Vaccine Passports WILL Be Mandatory For Pubs, Restaurants & Cinemas

UK Prime Minster Boris Johnson declared last night that everyone who wants to go to a nightclub from the end of September will have to show proof of having received two doses of a Covid vaccine.

He also said that other venues where large crowds gather would be forced to make proof of two jabs a condition of entry. He didn’t rule out requiring them in pubs. This morning, business minister Paul Scully, speaking to SKY’s Kay Burley, wouldn’t rule out pubs either.

Scully initially told Burley that ministers are “not saying crowded pubs at all,” but went on to say that “we’re not ruling anything out”, before adding: “We’re saying nightclubs and also larger ticketed events as well.”

Scully also said that the government was working out the definition of crowded venues.

The jabs will undoubtedly be mandated for cinemas, theatres, concerts, pubs and maybe even supermarkets.

In April of last year, when the MSM was reporting on the race to produce covid vaccines, I predicted that they would be required to socialise, to travel and to work. It was obvious to me. But then people like David Icke, Jim Marrs (RIP) and others, were telling my listeners for years that we would end up here.

There was nothing vague about what they were saying either. They were very specific.

When you accept that Covid is a mild respiratory infection, harmless for the great majority of the population (it has a 99.7% survival rate), then you must accept that there is absolutely no sense in attempting to immunise against it. Watch the video below, again.

So what’s in the jabs? Why are they hell-bent on forcing these jabs on us when we patently do not need them?

People need to ask themselves that question and quickly. Has the ability to think for ourselves evaporated entirely? By “ourselves” I mean the wider population.

The jabs are not only unnecessary, they are untested, they do not work and are already causing great harm. So WHY are they pulling out all the stops to ensure maximum uptake?

There’s only one plausible answer. The jabs are not meant to protect against covid. There’s something else going on.



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I’m hoping there will be some punk rock gigs for the unvaxed in this distopian nightmare…
What about those of us who work in Busy restaurants? No jab no job?


The other day I put a link to a piece about graphene oxide being in vaccines, masks and test swabs but now not only has that particular article disappeared but the whole site has been blocked. They were providing far too much useful information and telling too much truth.

Good Morning Jennie.
I’m breaking-my-promise not to comment here anymore, but, considering I’m only ‘giving a reply’ and, trying to be helpful well God will forgive Me.

I live in Sweden and, can access the link & website with no problem.
Could be being ‘blocked’ by your friendly abc:s.
The link is also available on the -Wayback Machine- and
Try this:*/
Regards Chris

Thank you for that.


The Opera Browser has a free VPN which allows you to access any location blocked site.


I did try it on Opera but it ws blocked there as well but thank you for the suggestion. Anyway it is back now and definitely worth looking at.


Hi Jennie.
I’ve just tried that link through duck duck go and it fired up no problems.
So, it may have been a glitch in the matrix or else it may have been temporarily blocked by the usual suspects of team gestapo .
On that note, I’ve recently tried Dolores Cahill’s site and it’s not accessible (it’s gone, but replaced with some little message at that site location saying ‘we’ll be back soon??’)
And Gemma O’Doherty is being targeted too… (Though, she’s doing her damnedest to keep it going!)

So the tyrants are most definitely upping the ante now.

As predicted.


Thank you, yes it is back. Maybe they are doing the rounds taking things down temporarily hoping that people will give up trying. Who knows what to think anymore.


Aaha the most punchable face in politics. Are restaurateurs aware that for many; this could drive the first nail into the coffin of their business? I for one will never be jabbed, and as a consequence have written off Pubs, Cinemas and possibly live performances too. Cest la vie.


sounds like whack a mole, only with johnson


Patrice, I must confess to not knowing what Whac-a-mol meant; but I totally agree with you. What’s the solution though? Go to the garden of Eton and kill the weeds before they grow? 🙂


You dont need to be able to read French to spot the narrative from 1942 and update it it to now.

Tim in Brazil

Is that Boris in the photo? or a masked marauder? a doppleganger? or even a clone? or is he just so ugly close up?


He is Ashkenazi…


To quote Seinfeld “there’s a little too much chlorine in that gene pool”.


More like a little too much Satan.


I believe it’s a multi tool working on many different levels.

The first is to provide a physical/biological link permanently assigning susceptible victims to a renewable digital ID health passport system.

The second is for a soft killing of as many ‘useless eaters’ as is conceivably possible to make way for ‘sustainable development’ in the coming one world governance.
(Too many people, gotta get the numbers down… Way down!!)

The third and perhaps most sinister is the evidence pointing to technologies included in the package which appear to be related to advanced nano particulates that facilitate direct biological interfacing technologies to ‘external sources’.
(The sky and beyond is the limit here and this tech is coming one way or another, so why not now??)

They are also being used as a ‘soft weapon for a silent war’ as a means to divide and conquer…. And everything in between!

We are now at war folks, they’re coming for all of us and only we can stop it.

Only question remains is..

Can we??

Here’s a little bit more on what might just be making those ‘magnets’ stick to people…

Jeez… You could try, but I don’t believe it’s possible to make this up!!!


Urban fox

All of the above and more.


Gerry, that is ASTOUNDING! These stupid people appear elated to have become magnetic; are their lives so dull and uneventful that they’ll risk doing irrevocable harm to the very structure of their physical being? Part of me is crestfallen and part of me feels that they deserve what’s on the way.


I agree Backbeat.

It’s shocking the way the deception is occurring and the many different levels on which they are engineering it.

The evidence is right in front of everyone’s noses, only too close to be seen!

And there’s no unplugging them from this revolving delusion of fear that they’re trapped in.

It most definitely will be their undoing, but the problem for us now rests with their continuous participation in these ‘experiments’.

Every new ‘glow worm’ to light up on a remote monitor somewhere for ‘observation’ (and God knows what else!), is yet another nail in the coffin for those of us who say “NO” (HELL NO — NO WAY!!)

And there rests our problem.



Zahwahi etymology linguists word play brother of a alien / angel talking to a fox codifed speak devil Fox translates Chaldean numerology 666.
comment image

Last edited 2 months ago by ame

At a guess, I would say a Eugenics programme. China has been actively engaging in such programmes for years, so any so-called ‘benefits’ will be known to the wider global interests.
But, of course, there are a majority of regular people in the West who still view Eugenics with distaste, so any such programmes would have to be introduced under cover of something else.

Urban fox

Yep, eugenics,transhumanism,depopulation,,tracking,social crediting.


I’ve just posted a worthwhile link onto the Social forum that addresses this in more detail (I listened to it earlier this evening, so unaware of it when I commented here this morning).


And this announcement is called Freedom day, is it ??? !!!!


I attended my first ever protest demonstration in Parliament square in London yesterday and intend to go to the protest march on Saturday. Here we go the struggle begins in earnest.


And for everything else including buying and selling as per Revelations 13


It is a war between good and evil. The Devil said that he would convince man that man himself can change God’s Creation.
Hence people like Bill Gates do what they do and believe that they can do just that, ie changing DNA, Trans Humanism,
Cloning, Lab grown food, GMO’s etc.
And make loads of money out of it at the same time.
(some say it is the complete enslavement of the Goyim)

Alex Romero

The vast majority of sheep will comply, leaving the rest of us more or less out in the cold, or worse. What happens when you can’t work? Can’t shop for basics? Of course they’re not forcing anyone to get jabbed, just handing over responsibility to businesses. Basically we’re fucked.

Danny Warden

This is against international law to inject an experimental jab into someone.
But when did these scum obey int law !?


It’s not illegal if people give their consent. And if people don’t fully inform themselves before giving that consent, that’s on them. That’s what ‘personal responsibility’ means.
For anyone who says “but I didn’t know”, any decent lawyer (or government official) can point to any number of sites of information – including government sites – and point out that ignorance is no defense.


We are in for the battle of our generation. And we are on the right side. Be proud that when the test of your life came, you passed. Now we need to come together, not just on here but out there in the world.
This is it.


I still say that we appoint a law firm and tax advisors and boycott all forms of taxation up to and including NI until this so called government do as they are told; can you imagine the treasury ‘$h!^^ing a brick when they find they have zero revenue? After all, wasn’t income tax supposed to be a temporary measure levied in order to pay for the Napoleonic wars?


The government gets huge revenue from advertising, trade, think tanks and Foundations. Cut off tax and NI and the NHS and Welfare systems collapse. As these systems are already seen as a burden on the state, the government will secretly love such a move.


So, what’s you answer?


I was simply pointing out a Catch 23 situation. I already don’t pay tax or NI.


So, aside from personally avoiding income tax and NI you have no solution?


Any solution I can think of, I can also counter.
I presented you with an argument against, not a reason not to try it.


I wish I was clever enough to organise our response. Hopefully someone out there is.


We need to find a winning strategy and ALL stand behind it. The trouble is that there are too many who are content to “be like dumb driven cattle” Psalm of Life – Longfellow.; simply because it is easier. There are a great many sitting at their keyboards in this enlightened echo chamber stating the obvious; but aside from protest, very few concrete ideas seem to have emerged.


This might interest you,as one potential idea to combat the jabs! *** VAXX CONTROL GROUP ***** IF enough people were to gt behind this globally, then they are exempting themselves from the Jabs, as THE CONTROL GROUP of this expanded Phase3 trial, meaning THEY MUST NEVER BE JABBED, so the populations can be studied as JABBED vs UNJABBED.
see here :


I’ve seen ideas like community projects and community power generation but it would require getting most people on board including local councils.


Jennie, having tried to mobilise my immediate neighbours to fight scandalous service charges; I know from experience that ‘herding Cats’ is not a paying game. I’m afraid that most people are followers and lazy to boot; perhaps this is why we’re in the situation we’re in now?


Very true.


Here’s a simple solution: everyone stop doing as they are told. Ignore ‘the rules’ and get on with your life.


That idea has real promise, but we need numbers.


We’re not going to get them. Do it anyway.


The Rothchild’s loaned the money to the british government to fight those wars which had to be paid back somehow.
I wonder if we taxpayer are still paying for those wars along with other ones that money was borrowed on?

Last edited 2 months ago by Jacob

Shit! How much did they borrow? The UK apparently finally repaid the WWII debt; in the late 1990’s which would have been decades earlier had we not have had to at least part finance the German economic miracle.


And we shouldn’t forget that the Rothschilds funded both the Bolshevik and Chinese Communist revolutions and were instrumental in setting up the central banking systems in Russia and China after the revolutions.
Putting aside distracting labels, what those revolutions achieved was to centralise and industrialise the feudal systems of those nations, bringing them in line (not opposition, as we are taught) with the West.


The trouble is they’ll just print it. The US has a deficit of trillions of dollars but they just keep spending like there’s no tomorrow. Who knows maybe there isn’t a tomorrow, maybe they know something we don’t.


Thanks for that. You’ve almost put me off me brekky..


Sorry about that.

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