UK Law Firm Seeks Injunction To Suspend Covid Jab Programme Immediately

A UK law firm which specialises in employment law, has written to the MHRA (Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) demanding the immediate suspension of the covid-19 vaccine programme. PJH Law advised the MHRA yesterday, that it intends to apply for an injunction to stop the roll-out.

The firm is representing a number of clients who have been advised that their employment will be terminated if they refuse a covid jab. In a brilliantly written letter to the MHRA, the firm clearly demonstrates that the jabs are causing serious harm, which has passed the point where ordinarily such a roll-out would be suspended.

Here’s the letter that was sent to the MHRA.

Follow the firm on Twitter for updates.



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Incredible letter. Well done to the claimants for standing up for their rights and principals, these are the people who should hold positions of trust.
I wish then and pahlaw the best of luck, we need this to win.
I am so happy PCR tests have been pointed out as academic fraud, to have a test where the actual virus has not been isolated is outrageous and has proven to be the bedrock for destroying lives and the economy.

David Farrell

Where there is life there is always hope, and this is a prime example of that. Never forget, that a once convicted labeled terrorist became the president of his country and a worldwide influential leader. Again, where there is life there is always hope. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings (whatever that means 😄)


Nuremberg 2 slowly coming into view now


This is Dr Sam Whites lawyer – he won his case. This is the letter to send to all your HR depts and freedom to speak up guardians – Whistle blow this crime with this lawyers letter

M T Hadi

The problem is that, regardless of intent, this message & letter will never see the light of day or change anything, because of controlled & complicit media, and compromised judiciary…

We’re just banging our heads against a proverbial brick wall…


Now we just need a judge whose not been compromised to take up the fight……..

M T Hadi

Good luck with that….


plenty of judges have backed the people mate, in the U.S, Portugal, Austria and many other countries, would agree that here in the U.K it does not look good, but there are honest judges out there.


The cases are starting to finally get through now


That’s fantastic news and here’s praying that there are many more firms just like them the world over.

For anyone who has a spare three hours or so and indeed any legal professionals looking for solid reference points and good factual data, this interview between Joe Rogan and Dr. Peter McCullough is well worth the time invested.

A treasure trove of useable data to found here..



Omg, this letter is bloody FANTASTIC!!!!!

Caroline Fealy



This letter is truly brilliant, like you said. It gives me some optimism, especially after the successful lawsuits against jab mandates in America. The fight is huge, but people aren’t giving up!

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