Twitter Storm Leads To UK Govt Withdrawing “Sexist” Stay At Home Ad

The government has taken down a social media ad which urged people to stay at home. The image showed women home schooling children and doing domestic chores, while the only man featured is seen to be relaxing on a sofa. Snowflakes have been in meltdown on Twitter. Progressive screams are very shrill. The image went viral on social media and Karen lost her mind. “It’s sexist!” she screamed. “Take it down!” Karen gets her way a lot these days, presumably because governments are increasingly using social media to take society’s temperature.

The government said that the ad did “not reflect” its “view on women”. So why spend a considerable sum of money on an ad campaign only to buckle when a few hundred keyboard warriors pipe up? Why give in to them? That’s a good question and it needs addressing. Cancel Culture is a huge problem, but it’s for another day.

The irony of course is that there’s no outrage or condemnation of the “Stay At Home” message itself. “That ad is sexist!” Maybe it is, but it’s also part of a campaign of psychological warfare being waged on all of us by a totalitarian government. These ads are deployed to convince us that we’re at the mercy of a plague, which is nonsense.

The purpose of this propaganda is to convince us that we should do ourselves significant and lasting harm, in order to protect the vulnerable. A children’s mental health epidemic is looming, thousands are dying because lifesaving treatments have been delayed or cancelled, millions of people are losing their jobs and civil liberties are being eroded at warp speed. But none of that seems to matter.

Seemingly, you can tell us to commit economic suicide, wreck our children’s futures, abandon our elderly and live under house arrest. Just take care that the message isn’t sexist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic or designed by an ejaculator, a cisgender or a TERF………….


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Urban fox

Richie Allen, Thanks for all you have done over the last 12 months, to expose this pandemic of Global fascism. Best wishes, keep up the good work. It’s good to be able to listen to some sanity, mixed in with humor each day. In these mostly insain and humorless times.

Urban fox


I witnessed this myself on 27th January on Lee High Road in London at 14.20.
The man had collapsed and was shaking and crying for help and saying he couldn’t breathe. He was wearing a mask. I asked them to help him and at least remove his mask. And was told ” we can’t go near him because he may have the disease”
This is a true incident i witnessed, please share this. And expose these disgusting brainwashed cowards. Thank you


R.E Stay at home ad.
The purpose of stories like this is to give off the illusion that people still have a voice

Last edited 3 months ago by justin
T Killa

Richie, on the show today/yesterday you said that hope not hate had libelled/slandered you. I don’t recall the exact words, but from what I recall they directly called you antisemitic.

All your comments are recorded, downloaded and scattered to the four winds. Everything you’ve ever said is on tape.
It’s cut and dry, black and white. You would win.

I’ve followed hnh’s stalking of many. We all know the organisation is a front for one of the “difficulties” we face.

You said you need 100k to fight this.

Do it yourself, represent yourself. May take time, but no need for money. And name that odious bastard Imran Ahmed and sue him personally.

I hope you do mate, this hnh needs to be taken down and shown to be the shill fact checking scam that they are.


Yes, the argument is little better than worrying about what you’re wearing as the house burns down around you; however, the government missed an obvious trick.
For some time it has been acceptable to see women with short hair, dressed in trousers; and it has now become fashionable to see men with long hair, in dresses.
So anyone making the accusation of ‘sexism’ about those ads is simply using outdated stereotypes as their base point.😆

Joe Clarke

Even Peter Hitchens gets censored, on Talk radio this week.


I don’t own a TV set since 2005, never had a single social media account, never used a smart phone and well aware that this planet of “twitter storms” turned into “The Insane Asylum of the Universe”. Perhaps it always were the one …

Last edited 3 months ago by Herb

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the latest for Covid 19 protection. They (who ever they is) are recommending to wear two or three masksand a butt plug to prevent the spread of the virus.


Is Wearing Three Masks Better Than One?
In order to “maximize protection” against COVID-19, researchers recommended layering two types of masks or using a three-layer mask to keep particles out.
There’s just one pesky problem to covering your mouth and nose with multiple layers of material: “At some point, ‘we run the risk of making it too hard to breathe’”

24 elderly residents die in Hampshire

Last edited 3 months ago by sven

Part of the problem with home-schooling kids is that Primary School work is so advanced these days! In the seventies it was just maths, english and kiss-chase, and we took kiss-chase very seriously. Oh, an we did Art too, I think.
Anyway, just one look at what Primary school children do these days and the normal instinct is to go and have a lie down.
Male or Female – just take a look at “advanced grammar for nine year olds” and go and have a lie down. Best thing to do.

Joanne Doyle

Psychological warfare is everywhere. I understand parents wanting their children back in school but the psychological warfare in many schools are extreme!! I had a packet of masks virtually shoved in my face by a member of public when I was picking up a buttie from a cafe and shouted at. So many experiences like that I could write this whole blog for Richie. Even psychiatrist and GP bad experience!!


Smile sweetly, drop the package on the floor, mutter something about ‘butter fingers’ and then tell them you couldn’t possibly pick it up and use the contents because of contamination.
Then walk away with a shrug.


Richie, you are brilliant well said 👏🏽


Yes I’m Man spreading on sofa too..



Wes Baker

Kind of gives a whole, new spin on ‘fiddlin’ while Rome burns’. Except this time, Nero started and flamed the fire while the plebes stare at their crotches and their mad offspring.

Seriously, this wanton mental and physical cruelty will not end well. Of that, you can be sure.

To be fair I’m currently man spreading on the sofa 😂👍

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