The Full, Scary Story Of Agenda 21 – By Dr. Vernon Coleman

By Dr. Vernon Coleman – This article originally appeared on   People have wanted to take over the world for centuries. You could probably trace the idea of a world government back to the Garden of Eden if you had the time and the energy. But in practical terms I think the evil plan for […]

Media City Salford – An Industrial Estate Of Fake News

Douglas Murray, writing in today’s Telegraph, claims that the failure of the broadcast media and the BBC in particular, to challenge the government on the legitimacy or necessity of the lockdown, is a scandal. Bravo Douglas. It’s a scandal alright but it’s also far far worse than that. Murray writes: “…the BBC’s reporting has filled […]

Pubs & Café’s May Not Open Until July In Further Blow To Industry

When a government has an announcement that it knows is going to be really unpopular with citizens, it often waits until Friday afternoon to make it. This is an old trick. The idea is that the bad news gets lost over the weekend and that by Monday, the medias attention is on something else. This […]

Going On Holiday? It’s A 2 Week Quarantine Upon Return At Your Expense!

Boris Johnson is expected to announce tomorrow that Britons embarking on foreign holidays this summer, will be forced to quarantine for up to 14 days in a hotel when they return and at their own expense. Cabinet sources tipped off the UK press last night that the Prime Minister will sign off on a comprehensive […]