UK TV Channels Unite To Show Covid Vaccine Propaganda Film

A short film, urging people from ethnic minority backgrounds to get their coronavirus vaccine, will be shown across the UK’s commercial television channels this evening. The film has already been released online and stars the likes of Sanjeev Bhaskar, Meera Syal and Romesh Ranganathan. It will air tonight at 9.56 PM on ITV, Channel4, Channel 5 and various SKY channels.

The BBC says that it cannot show the film because its charter prohibits it from taking part in campaigns. I’ll pause here while you laugh your ass off….OK. The Beeb won’t be showing it then, but the film’s participants will discuss it on BBC TV and radio shows tomorrow instead. The short was coordinated by Citizen Khan creator Adil Ray. He said:

“We are in unprecedented times and the fact remains this pandemic disproportionately affects people from ethnic minority communities. It’s heartening to see all the major broadcasters come together in an equally unprecedented television broadcast at this crucial time.”

If the broadcasters keep this up, pretty soon someone will moot the idea that we really only need one channel. Then again, maybe I’ve been watching too much sci-fi or reading too many dystopian novels.

Comedian Romesh Ranganathan, speaking on BBC breakfast this morning said:

“My mum is a key worker, where she works it’s a lot of people from South Asian backgrounds and so my brother and I were obviously very worried about her and we just assumed that she was going to be willing and ready to take the vaccine. And then when it came down to us actually discussing it with her, she said, ‘I’ve actually got some doubts’, and so it took us by surprise but we were able to talk to her about and explain the various issues and now she feels OK to take it.”

I must have missed the news that Romesh Ranganathan had qualified as an epidemiologist. Apparently he was a maths teacher before embarking on his current career path, which has proven to be a very good move. He’s never off the telly even though he’s not very funny at all. Saying that though, there’s not much that makes me laugh these days.

I’ve never witnessed a propaganda campaign like this. It’s astounding. The entire political class, the whole of the media and the nations celebrities are relentlessly pushing this vaccination programme. Do they even know that the trials for some of the vaccines they have endorsed haven’t concluded yet and won’t end until 2023? I suppose not. But they ought to.




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As my mum used to say “If you believe that, you’ll eat all you see.” So glad she ain’t here to see this.


My Mom’s good friend, Louis, a 94 year old WW2 veteran in surprisingly good health (still drove, exercised daily) went to a local veteran’s hospital to get his Covid vaccine because the mainstream media convinced him it would be a good thing to do. For 2 days after, he was extremely sick but the symptoms seemed to go away. Just over a week later, he complained of pain spreading all over his body, and the next day he collapsed and died. I hope it doesn’t take a death in every family to wake people up to the dangers of this Scamdemic “Solution”.


It was a lesson in how to sell your soul for a few quid, ‘I can’t wait to get my shot of experimental piss’…’I coerced my mother into taking it, aint I great?’… fuck off you leprous wankers.


Well said my friend, not much that can be added to that.


We have been told that the Pseudo Vaccine will give us herd immunity.
How do you get herd immunity when the Pseudo Vaccine does NOT prevent you from getting it or spreading it ?
You then have to ask yourself “What is the point of risking your life taking the Pseudo Vaccine ?”

Last edited 1 year ago by sven
Dr Fahar Qureshi

I am a mature man who read Herman and Chomsky”s “Manufacturing Consent” 30 years ago. Using textual analysis, it strongly indicated overwhelming consent by mass media for any Government propaganda nonsense towards Foreign Policy in South Anerica by the US.
This work represented a stark warning about the role of Presstitutes in shaping public opinion.

The censorship of any contrary opinion to the Government line by Big Tech has proved to be even more extreme than I thought.
Instead of done independent thought, people will beg for the vaccine.

Comply Obey Consume or COC, is the new slogan. The Government loves COC and the majority of the British public will be forced to love it.

For shame….


I actually think the sheep are that desperate they’d pay for a vaccine so maybe they should change it to PCOC Pay Comply Obey Consume.


We know the press and media have always done the bidding of corrupt governments, but even then you would always find journalists that would not toe the official line, but as you say in this present climate there are no voices speaking out against government policy on anything to do with the plandemic, it has to be down to fear, or to be more accurate cowardice. Agree with you on the tech companies shocking how they seem to be the propaganda foot soldiers for the globalist takeover of the planet.

Zac Baled

With their empty sound bites are they willing to take the liability of this “safe” experimental vaccine towards anyone who listens to them and in return get an adverse reaction like paralysis, narcolepsy etc maybe even death? Did I just hear them say No….. oh ok!

I seen the cringy propaganda film again some/majority of them seem by the looks of things theyve not been laid since lockdown 1, lol. 😁


We are committed to diversity and inclusion. That’s right we want to kill everybody.


Yea that convinced me.I want to save lives. I’m getting the jab!

Seriously tho, my first thought when starting the ad was ‘someone get that poor woman a hair brush’.

After that I was just counting the lies (or unsubstantiated misrepresentations) about this “vaccine” that isn’t, actually, a vaccine, whatever it is.


If you watch TV go Costanza and do “The Opposite”…


I love how in India they’re saying that herd immunity is the reason why ‘The Virus’ isn’t showing in the same numbers as the ‘scientists’ expected.

Yet in Britain they Indian & Pakistani communities should be lining up for the poison jab, because they fall into the ‘BMAE’ categories & they’re almost certain to die of ‘CoVid-19’.

Work that one out. British Indians are going to die, yet Indian Indians are immune!


Obviously British curries are healthier than Indian curries !

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

1st of all, I don’t have the faintest idea who those people are in the info-mercial.
Not. A. Clue.
I’m not only ‘un-biased’ to people with different backgrounds & skin color, these people in the 5-minute sketch mean absolutely 0-zero in the ‘cognition area’ of my brain.

What did the areas of my Limbic System and Frontal Cortex have for *reaction*?
Well, I noticed the ‘background music’ as something similar to be played at a funeral.
That’s -1 point directly for the *Ministry of Truth* direct.
It was quite apparent that least ½ of them rehearsed their lines or read directly from a script.
That’s -2 points.

As I remember, England is normally cloudy, cold and damp this time of year.
Indoors, homes/flats with *central heating* at a pleasant 21-22C was/and perhaps still is uncommon for everyday people. From what I’ve heard/read, literally thousands upon thousands of the Elderly literally freeze-to-death there.
So considering this info-mercial is most definitely lacking any kind of ‘genuine warmth’ both metaphysically or physically by making one feel ‘active & engaged’, or *heart warming*.
That’s -3 points.

Many older immigrants never feel/felt 100% ‘at home’, generally speaking in a new country & culture. Almost ALL of them find it extremely difficult to accept their own children’s ‘foreign views/opinions’.
Most definitely ‘persuasion’ aint gonna work to easy with them.
So that makes -4 points.

It’s only 5 minutes long, this info-mercial which is positive but the poor theatrics make it a negative as well.
That makes it a +-1 = 0.
So, on a scale of 1 to 5, I’ll give it a +1 Total.

These lizards are known to be lacking in *Creativity* and need Us normal people to survive.
Hopefully gchq and the 77’s don’t read this before the show tonite at 9:56 GMT.
Not bein’ a betting-man, I bet ya’all this backfires on them.
Let me know what happens.
Cheers :)))


Holy mother of the lord divine Jesus!
(Ok— I’m Christian — of sorts!)

I have now seen it all!!

Psychotronics… It’s gotta be!!

While they’re zooming into zoom..

Some other form of mind control is taking place unbeknownst to them!!!

Could be the Chinese??

I mean… Isn’t everything made, designed and ‘created’ there nowadays!!!


Zac Baled

Wow! How relentless?
Just what is going on? Why is there so much fascination with this bs vaccine in the media and government?

Three people stood out for me (well all of them really, lol. completey deluded, self serving friggin nutters)

1. a guy in that video boasts about how polio, tb etc vaccines are made in india and how these “life saving” vaccines have saved peoples lives and how good theyve been? Really?? I understand he has never heard of over 500000 (half a million) youngsters in india who were given the polio vaccines (many of them forcefully) who are now crippled.

2. Somebody mentions one of the inventors of the convid vaccine is turkish therefore a muslim (so in his eyes an “ethnic” by default) Really, so what exactly does that prove? Nothing. The only thing factual about that is that the inventor has made billions of pounds by inventing this untested bs vaccine (and possibly bringing misery and ruining (if not killing) the lives of potentially millions of people worldwide)

3. Some no mark who proudly mentions he and his brother have succesfully coerced/manipulated their mother (the poor woman) into taking the vaccine after their mum had doubts over its safety….. well the saying “he/she would sell his mother for money” comes to mind! What idiot would give his own mum a potential death sentence?

A special mention for the cricketer: he needs to take some more acting lessons, seriously, it was like he was reading from a script maybe a little worried or somebody who really did not want to be in that propaganda (potentially) a death wish video. Mind you every no mark in that video was reading from the same script tbh.

This convid bs is proper relentless, its everywhere.

Last edited 1 year ago by Zac Baled

I didn’t even watched it all, it was ham acting and embarrassing. They’ve sold their souls for a piece of silver the mugs.

Urban fox

I can’t even watch these things. I get so angry. I have to turn the adverts off now. As can’t handle the sickening propaganda adverts. .


No way he would lie to his mother about the vaxx, so either he believes what he is saying on the video, or he is lying about convincing his mother the vaxx is safe, lets assume you got lucky got your big break on t.v., you know your lucky because you know you are not funny and have little or no talent to justify were you have ended up, on a massive contract that will set you up for life things could not be better, you are asked to take part in what is basically a propaganda film by your employer(we know the bbc would have asked him to take part ),do you refuse on the grounds that you know the whole thing is a hoax and there is no way the vaxx can be safe because no long term study’s have been done, or do you do what he has done and make the video.


Christ hahahahaha I had to turn off a minute in, couldn’t take the utter cringe and the state of the ‘celebrities’ in it…..just take the vaccine, how’s about fuck off.


The propaganda works better on the whites it seems. Apart from these despicable and desperate celebs who probably aren’t having the jab, most blacks and asians won’t fall for it.


The BBC says that it cannot show the film because its charter prohibits it from taking part in campaigns…


Comedians giving out health advice whereas top doctors in the field are not allowed anywhere near mainstream media. Says it all really.


best comment, spot on

AL Bassninja

I agree Richie. Romesh isnt that funny. Not interested in Z list celebs or any celeb telling me what i should do.
If they’re allowed then I’m allowed to tell them to shut up.


I watched the first ten seconds. That’s all I needed. If you could save a life would you?Yes my own. Keep your vaccine thank you.

The Tarts Handbag

It’s disgusting that people like these morons will tell bare-faced lies for money.
I find it sickening.

Ronald Templeman

They left one important point out of the this film by the lying bunch of toe rags, it would be safer to just jump in a coffin.

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