d like to say I’m past caring but even after many years of being called stupid, it still grinds my gears 😂😂

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

It is very important news Richie.
Well Astra Zeneca is a swedish-brittish pharmaceutical company.
(Sweden has a very very advanced pharma-industry, for those of you that didn’t know)
And, finally(!!!) 1 hour ago, the Swedish SVT television is reporting on…the problem!
(see photo)
Text translation with Bing Translator:
“1 tim15.38
Germany halts Astra Zeneca vaccine

The German government announced on Monday that it is stopping the use of Astra Zeneca’s covid-19 vaccine. This is after reports of people having blood clots during their vaccination. The Health Ministry said the decision was made as a “precautionary measure” and on the advice of the country’s medical regulator Paul Ehrlich Institut, which is calling for further investigation into the reported cases, according to the AP news agency.

The WHO, the Swedish Medicines Agency and the EU Medicines Agency (EMA) have so far assessed that there is no indication that Astra Zeneca’s vaccine causes blood clots. Nevertheless, vaccination with the Swedish-British vaccine has been temporarily stopped in Denmark, Norway and a number of countries due to concerns about serious side effects.

Astra Zeneca issued a press release on Sunday rejecting the links and stating that their examination of vaccinated people had shown no increased risk of blood clots.

The Medical Products Agency told SVT Nyheter on Monday evening that it has taken note of the German decision but that at the moment “what we have said before” remains. Unit manager Veronica Arthurson said a few days ago that the agency sees no reason to withdraw Astra’s vaccine.
SVT · Linnea Carlén”

It’s *Bombshell* stuff.
These b@stards that control the media and corporations here in Sweden have been extremely successful in NOT reporting the problem(s) with the new types of vaccines.
The AZ-vaccine is not a mRNA-therapy but, it still contains a genetically-modified pig kidney cell Adenovirus, among who-knows-what-else.
It’s still, a GMO. Regardless!
I can’t explain it more nor better.

While writing, the news has been updated 15 minutes ago.
“24 min16.35

More countries pause Astra Zeneca’s coronavirus vaccine

France and Italy are also temporarily halting the use of Astra’s COVID-19 vaccine, following concerns about side effects. French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron said in a statement that it is awaiting word from the EU medicines agency EMA, which is expected shortly.

On Monday, the German government announced that it was suspending Astra Zeneca’s vaccine. Denmark, Norway, Ireland and several other countries have already done the same, following cases of blood clots in people who have received doses from a batch of the vaccine. The lot consists of one million doses that have been delivered to 17 EU countries, including Sweden.

But the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends continued vaccinations with the company’s product and is urging it not to stop distribution and vaccination due to fears of side effects.

“There is no evidence today that these events have been caused by the vaccine, and it is important that vaccination efforts continue so that we can save lives,” WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier said, according to Reuters.

The EMA has previously indicated that the number of blood clots reported has not been higher in the vaccine-receiving group compared to the population as a whole.
SVT · Linnea Carlén”

Last edited 1 year ago by Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Has anyone else noticed the sudden re-running of the ‘FAST’ adverts? The infomercial of what to do if someone is having a stroke? Timely, one would think.


This is very scary Richie, a lot of ppl are being coerced int getting this stuffing through work, what happens to ppl who get the first, but refuse the second? Does anyone know? . I’ve just made a donation £20 to your program Richie, I do this 3/4 times a year, well worth it, thanks for all you do Richie and for all your fantastic guests.

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