UK Government Considers Advising Citizens To “Double Mask”

SAGE member Dr Susan Hopkins said last night that people should ideally wear masks made up of three layers to get the best protection.

Hopkins was asked for her opinion on the growing US trend of wearing more than one facemask. She said a UK specialist committee was considering whether the government should update the advice and recommend the wearing of a cloth mask on top of a surgical mask.

Hopkins was in Downing Street last night speaking alongside UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock. She said:

“I think what we know is that the more layers you have the better. And so that we recommend at least two layers in the UK and ideally three layers in a mask, and that is really important to reduce the viral transmission, both from you to others and from others to you.”

The US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention study showed that transmission of the virus can be reduced by up to 96.5 per cent if both an infected and uninfected person wear a tightly fitting face covering.

The research concluded that the best way to stop the spread is to wear a cloth mask on top of a surgical mask or to wear a surgical mask on its own but tie the straps where they meet the mask to ensure there are no gaps.

This is the same CDC that last month recommended placing a sleeve made of sheer nylon hosiery material around the neck and pulling it up over either a cloth or medical procedure mask. Yes, America’s best and brightest have recommended that people go about wearing a pair of tights on their face.

They’ll do it here. The UK has capitulated. If SAGE said that the bacteria in your grandfathers unwashed underpants was shown to be effective against coronavirus, people would go around wearing grandpas boxers over their mouths. We’re screwed.

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Wes Baker

I wear seven, and I’m considering adding a plastic bag, taped at the shoulders to complete my chic, prophylactic practices…. I’m also considering plugging all of my other orifices for total protection….

Last edited 6 months ago by Wes Baker

lol 😂


You should also have a satsuma in your mouth, be wearing ladies stockings and suspenders and block your rear passage with a large dildo. This would get Vallance and Whitty very aroused.


🤣 🤣 🤣

Wes Baker

I’m guessing the stilettos are going to be the biggest hurdle for my big, burly frame. That and managing the ‘euphoria’ of reduced oxygen….

Wes Baker

I’m on it, Mark. But as a ‘red-blooded’, 6′ 4″, 260lbs. man, I’m going to have to find a ‘big and tall’ tranny shop in Alabama, USA. And there are zero. For any size. My little, 5′ 5″ bride’s stockings will hardly fit! Looks like I’ll be ordering online…!

Do I check two politically correct boxes with this move? What if I volunteered to stick people in the arm with a Frankenjab? Could I check three?

Last edited 6 months ago by Wes Baker

Who needs fresh air and sunshine anyway when there is a risk of getting a few germs that have never been proved to exist? I think they are going to turn the screw as much as possible to try and get people to take their transhumanist vaccines.


Seems they’re queuing in droves.

Wes Baker

Here’s a link to the numbers of deaths and ‘adverse’ effects from this bullshit mRNA gene therapy, which I’m starting to believe they had in place – in the case of Moderna – before they ‘raised the alarm’.


These psychopaths really have lost the plot, just wondering how long it will take before the masses are out there in double or triple face nappies!


I’ve recently come across one interesting article by a psychiatrist, here is an excerpt:
”…Indeed, according to McDonald, these people are suffering from delusional psychosis, and there are a lot of them. He goes so far as to refer to the outside of his home or office as the “outdoor insane asylum,” where he must assume “that any person that I run into is insane” unless they prove otherwise…”


Hey Richie .. Do you wear a mask? Thankfully I’m excempt…


So am I but that is largely being ignored here in Ireland.


Talking of masks. What’s happened with our Dr Vernon Coleman? Get him back please Richie.

ian heaver

Good question. Vernon hasn’t been on Richie’s show for the last couple of Monday’s. I hope he’s ok .


The woman Jean Murray on the show tonight mentioned him too. Hopefully he’ll be back soon.


They are obviously not happy that the cases of bacterial lung infections being passed off as Covid are falling…more masks for the masses! Waiting for the ‘scientific data’ that suggest rubbing them around a dogs arse for 20 mins before wearing them is beneficial.


Lol ain’t that the truth.


The government can ‘recommend’ all they like. It doesn’t mean we have to listen to them. Nor are we responsible to, or for, those people who do go along with it.

fab nocivelli

Double DOH

fab nocivelli


Steve Satch

You’d think they couldn’t possibly bring this in as we approach summer but…I’ve seen enough crazy shit heretofore to know better than to rule anything out.

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