The Kerryman Newspaper Won’t Change Name To Appease The Woke

Siobhán Murphy, the manageress of The Kerryman newspaper, said this morning that the paper would not change its name to something more gender-neutral. Speaking on RTE radio, Murphy said the brand is a well recognised one and would be destroyed if it was changed.

Ireland’s Minister of State for Special Education and Inclusion, Josepha Madigan (pictured), recently called for an end to gendered titles and language, such as “spokesman” and “chairman.”

Appearing on the same show as Murphy, Madigan said that The Kerryman is a “great independent newspaper.”  She went on to say that while it is not up to her to tell media what to do, we should interrogate the words we use in our daily lives and see if they create an unconscious bias.

Siobahán Murphy countered that by saying that The Kerryman has been around since 1904 and is well recognised locally, nationally and internationally. She said, “if something is working and does what it needs to do” it should not be changed.”

Madigan said that if it’s good enough for Kleenex, it should be good enough for The Kerryman. Kleenex has committed to changing its man-sized tissue product to instead read extra-large tissues.

Will women get more out of using a Kleenex after the wording “man-size” is removed? Will it feel different? Will they feel more included? Fecked if I know.

Kerry TD Michael Healy-Rae gets the last word. Speaking to RTE he said;

“Where are we going to stop with this political correctness and nonsense?” Mr Healy-Rae asked. He also questioned if “manholes need to be called a personhole” and how far language will need to be changed to be gender-neutral.

He said the debate around gender-neutral language would mean every word would need to be examined to make sure that “we are not insulting anybody.”




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Hang on a feckin minute! The first part of the newspaper title is also a name usually given to girls. What more do they want? Kerryman……very transgender friendly too!


What about the The Isle of Man, I dread to think what gender neutral*ollocks that’ll be put forward to rename it. The Isle of ‘Moi’ , that should keep the Snowflakes happy, seeing it is always about them.

Any suggestions for the place where I live, Isle of WIGHT, lol

Wes Baker

AND….. the Irish civilization which has produced legend writers and singers beyond almost any other country per capita….

Is officially on its death bed.

When they come for the language, the revolution is almost complete.


Sting should rename his song “I am EnglishMAN in New York” to make it gender-neutral and woke compliant.

Any suggestions?

Urban fox

I’m not keen on the words political correctness. Or nanny state that is often used. Why? Because the meaning of words and there usage is very important. And those pushing this agenda know that. There is nothing correct about.politicaly correct. And nothing nanny about the state. After all a nanny is ment to look after us not abuse and enslave us. Language effects us psychologicaly. Each word is connected to pictures And concepts in the mind. So we have to be very wary whenever laǹguage is changed. Because it is yet another way, They are attempting to change us, And the way we think. Rewriting the language comes from the same Orwellion place as Rewriting history. Or should that be resetting history.And that reminds me. There’s nothing great ,about the great reset. But at least we can inject hope into our arms. Which makes my heart sing.


Or even take the jab up the ar.. 😁
(Haven’t they already recommended this for the pcr scam??)

Nah I won’t say it though!!

Gotta be PC and honest!!

Tis a family show!!


Last edited 10 months ago by Gerry

These people need to educate themselves. The word man has always been used to mean mankind, the whole of humanity. When they talked about the ascent of man it didn’t just mean the male sex.

I can’t really understand why they are so bothered anyway. What does it matter if someone uses the word chairman? I’m a woman and I could care less.

Languages like Spanish and Italian and loads of others use gender for everything, not just people but inanimate objects too. So are they going to be expected to change their entire languages because of virtue signallers who get their knickers in a twist over nothing?


Exactly signora 😊


Will place names also have to become gender neutral… personchester, isle of person, personhattan?


Of course; but not in the way you suggest. The names will have to change completely, much as the names of buildings and streets are being changed because of the historic links to slavery.
After all, one of the best ways of conquering a people is to cut them off from their past.


Most languages around the world are structured around the masculine and feminine: from French to Mandarin.
To suggest, therefore, that language needs to become more ‘gender neutral’ is to apply a uni-cultural aspect to language – and culture overall.
In essence, it has something of bigotry about it – one born of long years of the erosion and corruption of the English language (many of the words in our dictionary come from other languages and no longer mean what they once meant) and the ever progressing tracks of the bulldozer of Postmodern thought.


Sorry I’ve just repeated part of what you said because I hadn’t seen your comment when I posted.


Not to worry, Jennie. It needs repeating as much as possible.


They want gender-neutral post humans decanted in state hatcheries so for starters they are changing language to eradicate sexes from it.

Urban fox

I agree. Mice have just been grown outside the womb. In artificial wombs. In Israel. Article on David Icke website.


That’s too fringe – even for me.
I suspect the trans activists have a more definitive goal: the erasure of women’s and gay rights.
In other words, the opposite of progressivism.
With groups like BLM advocating separate spaces for black and ethnic people (again, the opposite of progressivism), the trend does seem obvious.
Likewise, the WEF are now advocating a move away from the concepts of Equality and Diversity and are encouraging a focus on Belonging, Dignity and Justice.
That sounds like different spaces for different identity groups, which was one of the ideas of the NSDAP.

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