200,000 NHS Staff Are Refusing To Have a Jab. What Do They Know?

The UK media is reporting this morning that as many as 200,000 staff working in the National health Service have refused a jab or have indicated that they will not take one.

Rather than try to ascertain why so may health workers are reluctant to take it, the media is instead asking whether or not the staff can be compelled to have a vaccine. The media has dubbed this “no jab, no job.” No reporter in the UK’s mainstream media has dared to ask the only question that matters, that is, what do they know?

The Daily Mail reported this morning that the government’s forthcoming review into vaccine passports, will pay special attention to whether health staff who decline the jab, can be legally compelled to have one.

The review will also look at whether mandating covid vaccines can be applied to care home staff, most of whom are not employed by the state. Questioning the motives of the staff who have declined the vaccine is verboten.

I have a number of sources who work in hospitals, hospices and care homes, people I have met along the road. A nurse who works at Salford Royal told me yesterday that as far as she knows, at least six of her colleagues will not take the vaccine. When I asked her why, she promptly said, “Swine Flu.”

It’s only a decade ago, that Professor Gabriel Scally (now President of Epidemiology & PH, Royal Society of Medicine). told NHS staff to take the Swine Flu vaccine to keep themselves and their patients safe. At that time he was Director of Public Health for South-West England. Scally urged doctors, nurses, cleaners, porters etc to take Pandemrix. He declared it safe and efficacious. Here’s the video. YouTube deleted it. I wonder why?


Pandemrix was withdrawn because a lot of people who took it came down with narcolepsy. The UK government paid out tens of millions of pounds in compensation. Professor Gabriel Scally has been on UK TV and radio channels several times a week in the past year, pushing coronavirus vaccines. No media outlet in the UK has dared ask Scally about Swine Flu injuries.

NHS staff know all about the damage caused by the Swine Flu vaccine. This might account for some (not all) of the refuseniks. Others will be hearing horror stories emerging from care homes in Norway, Gibraltar and Basingstoke here in the UK, where a wave of deaths occurred shortly after residents were vaccinated.

Health workers will no doubt have heard of reported adverse events in Northern Italy and Germany. Dozens of teachers became very ill after receiving their vaccines, resulting in the closure of one primary school. Hundreds of hospital staff and ambulance drivers became unwell in two cities in Germany, after having their jabs.

The UK media cannot and will not ask the question “what do they know.” The public has a right to know why 200,000 health workers won’t touch a vaccine that they are being pressured into taking.


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Jennifer Robertson

There has never before been a successful vaccine for a coronavirus. Also, it’s not a vaccine in the medical definition of the term. The PCR test is a fraud. The nasal swab is a violation of bodily integrity and it is scandalous that children and even babies are subjected to this abuse for absolutely no good reason. The death rate over the period of the alleged pandemic was within normal rates. What happened to flu? Are we expected to believe it miraculously disappeared? How can recipients of an injection give informed consent when they are being lied to? What is happening is a crime against humanity. Bull Gates should be exposed for the dangerous fraud that he is – a snake-oil salesman dressed up as a ‘philanthropist’ who fraternised with sex trafficker Epstein.


Well said Jennifer.

Strange isn’t it, the timing of the launching of the ‘plannedemic’ versus the offing of Epstein…. Now let me think… Who else was ‘high profile’ and is now nowhere to be seen??




The next time Piers Morgan, James O’Brien or any other media hack berates nurses or care staff for not having the jab and suggests they should not be allowed to work, someone should ask them if they would be willing to take a massive paycut to step into the breach.


Piers Morgan has apparently been calling for much tougher lockdowns and yet a few weeks ago he packed off for a holiday in the West Indies and nothing was said or done. They get certain privileges for pushing the establishment narrative and they care nothing for the mass of humanity.

Jennifer Robertson

Absolutely. The Murdoch-owned press are heavily behind this evil agenda which should be totally exposed for the crime against humanity that it so clearly is. Pitting families against each other as they pointlessly squabble over ridiculous nonsense like masks and jabs which will do nothing to protect your ‘health’. The whole fraud should be exposed and those behind it hung out to dry. All about money and power using the invisible enemy of the virus to enact tyranny on the world. A few ageing megalomaniacs behind the agenda wanting to leave their ‘mark’ on the world. They know who they are and how they’ve exploited the greed and lust for power of their puppets in politics, media, medicine etc to enact their tyranny.


Angry nurse has had it with Covid-19 hoax.





As much as we may all think it, calling people names is not going to win anyone over. It didn’t win over any Trump supporters; it didn’t win over any Brexit supporters; and it’s not going to win over any Covid supporters.


An oul Scallywag huh!!

He was ‘chosen’ for his name!!





Just under a fifth of all NHS staff is nothing to be sniffed at, and it puts them in a strong position if they chose to exercise it.
However, as we all know the general public do seem to be easily led. Masses of NHS staff resigning from their posts will not be reported as a consequence of the infringement of their rights, but rather as a measure of their selfishness; and, of course, the shortfall will have to be met with willing agency staff (read, ‘private company staff’), thus further selling the public the idea of a fully privatised NHS.

Wes Baker

How much of each £ allocated to the NHS actually goes to patient care? How much goes to the massive overhead, which adds little to nothing – oftentimes subtracting from that care?

Further, the NHS will never be able to overcome this 1/5 smart, healthy reticence. It doesn’t matter how much the British press berates them.


How else would the consultants get paid Wes? Like a great many noble ideas; the NHS has been pimped by manipulative psychopaths with law degrees. The one upside to this story is that the ‘cracks are beginning to show’ in an already wobbly MSM/ NWO/ government narrative.

Wes Baker

I’m simply pointing out the Pareto principle. The so-called 80/20 rule where the latter number does most of the work while the 80% are hangers on.


Hi Wes. I heard Jordan Petersen explain the Pareto principle and it occurred to me that the “20%” would be a bunch of order takers blindly fulfilling the wishes of the pyramid. That sems to be how we got put in this mess. Great point, we could save billions on healthcare by living on what is good for humans, not corporations. Alas, here we are. The answer seems to me to always be the same, if you don’t have a plan for yourself, someone else does. Best Wishes to you and yours.

Wes Baker

And to you.


Thank you Wes; it sounds as if you’ve reinforced the point made by my post. The true beneficiaries are about 2% in reality; in saying that I’m referring to board members of the Big Pharma, supply chain and logistics companies stepping in and filling the vacuum created by the so called ‘reset’.

Wes Baker

I don’t know if the Pareto Principle is natural law, but it seems so to me. 1 out 5 people you know are actually meritorious. They’re doers, makers, thinkers. To some degree. (I don’t mean to sound harsh or elitist, mind you.)

But you’re dead right, pun intended in this Frankenjab context. The 20% have been harnessed to do the .001% bidding. The rest are simply cheerleaders or herd animals.


spot on.


As all the motivational speakers keep saying, 2% of the population succeed because of specific mindsets. This 2% includes all the billionaires, CEOs, high earning singers, actors, directors, authors, etc.
From their perspective, the rest of us are the hangers-on; and, from a certain point of view, they would be correct.

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