The Smear Campaign Against The Richie Allen Show

Howya. I’ve given no thought whatsoever to this. I’m effectively shooting from the hip here, but I felt I ought to say something in light of the events of the last few days. The Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne has been battered in the UK press and broadcast media, as you know by now. Swayne is a critic of lockdown and has repeatedly expressed scepticism around coronavirus case numbers and deaths. In the last few days he has been criticised relentlessly for appearing on The Richie Allen Show and has even faced calls for his suspension for granting me an interview.

This isn’t a new tactic. Many of my guests have had to deal with similar nonsense over the years. It has now become the norm to troll people for appearing on a platform, because a previous guest had something controversial to say. This is sickening to me, someone who has been producing, editing and presenting radio for well over twenty years. I never thought we’d get here. It is intellectually redundant, to put it mildly, the notion that by appearing on a show, you automatically associate yourself with the views of the host or his previous guests. Yet, here we are. Swayne, who knew nothing of me or my show before agreeing to come on, is facing calls for his job, because I’ve hosted people with controversial views and therefore by appearing with me, he has been accused of legitimising those views.

When I invited the journalist James Delingpole on, I advised him that he might be hammered for accepting. James has no time for antisemitism or bigotry, no more than I do and he’s a supporter of Israel as far as I can tell. I warned him that he’d be caned for joining me, because of my own stance on Israel and because I’d interviewed a couple of Holocaust deniers over the years. To his eternal credit, James said, and I paraphrase, “to hell with them, the notion that I could be associated with the remarks of another guest, who I know nothing about, is ludicrous.” We had a good interview as it happens.

Two organisations purporting to be charities have been throwing mud at me and my show for years. I’m a thick skinned Paddy, so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I repeated this week, what I have been saying for years, that if any of these fake charities (they are political lobby groups) can provide evidence of me denying the Holocaust or failing to challenge someone who has, they should produce it. They never will. Incidentally, I’ve broadcast thousands of shows and Holocaust denial has only ever come up twice. I’ve always made it abundantly clear that I don’t agree with it. But none of this really matters.

The Richie Allen Show has an enormous reach. I’ve been able to use that reach to platform academics, scientists, doctors and journalists, all of them lockdown sceptics, all of them properly qualified and entitled to their opinion. They must be heard. They shouldn’t have to depend on me to platform them. But the BBC, RTE, SKY News and the rest are working day and night to silence them. Think about that for a moment.

As the opponents of free speech and open debate cannot stop me broadcasting (and they never will), all that remains for them is to attempt to scare people off the programme, by making an example of someone like Sir Desmond Swayne. They did it to Harvard scientist Martin Kulldorff too. He was trolled unmercifully for coming on with me, because of some of my past guests. He was aghast. What a wakeup call for him eh? Look at Desmond Swayne’s face as he is being interviewed by SKY’s Adam Boulton this week. He’s incredulous. He cannot believe what he is hearing. Boulton accuses him of legitimising the views of Andrew Wakefield, by appearing with Del Bigtree. Swayne and Bigtree only spoke of lockdown on the show, but Wakefield is a friend of Del’s you see. Swayne’s face really does paint a picture.

I trust my audience. I know they can see through these tactics. I hope with all of my heart, that those who do not listen to me or have never heard of me, are beginning to see through it too. Our governments are waging psychological warfare on us, imprisoning us in our homes, destroying our children’s futures, capsizing our businesses and attempting to medicate us by coercion. The independent media and in particular radio shows like mine, are all that remains and the only place you’ll hear dissenting voices and open debate. It’s time to go on the attack and expose those who would silence us. Enough is enough.

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Here in Australia no one debates or even mentions Rona!
The fake news daily list how many false positives they have etc, etc, it is summer, not even flu season.
But there are many of us who have known the truth from day one.
All those who criticize you Richie, do so because you speak the truth, this is a war between good and evil.
Is there anything more evil than vaccinating healthy children with a biotech vac.?
We all no what that is about, Agenda 21

Zac Baled

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi

You are a good hearted man Richie. Eccentric in a good way.
At times as you say a little childish (child-like)
yeah good hearted big brother thats what you are.

We are all one but not the same – Richie Allen.

Power To The Truth
“He spoke truth to power — we must speak truth to power,” -Rabbi Michael Lerner.


The Richie Allen show is incredible. It stands out as real journalism amid the blah… but there are times when I go “say-what-now?” I didn’t catch the name of a religious man, but it sounded like Kevin. And he appeared to fail to condemn the punishment by ritualistic beating, of two gay men in Indonesia.
This man then went on to say things that I couldn’t quite catch – but – he seemed to be supportive of religious people telling other people, what to do with their sensuality.
It was one of those “say-what-now?” moments.
Am I wrong? It’s been a long day.


Just listened to it again. I am wrong. Kevin said it is unislamic.

Marian Walker

Solid information, laughter, integrity, genuine indignation at the treatment of your fellow man, and companionship, all in the same show. Oh, and great tunes too. No wonder MSM hate you, Richie. If I were one of your guests, I’d wear it like a badge of honour!


Well said that man. Sod em, sod em all

Lynda Corns

Well said Richie, a fantastic show with great guests. *powers that be* want to silence anyone telling truth. We’ve told lots of people to listen to you. Never give up

kim burgham

You have given me hope and along with a few good chuckles AND some awesome music in the 9 months or so that I have been listening to you. You and [most] of your guests renew my faith that decency and integrity are still alive and well. Thank you for being a good human.


Carry On Richie. They are scared of your honesty and integrity that’s why.


You get the most flak when you’re over the target Richie.

Wes Baker

Richie, if they can conflate influenza and the Wuhan flu in the public mind, through their bullshit PCR tests, it would seem ‘easy work’ to conflate you with any guests’ views.

Thanks for standing your ground in this global psy-op. The enemies of free speech, free association and free travel are evil personified. But truth and goodness always win out.


They are going after everybody who is telling the truth. I’ve been listening to your show for nearly 5 years now and I love your honesty, your straightforwardness and your wonderful sense of humour. You do a great job and there are a lot of us who support you.

I do agree with earlier comments about the age range of your listeners they don’t just go up to 60 but well beyond, I’m over 60 myself.


Shot from the hip. Excellent. Please shine some light on the Activists Sacha Stone, Charlie Freak & Martin Ward . I am unsure of these fellas after your top interview with the Brilliant Max Igan. Thanks for the show.


I drink to the death of her manhood
Those men who’d rather have died
Than to live in the cold chains of bondage
When all of their rights were denied.
Oh, where are they now that we need them,
What burns where the flame used to be
Are they gone like the snow of last winter
And only our rivers run free.

Ecclesiastes 1:9


Hear hear, you do a brilliant job and the reason I’m still sane after 10 months of this shite


Go for it Richie. Don’t let the bastards wear you down. Your contribution is critical.

Delroy Murray

Cheers……. And btw any artiste with a name like Anne Murray is sure to be able to sing like a humming bird 🙂 keep ’em coming kind sir.

Carol Jones

You’re a breath of fresh air Richie Allen. No nonsense, say how it is and delivery in that Irish straightforwardness is fabulous. You sure are touching a nerve. Now c’mon you other JOURNALISTS : Do the job you trained for-ask the alternative questions


if There was no deception and no agenda there would be no erosion of free speech. Ye shall know them by their ways.

Andy brandish


Joe Clarke

Well done Richie, made it on to Desmond Swayne Wiki page.


Richie, you’ve been an absolute godsend for me recently mate! Keep up the amazing work! These absolutely awful people in the media are discrediting and destroying anyone who dares stand up for themselves and when you pose a threat to their narrative like you do, they’ll say anything they can! You’ll always have my support and clearly thousands of others mate! Thanks for everything!

Urban fox

Richie Allen, Thanks for all you have done over the last 12 months, to expose this pandemic of Global fascism. Best wishes, keep up the good work. It’s good to be able to listen to some sanity, mixed in with humor each day. In these mostly insain and humorless times.

Grace Gecseg

beautifully put Richie, I have total respect for you and your very brave stance up against such evil distortions of your truths ! the world very much needs you and others like you… in your support of and giving a platform to those who can help us all ! love and honour

Urban fox


I witnessed this myself on 27th January on Lee High Road in London at 14.20.
The man had collapsed and was shaking and crying for help and saying he couldn’t breathe. He was wearing a mask. I asked them to help him and at least remove his mask. And was told ” we can’t go near him because he may have the disease”
This is a true incident i witnessed, please share this. And expose these disgusting brainwashed cowards. Thank you

Hugh Maguire

Keep doing what you do Richie, love from Hughie in Melbourne

Tina Wynne

You are so on the ball Richie. Everyone should stop watching main stream media. So biased. Keep on keeping on bringing us unbiased news fella.


If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck then chances are it’s a duck.
If we feel like we don’t have the truth….
I don’t think I’m any cleverer than anyone else s


I am happy to volunteer to be part of a control group of people just living normally exposed to as many people testing positive as would like to participate to get some kind of comparison data to use. That sounds like the way forward to me.

ian heaver

Great idea Jane

Grace Gecseg

yeah ! what a thought !….

Delroy Murray

Made me laugh Jane …….. Nice One 🙂


Me too. I’d rather hug and kiss a 1000 people who supposedly have covid19 than I would take the vaccine.

I sent the following to -Feedback @ early morning yesterday after reading your Twitter.

*Libel is Illegal*

“£1000,000 to the BBG”
“From what I’ve read/heard, James Whale has libelled Mr Richie Allen of Salford.
A *PUBLIC Apology* is in order.
I will gladly contribute to funding a lawsuit against those parties libelling Mr Allen.
Truly disgusting and ILLEGAL btw!
No Regards Mr Young”

*** delete the 3 _ between p & s to use the hyper-link

Seriously speaking, I think it’s important for You-Richie to know that those of us on “a strict budget” will gladly contribute a few quid in the case You really have any *legal problems*.
As You know, many of us that ‘challenge/buck the system’ immediately suffer the economic-financial consequences.
(see NOTE below)

It’s part of being, a morally honest person that wants to retain their *Honor & Integrity* in a World with a system, that is morally, intellectually, spiritually totally corrupt.

The ‘system’ is bankrupt and in ‘recievership’ to us, if We accept the challenge.
Glad to hear You, tuff Paddy, aint afraid nor backing down.

Quick Analysis :
It’s called *Projection*, the method being used by the brittish msm & *Hate not hope*-org.
Projection is what We-who-See & Know, know is taking place with this present storm-in-water glass.
This is an old technique, modernized and implemented by, among other’s…
those following Saul Alinsky’s *12 Rules for Radicals*.


Hillary Clinton’s “1969 Thesis on Saul Alinsky “THERE IS ONLY THE FIGHT…” An Analysis of the Alinsky Model A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree under the Special Honors Program, Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts.” , could be a nice tidbit of information for the uninitiated.


And let’s not forget…
The Tavistock Institute is your local UK-branch, for those of you that don’t know.

Hopefully, your management of your own economy, though tight, is still sufficient.
And your regular donors keep up the good work.

ian heaver

I have listened to Richie from pretty much the start or at least since the People’s Voice days. If there is a better presenter around I have not heard them. Richie always without fail challenges anyone with extreme views i.e. holocaust deniers and I can’t remember the last time he had one of those on, certainly a very long time ago. Richie you have to take these Nazi’s on, yes that is what they are. I refer to Hope Not Hate which is a laughable name. Hate Not Hope would be far more appropriate name for them. Yes it will cost a lot Richie but you have a great deal of support. Start a Gofundme page to take these fascists on. I am not a rich man but I feel strongly about this and I will put in a £1000 for starters and that’s a stone cold promise !

You read my mind Ian. Cheers


That’s very good of you. I couldn’t afford to give that amount but I’d definitely donate.



How do you define a holocaust denier?


An old but relevant article by Gilad Atzmon.

Hope not Hate is presented as a British anti racist/anti Fascist organsisation but in fact it is an offshoot of the notoriously Zionist Searchlight magazine. As if this is not enough, its leader Nick Lowles also co-posts on Harry’s Place, the infamous anti-Muslim site and winner of the Islamic Human Rights Commission’s ‘Annual Islamophobia Awards’ 2006. Harry’s Place is known as a Hasbara pro-war Neo-Con outlet and is, in my opinion, far more dangerous of any English right wing party. Harry’s Place openly serves foreign interests, and promotes clear racist ideology in clear opposition to everything we hold to be associated with Western pluralism and tolerance…..


Thumbs up Richie from your fan in Estonia!

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win“

John Heffernan

So let’s say I put a stage in a town square, and I invite, whoever I feel has an opinion on whatever! What’s the problem? If you want listen, so be it, if not walk on! I would appreciate feed back on this..


Absolutely and of course this used to happen but they would stop it now. The police would turn up and drag you away.


By their logic, any one who appears or works at the BBC must support child abuse as Jimmy Savile worked there.


Not only that but the heads of the BBC knew exactly what he was.

Russell Salochin

Well said Richie And please keep up the good work …only one moan butt ….when you implied the other night that the Age range of your listeners goes up to 60🤨😆😆..I’m 65 but still short Welsh fat and handsome and love playing my music and drinking Guinness😍 Even got my 3 kids listening to you. You are a legend


Yes Russell, I’m 63 and when Richie said that I thought I could flatten the BBG 😂😂 I love his shows never miss them, he’s a fantastic interviewer, very fair with his guests.

Grace Gecseg

yeah ! me too – Im 65 ! think again Richie !….

Richard Sunday

All we can do is keep marching on and seeking and speaking truth against this demonic attack from Lame-Stream media and their controllers, with you 100% Richie

Stephen Hardy

I guess the clue’s in the name: these fascists HATE the concept of free speech and HOPE to destroy any platform allowing it. Okay, so in a global population of over 7 billion people, there are few “holocaust deniers” out there and one or two of them may even have appeared on the Richie Allen Show. So f*ckin’ what! Richie ALWAYS debates and challenges them on their beliefs, and it’s up to the audience to make up their own minds about the validity (or otherwise!) of that debate. The world isn’t going to stop spinning because people may have heard a few extreme or controversial views that they wouldn’t normally expect to hear! It seems obvious to me that this all about pulling out the “antisemitism” card to frighten or deter learned and highly qualified people from appearing on the show.


No one should be called a denier about anything because as more facts come out over the years about many things what is the truth changes.


Yes I completely agree, well said Richie, enough really is enough now. I have been watching your show for many many years and my eyes have been well and truly opened to this tyranny that is all around us, people need to wake up to this by ending the division they solely rely on to conquer us. Once we stand together as humans once again, we stand a fighting chance to put a stop to this attack on humanity. Thank you for all you do Richie, you have kept many of us sane throughout this covcon!!!

Scottish John

Well said Richie, living in Amerryka i am bombarded daily with what i can only describe as pure unadulterated shite. I also listen the BBC world news and so all i am fed is Covid 19, But on the bright side all the new strains and variants are being introduced to the debate. It’s almost like shopping. Cheers mate.


Well what it is really is flu and that mutates every year.

Tadhg Shelly

Well said Richie,why can’t people be free to air their views whether they are politicians, clergy or whoever on any platform they choose? There was plenty of this silence in the past where people were too afraid to express their views on different issues and where did it get us?? Thank you for providing this open platform that you give,keep doing what you do best.


Ritchie you are helping a great many of us to stay sane. Keep doing what you do with your honesty and integrity unlike most mainstream journalists.

Pauline Watkinson

Totally with you Richie,I am so glad you have written this, as I know you spoke out on your show when you first heard of Desmond Swayne being interviewed or rather humiliated, I just want the MSM, Government and Polititions strung up, words fail me, I am so angry and frustrated that more people are not waking up to this

Caroline Fealy

Atleast you have the balls to say it as it is. They are cowards hiding behind their lies. F*** them!

Urban fox

Hello again, your absolutely right. Don’t know what I would have done if I had not found the show several months ago. I used to have the talk stations on in the background all the time. Partly for news and also for company as I live alone. But for months now, I can’t bear to listen to the constant propaganda and bias. It really is sickening. So I now have to rely on independent media to keep up with events. P.S thanks for your kind remarks regarding my Lidl supermarket experience.

Caroline Fealy

Hi there, yes we too are very glad for all Richie’s hard work to defend freedom of opinion and speech. Sorry i have not seen the reply to my last comment on your comment. I can not logged in on here properly. Just glad that i can still comment. I am not the best at all this techo stuff ha ha ha. Your comment sadden me and made me angry but i also understand why people are so scared. Personally and thankfully my human compassion is greater and i could not stand by and do nothing. Take care 🙂

BARRY Armitage

I love your daily shows Richie because you speak the truth.. keep doing what you are doing.. I have so many friends who are now listening to you..

Jimmy o connell

Their underhanded and sneaky methods are a definite indication that they are on the wrong side of the narrative Richie, thanks for your show and others like it, keep up the good work👍


Richie…To use the old adage….’ you know you’re over the target when the flak increases’…keep telling the truth BBG!

Gene Hunt

The only way to treat Boulton and all the other parasites who wish to accuse through guilt by association, is to raise the bar and go on the attack!…….The way things are going, people will be afraid to speak out at all on any subject that differs from the MSM narrative. I’ve noticed it for a while now, you bring up a subject that could be slightly controversial, such as immigration, religion, 5g, chemtrails, smart meters and the like, and most people just look awkward and have a general lack of interest or enthusiasm in these things!…… Or maybe it’s just me, lol.


With you since day 1 Rich, is there no hope of legal recourse?

Charlie Stevenson

I fat fingered it. Meant to give it 5 stars. Sorry Richie. I’m glad you are a tough Paddy. I wouldn’t like to lose your show. It’s truly the highlight of my day. My family now pop in to listen from time to time, kids, dogs, all snuggle up and stay for the monologue.

This is what Nancy Pelosi called the “wrap up smear”. They comoditise a lie by mentioning it, then discussing it on broadcast media and in the papers. Its such a basic tactic for them that it’s like Politics 101. Shocking really.

Sir Desmond Dwayne is really something of an anomaly. He’s not a career politician, and has values that put his electorate first. This is bad for business (read donors such as big tech) so they will try and delegitimise him. Does it work? I guess it must do as there seem to be plenty of mouth breathers that believe 2 planes felled 3 buildings, that asymptomatic virus transmission is a huge problem and than its possible to invent and manufacture a DNA modifying injection to treat the common cold in under 10 months.

Just 1

I for one will keep listening to your shows & recommending it to others. As I feel grown up enough to hear all sides and make up my own mind.
I feel you do what you do very well, but then I’m just a nobody lol.
Unfortunately I only got to here of your show, just before the beginning of the current madness in which we are existing (living).

Last edited 3 months ago by Just 1

Your not ‘a nobody’ Just 1. Richie just says it as it is and ‘they’ don’t like that!

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