The Biggest `False Flag’ Operation Of All Time – By Dr. Vernon Coleman

By Dr. Vernon Coleman – This article originally appeared on


The name `false flag’ comes from the days when naughty captains of sailing ships used to put up a flag suggesting that they belonged to an opposing navy. The innocent ship captains, seeing their own flag fluttering aloft, would merrily assume that they could safely approach to exchange cooking recipes and favourite holiday resorts with a fellow captain.

Then, suddenly, whoosh, a flurry of cannon balls would tear away their mizzen mast (I read the Horatio Hornblower stories when I was young) leaving them vulnerable to a quick and humiliating capture.

Pirates used to favour the same trick. Down would come the Jolly Roger. And up would go the Spanish or British flag.

History is full of false flag operations.

Remember the Trojan horse? That was an early false flag. There were false flag operations in ancient Egypt where Ramses was tricked. In Rome the church faked a document which gave itself the right to create the kings of Europe. In the 12th century the church was at it again, this time inventing a character called Prester John who was used to trick the Europeans into entering into a war they had no hope of winning. Prester John was subsequently used for an astonishing five centuries without anyone smelling a rat.

From the 13th century onwards the church blamed innocent people for everything which went wrong – including the weather. And since there was a little ice age for several centuries, they had plenty of opportunity to hunt out people, call them witches and kill them. If the crops failed the local witch (usually an unfortunate local midwife or nurse) would be blamed. If it was unduly chilly one winter then the witch would be burnt or drowned. If a plague killed a good many people then the deaths were blamed on local witches. Witch hunting was a popular profession and akin, in its day, to the work done by Wikipedia editors today – persecuting the innocent.

The Spanish-American civil war began when President McKinley told the Americans that the US Maine had been sunk in the harbour at Havana by a Spanish mine. The public outrage was enough to start the war. However, the captain of the Maine had insisted that the ship was sunk not by a mine but by an explosion in a coal bin. After the war, investigations showed that the captain was correct and that McKinley had lied. Tut tut. A politician lying. What a shock.

Hitler was a great believer in false flag operations. In 1933 the Reichstag building in Berlin, the home of the German Parliament, was set on fire. Hitler blamed communist agitators and used the fire to establish himself and his party in control of Germany. In 1939, Hitler arranged for German targets to be attacked and then told the Germans that Poland was responsible. And thus began the Second World War.

During that War, the Americans were outraged by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour which was, so claimed President Roosevelt, unprovoked and a complete surprise. Roosevelt was lying. He knew about the attack but wanted the Japanese to sink some ships and kill some Americans to provide an excuse for the Americans to join World War II.

It is very widely believed that the attacks on American targets on September 11th 2001 were arranged (or at very least known about) by the Americans. And both the Americans and the British lied about `weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq as an excuse for invading that country. Colin Powell, George Bush, Tony Blair were just three of the most outspoken supporters of the Iraq war. All lied a great deal. And all politicians who supported or defended their lies were guilty of war crimes. The weapons of mass destruction scam was a massive false flag operation.

And then there was global warming – a huge confidence trick designed to control the people of the world and prepare them for Agenda 21.

At the turn of the century the big hoax was Y2K – when the world was told that computers would stop functioning properly at midnight on December 31st 1999. The claim was that computers would leap back to January 1st 1900 and that as a result there would be no electricity and aeroplanes would fall out of the skies. The hoax or false flag operation was created and maintained by software promoters who sold solutions and made $6 billion out of the nonsense.

Finally, in 2020 we saw the beginning of the biggest false flag of all time.

But you know all about that one, don’t you?

My book `Covid 19: The Greatest Hoax in History’ contains many of the transcripts of my videos for YouTube and Brand New Tube. It’s available free as a PDF on this website (go to the top of the Health page) and also on

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 25th 2021 –

If you want to know more about the global warming scam please read `Greta’s Homework’ by Zina Cohen. It’s subtitled `101 Truths about Climate Change that Everyone Should Read (Especially Hysterical, Hypocritical Mythmakers)’. It’s available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.

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Graham Hogg

Thankyou Dr Coloman, everything he puts out is so informative and shows this lie in it’s TRUE clothing, as a deceitful manipulation of the truth. I will never trust any politician, mainstream scientist, mainstream journalist or royalty again.


Thank you Dr Coleman for your courage and your amazing work. If only there were more doctors like you, willing to speak out. Thank you for the interesting info regarding the origins of the term false flag which I hadn’t come across before.

I must admit to being someone who fell for the co2 causes global warming scam until I started to research it. I feel ashamed of myself for being so gullible. Thank you for recommending Zina Cohen’s book which sounds interesting but I’ll have to find somewhere else to get it from because I refuse to use Amazon for anything.


I wont use Amazon.

Urban fox

Thanks Dr Vernon Coleman for your remarkable work and dedication since last March. In spreading the truth and exposing this pandemic for what it really is. A pandemic of Global fascism.

Urban fox


I witnessed this myself on 27th January on Lee High Road in London at 14.20.
The man had collapsed and was shaking and crying for help and saying he couldn’t breathe. He was wearing a mask. I asked them to help him and at least remove his mask. And was told ” we can’t go near him because he may have the disease”
This is a true incident i witnessed, please share this. And expose these disgusting brainwashed cowards. Thank you


No mention of the Holocaust..🤔


There was no need as it wouldn’t t be long before some muppet brought it up as you just did.


Hey, Richie! My name’s Mick, and I’m writing to you from a chilly little Minnesota town! I’ve tried to to register/log in but it has been rejection city USA or, well, UK!? Was wondering if you have an email address? I’ve been a 3.5 year listener and aficionado and would love to share a thought or two with you, if possible! Thanks, man! Hasta la victoria siempre y venceremos! Cheers…Mick


Doctor Vernon Coleman is an absolute Legend x

Omar Mentesh

Industry 4.0, Agenda 21 and the treaty of Lausanne….2023 draws close


The system of Dajjal (Anti-Christ)

David Farrell

100%! If you’re not already, listen to Sheikh Omar Balloch. He’s the only Islamic Sheikh who I know of who’ in touch with all that’s going on today.


There is Shaykh Imran Hussain who one of my Muslim friends guided me to around 7 yrs ago I think.
Shaykh Omar Balloch I have listened to after Dr Kevin Barret of Truth Jihad interviewed him.
Very interesting and relevant information indeed


So thrilled to have found Dr. Coleman and through him, the endearing Richie Allen. Excellent work. 🙂

Marissa A Oatley

Love you Dr. Vernon Coleman and Richie allen! Keep that truth a coming ❤🙏

Gareth Elkin

Great article..Thanks Vernon


I’m with Fiona and Richie, I will not take the so called vaccine and WILL defend myself against anyone that tries to force it on me, it will be me or them that lives not both.


Once enough people have had it they won’t need to force it on you.
As the mRNA effect floods a ‘vaccine’ recipient’s blood stream so they will become, in essence, a carrier of a man made infection (to get access to a cell requires subtefuge, much like HIV does): an infection that can be spread by body fluids and, wait for it…aerosols.
So, if you don’t want the ‘vaccine’ you will have to view everyone who’s had it as contagious – including wearing a mask.


Excellent article, for those who thought the path our governments are leading us down seems familiar, that’s because it is, history shows we’ve been down this path before, and with the same desasterous results as we are seeing now, and, as always, money and profit are the driving factor, so whoever said “money is the root of all evil” got it right, the evidence is staring us in the face.


That little quote is not true. Power does not express itself in monetary wealth alone.
Besides, without human interaction money is nothing more than an inanimate object/concept.


Quote is real.

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

The Apostle Paul


Reminder that straight after Richie’s show tonight is the Highwire Show. (why I love Thursdays)

Don’t miss The HighWire TONIGHT UK TIME 19.00.
(The best investigative medical programme with over 1.5 Million viewers every week)

Joe Clarke

How long before Covid/Vaccine/Lockdown deniers are lumped together with Holocaust deniers?


The language is already in circulation.

Wes Baker

The question is when will enough of the public see this psy-op for what it is? As the good doctor illustrates, the narratives have been baked in for generations. Getting good folks to let go of their binary, knee-jerk beliefs is a tough job.

But the ‘power-that-shouldn’t-be’ know this. Richie constantly illustrates this intentional hoodwinking by the Fourth Estate.

Yesterday’s guest, Nick Smith, is a great start. Getting people to be ‘doers’, strikes me, as the first step toward understanding. ‘Doers’ are generally not passive, media absorbers. They think for themselves. They’re internally directed. ‘Doers’ don’t fob off their community/charitable duties to the state. Indeed, that was the main reason Mr. Smith was arrested. He encroached (sic) into the state’s so-called remit of organization.

And nowadays they want to ‘organize’ everything. Right down to your daily movements. They want total control. In days of old, they called this totalitarianism. Now it’s known as ‘progress’, technology, ease, comfort and most importantly: SAFETY. The ‘sugar daddy’ state, in cooperation with tech companies and drug dealers (big pharma) will fix your every whim.

Isn’t this the very definition of fascism? The cooperation between the so-called public and certain private spheres to enhance their own standings?

Meanwhile the peasants are chewed up and spat out as useless fodder. Even, as Nick Smith demonstrated, our own acts of charity are now criminalized.

And that points to the abject failure of the church and other religious organizations. But that’s another subject.

Thanks Richie.


A whistleblower from Davos said that in their childish secret meetings they refer to the mass of humanity as rats and they say that the elites (meaning themselves) must take all the power or the rats will get it. They really despise us. This information came from The Last American Vagabond on Bitchute who is excellent and does amazing research.

Wes Baker

Very familiar with The Last American Vagabond.

Of course these globalist, Davos, neo-aristocrat vermin think we’re rats. But they’ll never win. Evil may appear to triumph for a while, but truth, honesty and goodness always win out in the end.


So much wonderful info. Thank you Dr Vernon 👍

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