Working From Home To Be The New Normal Post Covid-19

A survey has revealed that just 1 in 5 bosses will require staff to be at the office five days a week. Working from home at least three days a week is set to be the new normal.

According to The Mail Online:

Having three days at home and two in the office is set to become the new normal as a result of the pandemic.

Many big firms have already agreed the changes, while the Institute of Directors said two thirds of business leaders will allow remote working. 

Roger Barker, the institute’s director of policy, said the pandemic had driven a revolution ‘greater than radical reform or regulation ever could have’.

And YouGov found just one in five bosses will require all staff to come in five days a week after the pandemic.

NatWest expects almost nine in ten staff to work at home while Asda said its employees could work from any location suited to their job.

There goes the UK’s High Streets. Jeff Bezos must be turning cartwheels. Millions will lose their jobs as a result of the disappearance of the high street. They won’t be redeployed. They’ll have nowhere to go.

There goes the mental wellbeing of the nation too. In an article in Forbes magazine last year, it was claimed that remote working is detrimental for the work-life balance. Bryan Robinson wrote:

Doodle, survey of more than 1,100 U.S. employees also cited symptoms of burnout among employees. Key findings were:

  • A full week of virtual meetings leaves 38% of employees feeling exhausted while 30% felt stressed.
  • Performance anxiety and business pressures push employees into competitive mode. 63 % of employees were likely to record and re-watch their virtual meetings to help them become better presenters and strengthen their client relationships.
  • Noise throws online meetings off-track and leads to miscommunication52 % of employees said background noise and/or poor audio quality disrupted their focus, while 23 % said it leads to miscommunication with clients. In particular, talking in the background (55%) and notification alerts (20 percent) are the two most disruptive types of background noise.
  • Even if the future of work is remote, in-person client meetings will always be in demand. 40 % of employees are less likely to meet clients virtually once the government-imposed lock downs and social distancing rules have been lifted.

Most people I know have been working from home since April 2020. More than a few of them have told me that they are tired of it now. Even those with children, who saw an initial advantage to working from home, have had enough and want to get back to the office.

Your home is your refuge from work. For many, work can be stressful. Home is where we relax, switch off and detach from the pressures that work brings.

Now the line between work and home is blurred. It’s very difficult to leave work behind when you’re working in your living-room.






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Day Lin.

I have worked in foundries melting gold, washing dishes in Chinese restaurants for 5 pound per hour cash in hand. To building my own nightclubs and bars, and also making video-games for Sony and Microsoft. I loved every job due to the people I worked with or customers served.
For about the past 6 years I work from home via the internet. It’s horrible.Staring at a screen, alone, for sometimes 12 – 13 hours per day. No human contact.This isn’t living.

I am taking measures to leave this line of work. But there’s a lot to get done in the meantime.
It’s funny how some people might think working from home is an attractive proposition. It’s not. Mental health will suffer.I thought it attractive until I did it all this time. Sure, the money is ok, but life is far more important.


i don’t think working from home will be what people think it will be, their vision and the business’s vision will be two different things, businesses may insist on say no sick pay or holiday’s as you already work from home, or there may be instances where there is no real cut off from work as with modern tech businesses may demand people work all hrs of the day and night. I also cannot see how the massive debt the state has racked up will ever be serviceable, afterall, a lot of industries have been moved to either china or to more machine workers and also the retail sector keeps shrinking, all you can see is a state that cannot pay its debts once inflation and interest rates start climbing.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrice

Also in the winter people will have to pay for their own lighting and heating bills for the extra hours that they will be at home. It will save the corporations a lot of money.


I used to work construction and now I cut grass and trim trees for a living. How in the hell am I supposed to do that from my living room? Some people pick fruit and vegetables. Others work on cars to keep the world moving. We have roads because some are rugged enough to withstand the hard work of making them. They haven’t even planned this out very well. Not that they care.


In order to work from home you will have to confine your tree trimming to to snipping little pieces off bonsai trees whilst sitting at a desk 😎😎


They’ve jumped the gun with these passports and it’ll prove the straw that breaks the Camels back….

Paul Northants

It’s not what I’d say is a hoax as such, but it isn’t real.

It’s an eye-catcher for a candidate that running in California.
If you read down the very real-looking landing page you’ll see his disclaimer and link at the bottom.


Thank you for the reply. What’s funny is the reporting hotline has a toll free Los Angeles number and if you click the British flag a UK mobile number comes up. It just shows how much trouble we’re now in when nobody would be at all surprised if it were true.


Going full on Nazi now in the Communist state of California 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Someone please tell me this is a hoax 😎😎😎😎


Me too.


Who would have thought that California would end up like Germany under Hitler or Russia under Stalin. I was there in 2013 and the people I stayed with talked about how bad the political corruption was.


Right from the outset it was obvious this was the direction we were all headed in. After Event 201 plandemic the world’s elite were not going to let a good opportunity go to waste.

It’s just a matter of which order areas /countries apply this. Australia del facto martial law.


Flipping heck.

Anwen Appleby

WOW… Report Unvaccinated Family, Friends and Neighbours? Methinks it is only a matter of time before this horror lands in the UK


I used to wonder where the extra accommodation for the human settlement zones/smart cities would come from. Of course it will be the old shops and office spaces converted.

Anwen Appleby

There was a Radio Four report recently about how the office buildings were being converted into flats, and how they would end up being over-heated spaces. WOWZA.


Yes I heard that. If I’m not mistaken there have also been changes in planning laws to facilitate this.

Anwen Appleby

Yes, that’s the same programme.

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