World Snooker Champion Peter Ebdon Is On Richie Allen Show Today

Former World Snooker Champion Peter Ebdon will join me on today’s show. Peter and I will be discussing the calls for compulsory vaccine passports and mandatory vaccination. Those calls were repeated throughout the day on UK television and radio.

Peter and I will also be looking back at the last twelve months, the lows and the highs. Are there any positives?

Tweet me your thoughts during the show, or leave comments here. My Twitter handle is @BBGRichie.

The show starts at 5pm UK Time. Listen right here on my site. I’ll round up the day’s news and Peter will join me in the second hour.

Follow Peter on Twitter @pdebdon

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Jon Taylor

I am not really a snooker guy but i like peter. What a great guy going from what i have heard of him on your show.


Just caught up with last night’s show which was great, thank you Richie.

How I’ve managed to get to the age I am without consulting an etiquette expert I can’t imagine. I’m glad to say that I’ve never been a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals, you’ve heard one you’ve heard them all.

So if want a bit of sun but you’re not able to wear a piece of rag over your face, which every single test and study in the last 40 years has shown don’t work anyway, you’ll be arrested when you arrive at your destination. I really wouldn’t want to go on holiday under those conditions, I’d rather not bother.

ian heaver

Like you Richie, I am a big snooker fan. Peter Ebdon was never my favourite player to watch but wow what a player he was and always so hard to beat. You don’t become World Champion by luck. I have massive respect for Peter for what he is doing now and he is the man if I remember that first told you on your show about a year ago about the brilliant Dr Vernon Coleman and I’m so glad he did !


same here, I love my snooker and remember Peters pony tail. I played on Monday from 9 to 12.30 and again 3.30 to 6pm and am waiting for a hip replacement and I hurt all over, going again today (wens) but only for two and a half hours. Peter went to the top of the moon in my estimation as a big man, and I pointed out on the snooker org site, how so quickly they forget .

Tony K

Great show as always. Great to hear Peter’s thoughts again

That bit about Peter Power..

He said the clients for the “exercise” were powerful in the city and close to some bankers, and therefore he couldn’t reveal who they were as it was too sensitive.

No footage from Verint systems (that controlled all CCTV on public transport)
ALL cameras failed at same time.

John Dr Menzies.
Gunned down in Stockwell.
At the time he was an electrician on the underground. He saw the people planting the bomb while working.

77th brigade.

All based on philosophies coming out of The Tavistock Institute.

The bus was diverted through Tavistock square for no reason.

On the side of the blown up bus it read
“Outright terror, bold and brilliant”

Tony K

Carlos de mendes, Carlos. I think.
Memory like a sieve me.

Couple of other points.

Funny as fuck the monologue, as many have said. Lovely.

And when you talked about being non violent unless in self defense. I dug that.

I’m peaceful like you, it’s the only way.

But if the dark forces come knocking, then they’re fair game. No questions and no hesitation.

There’s the line in the sand and if they cross it then chop em up.

Cheers BBG

Last edited 27 days ago by Tony K

It was Jean Charles de Menezes, I always remember him because of the appalling behaviour of the police both when he was killed and afterwards. Is that definitely right that he saw them planting the bomb? I didn’t know about that. If it’s true it explains a lot.

Tony K

Of course Jennie, I couldn’t guarantee the fact, but from all the research I’ve done on it over the years, that was the hypothesis mentioned in the material that made the most sense to me. This was based on his job, where he was working at the time, and multiple witness accounts that the bombs were underneath the trains and not in the backpacks. Looking at photos of the damage it’s clear to see that the destructive force of the explosions must have come from under the trains as the carriage floors were blown upward.

Kevin Duckworth

Richie you big baldy bastard, the first half of this programme reduced me to tears. I have not laughed so much, so long and so out-loud or for so long. I am not a homosexual, but I would an exception in this case and I would (mmmm probably not) give you a loving fudge-packing and then go to confession. Ten out of ten señor, you have given me hope for humanity, thank you Richie

Kevin Duckworth

 but I would “make” an exception


How on Earth is an unvaccinated person be a risk to a vaccinated person. It would mean a vaccinated person would be a risk to a vaccinated person


I don’t know?


That’s THE stupidest thing I’ve heard in years. Poke yourself in the eye beacause the government and MSM say so, despite the obvious health risks? Jesussss Christ!



And I’m delighted to know that there’s at least one man from the world of snooker who understands the nonsense and has the courage to speak up about it!

Befitting of this man’s honourable and hard working snooker career that he would continue with this legacy of bravery into his retirement.

A true master and legend of his field.

Utmost respect!


Gene Hunt

Agreed, but sadly a very rare voice of sanity from the world of “showbiz”!


Absolutely Gene.
A rarity indeed.


This could start a critial mass, especially as Mr Ebdon is / was seen as quite mainstream.


Showers start with a few drops of rain.


Peter Ebdon is clearly comfortably off; and it could be understood if he towed the line te MSM line especially coming from such a conserative sport as snooker, but fair play to him; he’s nailed hi colours to the mast. He sounds like a really nice, level headed guy.


I agree with all Backbeat.

We need a few more just like Peter to present themselves and stand up.

As you say, showers start with a few drops of rain…

And voices like Peter’s, Richie’s and all others who are tirelessly trying to expose this, are the intermittent rays of sunshine!

Where there’s light (and rain!!), there’s always hope!



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