The Richie Allen Show Is Killing UK Mainstream Radio – Thank You

Hi there. I’ve never done this before as I’ve never been able to talk about the reach of The Richie Allen Show without sounding like I am bragging. Those of you who have been with me from day one know that I never brag.

I thought it might warm your heart to know that your show and it is your show, is not just competing with the UK’s national radio stations. The Richie Allen Show is beating them.

I am unimportant. The stars of The Richie Allen Show are the guests, the information and you. Sound corny? It’s true. Your calls to the programme have been the highlight of the past seven years. I’ve gleaned so much from you. Thanks

There’s no false modesty. I really mean that. I don’t produce, edit and present my show for personal gain. I certainly don’t do it for the attention. I’m a bit of a recluse, which is one of the reasons I’ve never attended rallies, meetings or conferences.

My routine is simple. I wake at 5.30am. I walk the dog. I get togged out and go for a 5-6k run. I shower and start work. I finish work at 9pm. That leaves an hour for me and my better half. It’s tough but it’s worth it.

The Richie Allen Show, produced, edited and introduced by yours truly, from a home built studio, with none of the backing or publicity afforded to the presenters who work in national radio, is holding its own with the MSM.

Your support keeps it going. I thought you’d want to know that it’s been more than worthwhile. Look at the screen grabs below. These were taken this morning.

Iain Dale of LBC, recently referred to me as “barking.” Mike Graham of Talk Radio, tweeted that I was a nobody, with nowhere near his reach. Imagine being beaten by a bloke who has zero industry backing and no staff? I’d hang it up if it was me, but hey-ho.

The screen grabs represent the chart positions of UK podcasters. Not bad for a Big Baldy Gammon eh?

It’s important to remember that these are podcast stats. My show is a live radio show that is later podcasted. The listen live figures as you well know are even more impressive.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for downloading. Most of all, thanks for supporting it. I’ll speak to you later at 5pm on the live show.

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Proper old school professional journalism.

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I always wanted to type LOL and actually mean it. I had never heard of any of the talk show hosts you ever mention. The only other person I know of is Katie Hopkins. She is hot. If you could put in a good word for me, I’d appreciate it. She would have to like bald headed snaggle tooth old guys with Irish features.

I know who Richie Allen is. All the way across the Atlantic I hear you loud and clear. These peckerwoods you mention I only hear of when you play their idiotic anti-human statements.


I started listening a few years and then dropped out.
I sought out this show last year for obvious reasons. I was sick of the one sided fear mongering on all the legacy media sources. I wasn’t disappointed and have been donating ever since. I haven’t missed a show since. It’s a breath of fresh air. It balances being informative and entertaining. It reminds me of the radio which used to be commonplace. It is no surprise that the msm is falling behind while shows like this are becoming more popular. God help us if the censorship bill goes through. This show is a lifeline to people like me.
I was absolutely touched and disgusted by the experience Richie had in 2012 with a national broadcaster. I’m so glad he didn’t end up working there. He’s right where we need hom to be, and I hope that he’s happy. I will continue to support this programme for as long as it’s going.
I hope he reads these comments because he really does do a good job and saves our sanity and I’d like him to know this!
Richie’s content is an inspiration for truth and inquiry. I write a blog every now and then. I try and mimic my take on news to match his quality of broadcasting. It’s only a small thing. I’ve only done a couple of entries. Nobody reads it, and i hardly feel i have the energy to write it most of the time, but it’s something i was encouraged to do by Richie’s questioning in his show. It’s difficult for me to sift through the lies of the msm to create even a few hundred words for a piece, but I do my best and was even featured elsewhere. God knows how Richie keeps the focus for his show and website. I find it exhausting. If Richie ever decides to open an independent journalism school I would be the first to sign up to try and learn the ropes!

Richie does read the comments, when he gets a chance; I’ll pass yrs on in any case.
Have oft pointed out that he IS a terrific teacher. No more that yourself am amazed at his strength & output…think ppl are beginning to appreciate that it fairly unusual for one man to do what he does…..back in the day whenI did a bit of presenting had at least one researcher plus producer and that was only one show a week!

Anwen Appleby

It is all about Integrity.
You either have it and value it or you don’t.
The media used to run on integrity, but now it has gone, and the media just runs like a runny nose on a toddler…

Darren Of Norfolk

Been listening since the early days of The Richie Allen Show and I have to day I’m rather proud of you .

Aren’t we all!


I only get to hear your Podcasts due to my working hours. It really touched me to hear you talk about your “moment” when you were invited by LBC and then treated like dirt. No need to stick your fingers up at them, they did it to themselves and they are just digging and digging a bigger hole for themselves.

I lived in Spain for 11 years and came back to the UK at the end of 2019. My man and I were in the same boat. We had to literally escape Spain. Had we not done so right then, I am pretty sure we would now have left this earth. There are moments you remember. No-one can know what being really broke is unless you have lived it. One day we were so broke we had 0.13 cents and bought a potato.

Before you even mentioned the word Karma, it entered my head. We are where we are supposed to be at this time for a reason. Just like the elderly lady who spoke to you in the pub and the business man that bought you drinks. You will never forget them.

I think that experiencing what we both did in Spain, although the same but different, must have been a right of passage. You, I am sure, are meant for a big purpose and you are fantastic. You bring the truth and make people laugh.

Keep on rockin’ Richie, you are a Star XxX


For gawds sake Richie … I thought this was a news site !! This isn’t news to your listeners – WE ALREADY KNEW YOU ARE NO.1 …lol

I will just reiterate David’s comment and add, I would have certainly been in a state of desperation by now but for knowing I am not alone, your name in my opinion is journalism of the type I have not seen or heard since the death of the great Michael Waldon – like David said, the light you cast is THE searchlight for the truth – you are a true man of integrity – Congratulations Richie and Thank You for staying with it …


The story you told at the end of the show about the way LBC treated you got me all misty eyed. You may not stick your two fingers up at them so I will do it for you.

Congratulations Richie and thank you for all that you do. We are living in very dark times and the beam of light you shine which is the truth gives us all the strength to keep fighting for a better world.

God Bless you.


I’ve been with you since episode 2 of your show, on behalf of all who listen/donate…
We are all proud of ya kidda


The tighter they grasp at power the more we will grow in ours. The one thing they cannot handle is independence. They will try to make everyone conform. The what doesn’t matter anymore, it shifts from one thing we grasp at to another.

This goes to show what total independent, self sovereignty looks like. Richie isn’t some fat, famous fuck, on the take. That cunt works like a shire horse. He’s kept going through this even when he, like I, was crumbling under the weight of all of this.

He didn’t grasp onto his platform, he opened it up to the people, he is a conduit, a network of people. I think they’re shatting their pants by now, watching the numbers of people begin to wake the fuck up to the world of lies we’ve all been living in.

Richie, lad, keep going, some fucking cosmic level amazeballs, man. You showed thousands if not millions exactly how to be humble, have actual compassion rooted in wisdom and I love you with all my heart. Thank you, hero! 🙏💖🌹

Jeananne Crowley

Amazeballs is right! They broke the mould with the BBG and he DOES work like a shire horse sometimes heaving a very heavy dray. Delighted on his behind at how much the listeners appreciate & are part of the show

Anwen Appleby

I’ve just listened to RA talk about LBC saying “Come over – we’ll pay your air fare” and of course they were inevitably cruel, due to whatever agenda they dance to.
Nice to hear the pod-cast is getting more views.
LBC is a sinking ship, but clearly there were some high powered rats on it back in 2012.


Richie I am not surprised, your amazing and your show is bloody awesome, and the MSM is just….no words can describe those fuckers. I mean imagine listening to that James O’Brian, dear God, I would rather lick the eyeballs of a dead and rotting fish. Love your show, Richie, we listen to you all the time, your voice is like part of our family, even the kids are walking around in an Irish accent, keep up the AMAZING and FABULOUS work x


Agree re. James O’Brien, has to be at the top of my most despised cunts list. I mean there are a few who are revealing themselves as just as putrid, but HE is just an awful specimen.


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Zac Baled

His new name –
James Yo’Wanker! 😁🤣🤗😁🤣🤗


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Marty Hopkirk

Congratulations Richie, very well deserved.

With listening figures and stats like that though, it’s hardly surprising the powers that be and the Silicon Valley mafia are trying their hardest to silence you and deny you a platform.

Onwards and upwards for the RAS and let’s hope it continues for many years to come 👍


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Nichola Rocklifffe



I can only catch up via podcast on the day after the show due to ,my evenings being flat out, so not long behind, sometimes if I’m really busy I get a few to listen to over the weekend which apart from the time checks throwing me I love. The guests you have on are amazing and how you interview them is great, allowing people to speak gets so much more information than just question after question with short answers which is all MSM want so they can edit bitesize chunks. 10 out of 10


Hi Richie, absolutely adore your show, I only found you this year and always listen usually the following day on podbean. Your show is so valuable to me, I’m quite annoyed I hadn’t known about it before. Did you get listener stats on other podcast platforms other than apple? Thank you for the show, I can’t tell you in words how much it means to me. Kate.


Just finished listening to Thursday show on your site at this late hour. Great show and very deep stuff about the possible direction of things. Sometimes it seems like a dream world doesn’t it when you see big companies trying to force jabs on people pretending its encouragment, all for a virus most of us on here probably have had no issue with or seen yet. Nice to know there are some similar thinkers out there in a sea of madness, free country my arse.


Loving your work Richie! I bloody love ya! You’re certainly keeping me and my gal pals sane during these times and long May you continue to stay healthy and do what you do best! Having a family and children in the shite storm that is our world currently, you’re keeping us going day to day! Between me and my pals you’re a total crush! All the very best to you and el froggo tremendo and the doggo! <3 xxx


Not to take away from Richie’s rightful broadcasting place of honour……but just a reminder for latest edition from Del Bigtree


About to catch up on that in a moment Brenda and did you catch the 5hr UK Column pt1 sumposium tonight? Many great speakers and debate was had, even if Richie is not a personal fan of UKC!


Richie great show tonight mate. Mark is well worth listening to, always try and keep in touch with him either live or catch up on odysee which is a great platform and like james whale is growing by the day. Knew Mark was lucky enough to be out the country never knew he was in Nepal, cheap food and even cheaper weed what’s not to like. Thanks for sharing your story Richie regards lbc cannot imagine how you felt, pretty low, but you still remember the guy you met and bought you a few beers when you did not have a pot to pee in, says a lot about you mate. Moral of the lbc story is the good guy does win sometimes.


No offense but James Whale made a total fool of himself last night using the same tactics, as that against Richie By talkradio and LBS, vs Unity News David Clewes, who was smashing Whales viewer stats totally and whom was merely answering Whales ignorantly offered rant of an anti-vaxx challenge! Whales stood no chance to actually debate anything and resorted to a smear tactic of such a childish level, that he utterly proved he is a vaxx shilling whore of the evil agenda to hock these kill shots, with no real grasp of any facts to do with these jabs but to call people vaxx-o-phobies and then slag off another radio presenter, already cut off without a chance to even speak, as some kind of loser! Whale can FUCK RIGHT OFF and is hocking a war crime! Richie is a good guy yes and so is Clewes. Whale can walk bald head in shame to a jail cell soon as a war criminal. He offered a public challenge and clearly told to choose a line of attack that is lower than low. He made a mockery of his challenge to anti-vaxxers to have an open debate by closing that debate down with childish smears only, as he knew he would be utterly demolished in real conversation, or referenced debate. His savage style lately with attack genuine public, or anti-vaxx viewed public figures as tin foiled nutters, was the sole reason of UNN attempting to offer him the debate he had claimed he was up for. He made a fool of himself no matter how he spins it with his perhaps more polsihed, yet utterly awful radio shows platform. Alt-lite and all of them hocking vaxxes that are not vaccines and have no benefit to anyone whatsoever for a non pandemic event of utter medical frauds sole basis for very sinister motives. I commend Richie for trashing LBC and TalkRadio as I do too for the more recent Unity News Network and their open platform that also makes an utter mockery of the shame dead old MSM, all of which is utterly captured by big pharma/tech based interests! All MSM presenters hould be utterly ashamed of themselves in selling out humanity for a few spondoolits from Gates, soon worth feck all, in the totalitarian system and its genocide being foistered firs tand foremost upon us all, by the lying scum MSM itself, as the main agents of this vile poisons roll out upon human kind! Seems they lost any kindness or link to humans long ago and perhaps Icke was right that we have all been invaded long ago by cold blooded, may as well be fucking reptiles, whilst we slept!


It was a reference to whale being a fat piece of shite, think you missed the joke mate, nae worries do it myself al the time.


Indeed I did miss your similar feelings Martin, for the now self beached up Whale! Apologies to yourself but I did from outset, plus think you caught my akin sentiments 🙂 I’m wondering what the backlash will be from his god awful own goal, yet suspect it will be brushed up under all carpets, as best forgotten. Which is why we should not let it be! We need the MSM to hold a truly open well referenced debate with none of the interrupts, or butt ins & butt outs, as Whale did with his head firmly up his own and to take them all to town. Pro-Vax on these jabs have NOTHING and they know it. Even old pro-vax arguments cannot hold up these days! Rather than a DECADE OF JABS OBSCENE, we need a total recal lof all vaccinations on earth and the stringing up of all the mad feckers that ever hocked all that junk science unto human kind for decades! Its a golden BULL of profits full of shite, in its mantras and its ingredients, claims, and its avoidance of its damages to society overall! BIN IT ALL and the reparations to the planet as so vast, they will never have pennies to cook up another Jekyll with Hydras intent ever again on any innocent child or adult ever again!


P.C. Vernon is on unn at 20.30

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