Vaccinated To Have More Freedoms In Germany

Speaking to Bild newspaper yesterday, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff said that the vaccinated “will definitely have more freedoms.” Helge Braun said that if cases continue to rise in Germany, the unvaccinated would be barred from pubs, restaurants theatres and stadiums.

The chief of staff who is also a medical doctor told Bild:

“If we have a high rate of infection despite our testing procedures then the unvaccinated will have to reduce their contacts. Those who have been vaccinated will definitely have more freedom than those who have not been vaccinated.”

Braun went on to say that the unvaccinated wouldn’t even be allowed to take a covid test to gain entry to venues. When asked why, she replied: “The risk to everyone else is too high.”

As to the legality of introducing such discriminatory measures Braun said that, “the state has a duty to protect the health of its citizens.”

Neighbouring France has introduced Covid passes as a condition of entry to restaurants, café’s and supermarkets. From late September, anyone wanting to go to a nightclub or a concert in the UK, will have to prove that they’ve been double jabbed.

The UK government is also expected to say that anyone attending sports venues in the Autumn will also need to prove that they have been jabbed.

And from today, Irish citizens wishing to drink or dine inside a pub or restaurant, must show that they have been jabbed or that they recently produced a negative covid test.

Lockstep anyone?






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The “vaxxed vs. non-vaxxed” script is designed to cause hate and division, to incite violence between the groups. This is to get the sheep to beg for a tyrannical Police State to “stop the violence”. Love Thy Neighbor: defeats them. They failed doing this in the USA with trying to start a race war with the FBI controlled BLM burning, looting, and murdering. Love stopped them. People do not hate each other. Keep that alive.


It should now be obvious that the ‘Pingdemic’ was about introducing the daily covid tests.


This will bring hope, in a hopeless world

Listen to this testimony from Carl Sanders, an inventor of the microchip 


I would like to leave this here. it will bring hope, and perhaps show people clarity- there is so much going on, confusing and saddening, and I hope that these links bring you hope. God bless. 


I would never go to a concert with a band that was okay with this, so wouldn´t miss it really. Neither would I go to any establishment that happily complied with these rules. If I owned a business and was mandated to discriminate between the vaxxed and un- then I would proudly go broke. They will need all the sports teams, artists, actors etc etc to allow them to do this, it will be interesting to see how it goes. Even if I was vaxxed myself because I was afraid of a virus I would not be okay with any of these mandates that forbid others from traveling or normal enjoyment of life.


Bring it on I say. Lock me in my house, deliver my food. Dont let me out. Then when the stabbed ‘n’ jabbed start dropping come winter who are they going to blame? Not me. 😜😂 Bit of a giveaway if only the jabbed are ill whilst those locked up remain well. what they fail to say when threatening these measures is for how long they planning on segregation..6months? 12? For ever? Surely at some point even those who have fallen for this scam must realise that any virus will burn itself out. The first 2 lockdowns were preparing us for the next stage, when the vaxxed drop in winter it will be easier for identification if everyone is in their homes, not out and about. Now if there was no virus to begin with and there is some other agenda involving the vaxseens then that is something else to contemplate 🤔


substitute pub for supermarket booze 🤣

Screenshot 2021-07-26 at 15-45-10 all this to blow over meme - Google Search - Copy.png

With you on that Patrice 🍹 Gin anyone?


Whilst I like the sentiment, your missing that they will ban deliveries as “too risky to drivers, unless your Jabbed!”, so they will have us unable to shop for real, or get anything online, without jab status! Only way out, is to get enough weight behind the Control Group of Unjabbed and even that wont work, as virus or no virus, the pure aim here, is jabs in every arm, a passport linked to that and a UBI CBDC credit system, that is also linked in, via the 5G surveillance coming soon! A panopticon prison of perma jabs, for gradudal transhumanism, in their ongoing experiments upon US, “The Virus” in their eyes!


Mm…just checked out the control group. Not sure about that, data base by another name. I like to be ‘under the radar’ so to speak. 👤 turned over half my garden to fruit and vege. Hoping to survive on that should the shops become out of bounds.


People in Iceland have almost all been jabbed, an extremly tiny group of adults has stayed away from it. We´re now in a massive forth wave of delta carried out by pcr tests. We are told that a person with no symptoms who has had the jab doesn´t know she is sick and is giving the delta to around 10 other people. We have gone back to social distancing and mask mandates… It´s the same script all over but they had to tweek it a little to explain why a nation of super-jabbers has not escaped from the deadly delta. Those of us who are unsullied seem to have nothing to fear, it´s odd. Shouldn´t we be dying in the streets like the people in India? The only thing we do differently than the bigger herd is that we still live life as normally as possible (with as many hugs and hand-shakes as possible, I´ve even become a touchy-feely person thanks to the big C) and we don´t go for a pcr test when we´re “pinged”.

Last edited 1 month ago by Anna

That appears to be a similar situation to Israel, heavily vaxed but the wheel is now coming off. Suddenly the mainstream media having eulogised its wonderful vaccine success no longer want to talk about it anymore as it morphs back into a fascist state.


I know that the biggest problem is evil. Doesn’t it seem though, that leaders around the world have gotten dumber as well? If it can be taken away, it’s not a freedom but a privilege. Freedom comes from God and the US Constitution makes that statement. It also says that lawmakers and government in general, do not have the right to infringe on God give rights. This is the hurdle America faces because most Americans have at least a vague understanding of those protected rights. At least half of America doesn’t want those rights for the other half. So here we are.


Definitely Evil.


won’t end well this,

I do really fear of the repercussions of this including the word “genocide” now thats a big word, but, it really seems to me that they are treating the unjabbed as unclean, dirty, germ ridden, what happens when that escalates? i.e. you view a proportion of the populous as a great risk to you and your health? will the jabbed start demanding a camp or prison for the unjabbed? what happens if say a business and its workers says the unjabbed can’t work here as they are a great risk to the jabbed? does make me wonder, really does.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrice

The narrative of the unjabbed as “Bio-terrorist Vectors of Disease” was set way back in 2020 (infact 2019 Boris let the “Vaxx Out tha Bag” in his UN Robot Chicken Speech, detailing anti-vaxxers as the scourge of society, then moving swiftly on, to the whole covid and smart city transhumanist agenda, in great detail), with threats to use anti-terror laws against anti 5G/Vaxx conspiracy types and they rolled out the anti-terror cops, anti-ISIS units, 77th and 13th Signal Brigades against us.

The camps and prisons are indeed suddenly being made in many countries globally, UK included, whilst USA already has huge FEMA camps ready to go! Anti-vaxxers will be the new ‘unclean’ Jews narrative, of this rapidly unfolding genocide by needlepoint, as Holocaust 2.0 on Steroids and Crank, with every government globally, the equivalents of every historical dictator rolled into one, with high tech toys to get the job done, far more efficiently! Sadly!


I don’t know anybody who would willingly go to a “camp”.




Snake oil at best. Imagine purchasing medication that will make you four inches taller and measuring yourself afterwards to discover that you are still the same height you were beforehand. Contacting the manufacturer and being told that the benefits won’t kick in until everyone else undergoes the procedure as well … at which stage everyone will spontaneously grow four inches. Herd growth. Imagine then believing that. And imagine then becoming annoyed at others and blaming them for keeping you small.


Bizarrely the transhumanists actually want to do the opposite of your excellent analogy, and make us 15cm shorter, so we use less CO2, and give us Cat Eyes, so we dont need lightbulbs at night, to again save CO2! They are fecking bonkers and need arresting, before they throw even more medical bio-ethics out the window, along with Unesco and Nuremburg, already in flames!

Hermione Granger

Ivermectin a pound a pill
HCQ a few pennies a pill 

Experimental Gene therapy = £30 a clot$hot

Ok i see


The state should have no authority to protect the health of its citizens: that is massive overreach. Each citizen should have a personal right to choose how they maintain their health.


Someone wise said, “I don’t want the State protecting my health, I want the State protecting my Rights.” Amen.


Sounds like a lovely place, just like the UK actually. Merkel who’s been in power probably as long as NetanYAHooooo was, maybe longer, punishing her own people for not taking a vaccine they don’t want or need. Nice freedom there. Merkel needs to go but then another puppet will just come in.


They may as well cut out the middleman and give her job directly to Klaus Schwab. The real German Fuhrer.


There is definitely something in the DNA of German leaders and politicians that even the best mRNA gene therapy in the world will never be able to alter.

Lest we forget!!!


They abolished the German state of Prussia in 1947 in the hope of curing the problem.


All the Rohschinken or Kochschinken in the world will never cure the blood lines!!

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